Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 10

Enjoy! :)
Chapter 10
    Finally, after 4 hours in the car, they got out and stretch. Mayumi had already phoned Uncle Ter and told him that Ryuunosuke was found and that they were returning home. Kana greeted them. She hugged Ryuunosuke and Mayumi both.
    “I’m so glad that you guys came back safely,” said Kana.
    “Me, too.”
    “Mayumi, we need to talk,” Nadech whispered to her.
    “Yes.” They took Ryuunosuke and entered the house, leaving Kana outside. Inside, they sat Ryuunosuke on the bed.
    “Ryuunosuke, my dear. I have something to tell you. It might be weird but I want you to listen carefully,” said Mayumi.
    “Yes, Mommy.”
    Mayumi turned to Nadech and then back to Ryuunosuke. “Nadech is your father, Ryu. He’s the father that you were searching for.”
    Ryuunosuke looked at Nadech and then Mayumi. “But he’s Uncle Nadech…” the child slowly said, a bit confused.
    “I’m so sorry, Ryu. I hid this from you. I’m so bad.”
    “No, Mommy, you’re not bad. I’m not mad at you,” he said and then he turned to Nadech, ” Are you really my Daddy?”
    “Yes, Ryu. I’m your father. That’s why our story match so perfectly. That’s why you were named Ryunnosuke, after me.”
    “So Mommy was your wonderful girlfriend?”
    “Yes, she was,” Nadech answered slowly, looking at Mayumi. Mayumi looked at him a bit startle. Now she knew that she had ruined his trust and wasn’t that wonderful girlfriend anymore.
    “Yay, I’m so happy. I have a Mommy and Daddy!” He happily hugged them, putting his hand around their necks and putting their heads together with his. Nadech put his hands on Ryuunosuke and Mayumi’s back. They stayed like that for a few seconds and then break away.
    “Ryuunosuke, Daddy has things that he needs to discuss with Mommy. Go outside and play with Aunt Kana,” said Nadech.
    “Yes, Daddy,” he obidently did as his father asked. After he left, Nadech turned his attention to Mayumi. Her smile faded as he looked at her with a deadly glare.
    “We have some business to discuss. I’m not planning to stay here any longer. I’ll be leaving early in the morning.”
    “Please, Nadech, don’t do this to me,” begged Mayumi.
    “Why not?”
    “Ryuunosuke needs a mother and father.”
    “He doesn’t.”
    “Then I will fight. I will fight you for him. He is not going anywhere. He is staying here with me. Do you hear, Nadech? I’m not letting you take him!”
    “Go ahead and fight. Mayumi, you know well who have the most power. Why don’t you just give in?” he said bitterly.
    Mayumi studied him. He wasn’t the nice and loving Nadech she knew. He was a cold and bitter man now. And it was all because of her. His eyes locked with hers, challenging her to go against him. Finally, she answered effortlessly. “Okay.” She knew that she could do nothing to stop him. Nadech have a bad side of him and he was showing it to her right now.
    Nadech smiled evilly. “That should be more like it. And for tonight, I’m taking Ryu.” He walked out of the door.
    “Ryu,” he called. Ryuunosuke happily walked to him, not realizing what was happening.
    “Yes, Daddy.”
    “You’re going over to my place tonight.”
    “What about Mommy?”
    “She is staying here. Come on, let’s go.” Nadech put his hand out and Ryuunosuke took his hand and went into his car. Nadech drove away. Kana sensed that something was wrong, really wrong. She ran inside the house.
    “Mayumi what is this?”
    “Nadech is talking Ryuunosuke to Thailand with him early in the morning.”
    “Mayumi, you can’t let him do that. He has no right!”
    “Kana, I’m too tired. You know I can’t do anything.”
    “He’s wealthy. He can support Ryu more than I can.”
    Ryuunosuke and Nadech walked into his hotel room. Urasa was sitting on the couch, watching movie while Ron was on his laptop, working. They both look up.
    “Nadech. Ryuunosuke…” said Ron.
    “What does this mean, P’Nadech?” asked Urasa.
    “Urasa, come and meet your nephew, Ryuunosuke. Ryu, this is your Aunt Urasa,” Nadech introduced them.
    “Hello, Ryuunosuke,” said Urasa.
    He greeted them both. And then Nadech said, ” We are returning to Thailand early in the morning.”
    “What?!” said Urasa. “What about sister-in-law Mayumi?”
    “She’s not coming. Only us 4. Ron, I need to talk to you. Ryuunosuke, you stay here with Aunt.” Nadech walked to his room.
    “How is work?” asked Nadech.
    “I’ve just talked to P’Thee. He says that everything is good.”
    “That’s good. We’re going back tomorrow anyway.”
    “About Mayumi, you’re just going to let her stay here?”
