Midnight Diner

I don’t know why I have so much to share today…
But I am writing again…
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Another drama series I’ve watched is Midnight Diner. Well, I can’t say that it’s a drama series, but whatever. 🙂
I started watching it of course because of Mark Chao; I’ve been in love with him since 3 Lives 3 Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. Gosh, I still can’t go over this man, even though he is married and loved his wife dearly. I love Yang Mi also but she didn’t leave that much of a lasting impression on me.
But back to Midnight Diner. When I first watch the trailer, I did not want to watch it at all! It was so sad.
By the way, I can’t share the trailer anymore because it has been copyrighted. 😦
But anyway, I will share another video that will explain this series better.
Credits: AvenueX’s YT channel.

Here is the link to the movie series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYf0uGPZVzM
Right now, only Mark’s part is subbed. I hope that they will sub the other parts also because I want to watch the other’s stories also.

Gifs also, but video to the rightful owner, I only edit them. 🙂 There may be errors.

Brief summary of Mark’s story:
Mark is a deaf and mute. He goes to this Midnight Diner most of the times and befriend the customers and owner there.

One night, he found an abandoned baby girl.
animation (2).gif
He decided to raised her as his own and bestowed upon her the name Le Le (meaning happy and cheerful). They then lived 5 years in peace, however, while cleaning, Le Le fell and hit her head, causing it to bleed badly.
animation (3).gifanimation (5)
Mark took her to the hospital, however the staff thought that he was a bad father and caused her injury.
animation (6)
They separated them and does not allow them to meet. The social worker that is taking care of Le Le discovered that Mark is not Le Le’s biological father through their blood type. Therefore, they got started on looking for Le Le’s real parents and even split Mark and Le Le further apart…

But my thoughts: At first, I felt so bad for Mark, of course because I liked him. The little girl, Le Le is so cute! I wanted to dislike Le Le’s mother so much, but as I watched more, I understood what she felt. I thought that she had abandoned Le Le, and now she wants her back? Such a bad mother. But that was not the case. Le Le was stolen and she had spent all those five years looking for her. All those times she must have spent crying. But her search was not in vain. She finally found her daughter. After watching it thoroughly, I grew to sympathize her, but I also sympathize Mark. Both of them are not at fault and they loved one person dearly, Le Le.

animation (7)animation (8)
She is trying so hard to please Le Le.

animation (9)animation (10)
And it’s quite sad because she had nightmares of Le Le leaving her.

animation (11)animation (12)

And here, I feel bad for Mark. He’s trying to gain Le Le back by learning how to read. However, the chef at the Midnight Diner told him, “Le Le is not leaving us she is going home.” That brought some sense.
animation (13)animation (14)

They met for the last time so Mark can convince Le Le to go with her mom. But she got jealous and misunderstood.
animation (15)animation (16)

However, the chef and Le Le later explains to her. And she was sorry. And sad that Le Le’s father left her because he had no hope of finding Le Le like her.
“Mark have everyone. But Mommy only have me.” – Le Le
animation (17)animation (18)animation (19)
Their good byes…
animation (20)

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