Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 7

Enjoy! :)
Chapter 7
    It was the morning of the wedding and everyone was busy, doing their own chore. Nadech and Ron were in his room.
    “Are you sure about this?” asked Ron, worried.
    “I’m sure, Ron. Nothing now can change my mind,” Nadech assured.
    “But I can still hear our conversation from that night. You still love Mayumi. How can you just let her go?” said Ron.
    “Sometimes letting go is better than holding on. Mayumi doesn’t love me anymore,” said Nadech sadly.
    “Nadech, you’re wrong. She does, a lot too, I think. I saw the desire in her eyes. She still wants you. She wants you to be there for her, to comfort her. She needed your help.”
    “It’s too late. I don’t want to disappoint Anna.”
    “But this is your life! Anna will understand.”
    “Thank you friend. I hope that you take care of your life better than how I took care of mine.” Nadech walked out of the room to start the ceremony.
    This was it. Nadech and Anna are standing in front of everyone, accepting their vows. Anna was nervous; she still remembered yesterday conversation with Mayumi. Was Mayumi for real?
    “Nadech Kugimiya, do you take this woman, Anna Thepthai, as your lawfully wedded wife. And til death shall you part,” said the preacher.
    “Yes, I do.” Ron gave him the ring. Anna lifted her hand and Nadech was about to put the ring on her finger, but Kana’s voice interrupted the moment.
    “Stop!” she shouted. Everyone looked at her. Kana looked at the guests, who were now focusing on her. She swallow, uncertain of what to say next. Nadech and Anna were looking straight at her, as if she was crazy.
    “Young lady, what are you saying?” asked Nadech’s father.
    “This… marriage… this marriage can not happen!” said Kana, gaining some certainty as she thought of Mayumi and Ryuunosuke. She was not doing a bad thing. She was doing this for her friend and nephew’s sake, it was a good deed.
    “Why not?” asked Anna’s father.
    “It just… can’t,” she answered.
    “Now, young lady, I think that you have gone out of your mind,” said Nadech’s father.
    “Let me take care of this, Mr. Kugimiya and Thepthai,” said Ron, walking toward her. “Now, Ms. Suzuki, are you going to nicely get out of here or do you need me to assist you?”
    Instead of answering him, Kana shouted, “Nadech, I need to talk to you!”
    Ron grabbed her by the upper arm and dragged her away. Nadech didn’t even move, he only stared at Kana being dragged away. If this was about Mayumi, he didn’t want to hear it. He was getting marry to Anna and this was the end. She had made it clear to him that she wanted him out of her life when she didn’t say good bye to hi. He’ll miss Ryuunosuke, of course, but he was going to do what Mayumi had secretly asked him to do.
    “Let me go! I need to talk to Nadech!”
    “I’m losing my patience with you, Ms. Suzuki!” said Ron, adding more pressure.
    “Nadech, Ryuunosuke is YOUR SON with Mayumi!” Kana shouted to him.
    That statement hit Nadech hard. Ryuunosuke was HIS son?! But Mayumi said that he wasn’t… And then he realized. He had again, fallen for Mayumi’s lies. Eveyone else in the room also froze. They all couldn’t believe their ears.
    “Is that true?” asked Nadech, breaking the silence.
    “Yes!” Kana shouted. Ron had released her the moment she shouted to everyone that Ryuunosuke was Nadech’s son. “Mayumi and Ryu are waiting for you at their house.”
    Nadech dropped the ring. He ran toward the door. Before he exit the door, he whispered a thanks to Kana. Everyone in the room got up and started talking at the same time about what had just happened.. Anna had tears in her eyes. Nadech had left her, Nadech knew now! She knew that he will never be hers now, but it was so close. Her mother and father walked to her. She tried wiping her tears away but more tears just came down. They put their hands at her back, rubbing and patting her, comforting her. The Kugimiya family walked to them.
    “We are sincerely sorry, Anna,” apologized Mrs.Kugimiya.
    “It’s okay, Mrs. Kugimiya. I knew that this will happen.”
    “We’ve got a lot to talk about, Mr.Kugimiya!” said Mr.Thepthai, almost shouting.
    Kana walked out of the chapel, smiling to herself. She had done it! Finally now, Mayumi can have the perfect family she wished for.
    “Not so fast, Ms. Suzuki,” said a voice behind her. She turned around and found Ron. She smiled.
