Messy Circle of Love Chapter 20 Part 2

Chapter 20
        Kim and Marie were still happily watching the children playing and running around when they heard shouting. They looked around, and saw a girl in a wedding dress, running towards the streetlights.
        “What is it?” asked Marie.
        “I think that it’s a runaway bride…” answered Kim. And then they saw that the girl was Margie, she was running really hard, and also towards the park. They have to stop her and question her why she was there. As Margie entered the entrance to the park, Marie and Kim rushed to stopped her, and they did.
        “Margie, where are you going?” asked Marie
        “Leave me alone, let me go!” demanded Margie, trying to break free, but Kim and Marie were too strong for him. They took her to the bench, and sat her down.
        “Relax,” said Kim. Margie calmed down a bit and they let her think for a bit. Marie took the time to call Boy and tell him of Margie’s whereabouts.
        After that, Marie sat next to Margie. “What happened? Why did you run away from the wedding?” asked Marie.
        “I don’t know. Something urged me to do so, it tells me that I can’t stay there, that it’s not the right place for me to be,” answered Margie, closed to tears.
        “Okay, okay. But didn’t you want to marry Boy so much? And now what?! You just an away from the wedding as you like?!” Kim shouted at her, mad.
        “I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to.” Margie sincerely apologized. Kim shook her head, and Marie patted her on the shoulder.
They sat there, waiting for Boy to get over there.
        “Why are you here?” Chailda asked, coldly.
        “I’m here to take you home,” said James, calmly.
        “I’m not going,” said Chailda.
        “Why? Is sit because of my parents?” asked James.
        Chailda looked down at the ground and said nothing back. James walked over to her, and hold her hands. Then he put it up to his mouth and kissed it. Chailda looked up at him, surprised.
        “What?” asked James.
        “Why do you…why do you keep on doing this to me? Why do you want me so much?” asked Chailda.
        “Because you’re the most important person in my life, and I don’t ever want to lose you ever again,” said James.
        “Really?” asked Chailda.
        “I’m serious, Chailda. If you agree, we can go back and sign the marriage certificate and just live together. I won’t let my parents split us again,” said James. Then he stood up, and so does Chailda. “I love you, Chailda, I love you the most.”
        “Oh, James, me too. Okay, I agree with you,” said Chailda, happily. All the sorrows had been removed in her heart.
        “Get up!” shouted Sia. Tah struggled to get up. He had been beat up badly by Sia’s men, but for the sake of Sara, he will endure. He can’t let her down, no he couldn’t.
        Sara could only stand, and watch Tah get hurt. Her heart was in pain, but it was between her parents or Tah, and of course she had no choice, but to go along with her parents. She wanted to look away, so that her heart wouldn’t hurt so much anymore, but she can’t. Sia forced her to look or else her parents will be killed.
        The guy yelled at Tah again, and again he listened and got another punched again. And then, finally, they hear the police cars. Most of Sia’s men were running away, but Sia stay with a few other men. The police surrounded the place and some went off, searching for the others.
        “Put your weapons down!” ordered the cops, but Sia disobeyed. Instead, he got hold of Sara’s parents, threating to kill if the police come one step closer. For a while, they all stand still, doing nothing, but then Tah ran to Sia, and tried to take the gun out of his hand. They fought over the gun, shooting up. Sara’s father stood up and ran to where Tah and Sia are and tackled them down. He pushed Tah away, and then he and Sia fought. Sia had the gun. He shot Sara’s dad, making sure that he died. “That’s what you get old man for interfering,” said Sia. Then he looked straight at Sara.
        “You desevre to die, too after all you did to me,” Sia said. He pointed the gun at her, and shot, but Sara’s mother blocked the bullet. Sia shot again and again until the police finally shot him, and then he laid still on the ground.
        “Mom!” Sara shouted, crying. “Mom, don’t died. Please don’t died.” Sara repeated over and over again, and then she went to her dad and repeated the same thing. She was crying, sad that her parents died. Tah was trying to calm her down, embracing her.
        The police took care of Sia’s men and Sia. Then the ambulance came and took Sara’s parents and Sia. Tah was hurt, but he wanted to stay with Sara, to comfort her. They rode with one of the police to the hospital.
        Boy had finally reached the park and walked in. He spotted them right away and walked to them. Margie’s back was to him, she didn’t notice that he was there, but Marie and Kim did. They slipped away, and Boy walked to Margie and tapped her on the shoulder.
        “What is it?” asked Margie. She turned around, and was surprised to see Boy.
        “Why are you here?” asked Boy.
        Magie stood up and faced him, her eyes full of tears. “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, Boy.”
