Messy Circle of Love Chapter 3 Part 2

Chapter 3
“May I come in?” ask Sara
“Yes,” say Yaya
Sara enter Yaya’s bedroom.
“P’Yaya, ka, you can’t just stay in here, and do nothing,” say Sara
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Because you have two rivals now. And you have to beat them,” say Sara
“Sara, I don’t have the time,” say Yaya
“You don’t want p’Nadech?” ask Sara
“Sara, this is ridiculous. Kim and Nadech are just the past now,” say Yaya
“Easy to say, but hard to put it in the mind. Don’t you see how she acts towards p’Nadech?!” say Sara
“So?! That doesn’t prove anything,” say Yaya, sounding very unpersuding
“Ok, stay like that, but don’t worry. I’ll fight for you,” say Sara, happily
“Thanks, Sara,” say Yaya, smiling at her
“Fight, Su su,” say Sara
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Boy,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Boy
“Do you think what I’m doing is right? I’m a married man, but I still love other women, especially Kim, since I did wrong to her,” say Nadech
“Do what you think it right. But what you do to Kim is very wrong,” say Boy
“What about Marie?” ask Nadech
“I’m going to do my best to make her undestand. And I’m going to cancel this marriage between me and Margie,” say Boy
“Why?” ask Nadech
“Because I don’t love her. I love Marie. Just like you love Kim and Yaya,” say Boy
“But who should I choose?” ask Nadech
“Khun Yaya is sweet and kind, but Kim was your first. You should choose Kim like I choose Marie,” say Boy
“But I’m thinking differently,” say Nadech
“What’s your plan, than?” ask Boy
“I’ll stay with the one that stays with me. And I’ll watch both of them to see who is worthy,” say Nadech
“That’s good, but I still think you should choose Kim,” say Boy
“Thanks, for the advice,” say Nadech
“Are you ok, Margie? You’re still mad about yesterday, right?” ask Yaya
“Of course. Why did he even do that to me?!” say Margie
“Margie, calm down,” say Yaya
“Hello,” say Noona, entering the shop
“Hello, Noona,” say Yaya
“What’s up? Anything I can help with?” ask Noona
“There were some problems yesterday, and Margie still haven’t gotten over it,” say Yaya
“Really, what is it?” ask Noona
“Noona, what will you do if you’re fiance hates you?” ask Margie
“Will then, I wouldn’t want to get marry with him. I will cancel the mariage,” say Noona
“What about if it was the person you love?” ask Margie
Noona stop, and think. She still remember the problem she have with Mark.
“Well, that one is harder, since it’s the person you love. There’s two things you can do. One is leave him, and let him have his happiness. Two is try to be nice and if by chance, he might turn away and love you. But don’t pester him too much. Boys don’t like it when girls do that,” say Noona
“Thanks, Noona. But by the way, sorry to ask, but have you experience this kind of problem before? Your words sounds like one,” say Margie
“Well, yes, and I choose to get over him,” say Noona
“Thanks,” say Margie
“Yes,” say Noona, going into the kitchen, looking sad
“Margie, why did you have to ask her that?” ask Yaya
“Well, I want advice,” say Margie
“So are you choosing number 1 or 2?” ask Yaya
“Number 2 of course. I’m not willing to lose to that girl. And you can’t lose to her friend, too,” say Margie, looking at Yaya
Yaya look back at her. She’s very scared of losing Nadech, too, but she held it in and hide it.
“But by the way, let me use your phone,” say Margie
“Why? Don’t you have you’re own phone?” ask Yaya
“Yes, but I want to use your phone,” say Margie
Yaya took out her phone, and handed it to Margie.
Margie look at the calender in Yaya’s phone. She look at the events and found Nadech’s birthday.
“Hey, Nadech’s birthday is only 2 weeks away, what are you planing to do on his birthday?” ask Margie
“Buy him a present,” say Yaya
“Come on. Isn’t there anyhing more romantic?!” say Margie
“But Nadech is busy. He don’t have time,” say Yaya
“So?! It’s ok, well find a plan to get him there,” say Margie
“Margie, he’ll get mad,” say Yaya
“Not if you’re the one who plan it,” say Margie
Yaya smile weakly and say ok.
