Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 1

Enjoy! :)
Chapter 1
(Japanese Wedding Company)
    Mayumi sat at her desk working on an assignment from her boss.  Kana, her friend, rushed to her office to tell her something.
    “Mayumi! Mayumi!” yelled Kana, entering her office.
    “What is it?” asked Mayumi, who was still working on her assignment.
    “Come here. I have something for you to see!” exclaimed Kana loudly.
    “Keep quiet,” Mayumi told her.
    “Sorry,” Kana apologized, looking at Mayumi with a serious face.
    “What is it?” asked Mayumi.
    “Come here, and take a look. You wouldn’t believe who it is,” said Kana.
    She took Mayumi by the hand, and rushed her to the other room.  When they got there, Mayumi was shocked to see a familiar face.
    “Nadech Ryu?!” she whispered to herself.
    “That’s right, it’s Nadech. But isn’t he your ex?” questioned Kana.
    “No it couldn’t be. Why is he here?” Mayumi whispered to herself.
    She was confused and shocked about him being at this place, a wedding planning place.  Why is he here?
    “Mayumi, stop talking to yourself,” shouted Kana, shaking her from her thoughts.
    Mayumi stared hard at Nadech.  He had changed so much compared to her.  And he was starting a new life in a bright way, unlike her with a miserable life with no one but Ryuunosuke, her 5 year old son.
(Japanese Wedding Company – Owner’s Office)
    Nadech and Anna were sitting next to each other, looking at the wedding designs.  Nadech saw one that he liked, and pointed it out to Anna.
    “Do you like this design?” asked Nadech to Anna
    Anna nodded her head, and replied, “I love it. It looks very nice.”
    Nadech smiled at her, and turned the next page.  They continued looking through the pages.
    “We have lots of designers. If you’d like to have yours designed by yourself, we’ll find a designer for you,” said the owner.
    “May we see the designer list, please?” asked Nadech.
    “Yes, here you go,” said the owner.  He handed him the binder.
    Nadech opened up the binder, and slowly read through the names.  One name caught his attention, Mayumi Urassaya.
    “Nadech?!” Anna gently touched his arm, and shook his thoughts off.
    “Huh?” said Nadech
    “Are you done looking through it, yet?” asked Anna
    “Yes, yes,” replied Nadech
    “May I have a look?” asked Anna
    “Sure,” said Nadech.  He handed her the binder.
    Anna looked through it while Nadech looked around the room, and wondered about Mayumi.  Then at the corner of his eye, he spotted her.  Mayumi quickly turned around, and walked away.
    “Anna, I think that I saw an old friend. May I go see her?” asked Nadech
    “Of course, go ahead,” said Anna
    Nadech slowly got up, and walked out.  Mayumi walked as fast as she could, but Nadech caught up, and took her hands.  She sprung around, and Nadech took a glimpse at her. Then she turn the other way again, and tried to go, but Nadech stopped her.
    “Mayumi?!” He half shouted.
    She turned around, and faced him.
    “Um, yes it’s me,” mumbled Mayumi.
    “Well, how are you?” asked Nadech.  Suddenly the shocked feeling of meeting again turned into an awkward moment.
    “Um, good.” Mayumi simply replied.
    “So do you work here?” asked Nadech.
    “Yes,” answered Mayumi.
    “How is it now?” asked Nadech, wishing for her to say that her life was miserable without him.
    “It’s good. Extra good. I have a house, job, and everything ever needed,” lied Mayumi with a fake smile.  She didn’t want him to know that she was going through a tough time.   Besides they have nothing to do with each other.
    Nadech’s smile disappeared because of her answer. “Oh,” was all he could mumble.
    Anna came out, and interrupted their moment. Anna went to Nadech and stood next to him, staring at Mayumi.
    “Nadech, is she your friend?” asked Anna.
    “Yes,” Nadech replied.  Mayumi stared at him with anger.  A friend? So he had really forgotten her, forgotten her enough to call her a friend, and not an ex-girlfriend.
