Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 16 End

Chapter 16
It was morning and the Kugimiya family have waken up. Mayumi opened her eyes and turned to the other side. Nadech was there and she was surprised to find him. She rose slowly from the bed and went to the bathroom to wash her face.
Nadech woke up at the sound of the running water. He touched his head. He wasn’t feeling well because of the alcohol the night before. He was also confused to be in the bed because he was outside the night before. He rose and went to the bathroom, noticing Mayumi. He walked to her and without thinking, but his arms around her shoulders.
“I’m sorry for last night,” Nadech apologized, surprising Mayumi.
“It’s okay,” Mayumi answered, putting her hands over his.
They stood still and look at each other for a long time. It has been so long. Eight years since they had known each other.
“I miss you so much,” Nadech whispered. Mayumi opened her mouth to talk but was stopped by Nadech. “And I love you…”
“What did you say?” Mayumi asked. She removed his arms and turned to look at him, her eyes seeking for the words that he had just said, wanting to hear them again.
Nadech stare into her eyes and repeated, “I love you. I always have and will always do.”
Mayumi hugegd him tightly and he hugged her too. Tears started to fall from her eyes and Nadech comforted her.
They were interrupted by Ryuunosuke, who barged into the room, yelling at the top of his lunge.
“Moommmy and Daadddy,” he yelled.
Mayumi and Nadech separated and she wiped her tears off. Ryuunosuke entered the bathroom.
“What is it, Ryu?” Nadech asked.
“Grandma says that we’re going to the park today!” he said happily.
“That’s good.”
“But she says we need to eat breakfast first. I don’t want to though. I just want to go to the park right now,” Ryuunosuke complained.
Nadech got on one foot and said, “Be a good boy. Let’s go eat.” He took Ryuunosuke in his arms. He turned to Mayumi.
“Let’s go.” Mayumi smiled and nodded. They all walked together like a family downstairs.
Noy was serving the food to the Kugimiya family. She then noticed Nadech, Mayumi and Ryuunosuke walking down. They looked so happy together and she regret tearing the family apart. She felt a knife stabbing deep into her heart at the sight. Nadech was happy she should be too, she told herself.
Mrs. Kugimiya noticed her son and his family heading down and smiled.
“Nadech, come and eat,” she said. Nadech smiled and put Ryuunosuke in his chair. He pulled Mayumi’s chair out for her and she sat down. Everyone was confused at his behavior.
“Why are you so weird today, Nadech?” Thee asked.
“And why do you smell so much? Did you drink?” Pitt asked.
“I”m weird because I want to. And yes I did,” answered Nadech with a smile. Everyone was staring at him, but he continued eating his food.
Noy smiled at the family. Okay, confession time, she said.
“Excuse me, but I have something to tell you all,” Noy interrupted. Now all of their attention were on her.
“What is it, Noy?” Nadech asked.
“I’ve done a really bad thing. It was me who wrote the letter to Mayumi,” she confessed.
The mail had just arrived and Noy went to go pick it up. She looked at the letters. She had always been a nosy person and liked to look at who was receiving what. She then noticed a letter with Nadech’s name on there. She picked it out of the group.
“I promise I’ll just have a sneek peak at it,” Noy told herself. But it wasn’t just a sneak peak. All of a sudden, she took out the letter and had read everything in there. After reading the letter, her heart had torn into pieces. The letter was from a girl named Mayumi and she had written to tell Nadech that she was pregnant and needed his support. After that, Noy put all the letters in the house but Mayumi’s letter. She didn’t know who this Mayumi girl is but she wouldn’t let her get between her and Nadech. Nadech was hers. She took the letter to her room and wrote another one back.
The letter:
 Dear Mayumi,
        I’m sorry that I can’t say this in person, but I hope you won’t mind. After I got home, I realized that you and I are different, too different to be together. I think that it better if we go our own way. I just want to wish you a happy life and that you’ll find someone better than me.
And she had mailed it to Mayumi. She was afraid but as days go by, nothing comes from Mayumi and Nadech doesn’t seem to notice. Her fears and guard had went down and Mayumi was out of her mind.
