Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 9

Enoy! :)
Chapter 9
    For a moment, they stood there, only staring at each other, speechless. “You guys better come inside,” said Kana, breaking the silence. Anna and Urasa entered. They sat down and and the once again, silence filled the place. Mayumi stared at them in anger. How dare they eavesdrop on her?!
    “Why did you guys evasdrop on us?!” Mayumi demanded.
    “We weren’t eavesdropping, Mayumi. We came back to talk to you about a plan on how to search for Ryu. But for now, I don’t think that we need it anymore. I really want to help you, Mayumi. I’m not mad, well, maybe a bit,” explained Anna.
    “You two shouldn’t be here,” said Mayumi, turning away in shame.
    “Why?” asked Urasa. “Do you dislike us, sister-in-law?”
    “Don’t call me that. I don’t deserve it. Nadech deserved someone better, not someone like me.”
    “Don’t say that. P’Nadech will be sad. He loves you.”
    “Only for now. Later, he’ll hate me to death.”
    “When are you planning to tell him?” asked Anna.
    “I don’t know,” answered Mayumi.
    “I think that you should tell him tomorrow,” Kana said, still angry.
    “Kana, I’m scared.”
    “Mayumi, you started this.”
    “Kana, please, don’t turn your back on me. This was the only secret I’ve kept from you. I’ve always trusted you.”
    “That’s correct. But betrayal hurts, Mayumi.”
    “I’m so sorry.”
    “Okay, for now, let’s just act normal and not do show any signs. We’ll come up with a plan to tell Ron and Nadech during this time,” said Kana. Urasa, Anna and Mayumi nodded their head.
    “Thanks, Kana,” Mayumi thanked her and hugged her tightly.
    “I don’t think that you need any plans now,” said Ron, entering the room.
    All the girls turned and looked at him. “Oh no, Ron,” Mayumi whispered. Kana rushed to him.
    “Ron, you have to understand us,” Kana pleaded.
    Ron shrugged her off. “I don’t care,” he said and turned to Mayumi, ” you’ve made Nadech sad. He’s disappointed in you.”
    “Nadech heard?” asked Mayumi. Ron nodded. “Where is he?”
    “I don’t know and I wouldn’t even tell you.” Ron turned away from them and walked out the door. Kana rushed to Mayumi’s side and put a hand on her shoulder.
    “Kana, it’s over. No one is going to be here for me anymore.”
    “It’s okay, Mayumi. I’m still here for you.”
    “Nadech, are you okay?” asked Ron. He had spent hours looking for him.
    “I trusted her Ron. And she betrayed me. Over and over again. I am so tired of this game,” said Nadech. Ron walked to were Nadech sitting and sat down next to him.
    “I understand, Nadech.” He looked at the horizon and then back to Nadech. “What are you planning to do now?”
    “I don’t know. I’m still confused, and disappointed. And hurt because of her. I loved and trusted her so much, but I’m confuse why she just didn’t tell me the truth. Why she had to hurt me this way? What have I done to deserve this? Is it because I left her 6 years ago? But I’ve tried. I’ve tried to look for her all those years, except she was the one that moved away.”
    “I know that it hurts, because I was just starting to admire someone. Starting to like her. It’s something that hasn’t happen in a long time. But she also betray me, betray my trust.”
    “Who? Of course Kana. I was starting to like her.”
    Nadech sighed. “May I have sometime alone, please?” Ron quietly left, leaving Nadech alone to watch the sunset. A few minutes later, Nadech heard footsteps. “Please let me have a little more time, Ron.”
    “It’s Mayumi,” said Mayumi, weakly. Nadech turned around and stood up.
    “What do you want?” he demanded.
    “Nadech, I want nothing. You know that I didn’t mean to decieve you. It was an accident. I’m so sorry,” explained Mayumi.
    “Explain it all you want but I would never trust you again. You took advantage of my trust,” said Nadech sadly.
    “Nadech, please listen,” begged Mayumi, crying.
    “I won’t ever listen to you anymore Mayumi. Your tears doesn’t make a difference.” Nadech walked away, leaving her.
    “I know now what I’m going to do,” said Nadech. Ron looked at him. “I’m going back to Thailand with Ryuunosuke. I will raise him on my own.”
    “What? Nadech, you can’t do that. What about Mayumi?” asked Ron worried.
