Messy Circle of Love Chapter 18 Part 2

Chapter 18
    The next day, Noona went back to work with Yaya in the shop.
    “Good morning,” said Yaya
    “Good morning,” said Noona, putting on her apron.
    They remained silent silent for a while then Yaya walked to Noona.
    “Are you okay?” asked Yaya
    “Yes,” replied  Noona, walking away.
    “If you don’t feel fine, you may go home,” said Yaya, following her.
    “It’s okay. I’m alright,” said Noona.
    Yaya walked to the window, and stared out. He saw Mark and Bie both getting out of their car, and rushing to the shop. “Look who’s here,” said Yaya, happily. Noona rushed to her, and looked out. She saw Bie and Mark fighting to get into the shop first, but she didn’t really care. She walked away unhappily. Yaya looked at Noona’s sad expression as she walked away.
    Mark and Bie got into the shop, both trying to squeeze through the door to be first.
    “Noona,” they both shouted happily.
    Then Bie pushed Mark out the door, and went in first. He walked to Noona. “Noona…” he started.
    Then Mark came in, and pushed Bie out of the way. “Hey, she’s mine. Noona, I need to talk to you,” said Mark
    Noona turned the other way, ignoring Mark. “Look, she doesn’t want to see a lair like you,” said Bie
    “Noona, listen to me. I didn’t intend to forget. Something came up,” said Mark
    Noona suddenly turned around, listening to Mark. “And it was…?” asked Noona
    “It’s not important,” said Mark.
    “Why not. It’s important enough to make you forget about me,” said Noona, mad.
    Bie only stared at them, satisfy with their argument. Yaya stared at Bie and then at Noona and Mark. She can tell that Bie was enjoying every moment of it, and have no thought of helping.
    “It’s ummm…,” said Mark
    “Say it!” Noona ordered.
    “It’s Kim,” Mark blurted out.
    “I knew it,” said Noona, looking at him with rage, “all I can say is that I’m very disappointed in you, Mark.” Then her eyes fill with tears. Mark reach out to wipe it, but she pushed his hands away. “Go away! I don’t want to see you anymore!” she shouted. Mark still wouldn’t give up, and tired again, but Noona pushed him away. Yaya walked to him, and asked him to go outside with her. Mark hesitated, but went. After they left, Bie tried to comfort Noona, saying happy things to her.
    Nadech was sitting at his desk, unable to work. He was still thinking about Yaya and that night. He smiled happily to himself of the memory. He had finally made up with Yaya, and now they understand each other. Then there was a knock on the door, and then the door opened. It was his father.
    “Dad,” said Nadech, standing up.
    “Where have you been?” asked his father
    “Yaya and I. It’s a long story, why don’t you sit down,” said Nadech
    “I’m only here for a bit. Our company is being rate the best, and there’s going to be an award ceremony. You have to be there to support our company. After all you’re the CEO,” siad his father
    “Yes, father,” said Nadech. Then his  father walked back out. Nadech sat back down. He wanted a rest from all of these work. He didn’t want to attend the ceremony at all, but he knew that disobeying his father will get him into big trouble. Then his phone rang. It was Kim.
    “Hello,” answered Nadech
    “Nadech! I’m so glad that you’re back,” said Kim
    “How are you Kim?” asked Nadech
    “I’m fine, and how are you?” asked Kim
    “What business do you have?” asked Nadech
    “Nothing. I just miss you a lot,” said Kim
    “Oh,” said Nadech, then Nadech remembered about the event. “Kim, I’m going to have a award party, will you be able to come?”
    “Yes! Congratulations, Nadech.”
    “Thanks, Kim!”
    “You’re welcome.”
    Nadech and Kim said their good-byes and hung up.
    “What is it, Yaya?” asked Mark when they got outside.
    “I just want to know what really happened. What is wrong with Noona and your relationship?” said Yaya
    “Okay, okay, I’ll tell you what happened,” said Mark. “Well, Noona was really sick and went to the hospital, and yesterday was the day she was going to get released from the hospital,, and I promised her that I will be picking her up. But something came up, Kim was sad and wanted me to stay with her, so I did. I didn’t mean to forget about Noona, but I also pity Kim.”
    Yaya listened to all of them. Mark wasn’t wrong, but he wasn’t right, too. She couldn’t judge it fairly at all. She was a bit confused about Kim and Mark together. “Why are they even together?” shed asked herself.
    “I know what you’re thinking,” said Mark. “You’re thinking why I was with her, right?”
    Yaya only stood there, staring at him. “I think that you should give Noona sometime, Mark. Come back when she isn’t moody. She’s having a bad time and might not want to listen to you-” said Yaya, but Mark interrupted.
    “Yaya, you don’t understand. Bie is there, and he’s trying to get Noona’s heart,” said Mark, madly.
    “Mark, you need to calm down,” said Yaya
    “Margie, are you awake?” asked Boy, softly.
    Margie slowly woke up and rubbed her eyes. She was surprised to see Boy up, next to her.
    “What is it?” asked Margie, sitting up.
    “I thought you told me yesterday to wake you up so we can go and have fun again,” said Boy
    “Oh yes! What time is it?” asked Margie, getting out of her bed.
