Messy Circle of Love Chapter 19 Part 2

Chapter 19
    It was almost the wedding, and Margie was excited about it. She had waited long for this day, and Boy was finally going to hers. She’d promise to take good care of him. Boy came to get Margie, and they went shopping for the items needed for the wedding. Margie wanted everything to be wonderful. After they went to the mall, they headed for Yaya’s shop.
    That morning, Yaya woke up and went straight to her shop, she didn’t want to start thinking about Nadech again. She tried to get herself busy, but none seem to help. Noona was there for her, though, she seem like he mind had drifted of to another place. All morning they’ve been depressed, working together.
    Kim went to Nadech’s office early in the morning, and invite him to lunch, since he had breakfast already, and he accepted, only he didn’t know that in the afternoon, they were headed toward Yaya’s shop.
    Marie and Grandma On went shopping a the mall too, and she saw Boy with Margie. She was sad, but kept it hidden; she didn’t want to ruin the fun shopping trip Grandma On planned for them. They also headed for Yaya’s shop.
    Bie was about to go to Yaya’s shop, but Cupcake stopped him. Cupcake had wanted to go with him, so Cupcake went with Bie to Yaya’s shop.
    Mark was also going to see Yaya, if she was alright since she had been depressed lately. He wanted to see Kim and Noona, too.
    They were all headed toward Yaya’s shop, Bie and Cupcake arriving first. Then Mark, Margie&Boy, Marie&Grandma On, and finally Nadech&Kim. They were surprised to see each other all there, but kept quiet to them-self.
    Cupcake cleared his throat, and then asked, “Isn’t anyone going to order?”
    “I don’t want to eat here,” said Nadech, and got out of seat.
    “You can’t Nadech, you promised already,” said Kim, holding onto Nadech’s hand, eyeing Yaya.
    Nadech sat right back.
    “Okay, let’s order,” said Bie, happily. Mark was staring Noona, and she stared back, then he turned his attention to Kim. Marie eyed Boy, and he looked back, while Margie looked at both of them. They were all still staring at each other. Yaya at Kim, Kim at Nadech, Nadech at Yaya. Bie at Noona, Noona at Mark, Mark at Kim. Margie at Boy, Boy at Marie, Marie back at Boy, and Grandma On at Marie.
    “Everyone,” said Cupcake, and then they al unfroze, and started talking at the same time.
    “I want…” everyone said, except Yaya, Noona, Grandma On, and Cupcake.
    “Say it one at a time, please,” said Yaya.
    Everyone started to talk again, but they stopped, and laugh. It was their first laugh together in a long time.
    Then they all went one by one, and Yaya and Noona took their orders. After that, when they got their foods, they sat back and relaxed, trying to eat.
    “This cakes are really pretty and yummy,” complimented Grandma On.
    “Thanks,” said Noona and Yaya.
    “Come and sit down, you guys worked hard,” offered Grandma On
    “Okay.” They sat next to Grandma On, and started chatting wit h her until Cupcake interrupted.
    “Hey, you guys, let’s play a game,” said Cupcake.
    “What kind of game?” asked Noona
    “A love game,” said Cupcake, and Bie elbowed him. “A truth and love game,” Cupcake corrected. “Okay, first, we sit in a circle, and let a bottle be our spinner. I’ll spin the spinner, and whoever it lands on have to answer my question, after that, that person gets to spin the bottle, and asked the person that the bottle is pointing to.”
    “That’s boring. I have to go back,” said Nadech.
    “You can’t, you have to stay. Without you, the game isn’t fun anymore,” said Cupcake.
    “You should stay, Nadech, please. The game sounds fun and I want to play,” said Kim.
    Nadech looked at her, then say nothing more, and stayed. They followed Cupcake’s instruction, and got into a circle. Cupcake spin it, and it landed on Boy.
    “Who do you love?” aske Cupcake.
