[HMONG] Kev Hlub Ntxuav Kev Chim

Hello, so I’m back to share another Hmong Movie with y’alls. 🙂

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This Hmong Movie goes by the name Kev Hlub Ntxuav Kev Chim.

Kev: Path
Hlub: Love
Ntxuav: wash
Kev: path
Chim: anger

For me, the English translation would be: Love Wash Away Anger instead or Path of Love Wash Path of Anger.

For this one, it’s more of a romance type of movie, and doesn’t really gear towards much Hmong traditions or culture.  However, it is Romeo & Juliet theme, which is pretty common in Hmong culture and elsewhere, I assume. I really like this movie and have watch it twice already, however, it has been a while since I watched it. I will still like to share it with y’alls though.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEjgpg_fi6c

Spoilers of entire movie ahead 😛 (There are gifs, however, I do not own the movie or anything, just the editing. Not meant for monetary gains, only for sharing entertainment purposes only).

We start off with the main girl’s parents, worrying about food because this year, they did not have much luck on the rice. They end up having to go look for new land and field work to do for food, which lead the main girl’s mom to go work for the main guy’s parents. During this time, the main leads are still young. One day, Npauj Npaim (Bao Bai) (In English- butterfly), have to go with her mom to the rice fields because on one was available to babysit her. Nuj Loos (New Long (kind of off) and no English translation), is the main guy. Since people work for Nuj Loos’ parents’ rice fields, they are expected to feed those workers. However, during lunchtime, Nuj Loos’ mother refuse to feed Npauj Npaim since she’s young and didn’t work. Nuj Loos saw this so he gave his chicken thigh to Npauj Npaim. This was their first meeting as little children.
(Sorry, only one gif for all this explanation.)

Later on, Npauj Npaim’s father had found a piece of land and marked that it is his territory, however, Nuj Loos’ uncle came and stole it. This caused problems. The problem went to Nuj Loos’ father, who [I think] is the head of the village, to judge. He judged unfairly and gave the land to his younger brother instead of Npauj Npaim’s father. In fact, Npauj Npaim’s father should have the land instead because he found it first. Npauj Npaim’s father accused Nuj Loos’ father of his injustice, however, he got scolded by Nuj Loos’ father. Nuj Loos’ family is richer and more educated, therefore, his parents look down on the less fortunate and uneducated like Npauj Npaim’s parents. Nuj Loos’ parents are greedy and unfair, which cause disputes between the two main leads’ families. From here on, Npauj Npaim’s parents held a grudge on Nuj Loos’ family.

Many years passed, I forgot how many, but anyway, the main leads are now grown up. Npauj Npaim have an older brother named Ah-Go (Don’t know how to spell it in Hmong). Instead of being straight, he turned gay and acts like a woman, which disappointed Npauj Npaim’s parents a lot.

Nuj Loos’ family was rich as mentioned before. He went to study in the city, but has returned back to visit his family. He hung out with old friends and they decided to go to the river. Npauj Npaim was also at the river, washing her clothes and taking a bath(?). Nuj Loos and his friends met her at the river and she and Nuj Loos immediately clicked. Like most Hmong couples, they hung out together, without their parents’ knowledge. They get to know each and become very fond of each other.

After really getting to know each other, Npauj Npaim started to have Nuj Loos come over to her house. Ah-Go was happy to be at the presence of a man, but his mother stops him from doing anything. Like any parent, Npauj Npaim’s mother was curious about the boy dating her daughter. She asked him about himself and his family. After Nuj Loos told Npauj Npaim’s mother about who his parents are, Npauj Npaim’s mother remembered all the bad things that were done to her. She got angry and chased Nuj Loos away, no loner allowing him to date her daughter.


Npauj Npaim’s parents later told her about the unjust actions taken against them in the past by Nuj Loos’ parents. They warned her not to talk to him again because they’re an unjust family. Nuj Loos parents were later notified and they also forbid their son from marrying someone in lower status like Npauj Npaim.

However, they still meet in secret. Npauj Npaim tells Nuj Loos that she is giving up on him because of the past grudges. Nuj Loos however, refuse to let go.

In Hmong culture, it is very common for people to marry their cousins. But they cannot share the same last name. For example, one can marry the cousin from his/her father’s sister, but not his/her father’s brother. Therefore, Npauj Npaim’s cousin from her mother’s side, her mother’s brother’s son, came and marry Npauj Npaim. This saddens the couple greatly. So they decided to go jump off the cliffs and die. (Another thing that is common with Hmong couples that cannot be together. They is so they can be together after death and even onto the next life.)

Upon hearing that their children disappeared, both pair of parents tried to search for them in fear that they will go commit suicide to be together. Nuj Loos’ parents finally apologized to Npauj Npaim’s parents for their wrongdoings against them. They finally come to an agreement that if they found Nuj Loos and Npauj Npaim alive, they will allow them to get marry. After searching for a while, Ah-Go finally found the couple and updated them. During this time, he had turn straight again and not wear female clothing or makeup.

Nuj Loos and Npauj Npaim then were happily married. Their parents’ grudge have now been resolved and disappeared. Now there is only love.

Moral of the story is to let love wash away the anger, just like how the movie title suggested.

So what are your thoughts on this movie?
I actually like it even though it was super cheesy. Hoped you enjoy this reading, thanks!

❤ Falada


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