    “Relax, it’s just 9:00. We still have a lot of time,” said Boy
    “No we don’t. I want to spend the whole day with you,” said Margie
    “Okay, okay, go and get shower and dress up so we can go,” said Boy
    “Okay,” said Margie with a smile. She got up and went away, leaving Boy alone, smiling to himself. After that, they went out and ate their breakfast. And then went out to the beach and start splashing on each other.
    Mark drove home, mad. He was mad at everything and everyone. He was mad at himself most. How could he have forgotten? Noona was his most special person! He drove as fast as he could back home. When he got home, he went straight to his room, and laid on the bed, thinking to himself. Then his phone rang. He thought it was Noona, and got happy, but it was only Kim.
    “Hello,” said Mark
    “Mark, hello. How are you?” asked Kim
    “I’m okay,” he lied.
    “Oh really. Well, I hope that I didn’t cause any trouble for you.”
    “No at all.”
    “So what are you doing today?”
    “Nothing. I need time to rest.”
    “May you-” Kim started, but was cut by Mark.
    “Look, Kim, I’m having a tough day, and want to get some rest. Let’s talk another time,” Mark said and hung up.
    Kim on the other side, was mad that Mark hung up on her.
    “Mark, how dare you!” she said.
    James came back to Chalida’s house.
    “Chailda, I’m here,” he shouted.
    Chailda heard and walked to him.
    “How are you today?” asked James
    “I’m fine,” said Chailda
    “Oh. Today, I brought a lot of things so we can make food together,” said James, happily, showing her the foods her brought.
    “What about work?” asked Chalida, staring at him. She doesn’t want his kindness, not even a bit. “You’ve always worried about work and your parents, didn’t you? You’ve never seem to care for much except them.” James give her a hurt stare. He was really hurt by her words.
    “Let’s cook,” James said finally. He walked to the kitchen and put the food there, taking them out of the bag.
    Chalida stood and watched him cook. It was weird to see him cook, because he had never do it before.
    “How was your sleep?” asked Sia
    “It wasn’t too horrible,” Sara answered, not looking at him.
    “That’s good. Rest well, because you won’t have anymore time to do that. You’ll have to help me with my work.”
    “I don’t want to.” Sara stood up and walked away. She walked outside, and went for a little walk around the house. She wants to get out of this horrible house, as soon as possible.
    “How was your day?” asked Nadech, bring lunch to Yaya at her shop.
    “It was okay,” answered Yaya
    “You looked really tired,” said Nadech
    “It’s okay, I’m fine,” said Yaya
    “I have something to tell you,” said Nadech
    “What is it?” asked Yaya
    “I won another award, and there is going to be an award ceremony. Would you like to come with me?” asked Nadech
    “Sure,” said Yaya. She was happy for him and tried her best to show it, but she had a confusing day, so it was hard for her. Nadech understood and asked no more.
    “Let”s go in for lunch,” said Boy
    “Yes,” said Margie. They both walked back and into the dinning room.
    “Wait, I need to go get something,” said Margie all of a sudden. She ran, but the floor was slippery, and she slipped. But luckily, Boy caught her before she hit the ground. They stood still, staring into each other’s eyes for a while.
    “Are you alright?” asked Boy, breaking the silents.
    “Yes,” said Margie, standing up.
    “I’ll go get it. It’s your towel, isn’t it?” asked Boy
    “Yes,” said Margie, staring at him.
    “I’ll go get it,” said Boy. Then he walked back to the beach, leaving Margie standing alone, thinking to herself. Margie was happy and shocked of Boy’s kindness. She stood there and waited for him. Boy came back with her towel then they walked silently to the room.
    “What would you like?” asked the waiter.
    “Just the same seafood,” said Boy
    Then the waiter went, and Boy and Margie was alone.
    “Thanks,” said Margie
    “It’s alright,” said Boy, taking a drink from his water.
    “Thanks for the food,” said Chailda.
    “Your welcome,” said James.
    Chailda continue eating the delicious food in front of her. It was so delicious that she forgot that James was even there. She just kept on eating happily. James enjoyed staring at her eating. It made his heart peaceful.
    “You like it?” James asked even though he knew.
    “Yes, very much,” said Chailda. Then she stopped eating, and thought. “Why am I even enjoying this? I’m supposed to be mad! I’m supposed to not be happy in front of him, especially about his food.” She told herself.
    “Why did you stop?” James asked.
    “Nothing. I think that I’m full,” said Chailda. She went away.
*Note: I’m doing each couple by itself for same month, but they’ll just be on their own, not switching back and forth.
        2 days later
Yaya remembered about Margie, and called her. Margie answered. From the tone of her voice, Yaya could tell she was having a really good time.
    “Hello,” said Margie, joyfully.
    “Margie?” asked Yaya
    “Yaya?!” siad Margie, happily
    “How are you?” asked Yaya
    “I’m good. It’s really nice here, and Boy is really nice to me,” said Margie
    “Oh really. Then I happy for you. Have lots of fun, okay,” said Yaya
    “Thanks, Yaya. How about you? And Nadech,” asked Margie
    “We’re also good, too. We just got back 3 days ago. We’re doing really good; Nadech is spending more time with me,” said Yaya
    “That’s great. Now days, thing sure is getting better, right?” asked Margie
    “Kind of. Noona and Mark are going through a hard time, and I haven’t heard much from Tah,” said Yaya
    “It’s okay. I think that they’ll be fine,” siad Margie
    “Yes. I just hope it’s like that,” said Yaya
    They talked for a little bit more and then they hang out and went back to their business.
