Messy Circle of Love Chapter 21 Part 2

Chapter 21       
         2 weeks has past from all of those unhappy events, and Bie has finally settle down with a final decision. He was at an event,  prepared to announce his plans.
        “Good morning everyone!” he shouted to his fans who were screaming and yelling his name. “How are you all today? Good, right! I am happy to be here today, to see all of your faces.” The crows cheered him on.
        “Today I have an announcement to make,” said Bie, and the crowd silence. “I want to thank each and everyone of you guys for your support and love all these years. And this decision I made will hurt you guys, but please, I want you guys to support me, I hope that you all will understand. As you all know, I love this one girl and can’t go on with her. Right now, I don’t want to do anything. I don’t have the courage to sing anymore, so I am going to stop for a while and give myself a break.”
        There were lots of groaning and sad faces in the crowd and Bie almost regret making that decision. “Don’t go, don’t leave us!” one of the fan shouted. And then a few other fan also repeated the words. Bie turned away, trying not to cry agin.
        When the crowd finally died down again, Bie continued. “I have another thing to say, too. If during my break, I get he courage again, I will come back. If not, I might not be back. But don’t stress out and get sad, even if I’m not singing, you guys can still get in touch with me. I will still be answering messages. Thank you!” After that he went out of the room. The crowd were scream for him to come back, but he knew that he had to go. He needed a break.
        Kim walked up to Nadech’s house. She hadn’t been there in a long time. She had finally found Nadech’s ring, and wanted to returned it to Nadech. As she walked up to the dinning room, she saw the 2 maids walking out. They were whispering, and she walked to them.
        “What are you guys whispering about?” asked Kim.
        “Oh, it just that ever since Khun Nadech learned that Khun Yaya was pregnant, he seem to care a lot about her. He didn’t even go to work just for her. He stayed and pamper her. He must love her so much-” started the maid.
        “Yaya is what?” said Kim. She couldn’t believe what she just heard.
        “Khun Yaya is pregnant, haven’t you heard?” asked the maid, confused.
        So this was the thing that Mark been hiding from her. She couldn’t take it anymore. “Here, give Nadech his wedding ring. Tell him that I found it.” said Kim, and then she rushed outside and drove home.
        At home, Mark was waiting for her. She walked away, avoiding him.
        “Hey, Kim, wait, I have something to tell you,” said Mark, catching hold of hand.
        “I don’t want to talk to you. You, you…lied to me!”
        “Kim, listen, I didn’t mean to. I didn’t want you to be hurt, so I hide it from you.”
        “You shouldn’t have, because that has caused me greater harm,” said Kim.
        Mark pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry, but please, let me explain myself.”
        Kim hesitated at first but then give in. They went somewhere quiet, and Mark explained his reasons.
        “First of all, I want you acknowledge that I’m very sorry. That I didn’t mean to.”
        “You didn’t mean to, because you wanted to protect Yaya, right? You love her so much, why didn’t you mary her back then? Why did you let my Nadech and her get marry?!” Kim shouted, angrily.
        “Yes, I do care and love Yaya-” started Mark.
        “So she was that person after all, that person that you love. You love Yaya, not Noona,” said Kim.
        “No, I also only love Yaya like a sister. Kim, you need to understand this. Yaya has a sad life enough. I want to protect her because of the bad things in the past,” said Mark, and he looked at Kim. She calmed down and was obidently listening to Mark.
        “Tell, me Mark. Tell me all the things that I’ve missed out on, please,” begged Kim.
        Mark nodded his head. “You know that this wasn’t Yaya’s first pregnancy, it’s her second.”
        “What?! Really?!”
        “Yes, really.”
        “What happened to the first then?”
        “Yaya miscarried the first time. It wasn’t her fault. At that time she had deal with a lot of stuffs, and you know Nadech’s parents. They kept stressing Nadech and her out. Nadech was really mad, he went away for a bit, so his parents took advantage. I don’t know what they did, Yaya wouldn’t tell me, but after that, everything happened so fast. She lost the child, and his parents were happy. Nadech was even angier. But you know, being the person he is. He turned so cold afterwards which confused us all.”