    “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it, Mr. Ron,” said Kana.
    “Haha, very funny,” said Ron. Then within seconds, he gripped her and nailed her to the wall. “You have just ruin a wedding and you find it amusing?”
    “That’s right. And what does it have to do with you, huh? Or did you secretly have a crush on Anna, but didn’t want to betray Nadech. You wanted to see Anna happy, right?” Kana laughed. When Ron remained silent, she added some more, “I can’t believe it. A friend liking this girl and the other marrying-” Ron’s lip came down on hers hard. He was angry and she knew it. He was taking his anger on her because she had hit a weak spot. Kana tried to push him away but he held her tighter. Finally he released her. She lifted up her hand, but he stopped her.
    “This is the second kiss. If you want more, go ahead.”
    She put her hands to her lips, trying to wipe off the kiss.
    “Don’t meddle in my affairs, especially Anna.” Ron walked away angrily.
    Kana was confused. Why was Ron so angry? Why did he worry about Anna so much? Or did she get it right? Ron has a secret crush on Anna, but doesn’t want to hurt Nadech, and supported Anna because Anna loved Nadech not him?! She smiled at her new discovery but frowned, remembering the kiss.
    Nadech got out of his car and knocked on Mayumi’s door. “Mayumi, I know you’re in there. Open up,” he said gently, trying not to be harsh.
    “I’m not opening until you promise that you won’t be mad at me!” she shouted to him.
    “Okay, I promise not to be mad at you. Now open up.”
    Mayumi slowly opened the door. “You’re not mad?!”
    “Mayumi, I’m not mad. I’m so happy.”
    She studied him, making sure that he was not lying. “Come in, I have some bad news.”
    He followed her in. “What is it, Mayumi?”
    She handed him the note. After he finished reading, he looked at her, confused, but then smiled. “We’ll go look for him together, I promise. We’ll stay together as a happy family!” Nadech hugged her. Mayumi hugged him back crying. She felt so bad for lying. How could she?!
    When Nadech home, he was surrounded by the 7 members of his family: his parents, oldest brother Thee, youngest brother Pitt, 21 year old sister Piang, 18 year old sister Vivi, and 15 year old sister Urasa.
    “What happened?” asked Mr.Kugimiya.
    “What? Ryuunosuke’s gone?” asked his family members. Nadech nodded his head.
    “Wait, wait. Nadech, we don’t even know the story yet. Tell us from the begining about you and Mayumi,” said Vivi, his 18 year old sister.
    Nadech told them about Mayumi, how they met, how they were planning to get marry…
    “After Grandfather’s funeral and the scandal, I tried looking for her, but she was nowhere to be found. I give up and sadly accept that she’s gone. And then 1 month ago, I met her at the wedding design company. We acted like strangers. Whenever I tried to bring up the pass, she changes it. She kept Ryuunosuke a secret from me and tried to hide it.”
    “Wow, so it’s like that,” said Mrs. Kugimiya.
    “What are planning to do now?” asked Pitt, his younger brother.
    “I’m planning to find Ryuunosuke with Mayumi. After that, we’ll get marry and live as a happy family,” said Nadech.
    “Not so fast, my boy. What about the Thepthai family? What about Anna?” asked his father.
    “I’ll apologize to them. Anna understands…” started Nadech.
    “I understand,” Anna interrupted. Everyone turned to her. “I understand Nadech well and am willing to let him go.”
    “Anna,” Nadech whispered. He felt like a jerk, bolting out of the wedding like that, deserting her. And now she’s here, understanding him.
    Anna walked to Nadech. “I understand and know that you still love Mayumi. You don’t love me, right? I wouldn’t want to go through that heartache.” Then she turned to the rest of the Kugimiya family. “You guys don’t need to worry about your business, I’ve already talked it out with my parents. We’ve work things out.” And then turning to Nadech for the finally time, she said, “Go to Mayumi. Love her a lot. I wish you two happiness only!” Nadech pulled Anna into a friendly hug, thanking her. Anna smiled. She’d done it; she’s heading toward the right road.
    “What?! Ryuunosuke went away?” asked Kana. Kana was sure that this was going to be the end of it. That Mayumi and Nadech will get to be together with Ryuunosuke. But she was mistaken.