    It was the evening of the award, and Yaya was excited. She wanted to surprised Nadech, so she got of work early and went to prepared herself. She tired to find the most beautiful-lest dress she could find, and do her hair in the most fashionable way. She wanted to look pretty, really pretty, just for Nadech.
    Kim, too on the other hand, wanted to look beautiful, just for Nadech. She also tried to find the best dress and hairstyle. Yaya and Kim went to the same place, Kim saw Yaya, and was curious about what she was doing there. After she asked the hairstylist, and knew the reason, she was mad. How could she?! Kim hid Yaya’s dress, so that she won’t be there on time. After that, Kim went to the party, feeling satisfied.
    Nadech looked around the room, looking for Yaya and Kim. They weren’t there yet. He looked at his watch then at the door again, but no one entered. Then finally after a few minutes, Kim walked in, looking really beautiful. She walked to Nadech.
    “Congrats!” said Kim, hugging him in front of everyone. The cameras flashed, taking lots of pictures.
    “What you can’t find my dress?” asked Yaya, panicking.
    “Yes, Mrs. Kugimiya. I remember it was here, but now I can’t find it,” said the girl.
    “You have to find!” Yaya half-shouted. She really wanted to get there on time for Nadech.
    “Yes,” said the girl, and she went away, looking at all places she could remember about the dress.
    Minutes later, the girl came back.
    “I finally found it, Mrs. Kugimiya” said the girl, running to her with the dress in her hand.
    “Thanks!” said Yaya. She quickly got dressed, and drove to Nadech’s ceremony, careful not to drive too fast.
    Nadech and Kim were sitting together at the couch, getting questioned by the news reporters.
    “How do you feel getting this award?” asked a news reporter
    “I’m happy,” answered Nadech
    They continued to questioned him. Nadech kept looking at the door, hoping for Yaya to come. She had promised him, and he really wanted her to come, but why wasn’t she coming?
    Then Yaya suddenly burst through the door. Nadech didn’t noticed since he was answering a news reporter. Yaya looked at Nadech and Kim sitting together. They looked so happy together, answering questions. And Nadech didn’t even seem a bit bother that Yaya wasn’t there, he looked happy, and she doesn’t want to destroy it. She walked out the door silently.
    When Yaya got home, she went straight to bed, not caring about other things. She felt tired and disappointed.
    Nadech finally finished with answering all the questions. He looked around one more time to see if Yaya was there. They he turned and went out the door.
    “Nadech,” Kim shouted. Nadech stopped walking, and turned back to her.
    “I just want to say good night to you and have a safe drive,” said Kim, smiling at him.
    “Thanks, Kim for all of your support!” said Nadech
    “You’re welcome,” said Kim. Then she hugged him tightly. “I’m willingly to do whatever you say.”
    Kim let go and they both parted their ways.
    When Nadech get home, he went straight to look for Yaya. He was disappointed in her for not attending the ceremony liked she had promised. He founded in the bedroom, lying down, not asleep.
    “How come you didn’t keep your promise?” asked Nadech, mad. Yaya sat up and looked at him. She wanted to tell him about her pain, but she didn’t. Nadech was also getting her mad. Instead, she ignored him and laid right back down, and closed her eyes. Nadech looked at her. He was even madder now.
    “Yaya!” he shouted. He walked to the bed, and roughly pulled her up.
    “Stop, you’re hurting me!” Yaya shouted back at him.
    “Answer me!” he ordered. Yaya looked away, and Nadech tighten his grip.
    “Let go of me!” Yaya shouted, trying to free herself.
    “Why did you do this to me, Yaya?! I’m very disappointed in you!” He shouted, and pulled her off the bed. They were both standing face to face.
    “I’m more disappointed in you. Kim and you-“
    “Why are you always blaming it on Kim?!” Nadech interrupt, “eveytime we argue, you always bring her up. Let me tell you tell you something. Tonight she was even better than you, she came and encouraged me, unlike you, who always break promises. You didn’t even come and congratulate me!”
    Yaya looked away, hurt. She didn’t expect Nadech to say such hurtful things. Nadech looked at her sad face. He regret saying those words, and wished he could take it back, but he can’t. He let go of Yaya, and Yaya fell back on the bed.
    “Yaya, I.” He put his hand on her shoulder, but she quickly moved it away.
    Yaya stood up again, and stared at him. “If she so much better than I, then go to her!” Yaya laid on the bed, and pulled the blankets over her head. Nadech looked at her. He wished that he could have taken everything back, but he again he can’t. He went out of the house, and drove to his office. At his office, he sat at his desk, working and checking all the documents.
    The next morning, Yaya woke up, and went downstairs. She was hoping to see Nadech, but he wasn’t there. Last night, she didn’t really mean what she said, and had wanted to apologize for her quick temper. She quickly finished her breakfast and went to work.
    Nadech was asleep on his desk. He haven’t gotten much sleep because he worked almost the whole night, and was really tired. He wished Yaya was there, to comfort him.
2 more days later…
    Nadech and Yaya continued to ignore each other. Whenever they’re near each other, they couldn’t say anything to each other. Nadech stayed in his office for the 2 nights, returning only to get the stuffs he needed. And Yaya was also barely home, she stayed up late at her shop, knowing that if she goes home early, there will be no one there waiting for her. She was lonely, but tried not to show it to anyone.