        “It’s alright. Don’t cry. I didn’t know that my bride was a crybaby. I’ve always thought of her as a brave person, so now, be the brave girl and stop crying okay.”
        Boy hugged her, giving her reassurance that it was okay, that he wasn’t mad. The talked for a while and then they headed back to the wedding. Marie was happy to see them leave, yet it pained her.
        Nadech and Yaya were outside of the wedding room, waiting for them. Boy and Margie only have 10 more minutes and then the wedding was starting. Nadech was walking back and forth, thinking to himself.
        “Can you stop walking around, please?” asked Yaya.
        “Um, yes, sure,” said Nadech. He sat down next to Yaya.
        “You’re worry, right?” asked Yaya.
        “Yes,” answered Nadech.
        “It’s okay. They’ll sort things out. I know that they can do it,” said Yaya.
        Nadech said nothing, but looked straight at her. Yaya looked away, she couldn’t stand looking at his pleading eyes.
        “What about us? Don’t you have any faith that we can also do it, too?” asked Nadech, but before Yaya could answer, Boy and Margie rushed to them.
        “Are we late?” asked Boy.
        “No, just perfect,” said Nadech, looking at his watch. They all headed inside at the right moment when Margie and Boy’s name were announced. They happily walked on to the stage, and make their speech.
        Bie and Mark were still at the hospital. They avoided eye contact and speak no words to each other. They still missed Noona and wished that she will come back. Mark remembered Noona’s last words, and so does Bie. Mark had never meant to hurt Noona, she was too kind of a person. He wanted to punch himself of being so selfish. And Bie was still not over the fact that Noona have never cared for him more than a friend. He still love her no matter what. They sat still, motionless, then a bunch of news reporter appeared, and ran straight to Bie. When they got there, they start shooting questions at him. Bie, frowning, reply nothing back. He was still in grief, not ready to answer any questions. Cupcake got into the front with Bie, and helped him.
        “Sorry, news reporters, but Bie can’t really answer your questions right now,” said Cupcake. He rushed Bie away.
        “Thank you, Cupcake,” said Bie.
        “It’s alright, but I think that you should stay home until all of these things died down,” said Cupcake.
        “No. I’m coming again to visit Noona,” said Bie.
        “Bie, come on. There’s lots of problems, and you know that the award ceremony is coming up. You can’t be having these kind of news. Don’t let this be your weakness. Let’s get the award ceremony over with and then we can come to this issue again, okay?”
        “No. I don’t care if I don’t get the award. All I want is Noona.” And with that, Bie closed his eyes, and plugged his ears. Cupcake shook his head, and drove on.
        Chalida and James were finally at the marriage register place in Bangkok. They couldn’t wait to sign it.
        “Ready?” asked James.
        “Ready,” said Chailda, smiling.
        They walked in together, holding hand, smiling brightly. They were directed to an open office, and there they signed the certificate.
        After that, they went out to celebrate the day, the day of their marriage. It was okay that they didn’t have a big wedding or anything, it didn’t matter, what matter is that they were together, happy.
        Sara and Tah were at the hospital. Her parents have, unfortunately, passed away. Sara stood, staring at her parents, not believe that they were gone. Tah was behind her, patting her on the back, making sure that she is on her own, that she has his support. He didn’t want her to break down again.
        “Sara, it’s late, let’s go home, okay?” said Tah.
        Sara stood still and said nothing. Tah then lead her back home. Sara wouldn’t eat or sleep, so Tah had to put sleeping pill in the water Sara drink to make her go to sleep. After that, Tah tired to get his rest, too. The next few days will be a lot of hard work, and he will need a lot of strength.
        The wedding was finally over, and Margie and Boy were finally back at home in their room.
        “It was a fun day, wasn’t it?” asked Boy
        “It was,” answered Margie.
        Boy smiled, and looked at her. Today was finally the day, the day that will seal the together. He walked over to her.
        “I love you, Margie,” he said.
        “I love you, too,” said Margie.
        Then Boy laid her down on the bed, and the undressed each other. Boy kissed Margie passionately on the lips…
        Bie was at his sofa, staring at the T.V. Cupcake has been lecturing him for 2 hours straight and he was getting tired. The news was about him crying over a girl. Cupacke was not happy with the news.
        “Bie, how could you do this?!…” Cupcake went on and on with the lecture, but Bie wasn’t listening. He was still thinking about Noona. He didn’t care about his reputation.
        “Bie, Bie, are you listening to me?” asked Cupcake, mad now.
        “Yes,” said Bie, annoyed.
        “Come one, it’s not play time. This is real. You’re about to lose your place, and you’re still thinking about something else!”
