Secret Lies and Desires Review

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Mayumi Urassaya- Half Thai/Japanese lives in Tokyo, Japan.  Friends with Kana. Mother of Ryuunosuke.  Ex- Nadech

Nadech (Ryu) Kugimiya- Full Thai lives in Bangkok, Thailand.  Used to study in Tokyo, Japan. Having his wedding with Anna in Tokyo, Japan.  Father of Ryunnosuke.  Ex- Mayumi

Anna Thepthai Full Thai lives in Bangkok.  Having his wedding with Nadech in Tokyo, Japan.

Kana Suzuki- Full Japanese lives in Tokyo, Japan. Friends with Mayumi

Ryuunnosuke Urassaya/Kugimiya- Half Thai/Japanese, lives in Tokyo, Japan.  Parents: Mayumi & Nadech

Secert Lies & Desires
Just when Mayumi thinks that her life will get better, it got worsted. Nadech, her ex-boyfriend and also father of her 5 year old son, came back into  her life. But what she haven’t expected was that she had to be the designer for his wedding. As if working with him wasn’t bad enough, he is also becoming more suspicious about her. She tried to cover everything up, including her having his child, with lies. But as she stayed closer to him, the love that she have had once for him came back. Will those lies come back and hurt her? Will she be able to keep those desires to herself?
Nadech had never expected to see Mayumi again, also. When he left, he thought that they were done for good. But this time, when he came back with his wife-to-be, he noticed that Mayumi still haven’t change. But he know for sure that she was keeping something away from him, and he wants to know it. He tried his best to search for the answer. Staying close to Mayumi made him realize that he love her more than ever, and don’t want to let  her go a second time. But will he do that? Will he just abandon his new love, and go back to the old one? Nadech is stuck in the middle, unsure of what to do. But he made his final decision when he found out about his child. His child with Mayumi, the secret that Mayumi kept away from him. But he is so unsure of Mayumi. Of her words and actions. Is she telling him all the truth? Or is it still part of a lie? And will he be able to keep his desires and needs from her?

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