    1 month later…
    Yaya decided to visit Nadech’s mother at the hospital, so she wouldn’t be so lonely. It has been long since the last visit. She drove to the hospital, and entered her mother-in-law’s room.
    “Hello, mom,” said Yaya
    “Hello, Yaya,” said Nadech’s mother
    “How are you today?” asked Yaya
    “I’m fine, still the same. Now, what’s up with Nadech and you?”
    “It’s nothing.”
    “Of course it’s something, I know your mood. Did you and Nadech get in-“
    “We got into an argument.”
    “Mom, have you and dad ever gotten into arguments?”
    “Of course. We got into more arguments than you and Nadech ever did. We argue almost every single day. You and Nadech are lucky.”
    “How are we lucky? Nadech is always around girls.”
    “Well, Nadech is a nice boy. I know him well. Yaya, I think that you’ve just misunderstand him.”
    “Mom, I didn’t misunderstand. I witness everything. You know Kim?”
    “Yes, she’s Nadech’s ex-girlfriend. She was also a very nice girl, too.”
    “May you tell me about her. I think that I know too little of this.”
    “Of course. Okay, when Nadech was 5, we moved to the country for your father-in-law’s work. Nadech met Kim there, at first they were just friends, but then as they grew older, they developed feelings for each other. Your father-in-law and I didn’t want that, so we decided to leave. Nadech promised Kim that he’ll come back to her and they’ll get married. But your father-in-law sent Nadech to America, and burned every letter they send to each other, so that they’ll not be in contact. We decided to pay Kim and her family money, so that she’ll get out of my son’s life. But then she didn’t want it, she’ll rather be with Nadech then take those money. Your father-in-law and I have nothing else in mind except for killing. We’ve tired, and the people we pay to do it says that she was dead. We believed it but it wasn’t true. And now she came back. She wants Nadech, doesn’t she?”
    Yaya nodded her head, speechless.
    “It’s okay, Yaya. No matter what, you’re still Kugimiya’s daughter-in-law.”
    “I’m okay mom. I just pity Kim a bit. All of these times, I’ve always pity myself, but she was also pitiful.”
    “It’s my fault. I’m sorry, Yaya.” said Nadech’s mother. She started crying for a bit then Yaya quiet her down. “Promised me Yaya that you won’t tell Nadech all these things. He’ll be heartbroken if he knew.”
    “Yes, mom. Now, please rest.” Yaya helped her lay down. After she went sleep, Yaya thought about the story again. It was really sad, and she knew Nadech will be heartbroken. Well, she wanted to protect him since she had wronged him.
    “Nadech,” said Kim, knocking on the door. Nadech welcomed her in.
    “Do you have time for lunch?” asked Kim. Nadech looked at his watch, then said yes. They both went out to a restaurant.
    At the restaurant, they’ve ordered already. Both of  them were quiet.
    “So how’s work?” asked Kim, finally, breaking the silence.
    “It’s okay.”
    “Why do you look so sad?”
    “It’s nothing.”
    “Is it because of Yaya. Did you guys argue?”
    “Was the argument about me?”
    “How did you know?”
    “I know because of you face. Don’t worry, Nadech, I won’t cause any problems for you.”
    “It’s okay, let’s eat.”
    “Okay.” They started eating then a waiter came rushing by, and accidentally spilled juice all over Nadech.
    “Sorry,” said the waiter
    “It’s okay,” said Nadech. Kim walked over to Nadech and wipe his clothes.”It’s okay, Kim, you don’t have to do this.”
    “It’s okay, I’m willing. Take the ring off, and let me wipe you hand.”
    “It’s okay, it’s just for a while.”
    “Okay.” Nadech took the weding ring off, putting it on the table.
    When they finished cleaning, Nadech’s phone rang. He answered it, and his secretary told him that he’ll have to be back at the office in half an hour. Nadech hurried and finished his food. Then he turned to Kim.
    “I’m going to go home. Thanks, Kim,” said Nadech
    “It’s okay,” said Kim. Nadech left, leaving Kim. Then Kim also left. They both forgot about the wedding ring.
    Nadech drove home to take a shower and change clothes.
    When Yaya got home, she saw Nadech’s car, and smiled. She ran inside to house to find Nadech. She found Nadech in their room, dressing up.
    “Nadech, do you-“
    “It’s fine, I already have lunch,” he said without looking.
    “With who?”
    Yaya looked at him, trying not to let her anger grow. She then looked at his hand, their wedding ring was gone. Nadech always wear their wedding ring, but now he didn’t. Yaya couldn’t hold her anger any longer. “Where is your wedding ring?”
    Nadech looked at his hand. There was no ring. He forgot his ring at the restaurant. He phoned Kim, hoping that the ring is safe with her. But Kim said the ring wasn’t with her. Yaya watched him, completely confused. She wanted an explanation. But then Nadech just rushed out the door with no explanation for her. He drove back to the restaurant, hoping to find it at the same place, but it wasn’t. He sadly drove back to his office, hopeless.
    After that, Nadech and Yaya didn’t talk at all. When Nadech needed something, he’ll send a person to fetch it for him. He couldn’t stand looking at Yaya since he lost their ring. He continued to stay in his office each day, working hard.