    “Konnichiwa (Kon-ni-chi-wa) (hello-Japanese). I’m Anna Wongwasana, Nadech’s fiancée. It’s nice meeting you.” Anna introduced herself.
    “Sawadeeka (Sa-wa-dee-ka) (hello-Thai). I’m Mayumi,” said Mayumi
    “Are you Thai, too? You look Japanese, but I’m sorry for my mistake,” Anna apologized.
    “It’s okay. Lots of people also think the same. I was born here, but I also study Thai, so that I know my language,” said Mayumi
    “That’s so cool! By the way, do you work here?” questioned Anna
    “Yes,” answered Mayumi, staring not at Anna, but at Nadech.  Nadech was silent and listening to Anna and Mayumi’s conversation.
    “Well, I saw your name, and saw some of your designs. They were really cool, and I wanted to ask a favor of you. Will you mind being my wedding designer?” asked Anna
     “Um, I don’t think I can. And by the way, I’m not the best. I prefer you ask someone who is more experienced,” replied Mayumi.  The thought of seeing Nadech everyday worried her.
    “It’s okay. I don’t want the best of best. You’re a friend, and I want someone close,” said Anna
    “But I,” Mayumi protested
    “Please, Mayumi. Nadech, and I will pay you more than the price,” pleaded Anna, but Mayumi seemed like she wasn’t buying it. “Nadech, you ask her.” Anna pulled Nadech in front of Mayumi.
    “Um, Mayumi, please agree. Please help us, okay,” pleaded Nadech.  Mayumi looked at his eyes.  She wanted to say no again, but hesitated, and said “yes” instead.
    Mayumi stared at herself in the mirror, talking to herself.  “Why did you lie? Why didn’t you tell the truth!? Why didn’t you tell him that you have a miserable life with nothing left but Ryunnosuke? And even more, why are you dumb enough to even accept that job?!” a small voice complained in her head.  Her heart demanded to know the answers.  Mayumi tried fighting with both her mind and heart, but it was no use.  She had lost already.  She tried to recite the moment again.  The moment she lied to Nadech and accepted to work for him.  Well, why did this world have to be so small for her to face him again?
    Mayumi put cold water on her face, and tried to forget the memory from her head.
“Mayumi?! Are you there?!” called Kana.
    “I’m right here,” Mayumi called back to her friend.
Kana walked in, and looked at her friend.
    “Hey, don’t tell me that you were thinking about Nadech,” teased Kana
    “No. I’m not,” Mayumi argued.
    “Okay fine, but let me ask you something. Aren’t you even thinking about telling Nadech about Ryuunosuke?” asked Kana.
    “Ryuunosuke has nothing to do with Nadech,” Mayumi protested.
    “Yes, he does. Nadech is Ryuunosuke’s father.  You know you can’t hide the truth forever,” Kana argued back.
    “For the 10th time, Nadech is not Ryuunosuke’s father. And you have no right to claim that!” Mayumi snapped.
    Kana stood still, staring at Mayumi’s serious face.  She knew Mayumi could get scary when she was serious.
    “I’m going to go home,” said Mayumi finally, getting out of the room.
    Kana followed her, but didn’t say anything.  It was a cold windy day, and Kana had offered a ride to Mayumi, but she refused.  After Kana had gone, Mayumi started her walk.  It was really cold, and her thin sweater barely does any good.  She struggled to fight the cold, but it wasn’t any better.
~ Mayumi~
    She walked to her house, which wasn’t really a house.  It was so old and dirty that it wasn’t even worth to live in, but because of Mayumi’s low income, she would have to bear with it.
Mayumi walked up to the door step, and knocked on the door.
    “Ryuunosuke, it’s Mommy. Open up,” said Mayumi
    The door slowly opened, and a little boy came out.
    “Mommy,” Ryuunosuke screamed with excitement.
He jumped out of the house, and hugged her.
    “Shhh,” Mayumi whispered into his ear.
“Sorry,” Ryuunosuke apologized.
Mayumi smiled, took his hands, and they both entered the house.
    “Mommy, I’m hungry,” whined Ryuunosuke.
    “Okay, you stay here. I’ll go cook something for us,” said Mayumi.