~End of flashback~
Nadech was not smiling anymore. In fact, he looked angry, very angry.
“So it was you…” Mayumi whispered and then looked at Nadech. “That’s why you had no idead what I was talking about back then…”
“Anna, you go ahead. I have something to talk to Mayumi,” said Nadech, when they were outside the door.
    “Yes,” said Anna. She went ahead. Nadech stood at the door and waited for Mayumi. She finally came out. He stopped her at the door way.
    “Are you still mad at me?” asked Nadech.
    “Why would I be mad at you?” asked Mayumi.
    “Because of what happened 6 years ago, when I-” Nadech murmured.
    “You mean that day when you suddenly left and then later on, send me a letter, dumping me?” said Mayumi, laughing bitterly.
    Nadech stood there, mute, he couldn’t say anything.
    “Is that all. I’m going to go then.” Mayumi walked pass him. Nadech stood there, frozen, unable to stop her.
    Nadech took a taxi back to the hotel, thinking about Mayumi said.
    “Letter?” he repeated to himself. He didn’t remember sending her a letter or anything. He didn’t even remember getting in touch with her after he went. He was busy all the time; he rarely have time for himself. And afterwards, he tried to search for her, but couldn’t find her, so what was she saying? He was confused.
~End of flashback~
“I’m sorry Nadech,” Mayumi and Noy apologized at the same time.
“I thought that if I do that, you could be mine. But you went to look for her instead, breaking my heart…” Noy added.
“Wait, you came and looked for me?” Mayumi asked Nadech, confused.
Nadech nodded and explained, “I did. For a whole year. I came back to Japan. I looked for you at the university and your old houses. I asked our friends but they wouldn’t tell me where you were. I had nothing to trace you. Do you even know how heartbroken I was? I couldn’t find you and I was so sad. I was confused to why you left without telling me.”
“I’m so sorry…. I should have let you explain. Instead, I thought of myself more and didn’t even let you have a word…”
“Yeah, you should have…”
“What about Anna?” Mayumi asked.
“After searching for you and not finding you, I lost hope and went home. Anna was a friend and she kind of helped me. I thought that marrying her was teh best thing. My parents are not getting any younger and they want grandchildren. Anna also wants to get marry too. When I met you again, I was so happy but I was pushed into a tight situation. I had to make a decision and both decision comes with consequences, bad consequences. I have to hurt either you or Anna’s heart and I didn’t want that to happen.”
Tears streamed down Mayumi’s face and she hugged him.
“I’m so sorry…”
The whole Kugimiya family was sad with the couple. Ryuunosuke had no idea what was going on, but seeing his parents hug, he walked to them and hugged them together.
“Don’t cry. I won’t let anyone hurt you guys,” Ryuunosuke promised. Mayumi and Nadech separated and laughed. They both hugged Ryuunosuke together. Everyone smiled at the family.
Mayumi turned to Nadech. “I have something to tell you. About my mom,” Mayumi said, looking at her mother. Her mother nodded and smiled.
“I didn’t tell you the whole truth about my mom because she doesn’t want you to know about her. She was ashamed of herself. She didn’t want me to end up like her, with a child and no father. She didn’t want to ruin our relationship.”
“It’s okay. I understand Mayumi. You’re not a bad wife, mother or daughter. Instead you are a wonderful wife, mother and daughter. You’re everything to me and I love you so very much!”
They hugged again with Ryuunosuke. The Kugimiya family smiled and was touched. Everything now was in order and how it originally was.
“Anyone still wants to go to the park?” Mrs. Kugimiya added. Everyone nodded.
At the park, Nadech and Mayumi sat at the bench and looked at Ryuunosuke playing. Nadech stared at Mayumi and smiled. They hugged each other closer.
“We’ve lost so much… let’s make it up” said Nadech.
“Deal,” Mayumi promised.
They smiled at each other as they do the pinkie promise.
The end…
I hoped that all of you have enjoyed this reading! It was a long one for me!!! Please continue to support me on my other works!! :) 

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