[ENG SUB] Buang Ruk Salak Kaen Ep.18

Hey everyone! Ep.18 fully subbed. I hope you all enjoy this episode. It’s another piece for the puzzle. I’m excited for the next episode. LOL Even though I’m subbing this, I have not watch the whole series yet so I’m not sure how it ends. Actually the blood type fascinated me. I love learning about that and while subbing, I was doing Punnett squares in my head, lol. I happy for Por and Chon. 😀

Anyone who wants to  help out, please contact me. 🙂

Please give feedback! Enjoy!

Thanks to timers: Annie, Judith, Nadia, and Jak. Also have a new subber/editor that joined. Welcome, Ersad.

❤ Falada

playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAlHaH2i8Mao9XQwQ0A2e8w4-306Ev6-Q

Hardsubs thanks to Nadia.


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