About Me

Hello there!
First off and foremost, I am a Hmong girl from Cali. 🙂  I love Asian dramas along with learning new talents.
I’m a fanfiction writer and I do artworks and videos too. I am also an English Subber with Rainbow Subbing Team.
For this wordpress, I just want to share my activities, so I can go back and re-read it, just like an online journal. 🙂
Please Visit:  https://www.youtube….fQ64Hrb3mj0uEaQ
and http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/user/19297-falada/
Completed FFs:
Revenge Love
Messy Circle of Love Part 1 and 2
Secret Lies and Desires
Next FF: Those Painful Moments

Interests (Biases):
Sara Legge
Pimmy Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn
Aim Siriphitchaya
Cartoon Natniran Sayteeton
Ice Atichanan
Bew Samonpat

Sorry none 😦

Esther and Sean
Yam & Phone
Couples (In dramas):
Yehua & Bai Qian
animation (29)
DongHua & FengQiu
animation (6)
Bai Ping Ting & Chu Bie Jie
animation (59)
Wang Eun & Seon Duk
Lan Shang & Ying Kong Shi
Hareutai & Prince Makee
Shim Ji Hye & Chief Gook
Konharatchanee & Prapinsanchai
Lewaladee & Petchara
My Favorite Female Characters (I love them even though they’re not the main girl, like seriously, I think Ping Ting is the only one that is main girl):
Lan Shang (Ice Fantasy)
Hareutai (Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah)
Yoon Bo Kyung (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)
Shim Ji Hye (Emergency Couple)
Queen Kim (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
Konharatchanee (Kaew Na Mah 2015)
Lewaladee (Dab Jed See Manee Jed Saen 2010)
Seon Duk (Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
Kim Hwa Goon (Ruler Master of the Mask)
Bai Ping Ting (General & I)

❤ Falada (Of course not my real name, but I will like to remain anonymous, so just call me that. 😉 )

Have a wonderful day!!!

*****Disclaimer: All photos and videos belongs to their rightful owner. I only own editing or subs, as stated. DO NOT TAKE SUBS AND VIDEOS TO MONETIZE! It is for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only!



  1. Love your site and am so proud of you. Nice and am sure you’ll have more additions, will tune in. MULU, key

    • Hello Falada! I’m a Thai drama fan from Malaysia. I was just wondering if you would like to sub Rak Nakara. That lakorn is so amazing but since I dont speak Thai I cant watch it. I have been searching everywhere for so long but no one seems to sub it. I really want to watch it since it is Mark Prin’s drama and the story is so good too. If you need anything I will try to help like with timing etc. If not, maybe you could suggest someone else or other team or anyone you know who can help me with this. Thank you so much. Sorry to bother you with this request.

  2. Hi dearest Falada
    Thanks for the wonderful update I enjoyed it lots. Hope Nadech won’t stay mad with Mayumi for too long, shes really trying her very best. She has the support and approval of his family. Thanks so much ❤🌷

  3. Hi dearest Falada

    Thanks very much for a very long update. I am not liking Nadech’s cold stance towards Mayumi. He needs to thaw the attitude. On the other hand I love how Mayumi is trying to salvage their relationship, she loves him. A little male competition seems to awaken him, that’s good. Ron and Kana are good, less tense and all forgiving. They’re a fun couple, know what they want, that is each other. Thanks very much, Falada.

  4. Thank you so much for English subtitles, on these dramas. I do have a quick question, do you know anyone by chance that is subtitling “Phloeng Rak Fai Man” really do want to watch it but haven’t found anyone who is doing it.

  5. Could you do subs of barb rak talay? I wanted to thank you for the other lakorn you subs you are amazing person thanks

  6. Hello there! I’m surprised to find out that you’re Hmong! I’m Hmong too. I’m curious as to how you are able to sub? Do you know thai? Or are you like a part of a different subbing process?

      • Wow that’s awesome! After watching so many lakorns, I didn’t know that we have so many words we got from Thai. Maybe I should learn thai, there’s so many lakorns out there that are I subbed that I wanna watch. 😊

  7. Hi ! Thank you very much for all of your hard work ! I love Naree Rissaya and Jai Luang
    Do you intend to sub Bang Rajan, Luerd Ruk Toranong, Gub Dug Pitsawart, Yuea Phayabat and Saeb Sanaeha someday ?