        “I’m tired. I’m going to go to sleep,” said Bie, and he went off.
        Mark was still sitting alone, when he heard footsteps sounds. He looked up and was surprised to see Kim standing there.
        “Hello, may I sit with you?” asked Kim.
        “Suit yourself,” said Mark.
        “How are you things days?” asked Kim.
        “I’m okay.”
        “I think that you need to go home. You looked tired and some sleep might help.”
        “No, I’m fine. I want to stay here with Noona.”
        “You sure seem to love her very much, don’t you?”
        “Yes,  I love her very much, but only as a sister.”
        “Oh really, then who do you really love?”
        Mark stared at Kim and remembered Noona’s words. It was whispered in his head, ” I know that you like her. That day that Cupcake put you together, I saw your eyes and the happiness in it… I want you guys to last.  I’m not mad, I’m happy for you. “
        “Ummm,” started Mark.
        “It’s alright, you don’t have to answer. Come on, I’ll take you home,” said Kim.
        Kim walked away and Mark silently obeyed and followed after her.
        The ride was silent, no words spoken. They said their farewells when they reached Mark’s house.
        After that, Mark kept thinking about Kim and what Noona said, “I know that you like her. That day that Cupcake put you together, I saw your eyes and the happiness in it… I want you guys to last.  I’m not mad, I’m happy for you.”
        “I know that you like her.” Mark repeated over and over to himself.
        Nadech and Yaya got finally got home. They were both tired from the wedding. Then Yaya’s phone rang, and she hurried to answer it.
        “Hello,” answered Yaya.
        “Yaya, this is Tah. Listen, me and Sar are coming back,” said Tah.
        “Oh okay, that’s great,” said Yaya, smiling. Nadech was looking at her, wondering what she was smiling about.
        “But something not so good happened, too. Sara’s parents passed away. Sara is coming to stay with us,” said Tah.
        “What?!” said Yaya, confused.
        “It’s okay, it’s a long story. But me and Sara are coming back after the funeral. We will make it as soon as possible,” said Tah, and he hung up.
        “What is it?” asked Nadech, concerned.
        “Sara’s parents passed away,” Yaya slowly replied.
        “Really,” said Nadech.
        “We should go help them,” said Yaya.
        “No, leave it to them. I’m sure that Sara only needs Tah now,” said Nadech, and he went upstairs, leaving Yaya alone.
        For the next few days, it went like a blur. Bie was of course losing himself and his high reputation, which he don’t mind. Cupcake lectured him everyday, but he barely paid any attention.
        “Bie do you see now, what you have turned into. It’s harming you…” said Cupcake.
        “I’m going to go somewhere,” said Bie, and he went out the door, only to meet with a crowd of reporters.
        “Bie, Bie,” they all repeated his names as they circled him.
        “Relax everyone, I will answer your questions if you all calm down,” said Bie, coolly.
        “Okay, first question. Are you really going to stop being a singer because of a girl?”
        “Yes, that girl is my everything. Without her, I wouldn’t be here, but now she’s not here,” answered Bie.
        One by one, the reporters aimed questions at him.
        Finally, after all the questions were answered, Bie rushed to Noona’s funeral. He has been wanting to go, but Cupcake had kept him locked in the house, away from the outside world, but he wasn’t scared, he’s going to go to Noona.
        Yaya has been having morning sickness lately, and Nadech had noticed, but didn’t say anything. That morning, when Yaya woke up, she went straight to the bathroom, and vomit. She has been taking days off the shop lately since she had headaches. The symptons remind her of the first time she was pregnant. “Am I pregnant?” she whispered to herself as she dried her mouth.
        That day, Nadech had taken his day off of work, and stayed home to watch Yaya. Yaya prepared and was going to go out when Nadech caught her.
        “Where are you going?” asked Nadech.
        “I am going to Noona’s funeral,” answered Yaya.
        “You can’t. You’re sick,” said Nadech.
        “I’m not that sick. I can still go,” Yaya argued back.
        “Fine, but I have to go with you,” said Nadech.
        Yaya walked out the door, and Nadech followed. He drove them to the funeral. When they got there, Yaya’s headache got worst-er, and she fall, but luckily, Nadech caught her.
        “Yaya, are you okay?” asked Nadech, holding her up. Yaya looked up at him, and try to murmur a word, but she can’t. When Yaya didn’t respond, Nadech repeated again and again. The Yaya’s eyes shut, and Nadech carried her back inside the car, and drove straight to the hospital.
        “Thank you for helping me today,” said Mark.
        “It’s okay, I’ll be glad to help,” said Kim, smiling at him.
