News~~~ New Project

What a good timing, someone let me know that Netflix has released Sot Stories Season 1 English subs (Right as I finished up with ep8, but it’s okay, sooner is better than when I complete the series and then know). I will drop this project, hopefully the rest of you will be able to continue on Netflix. I’m super sorry to those who have no Netflix or cannot access Netflix; I did not intend to drop you all halfway through the lakorn, I hope you’ll understand.

I will also expire SS posts because some people don’t read my posts and will keep bothering me.

Here is the link: (Bangkok Bachelors)

Good news is that I will be able to start Por Yung Lung Mai Wharng sooner than expected. I’m planning to sub this unless another subber has plans or wants to sub. Keep in mind, it may be slow.
Thanks for reading my post. 




  1. Hi .. hope u going great .. actually i was looking for 2 Lakorns named Nark boon song klot and Tai rom pra baramee .. i really wanna watch them as i am a huge fan of Mick Tongraya but i think nobody has subbed them yet as i never find them but if u know can u plz let me know or if can u sub them .. ?? I’ll be really thankful to you .. thank you so much ..

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