    Boy looked at Margie and Marie, each were looking at him with hopeful eyes, wanting him to say it was them. Boy wanted to say Marie, but he wasn’t even sure if he still have feelings for her. And Margie, he wanted to say her, too, but didn’t want to hurt Marie’s feelings. So  instead of saying any of them, he answered that it was his mother. Margie and Marie was sad and disappointed, but feel relief.
    Boy spin the bottle next, and it landed on Bie. “What is the place you want to be now?”
    “I really want to be at a beautiful place, anywhere, but for there to only  be me and the one I love,” answered  Bie. He wished he could said that it was Noona, but he wasn’t sure about her feelings about him. He spin the bottle next, and it landed on Nadech. Knowing about Nadech’s story with Kim and Yaya, he asked, “If things can returned to the past, and you could change anything, even the person you love and marry, which on will you choose? Yaya or Kim?”
    Nadech stared at him, wanting to punch him, but he kept to himself. Yaya and Kim were surprised, and desired to know Nadech’s answered. “No one, I would choose to be alone by myself, the way my parents wanted me.” Yaya and Kim were again surprised and mad with him. How could he just say that?!
    “You!” Mark shouted, and was about to punch Nadech, but Yaya stopped him.
    Nadech spin the bottle, and it stopped at Yaya. He looked at her and she stared back with her raging eyes. She wanted to kill him, he knew. But he remained calm, and slowly asked her. “If you can go back, would you have wanted to know me?”
    “No,” she said coldly. But her eyes told a different answer.
    “That’s what I thought,” said Nadech. Yaya stared at him for a bit more, wasting time.
    “Go ahead, spin,” said Cupcake.
    “I, I’m not playing this anymore!” said Yaya, half-shouting. She walked out the door.
    “Okay, I guess that we better go,” said Cupcake.
    “No, you can’t. There’s still the rest of us that haven’t have a chance,” said Grandma On. They all started the game again.
    Yaya ran outside, tears coming slowly to her eyes. She was mad at Nadech for saying such thing, and mad at herself for not being honest. Of course she had never regret meeting and getting to know Nadech. Nadech was what she was living for. She loved him, even in times of sorrow. She calm down, then went back inside. When she got back inside, the game ended, and everyone was sitting on the chairs, chatting again. They all do not looked happy, though, only Cupcake and Grandma On.
    “Come and sit here, I have something to tell you guys,” said Cupcake.
    They all gathered again. “You know that I’ve observe you people a lot, and  think that I’m getting an idea. You know, I’ve always think that you two fits,” he said, pointing to Kim and Mark. Mark and Kim stared at each other in surprised. He walked to them, and put them together, and away from the rest. Then he paired Yaya with Nadech, Margie with Boy, and finally Noona with Bie.
    “There, you guys looked perfect like this, let me take a picture,” said Cupcake. He got out his camera, and took a picture. They all didn’t realized it, since they were still thinking and asking themselves questions in their heads.
    Sara and Tah were at Sara’s parent’s house, visiting. Tah sneaked there, without Sia knowing. He wanted to explain his idea to Sara’s parents. They entered her parents’ room quietly, and got in without anyone catching.
    “Hello, Sara, and Tah,” said Sara’s mother. She looked at Tah, he a lot had bruises and scars on his face. “What happened?”
    “It’s nothing, I just ran into something,” lied Tah.
    “Don’t lie to me, it’s Sia, right. I know. Sara’s father had been beaten up like you before. Doe sit hurt?”
    “No, I’m okay.”
    “Oh, okay.”
    “Mom, we have something to tell you,” said Sara
    “What is it, dear?”
    “Tah came up with a plan, and escape plan for us to escape from Sia.”
    “It’s true, I really did. And I’m sure that this plan is going to work.”
    “I don’t know. Let’s go have a talk with your father.” They nodded their heads, and followed her mother. Her father was sitting on the bed.
    “Hello, how are you?” asked Tah
    “I’m good.”
    “That’s great.”
    “Father, we have something to tell you,” said Sara.
    “What is it?”
    “Tah came up with a plan for us to get Sia arrested.”
    “What?!” Her father looked as confused as her mother.
