[ENG SUB] Buang Ruk Salak Kaen Ep.11

And another episode. I was so worried that I might not finish today like how I planned, but then I just need to stay up a bit. Of course, not too late! But it has been a good day today, the weather has cleared. But I hope that you’ll all enjoy this.

Note: For 11.5, I cannot delete the automatic English captions, but please make sure to change it to the other one.

Sorry for missing lines or any errors ( this is speed subbing, so there many be errors).
Side note, I do go back and fill in missing lines later when I have time. 🙂


Another question: Please share what you think about the drama so far!
Is it good or bad? Do you like it or not? Please do share, I’ll appreciate it very much.

My thoughts: Poor Patawee, he doesn’t deserve Malai’s mean attitude at all. But I understand her also, that it was necessary and there is no way for Patawee and Dutduen. But she should tell the true, nonetheless because she’s keeping secrets yet scolding Dut and Kongpope for keeping secrets from her. What a hypocrite! But I also know it’s hard since it will ruin her perfect family, but it’s pretty messed up already. Feel bad for this poor couple. As for Por and Chon, nothing much for them this episode. A lot happened for Parn and Pol though. Ugh, he is just so annoying. How can he do this to her? She was so sincere towards her. He is such a jerk, I wouldn’t trust him afterwards again also. And this concludes my thoughts!

By the way, thank you for those who answered my question on the previous post. It was very much appreciated because I love feedback. So please give me feedback and talk to me!

Special thanks to Judith and Annie for timing so fast. Without them, I probably won’t get subbing done this fast! So thank them very much! 🙂

❤ Falada

playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAlHaH2i8Mao9XQwQ0A2e8w4-306Ev6-Q


  1. You’re flying, guys! Thank u so much for this project. I’ll wait till you finish to start to watch it. Waiting for Naree Rissaya too. Without you, I’ll probably give up these two lakorn, because I don’t understand thai D: kisses from an italian follower :-*

  2. I think this drama is going great so far, ps I watch the whole drama but without eng subtitles😂 This is one of the great lakorns I love💖Please continue to sub and thank you for all the hard work you put subbing😊

  3. I’m so annoyed of Chanypol and that Wanda girl. Makes me want to be apart of the lakorn and slap her! Lol

  4. Hello Farada thank you for this lakorn and sure the subs!

    I cant watch this episode on youtube because of authors royalties. There is no alternative link. What can I do?

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