[ENG SUB] Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng Ep.3 (3.1-3.5 Softsubs Only! Update 1/19)

Individual parts of the episodes will be uploaded here with softsubs.
When the whole episode is fully subbed, I will replace & release it with with hardsubs.
I know some of you may not be able to view the softsubs from FB, so I ask of you to wait. I also don’t know why it won’t work for certain devices/people, but remember to go to settings and put captions on, sometimes, its just turned off. I also don’t know what’s wrong with the quality, if it gets really bad, please let me know.
I’m just trying to to get out the subbed parts of episode sooner, so some people can watch it with subs. Please be patient with me. 🙂
Thanks to Tereza(Urameshi Downs) for timing and CatAttack & Kisses for spot translation.
❤ Falada

1/19/19 UPDATE. ENJOY!

One comment

  1. Thank you! I cant you enoughhh! People like you are heaven sent for us Lakorn lovers who relies much on eng subs! Thank you for your hardwork 💓 eternally grateful! 💓 God bless

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