    “Sia’s been doing illegal stuffs, and if we catch him, he’ll surely got to jail for sure. And he won’t escape, I know, based on my research,” said Tah.
    “But getting Sia arrested is risky. How can we risk our lives like that?!” said her father.
    “Don’t worry. I know the location and date. We’ll call the police and have them surround the place.”
    “Sounds easy, but it’s hard, you know.”
    “I know, but please trust me.”
    He looked at Tah, still making up his mind. Then Sara walked up to him. “Please father, believe in us.”
    He was silent for a moment, and then nodded his head in agreement. Tah and Sara were happy, and hugged each other. They couldn’t wait to destroy Sia, but they know that it will take a lot of work.
    ~1 day before~
    Chailda and James have been having a great time, and finally James propsed to her. He knelt down, and took her hand.
    “Chailda, marry me.”
    And without hesitation, she agreed. He put the ring on her finger, and together they hugged. They were both happy, thinking about the future ahead of them.
    ~Next day~
    Chalida’s doorbell rang, and she thought it was James, but it wasn’t. It was his parents. Their eyes looked as cold as eyes. She opened the door, and let them in.
    “I’ll only be here for a bit. I’m here to tell you to stay away from James,” said his mother.
    “Why?” asked Chailda, confused.
    “I don’t want you to be my future daughter-in-law, you’re too low-class,” said his mother.
    “Do you understand?” asked his father.
    Chailda nodded her head without saying anything.
    “Stay away from our son!” they said, and then went away.
    Chailda closed the door, and walked back to her room. She looked at her packed the bag. She took it, and left.
    Nadech came home more recently, but then Yaya was always almost out. She was with Margie, helping her plan the wedding, since it was getting near. Nadech was alone at home, eating dinner all by himself, and at night, too. They both decided to stay in a separate bedroom. Nadech in the guestroom, and Yaya in the main room. Nadech only goes into the room when he needed something, which he barely does. He wanted to reconcile with Yaya, but with so many things happening, there was no time.
    Yaya still visit Nadech’s mother, and they still do talk about Nadech. It was the only moment that didn’t bored Yaya. And it was the only moment when she get to learn about Nadech, to talk and think about him. Still, she was lonely in her heart.
    Boy had been troubled since that day they played that game. He couldn’t sleep and eat, and when Margie called him, he either ignored or make an excuse. He didn’t feel like talking to anyone, he wanted time to himself.
    He couldn’t take it anymore, he was certain that he had thought a lot about it, and had made his decision. He got dressed up nicely, and went to Marie’s place. He was sure that this decision won’t change, no matter what. The wedding was just tomorrow, and he wanted everyone to know his choice. When he got there, he asked Marie to go with him. Marie was surprised, but went with Boy. Boy took her to the old mall they used to go, and to all the shops that they went to. Marie was enjoying it, and hoped that the old Boy have came back. But she know that something is certainly going on, inside his head. She wanted to know for sure who he had chosen. Then they stopped for lunch. They had lunch at Marie’s favorite restaurant. Boy was looking a bit sad, and Marie noticed it.
Margie was also walking by, and she saw them together. She stopped, and looked at them. “Did Boy choose her?” she asked herself.
She stood there, studying them, hoping that Boy didn’t choose her.
    “Are you okay?” asked Marie
    “I’m fine,” said Boy. Then he took a drank of water.
    “Boy, tell me what’s going on,” said Marie, seriously. Boy saw her seriousness, and knew that he had no time left to waste.
    “I’ve been thinking a lot, and have made up my mind,” said Boy. Marie stare at him, waiting for him to continue. ” I sorry, I choose Margie.”
    Marie wasn’t surprised at Boy’s answered. She knew it in her heart. And she wasn’t mad at Boy for choosing her instead. Boy looked up at her. Instead of a big frown, there was still Marie, a normal Marie. She wasn’t frown, although she wasn’t smiling. “It’s alright. I knew that this moment will come. I knew that you won’t always be right by me.”
    “I’m sorry, again. But Marie, you know, ever since me and her went to the beach together, she had changed me. And I had grown to love her. I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep our promise.”