    “I think that it’s too cruel.”
    It was midnight and everyone had already gone to sleep, all except Nadech. He was still wide awake, thinking about Mayumi. Is he really going to abandon her again, just like 6 years ago. Last time, he had left a special person in his place but this time, there was no one. He turned back and forth on his bed. And what about Ryuunosuke. He was innocent and didn’t know a thing. Is he going to take his anger out on Mayumi and separate the boy from the person that knew him best?
    “Please, Nadech, don’t do this to me,” begged Mayumi.
    “Why not?”
    “Ryuunosuke needs a mother and father.”
~End of Flashback~
And what Ron said to him, that he was cruel? Ron had never said that to him, never.
    “About Mayumi, you’re just going to let her stay here?”
    “I think that it’s too cruel.”
~End of Flashback~
Okay fine, he had finally made new plans.
    The next morning, Nadech, Ron, Urasa and Ryuunosuke all have breakfast in silence. Ryuunosuke was confused with his parents. Why are they not together like many parents that he had saw? And why was everyone so silent? Nadech broke the silence.
    “Ryuunosuke, my son, I have something to tell you,” said Nadech.
    “Yes, Daddy,” answered Ryuunosuke.
    “I’m going back to Thailand and you’re going back with me.”
    “Yes, Daddy. What about Mommy?”
    “She’s also coming. After we have breakfast, we’ll go pick her up.” Urasa and Ron turned to look at Nadech in surprise. They didn’t think that Nadech will change his mind. He was a very determined person.
    “Yay!” Urasa and Ron smiled, knowing now that Mayumi was going with them.
    “What are you doing, Mayumi?” asked Kana, standing behind Mayumi while she packed all of Ryuunosuke’s belongings.
    “I’m getting Ryu’s stuffs ready. Nadech is coming to pick it up. They are leaving today,” answered Mayumi in a lifeless tone. Kana pulled the bag filled with Ryuunosuke’s stuffs away from Mayumi’s reach.
    “Mayumi, you just can’t do this. You love Ryuunosuke and also Nadech. You can’t let them leave your life again.” Mayumi snatched the bag back and lifelessly resumed packing.
    They heard a car outside. Mayumi picked up the bag and walked to the door. Nadech was outside, waiting for her. She looked around and there was Ryuunosuke, smiling and waving good morning to her. Mayumi handed Nadech the bag. “Take good care of Ryuunosuke. Give him lots of love.”
    “Go back inside and pack your belongings,” he ordered.
    “What did you say?” asked Mayumi, not believing her ears.
    “Go back inside and pack your belongings,” he repeated and then added, “You’re coming with us.”
    “Why? Why did you change your mind?” asked Mayumi, not trusting him.
    “I thought of what you said yesterday. A child does need a mother and a father. And that’s us. I’m taking you along. Go or do you want me to do it?”
    “No need. I will do it on my own.” Mayumi walked back to the house.
    “What’s the matter?” asked Kana.
    “He wants me to pack up and go with him.”
    “What?” Mayumi got out a bag and started packing.
    When she finished, she turned to Kana and smiled. “I’m going to miss you Kana. When I’m gone, please take good care of this house. Good bye.” Kana hugged Mayumi.
    “If he does anything to you, don’t hesitate to call and tell me. I will be there for you always, Mayumi. Good bye.” Mayumi waved sadly to her friend and left.
    “Hi, P’Mayumi. I’m so glad that you are coming!” exclaimed Urasa. She hold her hands and jumped up and down in excitement. They were at the airport and they were going to be call any minute now.
    “Yes.” Mayumi removed her hands and went to Ryuunosuke. “Are you ready, Ryu?” Ryuunosuke nodded.
    “Everyone ready?” asked Ron. They all answered yes.
    They waited for a few more minutes and then finally, they were called to board the airplane.
    “P’Nadech, I think that you should sit next to P’Mayumi,” said Urasa.
    “It’s okay, Urasa. I’ll sit with you,” said Mayumi, ignoring Nadech’s stare.
    “That’s a good idea, Urasa. Here, sit here, Mayumi.” Mayumi reluctantly sat down next to him. Ryuunosuke sat in front with Ron and Urasa, leaving them alone.
    “Nadech, what are you trying to do?” asked Mayumi in confusion. She thought that he hated her. So why does he want to sit next to her?
    “I just want to keep in eye on you,” he answered coldly. Mayumi barely recognized the voice. It was so distant, so unfamiliar.
    They have been in the plane for 2 hours now and Nadech was feeling sleepy. He didn’t have enough sleep from the night before. He yawned and then put his head the side, closing his eye. He was so tired! Mayumi looked at him and noticed that he was asleep. She could tell that he was cold. She digged into her bag and found Ryuunosuke’s baby blanket. She unfold it and put it over Nadech. Nadech hugged that blanket tightly to himself and Mayumi smiled.
