Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 2

Enjoy! :)
Chapter 2
    The next day, Anna and Nadech came again, and talked to Mayumi. Mayumi tried to avoid direct contact with Nadech, even though she secretly look at him when he wasn’t looking. He was still handsome and wonderful, and she knew that she still have some feelings for him, even though she won’t admit it. After the meeting, Anna went ahead, leaving Mayumi and Nadech together. Nadech walked over to her and cleared his throat, trying to get her attention. She looked up, surprised to see him still there. She dropped all the binders/folders and the documents landed all over the floor. Nadech bent down and helped her pick up the papers.
    “Let me help,” said Nadech. Mayumi looked up at him. Their forehead touched and they froze. Their eyes locked together, searching in each other’s eyes. They both turned away. He handed theh last of the papers to her and she thanked him. While Mayumi put her stuffs together again, Nadech tried to remember what she was going to say to her.
    “About yesterday, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have talk about the past. But now, let’s not let the past interfere. I’m getting marry and you’re my designer. Let it stay that way. We’ll talk to each other like an employer and employee, businesslike, okay?” said Nadech.
    “Okay,” answered Mayumi.
    “Thank you, Mayumi,” said Nadech. He silently left the room, leaving her. Mayumi gathered her things, and went out of the door.
    Kana walked out to lunch, thinking about what she just saw between Mayumi and Nadech. She didn’t mean to spy on then, it’s just she knew that they were finished with the meeting, and she wanted to go help Mayumi. She almost opened the door, but then stopped, noticing that Nadech and Mayumi were together. She saw them together picking up the papers and couldn’t stop thinking to herself about them becoming a couple again. She knew that it was impossible though. But the least she could do is tell Nadech about Mayumi’s current stituation. Maybe he’ll turn around and give her a hand.
Mayumi continued to ask them day by day, and they started to get things ready. Mayumi hated being near Nadech. Her feelings were getting stronger and harder to control day by day. Nadech, too, his feelings are the same. The whole day, Mayumi stayed up all night to put all the information together.
    One day though, Kana couldn’t stand her friend stumbled in pain. She followed Nadech, and asked to speak with him.
    “Nadech, do you remember what you did to my friend?” ask Kana.
    “What?!” Nadech said. He was confused.
    “You left her here,” explained Kana.
    “Oh,” said  Nadech. He thought that he had done something real bad to Mayumi.
    “And now, you’re getting married? How unfair!” exclaimed Kana.
    “Kana, Mayumi have already forgotten me. She has a job, and everything she needs,” said Nadech.
    “Not true. Mayumi is struggling. Come on, Nadech, you know how prideful she is. She will never admit to you,” said Kana.
    “Really?!” said Nadech with surprised.
    “Yes. Mayumi doesn’t get enough money. She also lives in a dirty old house, no, it’s not even a house, it’s more like a shed,” explained Kana.
    Nadech was speechless.  He was so dumb after all to listen to Mayumi…
    That day, Nadech didn’t go back to the hotel, instead, he waited for Mayumi. They had a lot to talk about, and he would not let her off, she will have to tell him everything. He looked at his watch and then at her office. It was 8:00 p.m. already, and almost everyone left, except Mayumi and Kana.
    “Good bye, Mayumi,” said Kana, waving at her, them both not noticing him.
    Kana walked closer to him, and then finally noticing him. He put his hand to his lips, signaling not to say anything. Kana quietly left. Nadech walked to where Mayumi is, and stood, watching her work. After a few minutes, Mayumi cleared her desk, and put her things away in her bag. Nadech saw that the bag was old and tearing apart. Mayumi stood up, and saw Nadech. She didn’t say anything but looked at her.
    “Um, hi, Mayumi,” said Nadech nervously.
    “Hi,” Mayumi greeted.
    “I want to talk to you about something.”
    “I know that you’re having a hard time, right?”
    “I’m fine, thank you.”
    “It’s late. Let me send you home.”
    “N-,” Mayumi started but Nadech didn’t wait for an answer. He rushed her outside to his car with her things. They both got in.
    “Tell me the way,” said Nadech.
    “Nadech, it’s okay. I can walk there,” Mayumi protested.
    “No, it’s not okay, Mayumi. I’ve done a lot to you. Let me pay back, okay?” said Nadech, almost angrily.
    Mayumi stared at him, questions popping into her head. Does he know? How did he know? Who told him?
    “Mayumi?!” Nadech’s voice cleared all of the questions out of her head. She came back into focus. ” Where is your house?”
    “Who told you this?” asked Mayumi, ignoring his question.
    “No one, I just know. Your face says it all,” Nadech lied.
    “Don’t lie to me, Nadech. Tell me, who?” asked Mayumi.
    “Mayumi, just know that I’m here. I’ll take care of you, okay?” said Nadech.
    “No, I want to. I thought that we agree not to interfere with each other’s life. Remember we are only to talk about business.”
    “But this is important. I really want to help you.”
    “Stop interfering into my life!” Mayumi gathered her stuffs, and got out of the car, walking away. Nadech got out of the car, and ran after her.
    “What about our love?” Nadech shouted, stopping to catch his breath. Mayumi stopped walking, and turned around.
    “It’s in the past. Let the pass be the pass,” said Mayumi, looking at the ground.
    Nadech walked to her. His finger went underneath her chin, and lifted it up to meet his face. There were tears in her eyes.
    “Mayumi, I’m sorry,” whispered Nadech. He wiped away the tears from her face. When she said nothing in return, he hold her and walked her to a nearby bench, sitting her down. “We have a lot to talk about.”
    “I know. I’m sorry, Nadech for keeping my life a secert. I didn’t want to bother you,” murmured Mayumi.
    “It’s okay. Now, tell me everything, okay?” said Nadech.
