New project… Koh Rak Gon Huajai

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and this time, I have good news! I will be working on a new project… Koh Rak Gon Huajai (Love Island, Deceptive Heart) starring Noey and Blew!!!

This one probably hasn’t been heard by many, but I think storyline and teasers looked interesting, so I have hopes for it. It’ll be on-air August 7, so this weekend!!

Here is synopsis:
Fakfah is the owner of Baan Mook Lom Rak, a homestay resort, and she’s at the verge of losing her nephew, Jakgrawan/Plawan, to his bad father, Koltheep, and also Baan Mook Lom Rak because Ayakupt’s company, Sirivaree Group, wants the Mook Lom island for their VIP project.
Due to Ayakut’s bachelor ways, his mother forced him to get engaged to Darun, who have a crush on Ayakut’s older brother, Anawin. Ayakut ran away and got mugged by bandits, but got saved by Takom, Fakfah’s people. He though Takom was a bad guy and pushed him into the sea.
This made Fakfah angry and she was going to take him to the police station, but Koltheep came to threaten her again for the custody of Plawan. Her lawyer therefore, advised her to get marry to increase her credibility. So she made a bargain with Ayakut to marry her for not sending him to the police, which he agrees to. His mother was not please; however, he said he’ll use this chance to get information about her island for their benefit; however, they end up falling in love, but Fahfak still have fight for her nephew and resort.

Hopefully everyone’s been doing well! ^^

❤ Falada


  1. Thank you for your effort in sharing beautiful lakorns . Do you entertain subbing requests?
    If so, will it be much to request the English sub of Plerng Prissana, Ohm and Sammy?
    If its not possible, still, thank you so much.

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