    Yaya, too, was more lonely. She barely stay in the house. Most days, she’ll stay up late at the shop. And will visit Nadech’s mother for comfort. She barely gets enough sleep like Nadech. She wanted Nadech to come back and for the house to be the same,.
    2 days later
    “I’m tired of playing around the beach always, is there something else we can do?” asked Margie
    “No, we’re stuck here. You wanted to come here, didn’t you?” asked Boy
    “Yes, but we’ve been playing with water for days, and now I’m bored.”
    “It wasn’t for days, it was only about 5 days.”
    “Still, I want to do something different.”
    “What do you want to do?”
    “I want to ride a ship, a big big ship.”
    “Well, I don’t think that we could do that here.”
    “We can drive to a place we can.”
    “No, let’s go take a walk. We’ve always been around the beach, and never went to explore.”
    “Come one lets, go.” Boy grabbed her hand and helped her up. They walked outside, on the shore of the beach. The weather today was really beautiful. They walked around and around in circles, until Margie wanted to go back in. They went back in and finished their lunch, and brought a snack.
    “Let’s build sand castles. Let’s race, okay,” said Margie
    “Okay.” Boy agreed.
    They walked to the sand, and started building their castles. After a few minutes, they finished. They asked the family next to them to judge. Margie won, hers was more beautiful.
    “I won! I won! I won!” Margie shouted over and over again.
    “Congrats!” said Boy.
    “Thanks!” said Margie. She put her hands around his neck, and smiled, hugging him tightly.
    “Let’s race again?” asked Boy
    “Okay,” said Margie. They went back to building their sand castle. They sat in the sun for a long time building their sand castle, Boy wiped the sweat off of his head, and got some sand on his head. Margie reached over, and wiped the sand off, but more sand got stuck to her head.
    “Hey you, why did you do that?” asked Boy
    “I’m wiping away the sand, but it doesn’t seem to come off. Let me go wash my hand, and wipe it off.”  She walked to the water and washed her hand. Then she walked back to him, and wiped away the sand. He stood still, letting her.
    “Thanks,” he said finally.
    “It’s okay. Let’s go inside, it’s almost evening,” said Margie. She walked away, but Boy stood still, watching her walked away. After a while, Margie turned around but Boy wasn’t behind her, so she walked back again. He was still there, sitting, staring at the orange sky.
    “What are you doing?” asked Margie
    “Nothing, I just want to watch the sun set,” answered Boy
    “Mind if I join?” asked Margie
    “Go ahead.”
    They sat silent for a long time, just staring at the sunset. It was beautiful, they wanted to enjoy the moment. The sun finally set, but they were still outside, now staring as the star appeared in the sky. The night was breezy and cool, just the type of night that you’ll want to be outside, star-gazing together with someone. Then finally after a long time of silent, Margie spoke.
    “What’s in your heart?” asked Margie
    But Boy didn’t answer, he was too busy in his mind, so Margie remained quiet. Boy laid down, so did Margie.
    Boy woke up, feeling the water on his feet. He sat up and looked at his surroundings. Then he looked to his side, and saw Margie. She was still asleep. He looked at her, sleeping dreamily. He studied her for a long time. Then he shook her, waking her up.
    “Where are we?” asked Margie, half conscious.
    “We’re at the beach,” answered Boy softly.
    Margie slowly opened her eyes, and looked at the surrounding.
    “What?! We slept here all night long?” She sat right up, surprised.
    Boy laughed, and then answered “yes”.
    They got up and went inside to take their showers and change of clothes. And they went to go get their breakfast.
    “You know that I’ve always wanted to sleep outside like that ever since I was young. But mother never lets me,” said Margie
    “Oh really.”
    “Yes,  mother is always scared that I’ll get sick. She never lets me do things I like.”
    Then Boy turned to Margie, and held his pinky between them. “I’ll promise you another thing. This promise is that we’ll sleep outside every night and stare at the night sky, okay.”
    Margie smile and put her pinky to his, and then they twisted it. “Promise.”
    Boy smiled, and the ate.
10 more days…
    Boy and Margie continued to do what was promised. They slept outside on the last 2 days, and stared at the stars. They had competition together. They’ll build sand castles and play in the water on afternoons, and sometimes play with the little kids.
    During the 10 days, Boy started to develop feelings for Margie, but secretly hides it. He enjoyed being with her, and tried to be with always.
    Margie’s feelings got stronger. She tried impress him instead of annoying him. She’ll try her best to make him smile and laugh, but letting a moment slip away.
    1 month later…
    It was the last day for them. Margie is sad to leave since she enjoyed spending time with Boy. She wanted it to be the same always, but she knew that things will get better. She and Boy are going to get marry after this. Boy, too, wanted to stay. They decided to go to the shop and do some shopping before they go.
    Boy brought Margie a turquoise pearl and pebble bracelet.

    “Thanks!” she exclaimed happily.
    “You’re welcome,” said Boy.
    “It’s beautiful.”
    Boy stared at Margie, her enjoyment. After that, they went to the airport.
    They spotted their parents right away when they reach the other airport. Boy took Margie, hand in hand, and walked to the elders. Their parents give them hugs and pats.
    “It seemed now that they’re ready to have their wedding,” said Boy’s mother
    “Sure does,” agreed Margie’s father
    Boy and Margie smiled at each other.