    “What about her? She doesn’t have the money and support a child needs. I can guarantee my child’s safety, education and needs. I can give him everything.”
    “But you can’t give him love and family warmth.”
    “Yes I can. My family is full of love and warmth. My family and I can provide for him. Mayumi always have to work and can barely support them both.”
    “But he is Mayumi’s heart.”
    “What about my heart? Have she ever cared? Ryuunosuke was also my child. She hide that fact for 6 years and now she sent him away so I wouldn’t see him. Is that fair? More, she even lied to him that I died when I’m still standing here, breathing. How can she tell a child such lies?!” The more lies Nadech remembered, the more angeier he grew.
    “If you really think that you can provide that for him then go ahead. But you, yourself also have to work. I don’t know if you will have time for him, too. I’m advising you as a best friend would, Nadech. Think carefully.” Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll open it, Nadech.” Ron went to the door and opened it.
    “P’Ron, please let us in. We need to talk to P’Nadech,” Urasa pleaded.
    “Fine, since you’re innocent, you can go.” He let Anna and Urasa entered. Urasa rushed to Nadech.
    “P’Nadech, you have to listen to me. I didn’t do anything and I’m sure what sister-in-law Mayumi did wasn’t to hurt you. She loves you just like you love her.”
    “Urasa, if you’re here to explain these nonsense then you should go back. I want to be alone.”
    “I’m sorry Nadech. It was all my fault. I should have told you from the beginning when I know that Ryuunosuke was your son. But I was selfish and hide it. I only saw it from Mayumi’s point of view, not yours,” Anna confessed. Nadech looked up at her, not believing what he had just heard.
    “All this time, I was considering you a good friend, but I was wrong. You also betray me. You knew but you didn’t tell. You all knew. You guys made me look like a fool, not knowing anything until the last minute right! I’m a fool, a big one, too. I’m a big fool that kept on trusting the wrong people. Well you all should be happy for tricking me. From now on Anna, I don’t need your help or support. We’re no longer friends. You can go back home and stop messing with my problems,” said Nadech coldly, turning to his sister, ” and you, Urasa, are returning home with me as soon as possible. When we get Ryuunosuke, we will head home. We will pretend that all of these problems have never happen. Anna you can leave.” Nadech walked to his room.
    “P’Nadech,” Urasa cried after him.
    “Nadech,” Anna whispered faintly.
    “Anna, I think that you should leave. And Urasa, you can have my room. Go now, it’s late,” said Ron. Anna turned to the door.
    “Don’t go, P’Anna,” pleaded Urasa.
    “Nadech told me to go. I need to go. Everything is over. Good bye, Urasa,” said Anna. Anna exited the door and went away, leaving Urasa by the door, crying to herself.
    Early the next morning, Nadech rushed to Mayumi’s house. He impatiently pounded on the door, harshly waking them up. “Mayumi, open the door!” Nadech commanded. Ron arrived in his car and walked to Nadech.
    “Nadech, I think that you should calm down,” suggested Ron. But Nadech wasn’t listening. He kept on pounding on the door. Finally, Mayumi opened it.
    “Nadech!” she said happily. She was happy to see him. Without saying anything, he grabbed hold of her and dragged her into his car. “Nadech, what is this all about?”
    Kana came out the door and saw Mayumi being dragged into the car. “Hey, what are you doing with my friend?!” she demanded. She ran down to the car, but Nadech drove away, leaving her behind. Kana looked up at Ron. “What is Nadech doing with Mayumi?”
    “Whatever he’s doing with her is not your problem. You still have a problem here,” said Ron.
    “I don’t have a problem with you. I’m going after them. I need to go and save Mayumi.”
    “Why did you help your friend deceive my friend?”
    “It’s not your problem. I did it because I care about my friend. You loved your friend. I also love my friend. There’s nothing wrong with that.”
    “You’re right. I love my friend and since you also love your friend, we can’t have anything with each other. Good-bye, Ms.Suzuki.” Ron walked back to his car. Kana was confused. What was he talking about? Him and her? No that doesn’t make sense. They have nothing to do with each other. He was just being crazy, just like the person he his. And now he had put off her mood to go after Mayumi and Nadech. She slammed the door and went back inside the house.
