Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 11

Enjoy! 🙂
Chapter 11
The next morning, Mayumi woke up and turned around. Nadech was gone. She sat up and looked around. Nadech opened the bathroom door and walked toward her.
“Get ready. We’re going to register our marriage today,” he barked.
“Yes. Nadech, can’t you say it nicer?” asked Mayumi.
“No,” he answered impatiently and then added, “Breakfast is downstairs, hurry up. Mom wants everyone at the table on time.”
“What about Ryu?”
“Jiew is taking care of him.” He tugged at his tie, mad that he couldn’t tie it right.
“Let me help you.” Mayumi walked to him and took his hands away from the tie. Nadech resisted, but she didn;t give up. He finally give in and let her do it. She slowly tie his tie with patience; her full focus on it. He only stared at her. “There.” She stood back and admired her tidy work.
“Thanks,” he murmured in a soft voice.
“You’re welcome,” she replied back, standing still. This was the first time that he speak gently with her since he found out about her lie. “I’ll go get ready now,” she said and disappeared into the bathroom.
After Mayumi use the bathroom, she and Nadech headed downstairs for breakfast with the rest of the family. Everyone was already seated when they arrive. “Good morning,” greeted Mrs.Kugimiya.
“Good morning,” they repeated. They both sat down next to each other.
“What are you planning to do today, P’Nadech?” asked Piang.
“Mayumi and I are going to go and register our marriage since we were in a hurry to get back here,” he explained.
“Really?” said Mrs.Kugimiya, excited.
“Congrats, Nadech and Mayumi,” said Vivi, Thee, Pitt, Piang and Urasa. Mayumi and Nadech thanked them and the continued on with their breakfast.
After breakfast, Mayumi took Ryuunosuke upstairs with her, to get him ready since he was also going with them.
“How was last night, Ryu?” asked Mayumi.
“It was wonderful, Mommy. I slept well and this morning, the food was so good!”
“I’m glad that you enjoy it. Come on, let’s get ready. Daddy is waiting for us.
“Yes, Mommy.”
Anna came to the Kugimiya House to see Nadech. She waited in the living room. He walked into the living room.
“Hello, Nadech,” Anna greeted.
“Hello,” he answered.
“I know that you probably don’t want to see me anymore, but I just want to see you for the last time. I’ll be going back to England.”
“Next week. My parents have business. I’ll be helping them.”
“I wish you good luck.”
“Thank you. How is Mayumi and Ryuunosuke?”
“They’re fine. We’re going to go register our marriage today.”
“Do you more to say?” Anna shook her head, indicating a no. “Well, I’m going to go check on Mayumi and Ryu.” Nadech walked away.
“Nadech,” said Anna. Nadech didn’t turn around but stopped walking. “I want us to be good friends like usual. I don’t want there to be hard feelings.”
“Yes. We’re still friends. And if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask me or Ron.”
“Yes. Thank you, Nadech. And another thing, if you love Mayumi, tell her. And don’t be too mean to her, she has her own reasons.” Nadech nodded then started up the stairs. Anna turned and saw Noy.
“I’ll be leaving now,” said Anna, walking away.
“How do you feel getting dump?” asked Noy, crossing her arms, smiling.
Anna turned around and said, “Excuse me.”
“Nadech got a new girl and now here you are, trying to come and take him.”
“I’m here to ask for forgiveness.”
“I don’t care what you’re here for. Your turn is over anyway.”
“If you’re going to talk like this, then we better not talk, Noy. This is adult matters, please don’t interfere.” Anna walked away and ignored her.
“No! If I don’t get Khun Nadech, you two won’t get him either.”
Mayumi and Nadech sat down at the register station. “Hello,” said the worker. They both greeted him back. Ryuunosuke sat outside of the room with Jiew, waiting for his parents.
“Aunt Jiew, why are Daddy and Mommy taking so long?” asked Ryuunosuke, tired of waiting.
