[ENG SUB] Koh Rak Gon Huajai Ep. 3

[ENG SUB] Koh Rak Gon Huajai Ep. 3

Thanks to those who’ve been waiting patiently these past weeks with no update of KRGHJ. 

Usually I tend to avoid this topic, but I’m going to put this out here as a reminder. PLEASE SUPPORT ORIGINAL SUBBERS! In Thai lakorns, we’re a smaller community compared to Chinese/Korean, so let’s try to have each other’s back. I know other sites re-uploading my work is unavoidable, but for a specific site that is making money off my (& other subbers) subs while I provided it for FREE and with EASY access is a bit much for me to handle. As mentioned countless times, we subbers put in many hours to bring in quality subtitles without expecting much, just a “thank you” will do. Also, thanks to those who have been beside us and supporting us. For lakorn information and to support original subbers, head over to Lakorn Galaxy! Thanks! 🙂 

On to KRGHJ, it’s still pretty interesting, the speed is not too slow, and the scenes and coloring are still so beautiful (I feel like Ch7 is starting to go with this theme, especially in the future lakorns I’ve saw)! I thought Darun would be more of a doormat, but I was so happy when she stood up to Kwan, not once, but twice! Anyway, Darun is super cute with her shyness towards Anawin. Two scenes I really got laughing were: 1) Fakfah showing Ayakupt who’s boss and 2) The fight during the engagement party between the parents, lol, how Darun’s father just grabbed Kwan’s mother. Hopefully the action starts next episode with the forced marriage! 

Thanks to MLAT for timing! 


❤ Falada

PS: If you read this far and still have no idea how to open RN, then:
1) Copy the link, do not click on any part!
2) Paste it to your search link at the top
3) Go the part that have a gap (should be between lakorn and subs) and press the “Delete” button
4) Press enter and there you go, enjoy! 

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