[ENG SUB] Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng Ep.10 FULL

Ep. 10 of PYLMW is here~~~

Well, 1 more episode to go 🙂 Almost there! Ep.11 is also done, and will be upload soon.
I will like to say Pump is the sweetest guy! In ep9, I thought he was going to have Dao for himself, but thank goodness for his kind nature. Honestly, ep 9 drove me crazy because Dao left again. But glad that they are united. Toy still hasn’t stop her evil ways sadly. I feel for Gamo.

Anyway, any comments/rants about the lakorn?

Thanks to Tereza(Urameshi Downs) for timing and Judith for hardsubs!Enjoy!
❤ Falada

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