    Mayumi nodded her head. She couldn’t speak, not after she had deceived the 2 people she’d loved very much. Kana hugged Mayumi.
    “It’s okay Mayumi. Nadech is not getting marry, you guys will find surely find him. It’s not too late yet. Ryuunosuke sure is naughty.”
    Inside her head, Mayumi was secretly whispering, ” I’m so sorry Kana and Nadech.”
    The next morning, Nadech drove to Mayumi’s house. He had send his family to the airport before coming, though. Ron had came along with him, since he had wanted to help him. They both walked to Mayumi’s house and knocked. Mayumi opened the door.
    “Hello,” she murmured.
    “Hello, Mayumi,” greeted both men.
    She welcomed them in. When Kana saw Ron entering the door, she turned away and tried to avoid him. She still remembered yesterday.
    “Well, what should we start doing?” asked Mayumi.
    “I can call the police-” answered Ron, also avoiding Kana.
    “No!” Mayumi interrupted.
    Nadech and Ron looked at each other, confused, then Ron looked at her and replied, “Why, Miss Urassaya?”
    “I don’t want it to become a big thing. Please understand me, Khun Ron.”
    “Yes, I understand you. But how would we find him?”
    “We can just search…”
    “Search?! Wouldn’t that take too long?”
    3 pairs of eyes were on her. Mayumi didn’t know how to answer this one. If Ryuunosuke was really gone, she would have gone crazy. But this wasn’t real. It was a lie created so she can spend time with Nadech. Should she just tell them now that it was all a lie?
    “Mayumi,” said Nadech.
    “Yes?” said Mayumi.
    “Answer Ron’s question.”
    “No, I don’t want the police.”
    “What about Ryuunosuke?”
    “We can gather information,” suggested Ron.
    “Yes, that,” said Mayumi.
    “How?” asked Nadech.
    “We can go to nearby town or cities and ask around,” said Ron.
    “Yes, that’s it.”
    “Are all of us going to go?” asked Mayumi.
    “Yes that is unless Ms.Suzuki doesn’t want to go,” said Ron, staring at Kana.
    “I want to go,” answered Kana.
    “Okay, then we’ll meet you guys here tomorrow.”
    Ryuunosuke sat up in his bed. He had been here with his mother’s aunt and uncle for 4 days now. Uncle was kind and Aunt wasn’t.
    “Get up, Ryuunosuke and help me with the dishes,” yelled Auntie Soy.
    “Yes, Aunt Soy. I’m coming,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “Hurry!” she shouted.
    Ryuunosuke got off the bed and went to his auntie. “Wash all of these and make sure that it’s clean, understand?!”
    “Yes, Auntie.” She walked away, leaving Ryuunosuke alone washing the dishes. He thought about his mommy. His mommy will never make him wash the dishes. She loved him too much. But ever since he come and live with Aunt and Uncle, he was forced to do things that he had never done before. Uncle was barely home to help; he was always at work. He miss his mommy but he also miss Uncle Nadech, too.
    “Mommy, I don’t want to go. I want to stay here with you,” said Ryuunosuke, crying.
    “Ryu, come on, don’t be stubborn. Mommy’s busy and I don’t have time to be with you. Uncle and Aunt will take good care of you. It will just be for a short amount of time, Ryu. I’ll come and get you when I’m not busy, okay?” said Mayumi, trying to comfort her crying child. She didn’t feel good lying to him but she had to. “Be a good boy.” Mayumi wiped his tears away, just like Nadech used to do to her when she cried.
    “Okay, Mommy. I will be a good boy just for you. I will go live with Uncle and Auntie. I love you, Mommy,” said Ryuunosuke. He kissed his mother and the cheek and then took his backpack. He walked to Uncle Ter and they went away. Mayumi watch as they disappear from sight. She hugged herself, breaking down.
~End of Flashback~
    Ryuunosuke smiled, remembering his mother’s words. She had promised to come get him when it’s time. He is going to endured this and patiently  wait for his mother to come get him.
    “San, may you pack 4 sandwiches?” asked Nadech.
    “Yes,” said San.
    Ron walked into the dinning room. He looked at Nadech with tired eyes.
    “What’s wrong? Didn’t get enough sleep?” asked Nadech.
    “Yeah. I was up all night,” answered Ron.
    “Who were you thinking about?” asked Nadech even though he knew the answer.
    “Kana of course who else?”
