Messy Circle of Love Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 6
Yaya stand there, look through the window glass. Staring at Nadech and Kim together having love fun, and laughing.
Tears start to spill from her eyes. She can’t stand the moment anymore. She turn around and see Sara, Tah, Mark, Margie, and Noona. They were all shaking their heads.
Yaya walk up to them, but they all vanished into the thin air.
“Sara? Tah? Margie? Mark? Noona?” Yaya called after them, fearing that they have left without her.
“Don’t go!” Yaya shouted, and cry.
Nadech woke up, by Yaya’s screaming. He look at Yaya. She look scared, and worry. Nadech moved closer to her, and hug her tightly.
Yaya woke up to see Nadech sleeping beside her, hugging her. She look at his face, and remember her dream. That dream was horrible, terrible. She was glad that it wasn’t true.
“It was just a dream,” say Yaya, as she sigh in relief.
Nadech slowly open up his eyes, and for a moment, Yaya and Nadech were staring into each other’s eyes. They finally got conscious again.
“Are you ok?” ask Nadech, turning the other way around, trying to not look at her
“Yes,” say Yaya as she look around the room. “Why am I in this room?”
“Last night, you have a fever, and fainted, so I took you here to sleep,” say Nadech
“Oh. Where’s Sara and Tah?” ask Yaya
“They’re at your house. And now, you’re at, my dad’s house,” say Nadech
“Oh ok,” say Yaya, tryiny to get up, but fall back on the bed
“You shouldn’t do anything yet. You can rest here if you’ll like,” say Nadech
“Yes, thank you,” say Yaya
“I’ll go get your breakfast,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech walked out of the room, and Yaya got back in bed. She wander about her dream.
“What does it mean?” she ask herself
“Hhheeellllooooo,” Sara sing, as she enter Nadech’s dad’s house
“Shhh,” say Tah, behind her
“Why?” ask Sara
“Just be quiet,” say Tah
“Fine,” say Sara, walking into the kitchen
“Hey, where are you going?” ask Tah
“To prepare the food,” say Sara
“You can’t,” say Tah
“Why not?” ask Sara
“This isn’t your house. Mind your manners, gosh,” say Tah
“Fine, okay, let’s sit here, and wait than,” say Sara, walking to the living, and plopping herself on the couch.
Tah follow, and shook his head.
“I’m full,” say Yaya, moving Nadech’s hand that was feeding her away
“Are you sure?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Okay than, I’ll go put the stuffs away,” say Nadech
Nadech put all the stuffs back into the tray, and started to leave. Yaya have a question, but hesitated to ask him, in fear that he might get mad again.
Yaya suddenly decided that she really needed to do it.
“Nadech, wait,” Yaya blurt out
Nadech turn around, and look at her.
“What?” ask Nadech
“Um, nothing,” say Yaya
Nadech turn around again, and open the door.
“Nadech,” say Yaya
Nadech turn back again. He walk back to her, and put the things down.
“Tell me. Don’t tell me again that it is nothing, I know that something is up,” say Nadech
“Okay, I just want to know if you’re still mad at me or not,” say Yaya
“I’m not mad,” say Nadech
“Really!?” say Yaya, surprised
“Really,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Yaya, excitedly
“Yes,” say Nadech, gathering the stuffs up again, and walking away.
Yaya feel much better, and happy now, knowing that Nadech isn’t mad at her.
Nadech got downstairs, and saw Sara and Tah.
“Good morning, Nadech,” say Sara, standing up
“Good morning,” say Nadech
“How’s my sister?” ask Tah
“It’s good that you’re here. Take care of her. I’m leaving,” say Nadech, walking out to his car
“That jerk,” say Tah, mad. His hands in a fist.
“Come on, let’s go,” say Sara, walking up the stairs.
“Hello, Yaya,” say Sara joyfully, as she enter the room
Yaya smile, and say her greetings. Tah walked in, mad.
