[BOOK] Shuffle, Repeat

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I got to admit, it has been a while since I’ve finish a book. I think the last book I read was The Crucible. And I only read it because it was assigned in English class. Yes, I do read all the assigned English books. Of course I looked into other books and skim them  but never actually read them.
But by the way, I’m glad that I read this book. It was great! I saw it in the library while working on some arts and crafts. Actually the title did not amaze me at all nor the cover. But the “Love is unpredictable” did catch my attention. I love romance novels. I read the short summary inside: It was about a boy and girl in their senior year. Their mothers were best friends and had the boy, Oliver take June, the girl, to school every morning. At first they were always arguing, but then they fell in love. That got my attention enough!

My summary:
So Oliver is a popular jock while June is a unpopular nerd girl. They are both from different worlds even though they used to be close as kids. Now, they are both in their senior year and getting ready to become adults. Oliver now has the obligation to take June to school every morning. They will always argue, especially about music. However they made a deal. In the course of being together, they both got closer and developed feelings for each other even though they both deny it, especially June.

This story was told from June’s point of view so I didn’t really get anything from Oliver’s point of view. But he seems like a really nice guy despite being popular. He wasn’t a totally jerk like how I had expected. He tried to defend June’s honor when he thought that her boyfriend cheated on her. I thought that I was sweet and wish I had a friend like that. And he tried to protect her more times than that also. June is a certainly smart girl, but for somethings she did, I wanted to smack her. She totally wasted some time when she could have gotten together with Oliver. But she broke his heart in the process of trying to protect her heart which she thought was breaking. Also, I got to admit, I fell in love with this book also despite some of the inappropriate remarks that made me comfortable. But that is a teenager thing, I hear it at school everyday. Also, this book left me with a lot of feelings. It got so excited and then sad and then: nostalgic, melancholic, giggle, angry, impatient, so many emotions. Maybe that’s why I like it so much and can’t move on so fast. I actually finished the whole book , 328 pages, in one evening plus night. I couldn’t go to sleep without finishing it first, I just can’t. Well these are my thoughts. I probably have more but then they’re all gone. They’re always gone when I try to write it down.
I hope to read more books then this. But I don’t know because summer is almost over and I’m planning to do so much things. Let’s just wait and see….

❤ Falada

Checkout more reviews here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26067503-shuffle-repeat

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