    “I knew it. Why are you thinking about her anyway?”
    “Yesterday, I stole her second kiss.”
    “So what? Hey tell you what, today, let’s go for a picnic. You can make it up to her,” said Nadech, smiling.
    They didn’t have much luck that day, none of the nearby villages had seen Ryuunosuke. Even though the weather wasn’t that great, they still stop at the park and have a picnic. Nadech and Ron went out of the car to set the blanket and picnic basket. Nadech came back to the car.
    “Mayumi, hungry?” asked Nadech.
    “Huh? Um, no thanks,” answered Mayumi.
    “Come on, stop lying.” He pulled her out of the car and dragged her to the blanket, making her sit down.
    He took out and sandwich and break a small part. Instead of handing the sandwich to Mayumi, he tried to feed her instead. “Open up, Mayumi.”
    “Nadech, you don’t need to do this,” said Mayumi, shy. Ron and Kana were staring at them.
    Nadech didn’t give up and tried shoving it into her mouth. Mayumi gave up and opened up her mouth. Nadech feed her the whole sandwich and the wipe her mouth with the napkin.
    “Come on, let’s go,” said Nadech, getting up.
    “To where?” asked Mayumi.
    “Let’s go take a walk,” answered Nadech. He took her hands and helped her up. Before going, Nadech looked at Ron and smiled, reminding him of what they talked about earlier in the morning.
    After Nadech and Mayumi left, Ron turned to Kana. She looked away. “Hey, Kana, about what happen on that wedding day, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too. Anna is a good friend and I don’t want her to be sad.”
    “Apology accepted. But let me ask you something.”
    “Do you like Anna?” Ron blushed a bit which is usually for him since he barely show feelings of shyness.
    “What if I say I do?”
    “You do?”
    “Yeah. You were right. I like her a lot, too. But she liked Nadech. I can only be a supporter to them.”
    “I also apologized then.”
    “For what?”
    “For saying those things about her and you. You’re a very loyal person, how come you’re a playboy, I don’t understand.”
    “It’s just an image. I’m not. I don’t even want to be one.”
    “Then don’t.”
    Nadech and Mayumi are walking hand in hand.Mayumi smiled and looked at Nadech. He seemed happy, not at all mad. She was confused. Why he was being so kind to her when she had lied to him?
    “Nadech, why are so you so nice to me?” asked Mayumi.
    “To repay you for all those years,” answered Nadech.
    “Is that the only reason?”
    “No.” He turned to her. “The real reason is, I love you. Do you hear me, I love you.”
    She stood still not able to say anything.
    “I love Mayumi Urassaya!” Nadech shouted.
    “Nadech!” said Mayumi. Nadech turned to her again and laughed.
    “You’re so beautiful!”
    “Nadech, don”t say that.”
    “Why not?”
    “I’m shy and people are looking at us.”
    “But it’s true.”
    “Please don’t, okay?”
    “Okay. Then I’ll just do this.” He put his mouth to her ears. ” You’re beautiful. I love you Mayumi Urassaya forever!” He faced her again to see her expression. She turned away.
    It was the sakura blossom season and Nadech and Mayumi were at the festival.
    “It’s so beautiful,” said Mayumi standing in front of one.
    “It is. But you’re more beautiful,” said Nadech, standing behind her.
    She turned around. “Am I?”
    “You are.” He put his hands around her . “You’re beautiful.”
    “I love you.”
    Startle, Mayumi wrested herself free of Nadech’s arms. “What did you say?” It was the first time she had heard anyone say that to her other than her mother and uncle.
    “I love you, Mayumi. I love Mayumi Urasaya.”
    Mayumi looked at him, and then finally said, “I love you, too, Nadech.”
    Nadech smiled and took her in his arms again. They both smiled, knowing that they loved each other.
~End of Flashback~
    Remembering that, she faced Nadech.
    “Nadech, I love you, too!” said Mayumi. She hugged him tightly. After she released, he bent down and kiss her on the forehead.
    “I told you that it’s hard for me!” Ron yelled to Kana.
    “Well, have you try?” asked Kana.
    “I like my image already.”
    “But I don’t.”
    Nadech and Mayumi looked at each other and laughed. Their friends were arguing, but they looked so cute together.
    “Hi Kana and Ron,” Nadech interrupted.