    Finally, they landed in the Thailand Bangkok Airport. Nadech was still alseep. Mayumi gently woke him up.
    “Nadech, we’re here,” said Mayumi. Nadech opened his eyes and looked around. The airplane had stopped and people were getting ready to get out.
    “Okay.” He yawned and then streatch a bit. They both stood up, getting their belongings and then got out of the airplane. Ryuunosuke, Ron and Urasa were already outside, waiting for them.
    “P’Thee is waiting for us,” said Ron.
    “Yes,” answered Nadech. Ron led the way and they followed. And there they meet with Thee, Nadech’s oldest brother.
    “Hi, P’Thee!” shouted Urasa. She ran to him and hugged him. “I miss you so much. You don’t know how mean P’Nadech was to me.”
    “Hey, Urasa, you were naughty,” said Nadech.
    “No doubt. You’re very naughty, Urasa,” said Thee, laughing.
    “P’Thee,” she whined. Nadech laughed with Thee. Mayumi stared at him laughing. She haven’t seen him laugh in so long, it felt so good.
    “Hello, P’Thee,” Ron greeted.
    “Hello, Ron,” said Thee. Then he looked at Ryuunosuke and Mayumi. “You must be Khun Mayumi and Ryuunosuke, right?”
    “Allow me to introduce you to them, P’Thee,” Nadech interjected. “P’Thee, this is my wife Mayumi and my son Ryuunosuke.”
    “Hello, Khun Mayumi and Ryuunosuke. I’m Thee, Nadech’s older brother.”
    “Hello,” said Mayumi.
    “Come on, let’s get going,” said Ron.
    “Yes.” Thee led the way to the car and help them with their belongings.
    When they got there, the whole family including all the servants were waiting.
    “Surprise!” everyone yelled when they open the door. They all walked in.
    “Thank you, Mom, Dad and everyone else,” said Nadech, hugging his mother.
    “I made all of your favorites,” said Mrs. Kugimiya.
    “Thanks.” Mayumi looked around. There were so many people. And the place felt so warm filled with people so kind. This was the kind of place she would have liked to live in when she was young. But she didn’t get this warmth or love. She didn’t know who was her father and her mother was always away, so was uncle. And Aunt always force her to do chores. Her family had given her no time. Maybe that’s why she was so cold. She felt so out of place in this warm envoiroment.
    Urasa dragged her mother to Mayumi and Ryuunosuke. “Mom, here’s you daughter-in-law and grandson.”
    “Oh, really?” She looked at them, making Mayumi nervous. Will she like her? Nadech walked to them and put his hand around her. He lifted Ryuunosuke up into his arms.
    “Mom, Dad, and everyone one else, meet my wife Mayumi and son Ryuunosuke.” Everyone was staring at them in surprise except for the family. They knew a bit already since Nadech had told them.
    “Welcome to the family, Mayumi and Ryuunosuke,” said Mrs.Kugimiya kindly.
    “Thank you, Mrs.Kugimiya,” said Mayumi.
    “Please, don’t call me that. You’re my daughter-in-law. Call me Mom.”
    “Thank you, Mom.” The word “Mom” sounded weird when she said it. She was never really able to see her mother so she barely use that word. Nadech’s siblings welcome her. Mayumi felt so good like she fit in this family. She was introduced to every maid and workers in the house. They were also all friendly, all but one, Noy. She gave Mayumi the death glare, but she tried to ignore it and smile in return.
    “Come on, everyone, let’s have dinner,” said Mrs.Kugimiya. Everyone went into the dinning room and sat down. The maids and workers went back to their rooms. Mayumi sat down next to Nadech while Ryuunosuke sat with his grandma. He seem happy with this new family, Mayumi realized. Why was she so dumb? If she had told them of Ryuunosuke in the first place, then Ryuunosuke will have had a good family that give him warmth and company, a family and place that will love and support him more than she could ever have. Ryuunosuke deserve this kind of family. And now, he was being feed by his grandma, something that Mayumi barely does for him.
    “P’Nadech, you should help P’Mayumi,” said Urasa, smiling.
    Nadech looked at her, frowning. They whole family was looking at him, curious. He finally grabbed some food and put it on Mayumi’s plate.
    “Thank you,” she murmured. Nadech said nothing in return but continue eating. The family got their eyes back on Ryuunosuke. Everyone was enjoying him. He was so cute. Nadech barely paid any attention to Mayumi. He just sat there and ate his food in silence. Mayumi wished that she was back home. She couldn’t stand Nadech being so cold to her, but for Ryuunosuke’s sake, she endured.
    After dinner, Mayumi took Ryuunosuke to his room and help him with his shower. After the shower, they went back into the bed and Mayumi help dress Ryuunosuke.