“It’s okay, Ryuunosuke, your parents will be here in no time, just wait a bit more. They are still discussing things,” Jiew answered.
In the room, Nadech and Maymi signed the papers and were given there certificate.
“Congratulations, you two are now legally married. Last long,” blessed the worker.
“Thank you,” said Mayumi. Nadech stood up and headed for the door. She followed him.
“Daddy, Mommy, you’re back,” Ryuunosuke said happily. He jumped into Nadech’s arms.
“Hi, my boy,” said Nadech, picking him up.
“Daddy, I’m hungry. I want to eat food.”
“Okay.” Nadech took him out of the place.
Mayumi and Nadech sat together at one small table while Ryuunosuke sat together with Jiew at a table close by. They ate in silence, avoiding eye contact. Ryuunosuke walked up to their table.
“Mommy, Daddy,” he chirped happily.
“What is it Ryuunosuke?” asked Mayumi.
“Look here,” said Ryuunosuke. He handed the paper to his parents who were confused. Mayumi took the paper and looked at the pictures. It has a nice family on there- father, mother, sister, and brother- a warm family, eating at a restaurant. The father was feeding the mother. “Daddy, I don’t see you doing that for Mommy.”
“Doing what?” he asked.
“Putting food in her mouth. We’re a family, and you’re a dad, and Mommy is a mom, so you have to feed Mommy,” explained Ryuunosuke.
Nadech looked at Mayumi with loathe, but her eyes pleaded him to do what Ryuunosuke had asked. He looked at his child again and saw the innocence in him. Okay fine, he will do this, but it was just for his child. He took the knife and sliced a good piece of meat. Then he took the fork and stabbed the meat.
“Here,” he said, and fed Mayumi.
After Mayumi swallowed, she thanked him.
“Daddy, more please!” the child begged.
“Okay,” said Nadech. This time, it was a bigger piece. He fed her again and again for Ryuunosuke.
After lunch, Nadech dropped them back home and went to work. Mayumi took Ryuunosuke upstairs for a nap since it had been a long day. After Ryuunosuk went into a deep sleep, she stayed in his room and read a book while.
Nadech got inside his office and slammed the door. He was angry, very angry. Why was Mayumi always on his mind? She had deceived him after all the things he had done. He sat on his chair and put his head down on the desk, thinking to himself.
That evening, Mayumi was called to go see Mrs. Kugimiya. She stopped at the door and knocked the door to show respect.
“Come in, Mayumi,” said Mrs. Kugimiya. She was smiling and very happy to see her daughter in law. Mayumi sat down on the chair across from Mrs. Kugimiya. “How are you doing?” Mrs. Kugimiya asked.
“I’m doing good, ka, Mrs. Kugimiya,” Mayumi carefully answered.
“Not Mrs.Kugimiya. Mom, just Mom, okay?”
“Oh, yes. I’m sorry, I forgot.”
“It’s okay. I don’t like holding anything against anybody. Well, since you’re my first and only daughter in law for now, I want to get to know you better. What do you enjoy doing, Mayumi?”
What did she enjoyed doing? It was a question that many had not asked her. Only Kana and sadly Nadech. Her uncle was too busy and her aunt, too cold. “I like to design dresses and plan weddings.”
“And read to Ryunnosuke. I love to cook but I don’t have time for it.”
“Cooking. Well, right here, you can cook. Do you want to cook dinner for us?”
“I’ll be honored to, Mrs.Kugimiya. I mean Mom.”
Mrs. Kugimiya giggled and then said, “I like you Mayumi. A lot too. I’m glad that Nadech chose you.”
They both headed to the kitchen.
Nadech got out of his car and walked to the front door. He opened the door and the delicious food smell hit his face. “Why does it smell so good?” he asked himself. He walked into the kitchen and saw Mayumi at the stove, frying his favorite fish. Looking at her cooking made him think of the past when she used to cook his lunch for him.