        They were standing, smiling at each other, but when Mark saw Bie, his smile dropped. Bie walked up to the entrance inside the building, but Mark blocked him.
        “You may not go inside,” said Mark.
        “Why? I just want to see Noona,” said Bie, pushing Mark away. Mark was about the punch him back when Kim stopped him.
        “Don’t. Let him go see her,” said Kim. Mark soften up and let Bie in. Bie walked straight to tomb. Tears fall down his cheeks. He stared at the picture.
        “Noona, I miss you so much…” he started. Mark watched him cried. Half of him still wanted to go comfort his Bie, he still wished that they were still friends like before. He missed the friendship between Bie and him, but also half of him wanted to punched and kill him for what he did. But he just stood there with Kim, watching Bie cry in pain because of the loss of Noona.
        Tah and Sara were receiving the guests that came to the funeral. There weren’t many, only a few. Tears flooded Sara’s face.
        “Sara, go sit. I’ll do this on my own,” said Tah.
        Sara nodded her head, and went to her seat. Tah stared after her. The sight of her being sad teared his heart. He wished that she didn’t cry, that she was happy and smiling.
        All morning, he received the guests, but kept his eyes on Sara.  Tomorrow would be the day they leave for good, the day that he will be going home and so would Sara. He would propose to her, and then he will give here a happy life.
        James and Chailda had been living in her house a few days now, and they were happy. But then that afternoon, James parents show up.
        “Good afternoon, mom and dad,” said James, not quite happy to see them.
        “James, my son. Why are you here? Go home with your father and I, please,” his mother pleaded.
        “Yes, son, please go back with us,” said his father.
        “No, I can’t. I can’t leave Chailda here. We got married already,” said James.
        “Son, we’ve lost. We’ve finally accept her, but you have to return with us, alright?” said his father.
        James looked at Chailda, and she looked back, giving him a smile.
        “Okay,” he answered. They both packed their things and went to James’ house.
        The doctor finally walked up to him, smiling.
        “Doctor, is my wife okay?” asked Nadech
        “Congratulations, your wife is 10 weeks pregnant,” said the doctor, happily.
        “She’s pregnant?!” said Nadech, confused.
        “Yes, congrats,” said the doctor. He patted him on the shoulder, then walked away. Nadech was stunned, then he rushed to Yaya. She was sitting on the bed.
        “Yaya, did you hear you are-” Nadech started, happily.
        “Pregnant,” Yaya finished the sentence.
        “Yes that,” said Nadech, smiling.
        “What’s so happy about that?” asked Yaya.
        “We’re finally going to start our family, remember?” said Nadech.
        Yaya was surprised that Nadech still remembered, but she said nothing. “Let’s go home, I’m tired,” said Yaya.
        “Yes,” said Nadech. He helped her off the bed, and into the car. Yaya was excited, but tried to hide it. She didn’t want Nadech to know.
        Margie and Boy were at the Noona’s funeral, helping out. It was unfortunelate news, and they weanted to help out since Noona had always been a great friend. Margie was sad that she had to died so soon. She walked to her tomb.
        “Noona, I hope that you are having a great time. I want you to know that you have always been a great friend of mine, and will always be…” said Margie. She couldn’t say anymore, tears were rushing down her face. Boy helped her up and they went to their seats. Margie looked around to see if Yaya was there. It was afternoon, and they were going to bury Noona, so Yaya have to be there. But there was no sign of Yaya. Or Nadech.
        “Do you know where Nadech and Yaya is?” asked Mark, sitting down next to Boy.
        “No, I haven’t see them,” answered Boy.
        “Let me call Yaya,” said Margie, and the men nodded their heads.
        Margie walked away and phone Yaya. Nadech picked it up instead.
        “Hello,” answered Nadech.
        “Hello, Nadech? Oh, Nadech, where are you and Yaya?” asked Margie.
        “We are at home, listen-“
        “What?! You guys are still at home!”
        “Yes, listen, we have good news. Yaya is 10 weeks pregnant.”
        “Congratulations, Nadech. So how is Yaya?”
        “Yaya’s fine. She just needs some rest.”
        “Ok, give her my best wishes. I hope the best for you two.” Then the hung up and Margie went back to Mark and Boy.
        “So what did she say?” asked Boy.
        Margie smiled at them.
        “What is it?” asked Mark,
        “Yaya is 10 weeks pregnant,” answered Margie, smiling even bigger. Then Kim sat next to Mark.
        “What ae you guys talking about?” asked Kim.
        “Yaya is pregn-” started Margie.
        “Nothing,” interrupted Mark. Mark took Kim away; he didn’t want he feelings to get hurt.
Enjoy! THanks everyone for reading! :D

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