    Kana and Ron turned and looked at their friends. They were happy like a teenage couple who had just fallen in love.
    “You’re back!” said Kana and Ron.
    “I think that we should go home, the weather doesn’t look so great,” said Nadech.
    They got back in the car and Nadech drove back to Mayumi’s house.
    “Ryuunosuke, come here and sweep the floor!” yelled Auntie Soy.
    “Yes, Auntie,” said Ryuunosuke. He had been working all morning and afternoon. He was very hungry since he didn’t have lunch yet and breakfast was too little. He wished that Uncle Ter was here. He got the broom and start sweeping.
    “I’m home, Ryu!” Uncle Ter yelled cheerfully.
    “Uncle Ter!” Ryuunosuke yelled happily. He dropped the broom and ran to his uncle.
    “How are you, my boy?” asked Uncle Ter, lifting him up in his arms.
    “I’m good. Today, I help Auntie with a lot of chores,” he said proudly.
    “Ryu, you’re not suppose to be doing these chores though. Did Aunt force you?”
    “No, I-“
    “You’re only good at tattling on me, Ryuunosuke. You’re as ungrateful as your mother!” interrupted Aunt Soy.
    “No, Auntie, I didn’t say anything bad about you,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “I don’t care! Just get out of my sight!” yelled Aunt Soy.
    Ryuunosuke started crying and Uncle Ter took him outside to the porch. They both sat down.
    “Now, Ryu, my boy, don’t cry.”
    “Yes, Uncle Ter.”
    “You remind me so much of Mayumi, your mother.”
    “Why, Uncle?”
    “She used to cry, just like you. And I will always take her here and comfort her.”
    “Does Mommy cry a lot?”
    “No, she’s tough. Just like you. She tends to hold on to her pain and let everything be in peace instead of voicing her pain.”
    “Was Mommy a really good girl?”
    “Yes. She was an angel. If I had had a daughter, I would have want it to be like Mayumi.”
    “Uncle, may I ask you something?’
    “Yes, what is it, my boy?”
    “Do you know what my Daddy is like?”
    “Your Daddy?! Well, let’s see. I do know a bit about him.”
    “Really. Please tell me, Uncle, please.”
    “He was a really nice young man, handsome, too. He was rich and well liked. A pity, I only met him once. He was probably the first boy that Mayumi mention to me. At that time, they were in college, their 3rd year, I think. They were very in love that your Aunt and I fear something might happen. They study and play together. No one can come between them; they were inseparable.”
    “Really? What is my Daddy’s name then?”
    “I can’t really remember. It was something like Na, sorry, I can’t remember. But Mayumi always call him Ryu though. You know something? You were named after your father.”
    “Yeah. Mayumi loved your father even though he left her. It’s been a long time.”
    “Do you know where my Daddy is?”
    “In Thailand.”
    Nadech helped Mayumi and Kana out of the car, opening the door for them. They both thanked him.
    “Wait, Mayumi,” said Nadech.
    Mayumi turned around.
    “I just want to say good night. And don’t forget that I love you.” He hesitated then kissed her on the forehead. “Get a lot of rest, okay?”
    “You, too, Nadech. Get a lot of rest. Good night,” said Mayumi.
    Nadech walked to the car. “
    Nadech was walking Mayumi to her house. When they were almost there, Mayumi stopped Nadech. “This much is okay, Nadech. Good night. Sweet dreams!” said Mayumi.
    “Let me walk you all the way, okay?” said Nadech in a whiny voice.
    “No, just this much is enough. I don’t want Aunt to be mad. She thinks that we’re not doing appropriate things.”
    “Fine, but remember that I love you.” said Nadech.
    “Yes. I love you a lot, too.”
    “Good night. See you tomorrow.” Nadech walked back then turned around. Mayumi blew him a kiss. Then she waved to him and walked toward her house.
~ End of  Flashback~
    Nadech?” Mayumi silently shouted to him. “I love you, too!” Nadech smiled and got into the car. Mayumi and Kana stood and watch the car disappear.
    Mayumi turned to Kana. “Kana, I got something to confess.”
    “Let it be tomorrow. I’m really tired.” Kana yawned and got into the house. She slowly got into the bed and went straight to sleep.
    “I hope that you will forgive me for this, Kana.” Mayumi went back outside and sit on the ground thinking to herself. How is she going to tell Nadech?

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