    “It’s okay, I understand.”
    He looked up. “Are you sure? You can hit me if you want.”
    “No.” She shook her head. That only made him felt more guilty.
    “Marie, just hit me, only then, I’ll feel better.”
    “No. I can’t bear hitting you.” He walked over to him, and give him a hug, and he hugged her back, tightly.
    “Thanks!” he whispered to her softly.
    Margie turned her back to them, and walked away.
    Mark couldn’t stop thinking about Kim after that day, the day that Cupcake put them together. Does he and she really fits? But what about Noona? He drove over to Noona to explain his feelings.
    That day, the shop was closed, and Noona was at home, resting. She was very tired because of the hard work at the shop the day before. She lie on her bed, and tired to go to sleep, but something just bugged her, keeping her awake. It was about Mark. Then her doorbell rang, and it was Bie. She welcomed him in
    “How are you today?” asked Bie
    “I’m okay, just a bit tired,” answered Noona
    “Are you doing anything today?” asked Bie
    “No, I’m too tired to go anywhere. I’m going to stay home, and get some rest.”
    “I’ll go get you something to drink.”  Noona walked into the living room, leaving him in the living room. But then, Bie stopped her. He sprung her around to face him, and then he put their lips together. Noona was shocked, and stayed there for a few seconds, then she broke away.
    “What are you doing?” asked Noona
    “Noona, I-“
    “Forget it.” Noona walked away, but then he stopped her again.
    “I love you, Noona. I’ve always been loving you,” Bie shouted.
    Noona walked up to Bie. “I’m sorry, but I only thought of you as a friend.”
    “Noona, you can’t…” Then he grabbed her and force a kiss again.
    Noona broke away, and slapped him. She was mad for him not understanding her. “Don’t this to me again.”
    “But I love you!” said Bie, close to tears.
    “But I don’t have the same feelings for you.”
    Bie repeated what he just siad again and again to Noona. Noona didn’t want to hear it anymore, the words hurt her. She covered her ears, and ran out the door.
    “Noona…” Bie yelled after her, he followed her out.
    Noona ran out and saw Mark, but she didn’t stop, she ran on to the streets.
    Then Bie ran out and saw Mark, he ignored him, and ran on. Mark was confused, and followed after Bie. Noona was in the middle of the streets. She didn’t know where to go, but she wanted to get out of the place as soon as possible. She was still thinking about the kiss and Bie. Then she heard Bie and Mark yelling her name, telling her to get out of the road. She was confused. “Why are they yelling at me to get out of the road?” she asked herself. Then she heard the car, and turned to it. It was coming towards her. Very fast, too.
    “Aahhhhhhh….” Noona yelled, frighten.
    Then the car ran into her. Mark and Bie were horrified. They ran to Noona, and life her up.
    “Call the ambulance!” Bie shouted, crying. Mark got up and phoned the hospital. Minutes later, the ambulance finally come. They put Noona in the car, and then drove to the hospital.
    “If she dies, I’ll kill you!” Bie yelled at Mark.
    “But-“ started Mark.
    “Shut up!” said Bie.
    “Bie…. Mark….” Noona said faintly.
    “What is it, Noona? Are you okay?” asked Bie, holding her hand, and rubbing his cheeks on it.
    “I’m fine. I just want you two to stop arguing,” said Noona
    “Okay.” They both agreed.
    “Thank you. Where am I?” asked Noona
    “We’re going to the hospital,” answered Mark.
    “What for?” asked Noona
    “It’s for you, you’re injured badly,” Bie replied.
    “I don’t want to go,” said Noona
    “You have to,” said Mark
    “Be quiet and rest,” Bie said to her.
    “Who?” Mark asked, confused.
    “ I know that you like her. That day that Cupcake put you together, I saw your eyes and the happiness in it.”
    “Noona, I’m sorry.”
    “It’s okay,” Noona said, calmly.
    They looked at each others, while Bie studied  their faces.
    “Mark,” said Noona
    “What is it?” asked Mark,, moving closer to her.