Mark- Kim/Marie
    3 days later
    Kim was tired from the ceremony the day before. She was also still thinking about it. It was Nadech’s ceremony party and Kim wanted to be the most beautiful-lest. When she saw that Yaya was also determined on the same goal, she hid her dress, so she could get to Nadech’s party first. She thought that Yaya was going to be there, but was surprised she wasn’t. She tired to only focus her mind on Nadech, but she could not. She did a bad thing, especially to Yaya, and regret doing it. She hoped they didn’t have an argument or anything, but half hoped they do. She wanted Nadech back, but also she doesn’t want to break relationship. After all this, she was so tired, and all she wanted to do was sleep. She had spend the whole night thinking about it.
    Mark was still convinced that he could turned Noona back to him, but how? Bie was always near her, and he hated it. How can Bie do that to him?! Noona was his, and Noona had loved him not Bie. But does he really love Noona? Will he be able to give her all the love she deserve? As he thought of Noona, Kim came into his mind. He remembered that day he spent with her, it was fun, and wanted to go again. But he can’t, he have to have Noona back. But Kim kept slipping inside his head, until he couldn’t hold it any longer. He drove to her house.
    Kim opened the door for him. She was surprised to see him there, and he knew.
    “I want to talk to you,” said Mark
    “About?” asked Kim
    “It’s about Noona,” answered Mark
    “Okay,” said Kim, unsure of what to say next.
    “May you come and sit with me here,” said Mark. He sat down then pat the space next to him for her to sit.
    She sat down.
    “What would you do if you and Marie were fighting over a boy?” asked Mark
    “Me and Marie. We’ll never do that,” she answered.
    “What if.”
    “I don’t know. But I’m sure she’s going to let me have him. That’s what friends are, aren’t they? But I do that. I won’t let a boy ruined our friendship.”
    “You’re talking about you and Bie, right?”
    Mark remained silent for a bit, and Kim let him.
    Then Mark turned to Kim. “When I have a problem, may I come to you?”
    “Of course.” Kim smiled at him, and Mark smiled back. It has been days since he smiled.
    “You have a really beautiful smile,” Mark complimented. And Kim blushed, which she barely does. Marie was watching them from the side. Ever since Boy was gone, she was left alone. She missed Boy, and hope that he hadn’t change yet. As her thinking  drift off, Mark and Kim were now laughing and goofing off.
    1 week later
    After that day, Mark was more confident. He would go and have chats with Kim whenever he can in the week. His thoughts about Noona grew fainter. He barely remember about Noona now; his world only seem to have Kim.
    “I wonder if I’m falling in love with her?” he asked himself. “Certainly not.” He smile and laughed at the thought. He tired to think of something else, but he could only think about her.
    Kim, too thought about Mark. Nadech seemed to be the blue mood, and she didn’t want to disturb him. She enjoyed the time spent with Mark. He made her smile and laughed hard every time he came. Marie sometimes talked and sat with them, but she didn’t mind. The jokes also brighten Marie up which made her happy, since Marie hadn’t been happy for a long time. And she missed Marie’s smile.
1 month later
    It was already one month, and Mark still does the same thing. He visited Kim and Marie frequently. Marie and Kim were used to his many visits. Marie was surprised to be smiling and laughing these days without Boy. Maybe she would live without him, since of course he’s a good son, and needed to be obedient to his parents. Kim and Mark became closer.
    “Can we be friends?” asked Mark
    “Of course,” said Kim
    “That’ll be wonderful. But I have something to ask of you,” said Mark
    “What is it?”
    “Don’t think about Nadech anymore. I don’t want you to hurt Yaya.”
    “I can’t promise you that.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because you don’t understand my side of the story.”
    “Okay, tell me.”
    Kim told him about the time Nadech and her met, how they fell in love, how they got separate, meeting again, her feelings after finding about he got married, and the pain in her heart. Mark listened carefully. He felt sorry for her, but he also feel sorry for Yaya. He don’t know which to help….
    Marie walked out, smiling to herself.
    “Where are you going? Why are you so happy?” asked Kim
    “I’m going to the airport,” answered Marie
    “Why?” asked Kim
    “It’s nothing,” answered Marie
    “It is something!” Kim walked up to Marie, and snatched her keys.
    “Hey, give it back!” Marie chased her.Mark joined in, helping Kim. Then Kim tripped, and fell on top of Mark. Marie took the chance, and got the keys back. She drove away, leaving them. Kim looked at Mark, and he stared back.
    “What are you two doing?” asked Grandma On, waking them from their thoughts. Kim got off Mark, and they stood up. Grandma On stared at them, and smiled.
    Marie reached the airport. She went to search for Boy, and finally spotted him. She waved to him, but he didn’t see her. Then she saw it, Boy was holding Margie’s hand and walked toward her, but stopped in the middle. He was actually greeting his parents, and he looked happy. He and Margie also seem close, too, and it pained her heart that he was happy. She should had been happy, but she was sad to know that he had enjoyed everything/ Maybe he had also forgotten her.
    2 days later
    Bie was always coming, and Noona felt like she’s taking all of his time. She told him that he don’t have too, but he insisted on coming everyday. She appreciated it, but she can’t help it,  but slightly felt a bit of annoyance. This problem is hers, not his, and he shouldn’t be worrying about it. She’s the only one to.