    “Okay.” Ryuunosuke gladly agreed.
Mayumi walked to the kitchen, look in the cupboards, but there was nothing.  She walked back to Ryuunosuke.
    “Ryu, mommy is going to go out to go buy some food, okay,” said Mayumi.
    “Okay,” Ryuunosuke mumbled.
    “I’ll be back soon,” Mayumi said with a smile.  Then she kissed him on the forehead, and went out into the cold again.  She was shivering, and wanted to go back, but she didn’t.
    She walked as fast as she could to the nearest supermarket.  She finally stopped at the Japanese Supermarket, and went in.  She searched the market for the cheapest food, and of course it was the noodles.  She grabbed 4 bags, and headed for the cashier.
~ Nadech ~
(In the Car)
     Nadech and Anna were in the car, driving to their rest place.  Anna, looking at Nadech’s bored face, decided to ask him about Mayumi.
    “It was so good that Mayumi was willing to help us, isn’t it?” asked Anna
    “Yes, it is,” replied Nadech
    “How long have you and Mayumi known each other?” asked Anna.
    “About 10 years,” answered Nadech
    “That’s pretty long. Have you guys had any relations other than friends?” asked Anna
    “Why?” asked Nadech.
    “Oh, nothing, I just wanted to know,” said Anna.
    “No, never. We had been friends ever since,” answered Nadech.  Nadech was scared that things might get hard for Mayumi if Anna knew they used to date.  “I’m sorry, Mayumi.” Nadech whispered to himself.
    “Oh, that’s good then,” Anna muttered.
They remained quiet for the rest of the ride.
(At home)
    “Here you go,” said Mayumi, handing the cooked noodle to Ryuunosuke.
    “Thanks, mommy!” he exclaimed with excitement.
Ryuunosuke started on his noodle, and Mayumi watched him with joy.  She loved seeing her child grow, and adored him very much.  Ryuunosuke looked up at her with excitement.
    “Mommy, where’s Daddy?” questioned Ryuunosuke, suddenly.
Mayumi’s smile faded into a frown.
    “He pass away,” Mayumi carefully replied.
    “If Daddy was here, he’ll provide for us,” sighed Ryuunosuke.
Mayumi looked at her son, and then smile.  She took his little hands into hers.
    “Ryuunosuke, sweetheart, we don’t need a daddy. You have me,” Mayumi explained with a hopeful smile, wishing that Ryuunosuke would forget about the subject.
Ryuunosuke sadly nodded his head, and continued eating his noodles.  Mayumi watched his expression while he finished up.
(At his Rest Place)
Nadech and Anna arrived at the place. They both walk towards there room.
    “Good night. Sweet dreams,” said Anna. Nadech smiled, and waved at her. Then he went to his room, sat on his bed, thinking about Mayumi.
    “Mayumi,” he whispered.  Suddenly the name Mayumi sounded distant from him.
    He walked to his suitcase, and pulled out a picture of Mayumi and him.  It was their first year knowing each other, and they were paired up as partners.  Mayumi was sweet, kind, and the best girl that he’d ever met.  Nadech put the picture to his heart, and thought about Mayumi.  She must probably be asleep by now, he thought.
    Mayumi lay on the bed, unable to go to sleep, Ryuunosuke was fast asleep.  She kept on thinking about Nadech.  How he had forgotten her!   She was filled with anger and envy– hated the fact that he had really forgotten their love.  Overall she hated the fact that she still thinks about him, and loved him.
    I guess you weren’t that easy to forget like how I think.” Mayumi mumbled to herself.
    She stood up, and got off the bed.  She went to her closet, pulled about a box, and opened it.  Memories rushed through her head.  She pulled out the first photo book, and looked through the pictures.  Seeing one that was funny made her laughed. One that was scary made her shivered, one that was sad make her tears fall.  But the photo that had meant most to her was the first photo she had taken with Nadech.  She stared at it, and then put it to her heart.
    “Why is it so hard to forget you, Nadech?” Mayumi cried out, half-crumbling the picture.