    “Remember our promise?”
    “What promise?”
    “The promise that you give me, that we’ll have a chocolate shop together. That day you taught me how to make chocolate.
    Mark thought back and remembered.
“What’s wrong?” ask Mark
“Nothing,” say Noona
“Hey come on, tell me,” say Mark
“Really, it’s nothing,” say Noona
“Come one be happy. We’re making chocolate, your favorite hobby, and why aren’t you happy,” say Mark
“It’s just that, I was wondering if I can full fill my dream,” say Noona
“And what’s that dream?” ask Mark
“To own a chocolate shop,” say Noona
“To own a chocolate shop?! That sounds fun,” say Mark
“It does,” say Noona
“Yes, that’s a wonderful thing, but why are you so unhappy about it?” ask Mark
“I don’t think that I’ll be able to full fill it,” say Noona
Mark put her hands in his.
“You can do it, but you have to have faith, tell me you will, ok,” say Mark
Noona stare at him. She love hime. Very much.
“Yes,” say Noona
Mark smile at her.
“Promise me?” ask Mark
“Yes, but promise me also that you’ll help me create it, too, ok,” say Noona
“I promise,” say Mark, and they did the pinky promise together
“We’re are going to make our shop the best, right?” ask Noona
“Yes, the best in the world,” say Noona
They both smile.
~End of flashback~
“I…I can’t make that promise come true anymore. I’m sorry, but I can’t,” said Noona, crying.
        “It’s all right,” said Mark
        “And about Kim, I want you guys to last.  I’m not mad, I’m happy for you. This is all I have to say to you.” Then she turned to Bie, and asked for him.
        “I’m sorry, but I can’t love you,” she said, then she started to cough out blood.
        “Noona, stop talking,” said Bie, close to tears.
        “I can’t. I have to tell you. In this life, I’m that that lucky person that can be with you. I know that you can find someone way better than me. But I have one request, can you fulfill it for me?” asked Noona.
        “Yes!” Bie yelled.
        “I want you to continue singing. Sing for me and your fans, okay?”
        “Okay,” Bie promised.
        “Thank you. You’ve never disappoint me, so don’t disappoint me this time, okay?” Noona put her hand to his cheek.
        “Okay.” Bie touched her hand, and hold it. Then Noona’s hand dropped…
        “Why are you so unhappy?” asked Yaya to Margie.
        “It’s nothing,” answered Margie.
        “Are you exited?” asked Yaya
        Margie nodded. She didn’t want to talk now.  She felt like she had made a wrong choice choosing to marry Boy, but she really want to marry him, he was a good man after all.
        “It’s good that your wedding is tomorrow. I’m really happy for you,” said Yaya
        “Yaya, am I making a wrong decision?” asked Margie
        “No, I don’t think so. Boy is a  good person, and I’m sure that you’ll have a happy life with him,” said Yaya.
        “You sure?” asked Margie
        “I’m sure.”
        “Why are you not doing anything? Tomorrow is Boy’s wedding with that girl,” said Kim
        “Why should I?”
        “Because you love him, don’t you?” asked Kim
        “Yes, I do, but he loves someone else.  I don’t want to hurt him.”
        “Who does he love?” asked Kim, confused.
        “Margie,” Marie silently answered.
        “Her?! Did Boy tell you that he likes her?”
        “Yes. He told me everything. It hurts, but I’m happy for him.”
        “Oh, Marie, I’m sorry.” Kim hugged Marie tightly while she cried.
        Chalida finally reached her hometown. She looked at it and then walked to her grandparents’ house.
        “Grandma!” she shouted when she saw her grandma. Her grandma turned toward her and smiled.
        “You’re here, my sweetheart. Come on in,” she welcomed.
        Chalida nodded, and went inside.
        “How are you these days?” asked her grandma.
        “It’s okay. I just need a  rest from things in Bangkok,” answered Chalida.
        “Oh, how is you mother and father?”
        “They are also good. Everything is fine grandma. I just want to stay here for a while. I want to rest.”