“Come in,” say Nadech
“Nadech, I have something to talk to you about,” say Tah, entering
“What is it?” ask Nadech
“I have decided to go live with Yaya, and help her,” say Tah
“Ok, go ahead,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Tah, as he walk out
“Chailda, please forgive me,” say Natwara
“How many times have I forgive you?” ask Chailda
“A lot,” say Natwara
“But why do you still do this to me?” ask Chailda
“I want you to understand that James also mean good to you, too,” say Natwara
“But I have already decided,” say Chailda
“I respect your decisions. I’m sorry, I won’t ever do that again” say Natwara
“Thanks,” say Chailda
“Ok, good bye, I’m going to go to Boy’s house,” say Margie
“Ok, good bye,” say Yaya
Margie left the shop, and drove to Boy’s house.
When she got there, she saw Boy’s car getting out of the house. She decided to follow him.
“Hello, Yaya,” say Mark, entering the shop
“Hello, Mark,” say Yaya
Noona,in the kitchen, got out of the kitchen to see who it was. When she saw Mark, she was shock and surpised. She try to hide herself.
“So what’s up?” ask Mark
“Nothing, will you like to help?” ask Yaya
“Sure, is there anything,” say Mark
“Wait here, I’ll got see,” say Yaya, getting up to go to the kitchen
Noona stare at Mark. He was staring at Yaya, smiling. He seem to like Yaya, and enjoy being with her.
“Noona,” say Yaya
“Huh?!” say Noona
“Is there anything Mark can help with?” ask Yaya
“No, I got it all under control,” say Noona
“Ok, thanks” say Yaya
“Your welcome,” say Noona
Yaya left, and Noona sigh, and got back to work. She was caeful enought to not let Mark notice her or see her. She didn’t want him to know that she was there.
“Marie, what should I do now?” ask Kim
“I think you should stop,” say Marie
“If you’re only saying that then, don’t say it. I don’t want to listen,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie
“I got it. There is going to be a ball dance. I’ll invite Nadech,” say Kim
“I think that he is going to go with his wife,” say Marie
“No. I think that he still have feelings for me. As you see, he didn’t even care or explain things to his wife when his wife saw us together. And she didn’t care, either,” say Kim
There was a knock, and Grandma On came in.
“Marie, there’s someone here to see you,” say Grandma On
“Yes,” say Marie, going into the living room.
When she saw Boy, she turn back.
“Marie, listen to the words I have to say,” say Boy
“No, you lied,” say Marie
“Well, I have no choice. Please give me another chance” say Boy
“Fine, I’ll give you another chance,” say Marie
“Thanks,” say Boy
“Go talk with me outside,” say Marie, walking outside
“Yes,” say Boy with a smile, following Marie
Margie got out of her car, and survey the place. She went inside, and saw an old woman. The old woman saw her.
“Well hello there dear. Are you looking for anyone?” ask Grandma On
“Yes, my fiance, Boy,” say Margie
“Your fiance, Boy?!” say Grandma On, confuse and shocked, since she told Boy and Marie were together
“Yes, where is he?” ask Margie
“He is having a talk with Marie outside,” say Grandma On
“Thanks,” say Marie
“Yes,” say Grandma On
Margie went outside, and saw Marie and Boy together. She got behind a bush, and try to hear what they were talking about.
“Marie, I’m sorry that I lie to you, I didn’t mean to,” say Boy
“Why did you lie to me? And who was that girl?” ask Marie
“Ok. She’s my finace,” say Boy
“Fiance?!” say Marie
“Yes, but it was a force/arrange engagment,” say Boy
“I get it. Boy are liars, they always promise this girl this, but give it to another girl. Just like you and Nadech. I think that you and him have hurt me and my friend a lot, you two can get out of our life,” say Marie
“Marie, it was an accident, and Nadech’s too. Nadech and I love you and Kim,” say Boy
“I don’t believe you,” say Marie
“Please. OK, I promise, that I’ll do my best to cancel the marriage. And I’ll persude my mother that you’re the woman I love. Just please give me this chance,” say Boy
“Fine, I’ll trust you,” say Marie
“Thanks,” say Boy, holding her hands up, and kissing it.
