Ten Miles of Peach Blossom

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Started: I watched the first episode a while ago so I don’t remember. But all the other eps, I either started on July 2nd or 3rd, right after General and I.
Finished: 7/7/17

This drama was great. I liked it a lot also. I didn’t expect it to be this way but then I finally gave it a chance. I had so much thoughts on it but then it’s all gone, maybe later, I’ll come back and finish.


Oh my gosh, finally finish it. I love it so much! Especially Dijun and Feng Qiu.

LOL Feel like I’m going to burst.


My thoughts: I love the Qian Qiu Clan! If I was in there, I will want to be in that clan. Certainly not the Celestial Clan at all!

Finally made some art works and gifs (I do not own anything, just editing. Please do not re-post without my permission, also Eng subs belongs to Dramafever) (Might be spoilers ahead):

For Dijun and Feng Qiu:

First time meeting:

Other scenes:

Their mortal love:

Was so short lived…

Hopeless girl in love… So sad for her. I wish that it was different. Heartless Dijun…

Now for our main leads (Ye Hua and Bai Qian/Su Su):

I love this scene! So funny and cute. 🙂 She’s trying to get him to eat the raw meat but he doesn’t want to so she gave him a kiss. That angered him quite a  bit so he ate it.
Su Su: “Eat it. You’ll get hungry. If you starve, I’ll be sad.”
Ye Hua: “Presumptuous!”
Su Su: “You still won’t eat? Are you not eating because you want me to give you another kiss?”
Ye Hua: “No… No need. I’ll eat.”



Ye Hua: “I, Ye Hua, ask all the gods of the world to bear witness in front of the Lakes of the Far East. From this day forth, I will be married to Su Su. I will love her with all my heart for all eternity and never part from her regardless of fortune or calamity.”

Su Su: “I, Su Su, ask all the gods of the world to bear witness in front of the Lakes of the Far East. From this day forth, I will be married to Ye Hua. I will love him with all my heart for all eternity and never part from him regardless of fortune or calamity.”

Their happy times and short lived happiness…

Becoming parents… (I love how the congratulated each other.)

Su Su: “Congratulations, Master, you are going to be a father.”

Ye Hua: “Congratulations to you too. You’re going to be a mother.”

Poor Su Su. Her memories of the Nine Heavens aren’t that great… Ye Hua can’t even protect her, but hurt her more instead.

Those accusing eyes of his… totally broke my heart for Su Su. If I was her, it would have hurt so much also.

This scene also broke my heart… I felt so much pain for both of them.

Ye Hua: “It’s my fault. I can’t protect you. I will marry you. From now on, I will be your eyes.”

Su Su: “Why don’t you believe me? Ye Hua, don’t do this to me. Don’t…”

And more pain… I understand her, she felt so much pain and misery… She had so much faith in her love but lost it…

Su Su: “Ye Hua, I’m leaving now. Don’t look for me. I will be fine on my own. Take good care of A-Li for me. Ye Hua, let me go. I will also let you go. From now on, we won’t owe each other anything.”

animation (36)

Missing Su Su…

A-Li: “Mother. Why did you leave me and Father?”

So sweet. A-Li is really his parents’ cupid. LOL This scene was funny and cute also. One of my favorites.

Ye Hua is so romantic… when I first saw him, he was so emotionless, but now that he found her again, he’s repaying it. 🙂 So sweet…
This scene, I also love it so much also.

He doesn’t want to lose her again…

“I love you.”-Bai Qian

When Bai Qian remembered everything…

More sweet scenes…

Never want to forget this wonderful drama. 🙂

❤ Falada


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