        “Okay, I know that you’re tired.  I’ll go prepare a bed for you.”
        “Yes, grandma.”
        Her grandma went off, and prepared a room for her. When she was done, Chalida went in there and unpacked.
        James walked up to Chailda’s house, but there was no one. He rang the doorbell, and still no one came. The house was silent. He took put his phone and called Chailda, but sh didn’t answer. He went around the house and finally found a note.
        The note says:
        Good-bye, James. I hope that you’ll have a good life.
        “What is this?!” James asked, confused.  “It must be mom and dad.”
        He quietly left, and went some other places. He didn’t want to stay if Chailda isn’t there.
        Bie and Mark waited hours at the hospital, worrying about Noona.
        “Please let her be okay,” both of them chanted.
        Finally, the doctor came out. They both rushed to him. “Doctor, how is Noona?”
        “I’m sorry. I tired everything  I could, but it did not work,” he sadly  replied.  Then he walked away.
        Bie and Mark rushed inside to look at Noona’s dead body. “ She’s gone, she’s really gone,” Mark said.
        Yaya and Nadech were at the dinning table, trying to eat their dinner.  They both steal glances at each other when the other wasn’t looking. They were almost done when Yaya’s phone rang. Nadech looked up at Yaya and she stare back, and their eyes locked together for a second. Then Yaya answered her phone.
        “Hello,” answered Yaya.
        “Yaya, I need you to come to the hospital,” yelled Mark, crying.
        “Okay, okay, calm down. Tell me what the problem is,” said Yaya. Nadech was staring at her, wanting to know what was going in.
        “It’s Noona. She’s gone,” Mark said, calming down.
        After hearing that, Yaya dropped her phone, and couldn’t move.  She couldn’t get what Mark just said through her head. Nadech got up and walked over to her and picked up the phone.
        “Hello, this Nadech,” said Nadech into the phone.
        “Nadech. Nadech please take Yaya to the hospital,,” pleaded Mark.
        “What for?” asked Nadech.
        “It’s Noona….”
        “Okay, we’re coming,” said Nadech. He turned off the phone and then took Yaya. They headed for the hospital,. Nadech was driving as fast as he could.
        When they got there, they went straight the the room and saw Mark and Bie sitting together, their face in their hands.
        “Mark, Bie.,” said Nadech,, they took their hands off their face annd stared at Nadech and Yaya.
        “Where’s Noona?” asked Yaya, still a bit shocked.
        Mark led the way.  When Yaya saw Noona, she cried and Nadech put her face to his chest, embracing her. Yaya didn’t pulled away, for it was what she needed at the time and Nadech was glad that she didn’t.
        2 hours later, Nadech and Yaya went back home, since they’ll have to go to the wedding the next day. Bie and Mark stayed.
        “Are you ready for tomorrow?” asked Tah.
        “Yes, of course. I can’t wait to get rid of him,” said Sara, happily.
        “Yes, everything is set. I’ve called the police already, and they said that they were ready.”
        “That’s good.”
        Tah climbed out of the Sara’s window and went to sleep. They both had a good sleep.
        Chailda moved back and forth on her bed. She couldn’t go to sleep. James’ face kept coming into her head, and she missed him, a lot, too.  It was good that her grandparents didn’t know or else they would have been worried.
        James was sitting at a bar, drinking. He didn’t know where to find Chailda, and he didn’t want to face his parents, they were the one that made Chailda go away, he was sure. He knew that they didn’t approve of their relationship before and still wouldn’t now, but he didn’t care. For once, he’s going to do what he wanted instead of their needs.
        The next day was of course the wedding day. Margie was in her room, dressing. She wasn’t the cheerful Margie that Yaya knew though, something was wrong, it really has to be.
        “Are you okay?” asked Yaya
        “I’m okay,” answered Margie in monotone. She sounded like a lifeless person.
        “But-” started Yaya.
        “Yaya, what will you say if I ran away from this wedding?” asked Margie, interrupting.
        “What?!” said Yaya, confused.
