About Me

Hello there!
First off and foremost, I am a Hmong girl from Cali. 🙂  I love Asian dramas along with learning new talents.
I’m a fanfiction writer and I do artworks and videos too. I am also an English Subber with Rainbow Subbing Team.
For this wordpress, I just want to share my activities, so I can go back and re-read it, just like an online journal. 🙂 There might be weird things…
Please Visit:  https://www.youtube….fQ64Hrb3mj0uEaQ
and http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/user/19297-falada/
Completed FFs:
Revenge Love
Messy Circle of Love Part 1 and 2
Secret Lies and Desires
Next FF: Those Painful Moments

Interests (Biases):
Sara Legge
Aim Siriphitchaya
Cartoon Natniran Sayteeton
Ice Atichanan

Sorry none 😦

Esther and Sean
Yam & Phone
Couples (In dramas):
Yehua & Bai Qian
animation (29)
DongHua & FengQiu
animation (6)
Bai Ping Ting & Chu Bie Jie
animation (59)
Wang Eun & Seon Duk
Lan Shang & Ying Kong Shi
Hareutai & Prince Makee
Shim Ji Hye & Chief Gook
Konharatchanee & Prapinsanchai
Lewaladee & Petchara
My Favorite Female Characters (I love them even though they’re not the main girl, like seriously, I think Ping Ting is the only one that is main girl):
Lan Shang (Ice Fantasy)
Hareutai (Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah)
Yoon Bo Kyung (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)
Shim Ji Hye (Emergency Couple)
Queen Kim (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
Konharatchanee (Kaew Na Mah 2015)
Lewaladee (Dab Jed See Manee Jed Saen 2010)
Seon Duk (Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
Kim Hwa Goon (Ruler Master of the Mask
Bai Ping Ting (General & I)


❤ Falada (Of course not my real name, but I will like to remain anonymous, so just call me that. 😉 )

Have a wonderful day!!!

*****Disclaimer: All photos and videos belongs to their rightful owner. I only own editing or subs, as stated. DO NOT TAKE SUBS AND VIDEOS TO MONETIZE! It is for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only!



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi dearest Falada
    Thanks for the wonderful update I enjoyed it lots. Hope Nadech won’t stay mad with Mayumi for too long, shes really trying her very best. She has the support and approval of his family. Thanks so much ❤🌷

  2. Hi dearest Falada

    Thanks very much for a very long update. I am not liking Nadech’s cold stance towards Mayumi. He needs to thaw the attitude. On the other hand I love how Mayumi is trying to salvage their relationship, she loves him. A little male competition seems to awaken him, that’s good. Ron and Kana are good, less tense and all forgiving. They’re a fun couple, know what they want, that is each other. Thanks very much, Falada.

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