    Ron got into his car. He felt the pain in his heart but endured it. Kana wouldn’t know these feelings of his and she wouldn’t care. Even when he say those hurtful things, she showed no pain. Maybe he was the only person that’s in love. It was good because he was leaving this place anyway. He would forget her. There were many women in his life anyway. But he knew that he was lying to himself; he will never forget her.
    “Nadech, will you please tell me now where you are taking me?” asked Mayumi, trying not to sound mad. She was boiling inside, but kept it under control.
    “Tell me where your Uncle Ter’s house is,” Nadech demanded.
    “Why?” asked Mayumi.
    “I’m going to get Ryuunsouke. He is returning to Thailand with me.”
    “What? Nadech, you can’t just take him to Thailand. He barely knows you.”
    “Because you kept him a secret. I don’t care. I’m taking him. You can enjoy life here all by yourself. I’m sure that it will be fun, only working for yourself. No one else to worry about. Just like your selfish self.”
    “Nadech! I told you that I didn’t mean to-“
    “I don’t care. Just tell me the way.”
    Mayumi gave him directions and for the rest of the ride, they remained silent.
    “What are we going to tell Mayumi?” asked Uncle Ter again and again.
    “Just tell her the truth,” say Aunt Soy.
    “It’s because of you. You made him do chores. You didn’t treat him like he is supposed to be treated.”
    “Me? If you didn’t tell him about his father, he wouldn’t have left. It’s your fault, not mind.” They argued pver and over again and then the heard a car. They rushed to the window and looked out. There was Mayumi and Nadech heading their way.
    “See, Mayumi is here. What are we going to do?” There was a knock on the door and they hesitate to open it.
    “Uncle Ter. Aunt Soy, it’s me, Mayumi.” Uncle Ter walked to the door and opened it. Mayumi set aside and let Nadech in front.
    “Hello, Sir, but I’m looking for my son, Ryuunosuke.”
    Uncle Ter struggled to answer him. “Uncle, we’re here for Ryu. Where is he?” asked Mayumi patiently.
    “He’s…he’s…he’s gone. I so sorry Mayumi.”
    “He left. I told him that his father lived in Thailand. He left a note saying that he’s going to go look for his father.”
    “He what?”
    Nadech turned around. His son was searching for him, wanting to see him, yet Mayumi kept him away. Mayumi have hurt both he and his son’s heart deeply, seperating them. That fact made himi hate Mayumi even more. Mayumi cried in Uncle Ter’s arms.
    “It’s okay, my dear,” said Uncle Ter, rubbing her back like when she was a little girl. Nadech harshly pulled Mayumi out of her uncle’s embrace. “What are you doing?”
    Nadech ignored his question and dragged Mayumi back into his car. “Nadech, stop it. I’m hurt.” Nadech crushed her to him.
    “I don’t care. You hurt me more.” He forced her into the car and drove on.
    “Nadech, why did you do that? That is very rude in front of Aunt and Uncle.”
    “I don’t care. We have to find Ryu.” Nadech was driving so fast and cutting the other cars. He almost couldn’t brake when a taxi pulled in front of him. He cursed at it and then stopped in front of it. Nadech got out, so did the driver.
    “Hey you, why are you driving so fast!” shouted the taxi driver.
    “I’m sorry, but I need to find a kid.” Nadech opened his door again.
    “What is that kid’s name?” asked the driverm rememberin the day before where he meet a kid. He had told him during the ride that his name was Ryuunosuke.
    “That’s it. That’s the kid.”
    “What kid? Tell me right now.”
    “He was the kid that ask me to drive him to Thailand, but I drove him to the airport instead. Told me that he was looking for his father.”
    “You took him to the airport.”
    Nadech got into his car and drove full speed to the airport.
    Ryuunosuke was again at the airport with the old man. He stared and knew that he should be going his own way. “Sir, I’m glad to meet you. But I have to get going. I have to go find my father.”
    “Well, good-luck, my boy.” Ryuunosuke walked off and back to the airport. There were still a lot of people as usual. And he was getting dizzy, looking around.
    “Mommy, I miss you,” he whispered. Maybe he should just give up and go back to his Mommy. Looking for his father was no use. He doesn’t even know what he look like. He walked out the door again and there, he saw Nadech an Mayumi’s face. “Uncle Nadech and Mommy!” he shouted cheerfully, happy to see them. He missed them so much. He hugged Nadech tightly and he hugged him back. Mayumi stared at them happily, tears on her face.

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