    “Mommy, I really like it here. Do you like it here?” asked Ryuunosuke.
    “Yes, Ryu. I like it very much,” she lied.
    “If you like it here, then stay here forever,” said Nadech, entering the room.
    “Nadech, you-“
    “I didn’t eavesdrop, if that’s what you thought. I just want to check on my son. Sorry to interrupt.”
    “Hi, Daddy,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “Hi, Ryu. Are you tired?”
    “No. Mommy is going to read to me first,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “Okay then. Have fun. I’m going to go now.” Nadech left, closing the door. Mayumi stared after him.
    “Mommy, why are you staring at Daddy?”
    “Nothing, Ryu. Pick a book, I will read it for you.”
    “Yes, Mommy.”
    Ron had just left the Kugimiya’s house and returned home. His apartment was cold and no one was waiting for him. He went straight to bed, not caring about any other stuffs. He put his arms on his forehead.
    “Stop thinking about her already!” he shouted and sat up. All this time, Kana was in his mind, distracting him from doing anything else but think of her.
    Nadech entered his room and slammed the door. What was Mayumi doing, lying to their son? He knew that she didn’t want to stay here one minute longer. That anger him more. She could go anywhere, but she could not leave him. He went into the bathroom and closed the door.
    Noy went inside her room. Why did it have to be like this? Why did Nadech have to have another woman? She was waiting for her chance. Nadech was her perfect dream guy but now, her dreams shattered, all because of Mayumi! Anna was gone but now another one has come in his life!
    “Noy, aren’t you going to sleep?” asked her aunt.
    “Not yet,” she answered.
    “Are you still sad that Khun Nadech have a wife now?”
    “Yes. I thought that it was my chance when Anna didn’t get him. I didn’t know that he had another woman in his mind.”
    Ryuunosuke fell asleep fast. Mayumi walked out of his room and spotted a maid. “Um, excuse me but may you tell me where my room is? Khun Nadech forgot to mention it to me.”
    “It’s on the left down the hall ,” said the maid kindly.
    “Thank you,” said Mayumi. She walked down the hall, the maid hesitated then call back to her.
    “Khun Mayumi, ka” said the maid. Mayumi walked back to her.
    “Is there anything else?”
    The maid hesitated and then said, ” When you arrive, did you see a young lady staring at you, giving you death glares? She’s Noy.”
    “Yes,” Mayumi answered immediately and then added, “What about her?”
    “Well, she has this big crush on Khun Nadech. I know that she’s not suppose to. He’s of course our boss, it’s nit right and now he has a wife which is you. Well, she is very possessive and liked him a lot. She had been waiting for Nadech all her life until Anna. But when it got around that Nadech wasn’t marrying Anna, her hope went up again. I just want you to beware of her,” warned the maid.
    “Okay, thanks.” Mayumi walked away. What was this all about? Okay, she understood that Nadech was handsome and rich. Any girl will fall for him, right? She shrugged it off and continue to the room. When she got there, the room was unlocked so she decided to go right in. She looked around the room and heard someone in the bathroom getting out. Was she in the wrong room? But she had followed the maid’s instructions. Oh well, she guessed that she had just missed it. But Mayumi saw her things in the room. This was strange. The bathroom door open. Mayumi turned away, holding her things.
    “I’m sorry, I’m in the wrong room,” she apologized.
    “You’re not,” said Nadech in a icy voice. Mayumi turned and saw Nadech. He only have a towel around his waist, nothing else. She turned away again.
    “I though that we have separate rooms,” said Mayumi, trying not to look at him.
    “Would you have like to explain to my family why were’re not sharing a room? They would like explanations,” he said and smiled.
    “Then what are you doing?” he asked and moved closer to her. Mayumi stared at her hands and then dropped her bags.
    Nadech cornered her and she shut her eyes tightly. “Relax, I’m not going to do anything. Go and take a shower. Here’s the towel.” He handed her a unused towel.
    “Thanks,” she swallowed. She got her clothes and rushed to the bathroom.
    Nadech sat on the bed, patiently waith for Mayumi. Finally the shower turned off. Mayumi walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later, all dressed.
    “Nadech, you’ll sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep on the ground,” said Mayumi.
    “Why?” Nadech, getting off the bed.
    “Nothing. We’re not officially married so we should share a bed yet.”
    “We have before.”
    “That was an mistake.”
    “Ryu is not a mistake.”
    “No he’s not.”
    Without saying anything Nadech lift Mayumi up and put her on the bed. He got into the bed and turned off the lights.
    “Nadech,” said Mayumi.
    “Go to sleep. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do anything to you.” Nadech turned the other way, not facing Mayumi. Mayumi pulled the covers up even though it was not cold. She stayed in the bed, but kept a distance from Nadech.

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