        “I felt so bad now,” said Kim, remembering the times she torment Yaya with her questions about kids.
    “Yaya, don’t you know that you’re,” say Nadech, but was interrupt by Kim. Kim came into the dinning room, and was surprise that Yaya was on her knees, begging Nadech.
    “What are you doing, Yaya?” ask Kim
    “Kim, let’s go somewhere else,” say Nadech
    “Yes,” say Kim, still staring at Yaya. But this time with pity. She pity Yaya.
    Nadech walk over to Kim, but Yaya was pulling/tugging at him.
    “Don’t go, Nadech,” say Yaya
        Nadech pay no attention, and walk right out with Kim.
    Yaya walk into the party again with the little girl by her side.
    “Let’s go find something to eat,” say Yaya
    “Yes,” say the little girl
    Yaya got her a piece of cake, and walk back to where Nadech, Boy, Mark, Noona, Margie, Kim, Chailda, Natwara, and Marie stand.
    “Aww…she’s so cute!” say Margie
    “Indeed she is,” say Noona, staring at her
    “Oh yeah, that made me remember, how many years have you and Nadech been married?” ask Kim
    “3 years,” say Yaya
    “That also makes me wonder. You guys have been married for that long already, and haven’t have any kids yet. Why is that?” ask Kim
    Margie was about to answer, but Yaya stop her.
    “Nadech and I are too busy, so we decided not to have any kids yet,” say Yaya
    Nadech and Yaya stared at each other. They were both feeling uneasy about the subject.
    ~End of Flashback~
        “I have just realized now,” said Kim, shaking her head sadly.
        “Yaya have been through so much these past 3 years of her marriage. This is why I want to protect her,” said Mark. Kim nodded her head in reponse.
        “So who is that person?” asked Kim.
        Mark got up and knelt in front of Kim. He took her hands, and then silently said, ” You.”
        Kim looked straight at him. “Me?” she asked.
        “Right. It’s you. You’re the one that kept getting my heart into troubles. The one I kept thinking about nonstop. And the one that I’ve secertly love…” Mark said. Then he placed a kiss on her lip.
        “Be my sweetheart, okay?” asked Mark
        “Yes,” said Kim, happily. And with that, they both sat together, hugging each other, wanting the moment to last.
        Sara and Tah had arrived back in Bangkok. Sara was still depressed about her parents.
        “Sara, don’t be too stress out, okay. Remember, I am still here,” said Tah.
        “I know. Thank you, Tah,” said Sara. Then she looked at him, and tears made its way out of her eyes. She cried and he embraced her.
        “It’s alright,” said Tah. When Sara calm down, they went out for a walk.
        “Thank you, Tah again for always being here for me,” said Sara.
        “It’s okay,” said Tah. Then he walked ahead of her and stopped her. He took her hands. ” Since I’ve always been fighting for you, now, you need to be happy for me, alright. If you’re not happy, I won’t be, too. Be happy for me, okay.”
        Sara smiled. ” I will cry no more. I’ll make you happy, too.”
         “I know that you would. You always do. But you know one thing that will make me happier?” asked Tah, smiling happily at her.
        “What is it?” asked Sara.
        Tah knelt down, and then asked,” Will you marry me, Sara?”
        Sara smiled, and looked at him. “Of course I will loved to.”
        Tah stood up and kissed her hand. “You are going to be my best bride!”
        “Of course I am. I have been prepared for this. I am going to be the best wife ever, you just wait and see!”
        “Oh really! I’ll wait and see if this little bride of mine is all that!”
        “I’m not little. I’m big already.”
        They continued to argue back to each other but finally stopped.
        “Are you sure that you want to go back?” aske Margie to Marie. Margie and Boy were at the airport, sending Marie to America.
        “I’m sure,” said Marie.
        “Well, we wouldn’t stop you. I hope that you will find someone good for you,” said Boy.
        “Thank you. I hope that you guys will last long and have lots of children,” said Marie happily.
        “Thanks, I’ll miss you,” said Margie. She and Boy give Marie a final hug, and then she was gone.
