[ENG SUB] Naree Rissaya Ep.32

Only half done, sorry I haven’t post because of busy/family stuffs happening.

But hopefully you are still enjoying the show. 🙂 I kind of wish that Saiparn didn’t push Poodit to Nida so much. I know she feels bad but right now, she’s Poodit’s responsibility and duty, not Nida.

For Sot Stories, I will only be doing Season 1 for now.

Thanks to timers: Judith and Nadia! 🙂

❤ Falada


Other half done.
Do enjoy! 🙂

❤ Falada


  1. Thank you so much for the subs. I had finally time today to binge-watch all the newly subbed episodes.

  2. Poor Saparn, always short-changed. She feels guilty and does not believe that Poodit sincerely loves her. she’s trying to do the right thing, but it deplease me that they let it say that she stole poodit. He r#per her. Nothing was her choice or her decision.
    Only one episode left I believe. After all that angst, it’s a bit short for every thing to be well resolved?

    Thanks again.

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