(Work Place)
    Mayumi and Kana were sitting at Mayumi’s office.  Mayumi decided to tell Kana about her decision.
    “What? You agree to work for Nadech?!” shrieked Kana.
Mayumi nodded, and Kana shocked face turned into a worried face.
    “Are you sure? You know, I can always do it. You don’t need to put more work, and pressure on your back. Please, just let me do it,” begged Kana, thinking about Mayumi’s feelings.
    “No need. I’m fine. I can separate personal matters, and work matters. And also the pay is good. I can get Ryuunosuke some new clothes. Thanks for the offer though, Kana,” said Mayumi
Kana say nothing more; she knew it was no use begging her again.
(At Mayumi’s Work Company)
    “You are here so early,” said the owner.
    “Yes, we want to get started as soon as possible,” said Anna.
    “I’ll call Mayumi up,” said the owner.
Anna and Nadech waited, while Mayumi was called up. After a few minutes, Mayumi opened the door, and went inside.
    “Mayumi!” exclaimed Anna.  She went up to her, and give her a hug like they were long lost friends.
    “Should we start?” asked Nadech.
    “Oh yes,” replied Anna.  She released her hands from Mayumi, went to the couch, and sat next to Nadech.  Mayumi sat across from them.
    “So what do you like…” asked Mayumi.
Anna answered most of the questions, while Nadech wander off.
    “Nadech, what’s your favorite color?” asked Mayumi. Even though she knew, she still wanted to make sure.
    “Huh? Um, red,” answered Nadech.
    “Okay, what about you?” asked Mayumi to Anna.
    “Anna, you go ahead. I have something to talk to Mayumi,” said Nadech, when they were outside the door.
    “Yes,” said Anna. She went ahead. Nadech stood at the door and waited for Mayumi. She finally came out. He stopped her at the door way.
    “Are you still mad at me?” asked Nadech.
    “Why would I be mad at you?” asked Mayumi.
    “Because of what happened 6 years ago, when I-” Nadech murmured.
    “You mean that day when you suddenly left and then later on, send me a letter, dumping me?” said Mayumi, laughing bitterly.
    Nadech stood there, mute, he couldn’t say anything.
    “Is that all. I’m going to go then.” Mayumi walked pass him. Nadech stood there, frozen, unable to stop her.
    Mayumi sat at her desk, thinking to herself about what Nadech just said. She remembered the pain when he told her he wanted to end their relationship. Why did he had to remind her of the pain she had try so long to forget and had finally forgot about it?!
    There was a knock on Mayumi’s door. She put her knitting down, and went to open the door.
    “Hello, are you Mayumi?” asked the man standing outside of her door.
    “Yes,” she replied.
    “Here’s a letter for you.” The man handed the letter to her. She thanked him and closed the door.
    “Nadech!” she happily said. She quickly opened the letter.
    The letter:
    Dear Mayumi,
        I’m sorry that I can’t say this in person, but I hope you won’t mind. After I got home, I realized that you and I are different, too different to be together. I think that it better if we go our own way. I just want to wish you a happy life and that you’ll find someone better than me.
    Mayumi re-read the letter again, not wanting to believe what Nadech just wrote to her.
    “It’s not true!” she kept on whispering, comforting herself. Then she dropped down on the couch, crying.
    After a few hours of tears, she stood up, wiping away her tears. And then she put her hand on her abdomen, and look down at it.
    “It’s okay, my baby, Mommy will take good care of you even though you are going to be fatherless,” she reassured herself and the baby inside her womb.
~End of Flashback~
    She still remembered those words that he had written to her. To her, it was cruel, so cruel she couldn’t forgive him. But now, she’s working for him, she shouldn’t get on his bad side, and just put the past behind her. They will have to talk a lot now, too.
    Nadech took a taxi back to the hotel, thinking about Mayumi said.
    “Letter?” he repeated to himself. He didn’t remember sending her a letter or anything. He didn’t even remember getting in touch with her after he went. He was busy all the time; he rarely have time for himself. And afterwards, he tried to search for her, but couldn’t find her, so what was she saying? He was confused.

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