Namtha Kammathep Review

Just started watching the lakorn. So funny and very good drama.

Credits to and video:

Translations and words are my own! Some are inaccurate though.

Character descriptions:

kd293 Khun Chawee. A spoiled and handsome grandson the Amorapon family. He is arrogant. He acts all mean to Khun Araya but he’s having confused feelings for her. He secretly worries about her. He have a girlfriend, Khun Didi. He’s forced to marry Araya by his grandmother, Than Ying Ya. He acts like he doesn’t want to, but he gets real jealous when Araya is with Khun Mor Met.

kd2b1 Khun Araya. A kind orphan girl that Than Ying Ya adopted. She endure Than Ying #2 and her children’s unkind behavior. Since Than Ying Ya is her savior, she listens and love her very much. She is forced to marry Chawee which she does without complaint. Chawee was a jerk to her, always bullying her since young.

kd2cd Khun Didi. She is the girlfriend of Chawee. She is cruel to Araya, but gets along with Cherri and her mother.

kd2dn Than Ying Ya. She is the grandmother of Chawee and Cherri. She adopted Araya since she was young. She adores Araya and loves her a lot. She wants her grandson, Chawee, and Araya, her special person, to marry.

kd2enThan Ying #2. She’s  the daughter in law to Than Ying Ya. She wants all the family fortune. She command her two children to bully Araya because she think Araya will steal the family fortune.

kd2h1 Khun Mor Met. He secretly likes Khun Araya but could not tell her. He takes care of Than Ying Ya. He’s kind and friendly. He gets paired up with Khun Pirote, who disguised herself as a man.

kd2hq Khun Pirote. She’s a girl but disguised herself as a man. She wanted to go find her mom in Than Ying’s house. She gets paired up with Khun Mor.

kd2iw Unknown for now but I think he is paired up with Khun Cherri, sister of Khun Chawee and daughter of Than Ying #2.

kd2fs Khun Cherri. She likes to please her mother. Even though she’s not a bad and mean person, she does what her mother says so her mother would not break up their mother-daughter relationship. She is actually kind and a friend of Khun Araya.


kd2jy All Characters


kd323 After Than Ying Ya annouces that they were to be married. Araya was saddened and went to go talk to the stone cupid. Chawee came and said that if she didn’t want to marry him then she should just go to Than Ying Ya and tell her that she doesn’t want to marry him. Then he starts talking bad about her(I think). She gets mad and slapped him. He kissed her for punishment.

kd2x3When Chawee took Araya to the mall to beautify up because he was ashamed that she didn’t dress up well. He was surprised and fell in love with her. ep.2

kd3l3 Chawee and Araya didn’t get to dance together, but we can see it in their eyes that they do want to dance together! 🙂 But thank goodness, they did. Chawee played a very mean joke on Araya. Poor her. She kissed Chawee but thought it was Khun Mor Met.

Haven’t seen these scenes yet, but I can’t wait to.

kd2pd Cherri and her partner

“I know that the word “sorry” ?”

“Go away”

kd2rb Khun Mor and Pirote

“? Resign and go live with me in my house”

“I can’t go with you. The truth is I don’t think of you in that way.”?

kd2s4 Khun Chawee and Araya. (This one a bit too hard for me to understand)

kd3bu kd3et Chawee and Araya’s wedding (I think) (Haven’t seen it)

kd3i7 Cherri still being nice to him even though he was mean to her. (Haven’t seen it yet.) He asks why is she doing this for him. (Feeding him). “Wait, why are you doing this?” (Translated by me. Not sure if it’s accurate). (Haven’t seen yet)

kd3jc Khun Mor Met telling Pirote that he likes her. “You always knew that I… like you.” Good job Khun Mor. Felt so bad for him, he lost his chance with Araya but found his true love, Pirote.


kd3mj He’s so cruel to her! 😦






  1. Hi There,
    Nice to meet you, I don’t know if you keep this site up to date or not, But thank you for all the hard work. Just a quick question. Do you know where I can watch/ buy the DVD for Namtha Kammathep w/ eng sub, I try everywhere so far no luck:(, I really want to watch this lakorn.Thank You.

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