Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 15

Sorry, I know that this is so long! But I hope you enjoy. Only one more chapter! :)
Chapter 15 
           It was the night of the masqurade party that Mrs. Kugimiya had planned for Mayumi and Ryuunosuke. Mayumi was still upstairs, dressing. Nadech was outside, greeting the early guests. Mrs. Kugimiya turned to Nadech and said, “Nadech, go and get Mayumi.”
Nadech did so without whining. What his son had said really surprised him and he was still in thoughts of it. How can such a small little boy be so smart and notice so many things? Nadech enter the room but did not see Mayumi at all. He then went back downstairs. But a woman in a long white dress stopped him. He looked at her. She was beautiful and he wished that he know who she was. Time stopped as he stared at the beautiful woman in the white dress.
           Ron and Kana finally arrived at the party, all dressed up. Kana texted Mayumi and asked where she was. Mayumi answered right back and told her to met at the front gate. Kana was excited to see Mayumi. Mayumi was glad to be alone for a while. Mrs. Kugimiya had offered to take care of Ryuunosuke and for her to go have her fun. But of course she was still worried about her son.
          “May I have a dance with you?” A gentleman suddenly came up in front of her and his hand was held out to her. Mayumi knew that it was Nadech but she didn’t want to ruin the moment and nodded her head yes. She did not want to speak a word because she was afraid that Nadech might know who she is. Nadech then took Mayumi into the center and they both danced together. Mayumi was happy to be dancing with Nadech.
Kana and Ron came by the front gate but did not see Mayumi. They gave up waiting and went inside where they saw Ryuunosuke with his grandma. They walked over to them.
        “Where is your mommy?” Kana asked Ryuunosuke.
         “I don’t know,” Ryuunosuke answered back.
         “She’s probably having her fun. Just let her be and go dance with me,” Ron suggested. Kana smiled and hit him playfully on the shoulder. They both went onto the dance floor and danced.
     The Kugimiya family of course was a very generous family and had allowed all their servants to join in the fun. They didn’t want anyone left out. Noy looked at herself and smiled.
       “I’m going to look my most beautiful. Nadech will surely notice me tonight,” Noy said with a big smile. The thought of seeing Nadech looking at her and noticing her excite her. She was going to win Nadech’s heart for once and for all. She walked out of her room.
     The dance had just ended and the couples were getting off the dance floor. Nadech didn’t want to let the beauty in front of him slip away but when the dance end, he let go of her hand. Mayumi made her way to the front gates but met with Noy. They both bumped into each other. But they didn’t know each other with the masks on and apologized before going their ways. Nadech had taken off his mask and Noy finally recognize him. She walked to him.
      “Khun Nadech. may I talk with you?”
Nadech said yes and they both headed towards the front gate.
      Mayumi got to the front gates but there were no Ron and Kana there. She decided to wait for a bit. Mayumi then heard voices and recognized that it was Noy and Nadech’s. She quickly hid behind a bush. They got closer but the volume of the voice had gone lower. Mayumi tried her best to listen to their conversation but had no luck. She walked closer to them and saw Noy kissing Nadech on the lips. At that moment, she wanted to cry. She was so hurt, so angry. Why didn’t Nadech stop Noy from kissing him? Why are they kissing? She suddenly walked backward and tripped. Nadech and Noy heard the noise and immediately headed her way. Mayumi got up and ran away as fast as could with tears falling down.
      Nadech and Noy headed towards where they heard the noise by when they got there, it was nothing. Nadech looked down and noticed a mask. It was the mask worn by the beautiful woman in the white dress.
     “Excuse me, Noy, but I have to go,” Nadech excuse himself. He walked away without glancing back.
      Mayumi was back in the party again. She wiped her tears off. “Maybe you weren’t all that important to him. Mayumi, you fool! How can you have thought of that?!” she keeps on yelling at herself. Kana and Ron spotted her and walked towards her.
     “Mayumi!” Kana shouted. Mayumi quickly wiped her tears off and turned to Kana.
     “Yes,” she answered back. Kana walked to her.
     “Wow, so beautiful you are,” Kana complimented her and she thanked her back.
     “How’s the party?” Kana asked.
     “It’s going fine,” Mayumi lied. Nothing was going well after she saw Noy and Nadech kissing. In fact all the good things had turned bad. She don’t know if she’ll be able to stay for the party anymore. What she want to do that that moment is to just go inside her room and cry to herself. “But you need to be strong,” she reminded herself.
     Kana and Mayumi talked for a bit while Ron got greet other friends. Ron walked over with one of his and Nadech’s friend, Luke. Ron introduced Mayumi and Luke to each other.
