[ENG SUB] Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng Ep.11 FULL FINALE

Ep. 11 of PYLMW is here~~~

**Long Post**

PYLMW, how to start? Honestly, I thought the beginning was cute with Uncle Teng crushing hard on Khun Dao. And with little Gamo, who was so cute, I was sold! However, I was quite peeved with Toh and later with Toy. At first, I thought that Venice and Toy would have made a cute couple with their bickering; however as the lakorn continues, that possibility grew more impossible because of the things Toy did that I can not forgive her for, especially for manipulating Gamo. 

However peeved I was, I tried to stay positive and learn a lesson from each scenes. Such as the crush between Uncle Teng & Khun Dao and Toy & Uncle Teng. Uncle Teng likes Khun Dao a lot, but respect her decisions and tries to make her happy. However for Toy, she claims to love Uncle Teng, but does a lot of things to cause him distress. She also claims to love Gamo, but also does the same thing by causing him distress. She knows what she should say and what not to say to Gamo, but she goes right away and feeds his demons. 

I was honestly tired of Dao running away from Uncle Teng when he was so upfront with his feelings for her; however, if compare to Toy, she loves Gamo a lot. She doesn’t try to manipulate him to get what she wants, but instead leaves so he’ll be happy and not feel that he’ll have to fight for his Uncle’s affections against her. 

And then there was Pump— I hope he finds someone good for him lol.

The ending was okay. They started something with Toy and Toh near the end, and I felt that they didn’t wrap that well. Maybe I prefer to know how their show did against Uncle Teng’s? And I kind of thought it was weird for them to get together and have a child. I feel a bit bad for that child. But honestly though, Toy didn’t humble down a bit, even towards the end. What a rai! 

Bua did a good job acting as rai; however, I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch any of her other lakorns lol. Along with Phet too.

Also with Mew, too. She’s really pretty; however, after all this, I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch any of her lakorns. 

Overall, throughout the whole lakorn, I could not really stand these three (Bua, Phet, & Mew (good job to them though for playing their parts well), but the others were okay. This is just my opinion, so don’t get upset lol. 

What are YOUR thoughts? It’ll be nice to hear, so please share! 

I’m so happy to wrap up this project, gosh, it was so long ago that I started it. Honestly, I was a bit scared that I wouldn’t finish; however, I’m so happy that it’s finally finished. Thank you to everyone’s support, it’s greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much to the people (Doitharry, Tokkioncrack, Judith, Tereza(Urameshi Downs), CatAttack & Kisses) who had helped me along this journey! I couldn’t have done it alone without them all. 

Honestly, if you’ve ever considered wanting to make the life of subbers easier, consider timing, encoding, hard subbing videos! (And for me, if you time for me, I will give you the softsubs if you’re going to translate it into your language (BUT only if you do, and only the lakorn you time!)). It does take some learning to do, but it will really help us subbers, you will acquire new skills, and know what goes on behind the scenes (how much work has to be done for English subs!). Translating is pretty tiring and hard sometimes, so when those other jobs gets done for us, it makes us feel so much better! 

This note has the information of PYLMW and links to where to watch it. Enjoy for those who has been waiting!

5th project accomplished! Now, onward to Sapai Rod Saab! Please stay tune and enjoy! I will be working on re-uploading full hard subs of ep 1-4, and the rest will also be hard subbed on Facebook!

PS: Thanks to those who read all the way to here, you’re a true one! 😉 

Anyway, any comments/rants about the lakorn?

Thanks to Tereza(Urameshi Downs) for timing and Judith for hardsubs!

❤ Falada

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