“What’s the matter? Where’s Nadech?” ask Yaya with fear
“That jerk…left already,” say Tah
“What?! But,” say Yaya
“It’s ok. Nadech is a busy man, he can never stay in one place,” say Sara
“I understand, but…it doesn’t make any sense,” Yaya whisper the last words
“I had so much fun. You should have been there with me,” say Kim, shouting excitedly, looking at the pictures, she and Nadech have take with each others
“Yes,” say Marie
Kim look at the pictures, and pick out one. She smile evilly.
“Kim, don’t say that you’re…” say Marie
“Yes. I have to win,” say Kim
“But it’s not right,” say Marie
“Nothing in the world is fair, Marie,” say Kim
“Let’s go,” say Yaya
“Go where?” ask Sara
“Go back home,” say Yaya
“Why? This is home also, isn’t it?!” say Sara
“This house doesn’t welcome us,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Sara, helping Yaya get off the bed
Sara help her go down the stairs. They took the  cab home.
Nadech got home, and walk up the stairs to go see Yaya. He didn’t see Yaya, and drove to her house. He got there, and went inside.
“Where’s Yaya?” ask Nadech
“In her room, ka,” say the maid
Nadech walk up the stairs to her room.
Yaya is sitting on her bed. Her phone rang, and she reached over to see the message.
She open it up, and saw the images of Nadech and Kim. They look so happy that Yaya started to feel sad and mad at the same time.
Nadech open the door without knocking.
“Why didn’t you tell me that you left. You know that…,” Nadech’s voice trailed off
Yaya stare at him, and he stare at her for a moment.
“I don’t know. You care about me?! I thought that you don’t even know that I’ve ever existed. You treat me like a far person from you,” say Yaya, madly
“What?! So you mean that I didn’t treat you well enough?!” say Nadech, mad now
“Yes! Even though we have been married for 3 years, you have never treated me the way that a husband should do for a wife. I only see selfishness out of you,” Yaya shouted back at him
“WHAT?! I’m not SELFISH! I thought that a person like you will understand my life, and my problems, but now I think that I have depended on the WRONG person,” say Nadech, going out of the room, slamming the door.
Yaya sat still, and cry.
“Why does everything have to get worst?!” say Yaya
Sara enter the room, and Yaya wipe the tears off her face.
“What happen?” ask Sara
“Nothing,” say Yaya
“But p’Nadech stormed out of the house,” say Sara
“It’s nothing,” say Yaya, raising her voice
Sara got scared for a bit.
“I’m sorry. Nadech and me have been having some problems,” say Yaya
Sara walk over to her, and saw that she was holding her phone.
“May I see,” say Sara
Yaya handed her the phone.
Sara look at the pictures of Nadech and Kim. Her temper rise up.
“That shameless girl,” say Sara
Nadech madly drove to Boy’s place.
He enters the house, but find Margie, and Boy together, looking for their wedding supplies.
“Hello,” say Nadech
“Hello, say Boy
“Well, Boy, I guess that I’ll get going, since you still have work,” say Nadech
“No. If you want to talk, let’s go talk,” say Boy
Boy got up, but Margie pull him back down.
“Sorry, Nadech, but what you say is right. Me and Boy have things to finish up. But by the way, how is Yaya?” ask Margie
Nadech stare at the ground hard. He didn’t want to talk about Yaya.
“She’s ok. And sorry for distrubing,” say Nadech, walking out
“Bye bye, Nadech,” say Margie
Boy turn to Margie.
“How dare you!” say Boy
“I dare. But whatever, should we continue,” say Margie
Boy stare at her, annoyed with her behavior.
“Yes,” forcing himself to say finally
Nadech drove to his office, finding that Kim was there waiting for him.
“Nadech, let’s go out,” say Kim
“Kim, I can’t…, oh ok than, let’s go,” say Nadech changing his mind
Kim put her hands on Nadech, and they walked out.
Enjoy! :D

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