     Nadech walked in and noticed that Mayumi was the girl in the white dress. Mayumi saw him come in and start getting into a serious talk with Luke. She wanted Nadech to feel the pain of having the one you love be with another. The slow dance came and Mayumi asked Luke to dance. They both went to the dance floor and danced together, also talking sweetly to each other. Nadech saw all of these and his anger kindled. How dare Mayumi do this to him? To flirt with his friends and act sweetly with them! He angrily sat down and waited for them to finish the dance. Luke then noticed that Nadech was very angry.
    “Khun Mayumi, don’t you think we should stop? Nadech doesn’t look please,” Luke asked.
    “It’s okay. Who cares what he thinks. Let’s just continue,” Mayumi replied. Luke looked at her and notice the hurt on her face. He looked at Nadech, who was sitting with a bunch of girls and flirting with them. He finally understood how Mayumi feels.
    “So you want to make him jealous?” Luke asked, surprising Mayumi. Mayumi looked at nadech and then looked up at Luke.
    “Sure.” They both got closer together and smiled as if they were in love. Nadech looked at them and noticed. He got even more angry.
      The dance finally ended and Nadech got up from his seat. He went over to Mayumi and Luke. Noy also followed Nadech. Mayumi purposely hugged Luke in front of Nadech and then walked away. Noy purposely stick out her foot so that Mayumi will follow, but Luke caught her. Mayumi thanked him.  Nadech then took Mayumi’s hand with force. Suddenly, the servants came to Mayumi.
      “Khun Mayumi, Ryu is crying and we can’t figure out why. He won’t stop. He says he wants you only.” Nadech let go of her had and they both ran to where Ryuunosuke was. Mayumi walked to him and embrace him.
      “What’s wrong?” Mayumi asked.
      “I want to go to sleep,” Ryuunosuke complained. Mayumi took Ryuunosuke to her room and sang songs for him until he fell asleep. Mayumi walked out.
     “You’re such a bad mother, having fun and forgetting your own child,” Noy commented.
     Mayumi was going to retort back but Nadech suddenly took her hands and dragged her outside to the center of the dance floor.
     “What are you doing?” Mayumi asked.
     “You’re going to dance with me, your husband and not with someone else,” Nadech answered angrily.
     “Luke is not a stranger. He’s your friend!”
     “I don’t care.”
     “No, I won’t dance with you. You can’t force me.”
     “You wouldn’t dance with your own husband?”
     “Let go of me.” Mayumi fought Nadech’s hands off hers. Nadech dragged her to a more isolated place so they wouldn’t make a scene.
    “Let go of me!” Mayumi commanded. Nadech finally let go of her. Mayumi slapped Nadech’s face. “You can do whatever you want with whoever you want but I can’t?” she yelled at him.
     Nadech then closed the distance between them and crushed her into a punishing kiss. Mayumi struggled but he was far stronger than she was.
    “Satisfy me then!” Nadech ordered after the kiss. He then dragged her to their bedroom and forced her onto the bed. Mayumi was scared since she knew that Nadech is very angry right at the moment.
    “Nadech, don’t do anything to me,” Mayumi pleaded.
    “You want me to be with you, so satisfy me then!” Nadech started to unbutton his shirt and came onto the bed. He forced her down and start kissing her. She struggled against him, hitting his chest.
    “No, Nadech, don’t do this,” Mayumi pleaded but it Nadech doesn’t listen to her and continue his harassment. Nadech then finally got up and buttoned his shirt again.
    “You’re just not a bad mother but also a bad wife and daughter. You lied, that’s all what you do,” said Nadech. He then left the room.
    Mayumi got up, tears in her eyes, still scared. She was confused and hurt by Nadech’s actions. What he said wasn’t true. She wasn’t a bad mother or wife or daughter! For the rest of the party, Mayumi stayed in her room and had asked that no one bothered her.
     The party had finally ended and the house had quiet down. Nadech walked to the pool and sat down at the edge with his wine. He was still angry and disappointed at Mayumi. Why did she hurt his heart? When she was dancing with Luke, she had been so kind to him. Mayumi had treated Nadech differently and had even lied to him. She had killed his good guy and now what was left was the bad guy. He drank the wine. Noy passed by and noticed Nadech sitting alone with his wine. She walked to him.
    “Khun Nadech, what are you doing?” Noy asked him.
    Nadech looked up at her. “It’s you, Noy. Sit down and drank with me,” Nadech offered her a glass but she rejected it. She sat down with Nadech.
    “Love hurts so much, you know, Noy,”  Nadech mumbled. “Why doesn’t she see my love? Why doesn’t she love me like I love her? Why? I love her so much!”
    “And I love you so much, Khun Nadech,” Noy whispered.
    Nadech continued on, not hearing her. “She just keeps on lying to me. I don’t know what to do anymore…”
    Nadech continued to mumble his story while Noy listens to him patiently. Nadech kept on drinking and talking about him and Mayumi to Noy while she silently listens. Nadech suddenly passed out. Noy stared at him.
    “I’m so sorry, Khun Nadech. It was all my fault! I was wrong,” Noy said with tears.
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