[ENG SUB] Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng Ep.1 {DONE 7/6}

*Clips of Episode one will be updated here over time, not same day release.
Special thanks to doitharry (OverallPope) for helping me sub and Tokkioncrack for helping me time.

1.1: Who do you prefer? The uptight Khun Muen from Buppae Sunniwas or the silly Uncle Teng from PYLMW? LOL Pope’s acting in here is super cute.



1.2-4: Everything is so slow, but time flies by fast! Enjoy! Btw, there are some jokes and personality stuffs that can be explain if anyone is confused. Does anyone want explanations or are you fine? Please let us know. 🙂


1.5-1.9: Thanks everyone for your patience. Episode 1 is completed, so 10 more episodes to go. Sorry for taking long to finish ep1.


❤ Falada



  1. I appreciate your dedication to subbing for all of us. I believe you will blessed back in your life

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