    Bie knows that Noona is annoyed by him, but he can’t bear to see her alone. She looked so sad, and he wanted to cheer her up, even if it hurt-ed him. He hoped that one day Noona will acknowledge his feelings, and choose him. He drove to the shop, and went in. The shop was empty except for Noona. Yaya was out, not feeling well.
    “Do you need any help?” asked Bie
    “No,” said Noona, trying hard not to sound cold. She didn’t want him to be here, she had wanted to be alone, and think. Noona walked to the other side of the kitchen, losing her balance. Bie caught her, holding on to her waist.
    “Are you okay?” asked Bie
    “Yes,” she answered. Bie was still holding her. “You can let go of me now.” Bie let go, and Noona walked away.
    Bie looked after her, hopeless. Nothing was making progress. He had tried so hard.
    “Noona, can you go to my concert?” asked Bie
    “Your concert? When is it?” asked Noona
    “It’s next week, and I really want you to go,” said Bie
    “Oh,” said Noona,”I’ll go.”
    “It’s okay.” Noona smiled at him. Bie was happy that Noona accepted.
    Day of Concert
    Bie got ready, and was really happy. He just phoned Noona, and she was already entering the building. He was also nervous, and haven’t been this nervous ever since. After he finished, he secretly went off to look for Noona, but didn’t see her anywhere. He phoned her again.
    “Hello,” Noona answered.
    “Are you here, yet?” asked Bie
    “Yes, but I think that I’m kind of lost.”
    “Ok, tell me where you are.”
    Noona told Bie, and he walked out of his concert to go find her. Biw ran through the halls, and throughout the building, looking for Noona, but he still couldn’t find her. He finally walked back to his concert. It had started. He, exhausted, walked silently back to his room. There was Noona, sitting in his chair.
    “I’m sorry, after you call me, I finally saw your name in one of these room, so I enter. Sorry that I made you worry.”
    “It’s okay.”
    Then there was a knock on the door. “Bie, it’s your turn.”
    “Yes,”” he answered back, and then turned to Noona, “I’ll be going.” He looked at her again, wanting to kiss her, but hesitated. He kissed her on the forehead, and then ran out. Noona was surprised, and tried to not think about the kiss, anymore.
    After Bie sang all of his songs, he walked back into the room again.
    “How was it?” asked Noona
    “It’s was fun, but I’m really exhausted.”
    “Here, have some water.”
    “Thank you.”
    “Your welcome.”
    “May I drive you home?”
    “It’s okay.”
    “Please let me drive you home.” Bie plead again and again, until Noona give in. Bie drove her back to her house, and again, he kiss her on the forehead. Noona walked out, thinking about it. Did Bie liked her? No, that couldn’t be true. He’s a singer, and he could choose any girl he wants. Noona thought of all the questions, walking into her home.
1 Month Later
    For a long time, Noona still thought of Bie kissing her. She was confused, but happy in a way. Bie still come visit her, but they’ll talk more, especially about music. She enjoyed his visits now, more than back then. One day Bie walked into the shop, happy. He ran up to her.
    “Noona, I’ve written a new song!” He happily exclaimed.
    “Let me have a look,” said Noona. She took the paper, and read it. The lyrics were romantic and beautiful that she couldn’t find the words to describe it.
    “Do you like it?”
    “Very much. It sounds really beautiful. Did you write it?”
    “That’s very good.”
    “Thank you!”
    But yet, Noona still wondered about Mark. What have become of him? Why hadn’t he visited her? She had to admit, she kind of miss him.
    That evening, she drove home, taking the long way. She turned to Marie’s house. She wanted to talk to her, even though she didn’t want to see Kim. Unluckily, she ended up seeing Kim and Marie together, which hurt her. She couldn’t believe that Mark had forgotten her, and came to Kim instead. She sadly drove home.
    2 days later
    Tah was called to Sia’s office. He was scared, since there were a lot of men in the office. They looked like they were going to jump on him any moment.
    “How are you?” asked Sia
    “I’m doing good, Boss,” said Tah
    “That’s good, because when you get out of  here, you won’t be good anymore!”
    “Boss, what are you doing?”
    “Something that’ll teach you to never go near Sara again.
    The men behind him both hold him. They were much stronger than him, so he could barely struggled. Sia punched him again and again.
    “Say that you won’t ever go near Sara again!” ordered Sia.
    “Say it!” Then he punched him again. But Tah wouldn’t say it, which got him really mad. But he didn’t do anything more. He let Tah go. After that, Tah could barely walk back to his room. He slowly crawl to his room, forcing himself, even if it hurt.
    Sara was in her room. There was nothing to do, and she was bored. Where was Tah when she needed him to play with her? She decided to go to his room to see him. There was no one in there. Then she saw Tah crawling to her, he was all bloody.
    “Tah!” Sara screamed. “What happened to you?” She walked to him, and tried to help him up. But he pushed her away.
    “Go away!”
    Sara was confused, but she did not go away. She tried to touch him one more time.
    “Go away! Leave me alone!” Tah yelled at her again. Sara was crying, and confused of Tah being so mean to her. Why is Tah hurting her? What had she done to offend him? And why was he this bloody? Tah pushed her again, and this time she went, leaving him to struggle. After Sara was gone, Tah helplessly crawled into his room. He closed the door, and cried his heart out. He didn’t mean to hurt Sara.Then there was a knock on his door. He forced himself to stand up, and open the door, hoping that it was Sara, but it wasn’t. It was one of Sia’s men.