    “Okay,” promised Mayumi. “After you left, my mom died, leaving me with Aunt and Uncle. Aunt think that I will just turn out like mom, so she didn’t treat me with any respect. Uncle cared me about me. One day, I did something really wrong. Aunt got mad, and kicked me out, telling me never to returned. Uncle couldn’t do anything. I move here, and Kana helped me with this job, since I have a degree in it.”
    “So you have been working and living here all these 6 years?”
    Mayumi nodded her head.
    “Mayumi, I so sorry. I should have been there for you,” said Nadech sadly. Mayumi stared at his sad eyes, making her cry again. She didn’t tell him the whole truth, it was still a lie. Why can’t she tell him about Ryuunosuke?
    “It’s okay. Nadech, I don’t need your help.”
    “Okay fine, Mayumi. If you won’t accept my help as someone who once share so much with you, will you please accept my help as your boss. Please.” he begged. She finally nodded and more tears fell down from her face.
    Nadech wiped away her tears again, telling her not to cry. He looked at his watch, notcing the lateness.
    “Let’s go, I’ll send you home,” said Nadech, taking her hands.
    Mayumi pulled at his hand. “Nadech, it’s okay. Let me go home by myself, okay?” Mayumi pleaded.
    Mayumi opened the door and went inside her house. She almost didn’t get away from Nadech. She knew that he was still suspicious. Mayumi walked to the bed and looked at Ryuunosuke. He was asleep. She studied his face, and saw Nadech’s image. They are the spitting image of each other.
    “Will your father know that you’re his son, Ryuunosuke?” Mayumi queitly asked. She stroked his hair, then got onto the bed with him, and tried to go to sleep.
    Nadech closed his door, and went into the bathroom to take his shower. He was still thinking about Mayumi’s story, he believed and trusted Mayumi, yet he felt something missing. He thought about her and the past.
    “Hello, Mom?” said Nadech happily. He was happy that his mother called. He was going to tell her that he and Mayumi are going to wed after graduation.
    “My son, you need to come back. Your grandfather is dying. Come back now!” said his mother, crying.
    “What happened Mom?” asked Nadech.
    “Your grandfather doesn’t have much time to live. He wants to see you before he go. I’ve already booked a ticket for you. Go to the airport.”
    “Okay, okay, Mom, I’ll come as soon as possible.”
    After he hang up, he packed all his belongings, getting ready to leave. There was a knock at his door. He opened the door, and there was Mayumi.
    “Hi, Nadech. Where are you going?” asked Mayumi.
    “My grandfather is dying. I have to go back to Thailand right now,” said Nadech. He was in a hurry, and have no time for Mayumi.
    “But-” started Mayumi.
    “I’m sorry, Mayumi. I have to go. But don’t worry, I’ll come back,” said Nadech in a hurry. He placed a quick kiss on her forehead and then left. Mayumi stared after him.
~End of Flashback~
    Nadech turned off the water, and got out of the bathroom. After he dressed, he went on his bed, and tried to get some rest.
    Early the next morning, Anna came and knocked on Nadech’s door. Nadech was still tired; he didn’t sleep until 2am. He sleepily opened the door.
    “Good morning!” Anna happily greeted him.
    “Anna, why are you here so early?” asked Nadech.
    “Did you forget? We have to go meet up with Mayumi,” answered Anna.
    “Sorry, I forgot. Let me get ready,” said Nadech. He closed the door, leaving Anna outside. Anna stood outside and patiently waited for him.
    After a few minutes, he came out and they drove to the company.
    “You told him, right, Kana?” said Mayumi, staring at her friend.
    Kana, guilty, nodded at her. ” It was necessary, Mayumi. I don’t want you to suffer alone.”
    “I’m not suffering. I’m fine.”
    “Don’t lie.”
    “I’m not.”
    “Okay. But by the way, what did you guys talk about last night?”
    “I told him that I got kicked out, and came here.”
    “That’s all? What about Ryuunosuke?”
    “I intend to keep him a secret. And please, Kana, don’t tell him.”
    “Okay, fine. But remember, you can’t hide it forever. ‘There are no secrets in this world.'” said Kana.
~2 Days Later~
    Tonight, Nadech planned on following Mayumi home. She wouldn’t let him take her home, and he wanted to see how she live. He saw Mayumi coming out and turning the lights off after her. Mayumi walked out of the building and headed home, wanting to see Ryuunosuke. She crossed the streets and then turned around, feeling someone following her. She turned back again, telling herself that it was nothing, but then she heard it again, and at the corner of her eye, she saw Nadech.
    “Nadech!” she silently whispered to herself. “Oh no, Nadech is following me, what should I do?!” She made a left turn, the wrong way to her house, fast walking, and then finally silently running. After a while, she turned back, looking for Nadech, but he was nowhere in sight. She relaxed, knowing that Nadech was gone. She walked back and went to her house.
    Nadech had almost caught up to Mayumi, but his phone rang. It was Anna. Anna told him that there was something urgent and he needed to go back immedialately. He stopped searching for Mayumi and returned back to the hotel. When he got there, he rang the bell. Anna answered him.
    “Surprise!” Anna’s family and his family shouted. He walked into the room. Everyone was there, his parents, Anna’s parents, their friends, and siblings.
    “What is this?” Nadech asked, smiling at everyone.
    “We came here to surprise you, P’Nadech!” said Urasa, his 15 year old sister.
    “That’s right, son. Aren’t you happy?” asked his mother.
    “Yes,” answered Nadech happily. He was glad to see his family; they were his comfort.
    “This room is so small, barely enough to hold us all. Nadech, our house here?” asked his father.
    “Yes, Dad,” he answered.
    “Pack up your stuffs. You and Anna are going to go there. Let’s go rest there, it will be enough for us all.”

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