Marige on the other hand, head everything, and she was heartbroken, sad, and mad at the same time.
“Aren’t you going to go?” ask a voice behind her
Margie turn around and saw Grandma On and Kim staring at her. Marie and Boy also notice was staring at her, too.
“Yes,” say Margie
She walk to Boy, and put her hands around his neck, and kiss him.
“Sweetheart, why are you here?” ask Margie
Boy took he hands off his neck. Everyone now staring her them. Boy felt embarrass.
“Stop it already, Margie,” say Boy
“Stop what?” ask Margie
“Stop acting. I know you just want to win,” say Boy
“Come on, let’s go, your mother’s waiting,” say Margie
“You go ahead, I have things to talk with Marie,” say Boy
“No. I say right now!” say Margie, a little harsher than she have mean it to be
Boy ignore, and turn back to Marie.
Margie was angry, and took out her phone, and call her mother and start shouting in front of everyone. Boy was super embarrass, and took Margie away.
“Are you crazy? Why did you do such a shameless thhing in front of them?” ask Boy
“It’s not shameless. They’re the one being shameless, they still touch you, even though you’re mine,” say Margie
“Go home,” say Boy
“Make me. You love he so much, right?!” say Margie
“Yes, I love her. 100% more than you!” say Boy
“Ok, than just wait and see, I’m going to wreck everything she do,” say Margie, getting into her car, and she drove off, crying. Boy stare after her car. He went back in, and apologize. After that, he left, since he was too embarrass to stay.
Margie head start to Yaya’s shop and Boy to Nadech’s office.
“Yaya,” say Margie, walking in, crying. She fall right into Yaya’s embrace.
“Margie, what’s wrong?” ask Yaya
“It’s Boy. He, he, he’s very mean to mean. He hurted me,” say Margie
“Oh, Margie, it’s ok,” say Yaya
“Than, khun Yaya, I’ll get going,” say Mark
“Yes, good bye,” say Yaya
Mark left, and Noona came out of the office.
“What’s wrong now?” ask Noona
“It’s ok Boy again,” say Yaya
“What did he do to you?” ask Noona
“He say that he is going to go back to his girlfriend, and cancel our wedding,” say Margie
“That’s tough and bad,” say Noona
Yaya only look at her friend, and comfort her.
Nadech came home, and sat on the couch.
“Are you staying here tonight again?” ask Yaya
“Yes, Tah’s here, I want to welcome him,” say Nadech
“Um, Nadech there’s somthing I want to ask you,” say Yaya
“What is it?” ask Nadech
“Well, are you busy in the next 2 weeks?” ask Yaya
“Why?” ask Nadech
“I was thinking that we should go on a vacation,” say Yaya
“Sounds good,” say Nadech
“So are you able to go?” ask Yaya, happily
“I don’t think so,” say Nadech. Yaya’s happiness went away
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
Sara walk in shouting Yaya and Nadech’s name.
“P’Nadech and Yaya, ka, there is going to be a ball dance. And I think you two should go,” say Sara
“Let me see,” say Yaya
“I don’t like ball and dancing,” say Nadech
Yaya look through the paper, and found it a good ball to attend. And it was also on Nadech’s birthday. It will be a good thing to do with Nadech.
“Please, Nadech, go with me,” say Yaya
“Yes, p’Nadech got with Yaya,” say Sara
“Fine, but you also have to find a date, too,” say Nadech, not realizing what he just say, until he was finish.
“Ok, fine. But you can’t go back on your words” say Sara
Nadech realize it, but didn’t want to disappoint Yaya and Sara, so he didn’t say anything more.

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