  8. Hiya!

    I don’t want to pester you by saying you’re subbing too slowly..;)

    But you might consider this.

    Fact is you could save yourself a considerable amount of work by concentrating on the actual dialogues without translations of the (ever-repeating) lyrics of the songs. I know some viewers are enjoying the lyrics translations, but in the end of the day, we are all glad and grateful the lakorn gets subbed at all, that too completely all the episodes before the subber gets tired of it. Translating all the ever-playing lyrics must be exhausting for the subbers and it’s not that very important for the viewers: I for one don’t really care what the songs are singing, I wish to concentrate on the dialogues, and the lyrics only mess it with its double-subtitling or annoy my view with taking even more of the image space. Just so you know.

    Same thing goes for making hardsubs of your work.

    Hardsubbing only makes it easier for those people to put the whole thing on streaming sites. Softsubbing is smarter, as you need to implement the srt file. So there’s really no reason not to allow the viewers to adjust the font and size of the soft subtitles while viewing it. Your work will only be more appreciated by all the viewers of various age, taste and eye sight.



    • For songs, yes I know. 🙂
      Softsubs or hardsubs, it’s a complex/simple problem. People have different preferences and hard subbing is not that hard, so people can still hardsub it. There’s a lot of pros and cons to all the options.
      I’ve never brag or say that I’m a fast subber,

  9. Hi falada

    Like you I like to remain anonymous so I am contacting you here instead of the FB page where you were looking for timers.
    I am interested in helping you out with Por mai yung lung mai wang. But I do have to mention here that I am very new at this. So if you still haven’t found timers you can consider me.I will be waiting for your decision.

    P.S. Love you loads for the effort you put in.
    P.P.S. I agree with the songs part especially the title songs I feel repeating them every episode is just extra work for you.

    • That’s great that you’re interested. I will sure need more timers to get the project going. What program do you use? If you will like a more private message, since this is public, you can just message my page, and I can guarantee you that none of your personal info will be publicized.

      • Sorry for the late reply Falada.
        I think I’ll continue using wordpress unless you would prefer something else like email or line. Facebook is slightly no no for me currently due to some concerns.
        I use aegis sub on a MacBook. Since I am new at this if you want me to change to something else I am ready to but only if it is available for a mac though 🙂
        I can get started whenever you want me to and if you have any special requests I can always help out.

  10. Hi. Thank you so much for subbing. The more OTT the dramas, the more I enjoyed them! Anyway, congratulations if already graduated :). All the best.

  11. Thank you I am fighting cancer and love Asian drama, really enjoy lakorns.But hard to find. I really perfer to stream on Tv its easier to view . I am hearing impaired, so even Eng TV has to be sub capped. Keep up the good work. Are you uploading to Daily Motion, youtube is a pain.

    • lol no, I’m just using Youtube and Facebook right now, sorry for the inconvenience. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the shows. 🙂

  12. Hi, Thank you for being part of the fansubbing community and putting in so much efforts to keep the rest of us invested who don’t know the language. I actually wanted to ask whether you take requests for new projects. A new Thai Asian drama “So Much Love” is just starting to release (2 episodes are out)- it is however BL (And sometimes GL even) and being brought out by Line TV/Wondery Pops. Would you consider subbing it in English? They have some official subs but it’s almost like no translation has been done except Google Translate.

    • Hello, thanks for the kind words 🙂 I’m sorry, but BL/GL isn’t really my cup of tea, so I usually don’t do those projects and I have two projects currently already. However, I think there is a subber that subs BL/GL. However, I’m not too sure about the name, but maybe Lakorn Galaxy will have some information. 🙂

  13. Hi, first I just want to say thank you for all your wonderful subbing that you do! I am also Hmong and I wish that I was able to understand Thai ! I was wondering if you would consider subbing an older drama call Baung Wan Waan or know anywhere where I can watch it with eng sub?

    Thank you

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