Mayumi was in her own world, think to herself. “Will Nadech like this?” she thought to herself. She wanted to make Nadech happy by cooking his favorite foods. Maybe he might forgive her and let them love again. She smiled and shook her thoughts off but she couldn’t help dreaming about Nadech. He was so handsome and kind. He was her knight in shining armor at that time. He was her blessing and sunshine.
“She’s really good, Nadech?” Mrs. Kugimiya’s words interrupted Nadech’s thoughts.
Before Nadech could answer, Mayumi asked, “May you please hand me the sauce.”
“Go! Hand it to her, Nadech,” his mother ordered. Nadech did what his mother commanded and hand the sauce to Mayumi. She grabbed it from his hand without looking at him.
“Thanks,” she said. Mrs. Kugimiya left then silently because she saw that Nadech was only looking at her daughter in law.
“You’re welcome,” Nadech said in a clear, loud voice which made Mayumi turned around.
“Nadech…” she whispered, surprised. She looked behind Nadech but Mrs. Kugimiya was gone.
“Mother told me to hand the sauce to you.”
“Thank you again then.”
“What are you doing?”
“Cooking dinner for the family.” And without thinking, she added, “Would you like to help?” Nadech stared at her for a bit then answered no and went away. She frown but went back to cooking. Never mind his cold and rude attitude, she was going to do something she enjoyed doing, and not let him affect her.
Dinner was served on time and Mayumi had spent all her time and effort cooking this dinner for the family members. The whole Kugimiya was seated and ready to eat.
“Wow, the food smells so good,” Mr. Kugimiya complimented.
“Yes. And guess who made it?” Mrs. Kugimya asked.
“Our wonderful daughter in law, Mayumi!”
After all the food were put on the table and rice was served, the family ate. Mayumi sat next to Nadech and he frowns whenever one of his sibling give her a compliment. He wanted to hate her and her food so much. But that was one thing he loved at her. The way she cooked her food. She cook like no other.
“Your food is so good, P’Mayumi,” said Thee.
“Thank you,” said Mayumi.
“Oh so this was why Nadech couldn’t eat your food back then when he came back from Japan,” Piang teased. She still remember how picky Nadech was when he returned back home 5 years ago.
“Oh yes. I remember now,” Pitt agreed. He turned to Mayumi, “P’Mayumi, I think that Nadech missed you and your cooking so much, he almost die of starvation at the time.” Pitt laughed and Mayumi smiled, looking at the frowning Nadech.
“Really? I never thought that I was that good,” said Mayumi, trying hard not to laugh. Nadech was so angry, his face was all red yet his family would not stop. He remained silent.
“And now, since you’re here, he’s never going to starve again.”
“Rest assure. I’ll feed him.”
Nadech was not liking how Mayumi and Pitt are joking about him. No one makes fun of him. He stood up and excused himself.
“Are you done, Nadech? Eat more, big brother or else you might really die.”
“I don’t think that he’ll die without food, just without Mayumi’s love,” Urasa joined in with Pitt. The whole family laughed. Pitt stood and walked to Nadech and pushed him into his chair again.
“Sit, big brother,” Pitt teased.
Nadech listened to their laughter with anger. “Enough!” he shouted, hitting the table and getting up. He walked off angrily to his room.
“Oops, someone’s mad. I think you’ll need to go after him and make him happy for a bit,” said Piang. Mayumi excused herself. The family was still enjoying themselves and laughing.
Nadech was sitting at the end of his bed, his head in his hands. Mayumi was standing in the doorway but she closed the door and made her way to him. “Are you happy that they made fun of me?”
“Nadech, no…” she started to speak but he interrupted her. Nadech grabbed Mayumi by both arms and and nailed it to the wall.
“You guys all think that it’s so funny to tease someone who got hurt so much by the one woman he loves the most?! Huh?! Don’t speak to me. I don’t want to hear!” Nadech then walked into the bathroom and Mayumi heard the shower go on.
She sat down on the sofa in the room. Why did she do this? She wanted to make Nadech happy yet she hurt him instead.

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