    “You did good. Remember don’t ever interfere with Sara again.”
    Tah only stared at him, saying nothing.
1 week later
    Sara and Tah hadn’t talk for one week striaght. Sia was happy that Tah was not involving Sara anymore. Sara and Tah missed talking to one another. Sara wasn’t mad at Tah, she wanted to talk to him right away, but she barely saw him. Tah on the other hand, also wanted to see her. But he couldn’t. He knew that Sia’s men were watching him, and if he made one wrong move, it might affect Sara. He stayed in his room, and thought of all that had happen. He missed Yaya, and wondered what she was doing, and if she is happy or sad like him. Then Tah start thinking about escaping. He wanted to be gone from this horrible place.
1 month later
    It has been one month, and Tah was walking through the house. Then he heard something. He silently bent down so they wounldn’t discover him.
    “When is the next time?” asked Sia
    “What about next month?” said the another one.
    “That’s fine. But make sure that no one knows of this, hear me!”
    Tah thought about what they were talking about. He’d finally caught Sia. Now he had made his plan of escaping. He rushed to to get Sara, but remembered that they weren’t talking. He decided to sneak up to he at night.
    At night, he sneak up into her room. He walked to her bed, silently. Then all the lights went on.
    “Who are you?” Sara asked , and then hit him with her pillow.
    “Hey, stop!” said Tah, holding her hand, but she was’t listening to him. She was still hitting him. Then finally when he got her, she stopped.
    “Tah,” she said, surprised to see her. Then she remembered him being so cruel to her. She pushed him away.
    “I’m sorry, Sara, forgive me, okay?” asked Tah
    “Why were you so mean to me that other day, then?” asked Sara
    “I was having a bad day.”
    “Was it because of Sia?”
    “No, I just ran into some guys.”
    “Oh. Why are you here for?”
    “I’m here to tell you something.”
    “What is it?”
    “Have you ever thought of escaping?”
    “I have a plan for us escaping.”
    “What is it?”
    “Well, I overheard of Sia and a man talking about selling drugs. If we tell the police, and they get caught, we can be free again.”
    Sara looked away from him. “It seem easy, but it’s hard, Tah.”
    “I know, but I just need you and your parents to cooperate.”
    “Let me have a talk with my parents first, okay?”
    After that they exchange hugs, and Tah went back to his room. Tonight was the night that they could slept again.
    2 days later
    James was still coming to her house, and had been like her mother, cooking for her. Thinking of James’ cooking, she missed her mother. James had came again to cook, and clean her house. The old James would never do this because he is too proud. And Chailda had never thought that James would one day do this for her. James, too, had never thought that he’ll be begging a woman this way.
    “I have something to tell you,” said Chailda
    “What is it?” asked James
    “I’m thinking about going home.”
    “I miss my mom and dad. I miss home.”
    “Oh, when are you going?”
    “Next month.” Chailda looked at him and then added, “Maybe I won’t come here anymore. I’m going to sell this house, and  then go and live with my parents.”
    James couldn’t say anymore. He doesn’t want Chailda to leave, but he doesn’t know how to show it or say it. He remained quiet, and do the chores.
    2 weeks later
    It has been 2 weeks and James and Chailda hadn’t talk much. James continued to do all the chores. And Chailda continued thinking about home. Was she doing the right thing? Or was she just trying to run away from James? Chailda had hope for James to ask her to stay with him, but so far there was no luck. James didn’t even tried to stop her. And Chalida was sad because of that.
    1 month later
    The next day, Chailda was leaving. She was leaving for real, and still, James haven’t even say a word to her. Although, James was still thinking of what to say to her. What if he said something wrong, and she just went? Chailda was done packing, and it was almost evening. When she walked into the living room, James finally stopped her.
    “May you walk with me?” asked James
    “Yes,” said Chailda
    James drove to Chailda’s favorite park, the park that they first met, and feel in love. He opened the door for her, and she got out. They started on the trail.
    “So you really leaving tomorrow?” asked James
    “Yes,” answered Chailda. They walked in moments of silence. James was still thinking about the words, and fixing it up. But then a voice in him told him that it doesn’t matter how he say it, he just had to make her stay. They got to the pond and bridge, Chailda’s favorite place. They walked up there, remembering the days they were there, feeding the ducks and their ducklings.
    Then James turned to Chailda. “Chailda, I have something to asked of you.”
    “What is it?” she asked, turning to him. She didn’t noticed that they were so close together until now.
    “I don’t want you to go tomorrow. Can you stay?” asked James
    Chailda studied his face to see if there was any insincerity, but all was fully sincere. “Why do you want me to stay?” she said, turning away.
    “I…I…I wanted another chance. I want us to be together like the old days. I want us to date again.” He said in a rushed.
    Chailda laughed at him, and he thought of why she was laughing. “May we go back?” asked James again. Then Chailda got serious again.
    “We can never go back, you know, James,” said Chailda
    “Oh,” said James, hopeless.
    “But we can go forward. Will you be willingly to be with me together in the future?”
    “Yes!” James was so excited that Chailda wanted to be with him. He was afraid that she won’t anymore.  He hugged Chailda, and she hugged back. They looked at the sunset together, hugging each other.
Enjoy! :D

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