[ENG SUB] Naree Rissaya Ep.22

*I’m still completing subs for JL, so DO NOT demand for it!

Done with another episode! Hopefully you all are enjoying it!
Glad that Saiparn is on good terms with her father and that he’s much nicer and understanding now. But Nida is getting more crazier! Get ready for the crazy ride, everyone!

Thanks to Vanessa for timing. 🙂

❤ Falada

Click “CC” for English subs!



  1. I could slap that Siri… Srikan… that annoying red-lipped vulgar woman ! Does that amuse her to play with Nida’s mental state ?!

  2. nida is getting on my last nerves. she was so spoilt. how can she be this out of control. it just goes to show that she wasnt really a nice person to begin with. she is acting like this because nothing has never been taken away from her so she is out of touch with reality literally. the dad created a monster. siri is just a waste of space. her dad is enabling her stupidity

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