Those Painful Moments

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Sorry not an attractive cover. 😦


Readers are free to imagine characters as whoever they want. Yadech is just my bias. I did not include specific names for that reason.


Marilyn- A tomboy at first but meets Issac and they both made a mistake, causing them to get marry. After their divorce, she graduated to be a teacher.
Isaac- Fell in love with Marilyn but she broke his heart.
Emily- Takes care of Aliana. Wants to marry Issac but he doesn’t like her.
Aliana- Issac’s daughter. Dislike Marilyn, her teacher.
Kristy- Emily’s sister that also likes Issac.
Marilyn was a successful teacher at one of the most expensive schools ever. She had left her painful past behind her many years ago and never wanted to remember it. She choose not to ever let herself get involved with love again. One time is enough. Once, the world had turned its back on her and she never wanted to experience it again especially not with the same man- Isaac Connors. He was the man that had always haunted her in her dreams. The man that had not lost a place in her heart despited the time.
Isaac had forgotten that woman that had hurt him, but it all come back to him. Why did they have to meet each other again? She was now his daughter’s, Aliana, teacher. He still remember what she had tried to do. And he never forgiven her for it, not after all these years. But he couldn’t resist her, not even after what she had done. She was the drug that he was addictive to. Years before when she was just the young teen who didn’t what she was doing, he had fallen for her and now he was going to fall for her again–hard.
Aliana didn’t like her teacher, Marilyn. To her, her teacher always pick on her since she was one of the richest kid. She thought that her teacher was jealous of her wealth. And she fully disliked her teacher. She also didn’t like the fact that her father was drawn to a woman. She sensed a secret between them but couldn’t figure out what is.
They never wanted to see other again but they knew that there must be something that was wrong. They still blamed each other on what happened 10 years ago. But then a secret started to unfold, making them realized that the reason they had separated years ago was a well-planned secret by his family. Now it’s time to make up and live the years that had been taken from them.

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