Ib Tsob Ntoo Ob Hom Txiv


I recently went back and re-watched this movie again. Even though it’s a movie, there are two parts, not just one.
Start: 7/27/17
End: 7/28/17
Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMSQcJ0Z6Cc

I’ll start of with the explanation of the title: Ib Tsob Ntoo Ob Hom Txiv
First off will be the individual translation of each words.
Ib: one
Tsob: helping word. Doesn’t really have meaning.
Ntoo: tree
Ob: two
Hom: type of
Txiv: fruit ( can also mean ‘Dad’)
So literal translation is: One Tree, Two Type of Fruits. 
Actually, this title is not so straightforward as you may have noticed. According to my understanding: This kind of translates to one pair of parents having two kids that are opposite of each other, which is what this movie is about.

Starting off with the story. (There will be gifs and spoilers. Pictures and videos belongs to owner, I only own editing.) Sorry for any errors.
It started off with the older brother, Neej/Neng (No translation (as of now)) and his girlfriend, Kiab (Just a pretty Hmong name) hanging out together. They have been dating for a while now and seem pretty happy together. However that will change soon.
Next, Neej and his stepmother is at the farm. His younger brother, Kos (I think. Name doesn’t really have translation) just came back home from his studies in Bangkok. His stepmom had them leave and go back home. While Neng’s stepmom and Kos get to ride in the car, Neej have to walk home. On his way home, he met some friends and they asked for some bananas that Neej carried. He kindly gave some to them. But when he got home, he got scold by his stepmom. His stepmom doesn’t like him because he is not her son. However, Kos is her son. Kos and Neej are brothers but they do not share any same parents. Both have different mothers and fathers.
animation (1)animation (2)
Neej’s dad does not help him much. Most of the time he is not home but foes out to flirt with other girls. That is a common thing for the Hmong men to do unfortunately. Neej decided to take his brother with him to go flirt with his girlfriend. However when Kiab saw Kos, she immediately fall for his good looks and ignore Neej. It is also a common tradition in Hmong for young men to go flirt with their girlfriends or other young women during the nighttime when all the chores are done. Unknown to both brothers, their father is next door, flirting with a women also.
animation (3)animation (4)
The next day, Neej’s mentally disabled friend came to visit him. His stepmom and Kos were disgusted by his friend. His stepmom rudely talked about Neej and his friend but Neng’s father warned her about karma. We Hmong people also believe a lot in Karma also that if one do good they will receive good things, if one do bad, they will receive bad things.
animation (5)
Kos and Kiab started to hang out more. Neej caught them one time but they both acted as if it’s nothing. However, Neej started to notice the change in Kiab. Kiab and Kos hung out together in private.
animation (6)animation (7)
Neej saw his father with another woman and confronted him while his stepmom was present. His stepmom was furious and tried to beat her husband up. But it was the opposite, and the stepmom ended up all beaten up.
animation (8)
Kos forgot Kiab and went with another woman. During this time, Kiab discovered that she was pregnant and told Kos. He suggested that she get an abortion because he is only a student and will not be able to provide for her and the child. She sadly said farewell to him and that he need not worry about her anymore. Kos then left for Bangkok immediately to avoid trouble and responsibility.
animation (9)animation (10)
During the night, Neej came to flirt with Kiab but she insulted him and the men in his family, stating that they are all irresponsible. That got Neej furious and he decided to get marry to Kiab to prove that he is responsible. He still does not know that Kiab is pregnant. After their marriage, Kiab was a lot happier. They spent those days together in happiness.
animation (11)animation (12)
Kos came back home four months later. Kiab is also publicly pregnant now. Neej still does not know that it’s not his child but Kos.
animation (13)
Neng’s father got dumped by his girlfriend got his karma. His feet was cut by glass and that made him unable to walk.
animation (14)
Kiab is sadden by Kos’ sudden return. He went outside to cry her tears out and think over things. She decided that being with Neej was for the best because he had proved that he is responsible and unlike Kos. She decided to let all the heartache go and turn to love Neej with her all.
animation (15)animation (16)
The next morning, however, Kos tried to make a move on Kiab. He tried to help her wash the dishes but she refused to let him. Later on, when Neej has to go out with his parents, Kos and Kiab were left alone at home. Kos came into Neej and Kiab’s bedroom to come talked to her. He told her that he knew the child was not Neej but his. Kiab was sad and disgusted with Kos and replied to him that his child was aborted. She really intend not to come back to Kos. (I think that is a great idea!) Neej forgot something and returned home. He noticed that Kiab was crying and asked her if she wants him to stay. She said no but stated that she will leave the house with him. They both left and Kos is alone by himself.
animation (17)animation (18)animation (19)
Kos was angered by Kiab’s rejection and hatred of him and went to drink with his friends. He told them that Kiab was pregnant with him and not Neej. Later on, Neej was going to do labor with Kos’ friends. His friends confronted Neej and told him that his wife is having his brother’s child. Neej got angry at him for disrespecting Kiab and hit him. A fight was started but they was stopped. When Kiab applied medicine on Neej, he asked her if the child was his. Kiab finally told him the truth that it was Kos but also reasoned that she didn’t tell him because she wanted to start over with him. She had seen his love and she wanted to love him back in return. However, she end up going back to her parents.
animation (20)animation (21)
Kos got another girl pregnant and her mom was not happy about it. He refuse to marry her.
animation (22)
Neej decided to go get Kiab and be together despite her child not being his. They are both reunited again.
animation (23)
Neej’s stepmom also got her karma and can not talk. She badmouth too many people. While Neej’s father cannot walk. He wandered outside of his house too much. Kos decided that he was unfilial son and decided to leave. He apologized to everyone for causing them distress. The movie ended with Kos leaving and going off on his own.
animation (24)animation (25)animation (26)

And the end…
My thoughts: Yeah, Kos was pretty annoying and very irresponsible. But it’s good that he knows it in the end…
But why leave? His love ones will only be worried about him. I’m glad that Kiab and Neej got together.
So just like the title, even though they both came from the same family, Neej and Kos have very different personalities. Neej is kind and responsible. And Kos is the opposite of that. He’s not cruel but he’s not kind.
I glad that I rewatched this. Actually, this is a pretty romantic movie, just not in the Thai or Korean way, but it’s got its own thing. 🙂

❤ Falada


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