        “Let’s go out for lunch,” said Boy. Margie nodded and they went.
        “I’ll miss Marie a lot. She had always been so good,” said Margie.
        “I agree. I hope that she will find someone better than me. I seem like a big jerk,” said Boy.
        Margie turned to him. “You’re not a jerk, because Margie Rasri will never marry a jerk. You’re my prince!”
        “You’re also my princess, and I want us to live happily ever after in our castle,” said Boy.
        “I love you!”
        “I also love you, too!”
        Chailda happily settled down in James house. She didn’t want James parents to think that she was incapable of doing things. James and his parents had been kind to her all those days she had stayed. She sat out in the backyard, thinking to himself. Then James sat down next to her.
        “What are you thinking about?” asked James.
        “I’m thinking about all the events that brought you back to me. How fate was so kind to me, making me see the light. I’m so thankful,” said Chailda.
        “So do I. In the past, I was so bad. I took you for granted. I wanted my fortune so bad that I didn’t even care if I was hurting your feelings. I made you insecure and sad but at the end, you still love me. I’m grateful,” said James.
        “Let the past be the past. Now, we are together, and nothing can change it,” said Chailda.
        “Yes, I’m happy to be here today with you,” said James. They sat together, and James put his arm around Chailda, giving her comfort and warmth.
        James’ parents stared out at them and smiled. They were glad to see their son so happy.
        Nadech sat with a heavy heart at his office desk. So far, Yaya haven’t give in to her. She shouldn’t after all he did to her. Mark walked in.
        “May I have a chat with you?” asked Mark.
        Nadech nodded his head, and Mark sat down on the chair across from him.
        “I’ve heard of you and Kim. Good luck. Take good care of her,” said Nadech.
        “Thank you. And now, about you and Yaya, how is it?” asked Mark.
        “No so good. Yaya wouldn’t give in, no matter what I did,” said Nadech, his hand rubbing his head.
        “Nadech, you and me, have you realize something?” asked Mark.
        “What do you mean?” asked Nadech, confused.
        “You and Yaya. Me and Noona. You and me, all of the time in the past, all we have brought to the person we loved was only pain. I don’t have Noona now, but she had approve me of a new relationship, but you. You still have a chance. Go back to Yaya. I’m sure that she will forgive you. All she need to hear is that you love her. Can you do it?” said Mark. Nadech had finally understood what Mark said. He nodded his head, and rushed out of the room.
        So all Yaya needed was those words, he didn’t need to be doing all those things all those times, she had only needed one thing, and he has it.
        Yaya was sitting in the living room, knitting a pink sock for her baby girl. She can’t wait to see her baby, she was only has 3 months left and the baby will be out. Nadech rushed in the house, and startle Yaya.
        “Yaya,” said Nadech.
        “What is it?” asked Yaya.
        He sat down next to her, and then he whispered,”I love you.”
        “What did you say?” asked Yaya. The words felt so good in her ears. She had longed to hear the words, and Nadech had finally reliazed. She wanted to hear it again and again.
        “I love you. Very much,” said Nadech.
        Yaya smiled. “I love you, too.”
        Then Nadech’s parents entered the room.
        “Hello,” said Nadech’s father. His voice was kind unlike the cold one that he always use.
        “How are my son and beautiful daughter-in-law?” asked Nadech’s mother.
        “Mother and Father, you’re here!” Nadech was excited.
        “Yes,” said his father.
        “Nadech, we are here to tell you and Yaya that we want you two to go live with us,” said his mother.
        “You really do?” asked Nadech.
        “Yes,” said his father.
        “But what about this house?” asked Yaya.
        “We will  take it!” shouted Tah and Sara.
        “Tah and Sara?” said Yaya.
        “Yes. We are going to be get marry soon, and you know, we need a house. This house will be perfect, please let it be our wedding gift, okay?” beg Sara
        They all laughed. “Agreed!” said Nadech and Yaya. They all smile and laughed. Nadech and Yaya, sitting next to each other, smiled and then kissed. They knew that they days ahead of them will be brighter.

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