        “But-,” started Yaya again.
        “May I have sometime alone?” Margie interrupted.
        “Yes,” said Yaya and she went out.
        Margie went and stood in front of the mirror, staring at her image. She saw herself and cried, she couldn’t bear it anymore, the pain in her heart. She stole Marie’s guy, a nice girl like her doesn’t deserve it, not one bit. She is starting ti realize and the thought brought pain again to her heart. She can’t stay in this wedding anymore, she had to flee, go to a place where no one can find her. She lifted the many layers of her wedding dress, and ran out of the room…
        “I’m really happy for you today. Congratulations!” the guest repeatedly said too Boy and he nodded and thanked them. Nadech walked to him and helped him.
        “Congrats friend, I hope that you’ll have a happy long-lasting life with Margie,” said Nadech.
        “Thanks,” Boy responded.
        They greet the guests together and Boy was thinking about Margie. “What is taking her so long?” he silently thought. Then he spotted Yaya, and waved at her. Yaya walked up to him.
        “What is it?” asked Yaya
        “Where is Margie?” asked Boy, worried.
        ” She’s still in the room. She wanted time alone to herself. I think that she’s still confused,” said Yaya.
        “Will, it’s okay, we still have a few minutes left. You go back and check on her, okay,” said Boy
        “Yes.” Yaya went back to the room. She knocked on the door, but there was no answer. She opened the door, and saw that Margie was nowhere in sight. Then she remembered her words-     “Yaya, what will you say if I ran away from this wedding?”.
        She went back to Boy as fast as possible.
        “Margie is gone,” said Yaya, almost out of breath.
        “What?!” said Boy. He didn’t wait for an answer, all he knew was that he needed to go fetch her back. He ran straight for the door…
        Sia was out early in the morning, and Sara and Tah quietly followed him. When they got their, they hid, and waited Sia and his partner to exchange the illegal drugs and money. When they finally are done and were about to leave, Tah and Sara jumped out at them.
        “Everyone freeze, you are surrounded by the police, release your weapons,” said Tah.
        But instead of following what Tah said, Sia got out his gun. “Get them,” he ordered one of his man. The man went out and then came back. Sara and Tah stood still, terrified. They had kidnapped her parents and are using them.
        “You think that I don’t know your plan, ha,” said Sia.
        “Don’t do anything to my parents,” Sara pleaded.
        “Why should I listen to you?” asked Sia.
        “I would do anything you ask of me, please…” she pleaded again, kneeling down…
        “James, get up!” his parents shouted at him.
        “What is it?” he asked, confused at the setting. He was supposed to be at the bar, not his house.
        “Get up, son. We have a matter to talk to you about,” said his father
        James sat up and stared at his parents. “What?!”
        “Son, we know that you like this girl, Chalida, but we don’t approve of her,” said his father.
        “Why? Is it because she’s poor?”
        “Yes and no. But we’ve already picked out a bride for you, ever since the day that you were born, and we don’t dare go against the promise,” said his father.
        “What promise?” James asked, curious.
        “Well, it wasn’t a promise. We just want you to marry that girl, she seem like a nice girl, too,” answered his father.
        “Dad, I will never marry anyone else besides Chailda,” James said and laid back down.
        “Son,” said his father. James was annoyed, he got out of the house and drove to Chailda’s parent’s house. Her parents were surprised to see him.
        “What are you here for?” asked her mother.
        “I want to know where Chailda is, may you provide me information,” said James.
        “I think that she went to her grandmother’s house,” said her mother, and then she give him the directions. As James drove there, he smiled, happy that he will find Chailda. This time he will not let she slip away like last time…
        “Marie, let’s go to the park again, okay?” asked Kim.
        “Yes,” Marie agreed, happily. Kim was glad to see her friend so happy. Marie had not been happy lately and she was glad. Marie, too, was glad.
        Kim drove them to the park and they sat at the bench and watched the little children play in the grass. Everything that day was beautiful, the weather was also very fine, and especially the people, they were all in a good mood which made everything lively…
Enjoy! :D

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