Messy Circle of Love Chapter 17 Part 2

Chapter 17
Yaya woke up, rubbing her eyes. She was about to get up, but then saw Nadech’s hand around her. Then she remembered what happened last night. She turned around and studied his face, smiling, gently touching his hair.
“You’re awake?” Nadech asked in his sleepy voice.
“Yes,” answered Yaya.
Nadech slowly opened up his eyes, and looked at Yaya. He hugged her even tighter. Then he moved his head closer to hers, and kiss her on the forehead.
“I love you, Nadech,” said Yaya, happily.
“Me, too. I love you, Yaya,” said Nadech. Yaya smiled at the words. She was really happy, and wanted this moment to last forever. Then she looked around, and remembered that they had to go help Aunt and Uncle out. She broke away from Nadech’s embrace.
“Lets go help Aunt and Uncle,” said Yaya
“But…,” Nadech hesitated.
“No buts. Come on, let’s go,” said Yaya. She got off the bed, and got dressed.
    “Are you ready?” asked Margie’s dad to her.
    “Yes!” Margie replied with confidence.
    “Why are you being so happy? It’s not even worth it,” said her mother.
    Margie’s smile dropped into a frown.
    “Don’t say like that. Our daughter is very lucky,” said her father. He went inside the car, leaving Margie and her mother alone. Margie stared hard at her mother, and she stared back. Then they both went inside the car, full of silence.
    Mark went to Kim’s house. He rang the doorbell, and Marie opened the gate for him.
    “May I talk with Kim?” asked Mark
    “Yes,” replied Marie
    Marie led Mark into the living room.
    “I’ll go get Kim for you,” said Marie
    A few minutes later, Kim came out. She was surprised to see Mark. “Only you?!” said Kim
    “Yes it’s me. Are you okay?” asked Mark
    “I’m fine. Don’t worry, I’m not going to dying soon. I’ll have to get Nadech first!” said Kim.
    “Kim!” Marie whispered-shouted.
    “Okay, now I know. I’m just here to see if you’re okay. I’ll get going now,” said Mark, turning to the door.
    “Wait!” Marie stopped Mark. “I heard that Noona’s at the hospital. I want you to bring her some things for her, will you?”
    “Okay,” said Mark
    “Thanks! Please wait here while I go prepare the stuffs,” said Marie. Mark nodded his head, and Marie went to the kitchen.
    “What’s wrong with your girlfriend?” asked Kim.
    “Why do you care?! I thought a person like you was too heartless to care about others,” said Mark
    “Hey you!” Kim shouted.
    Marie came back with a bag. She handed it to Mark. “Thanks! Please tell her to get well soon!” said Marie.
    “It’s okay! And I’ll be sure to tell her that. Good bye,” said Mark, walking to the door.
    “Good bye,” said Marie, waving to him. Kim stared at him until his car was gone, thinking to herself. Then she walked to Marie, and sat down next to her on the sofa.
    “Marie, honestly, do you think that I’m heartless?” asked Kim
    “Of course sometimes you are, you’re human, and not perfect, so you’ll have to be heartless at times,” answered Marie
    “Do you think that I don’t care about other people?” asked Kim
    “Of course you care, but sometimes, you’ll have to hurt others,” say Marie
    “Really?!” said Kim. “Tell me more…”
    “Are you okay, Kim?” asked Marie
    “I’m okay! Just tell me more about me,” begged Kim.
    “Okay, well…,” started Marie
    Natwara entered Chailda’s office.
    “Hi, Natwara. What’s up?” asked Chailda
    “Chailda, I have something to tell you,” said Natwara, sitting down on the chair across from Chailda.
    “Okay, what is it?” asked Chailda
    “Well, I’ve been meaning to tell you this, but I’m planning to go Switzerland,” said Natwara
    “What?! Why?” asked Chailda
    “Well, going to Switzerland was one of my dreams, so I decided to go now,” said Natwara
    “Well, if you go, who will I ask for help. You’re my only hope,” said Chailda
    “There’s Yaya and… James….,” said Natwara
    “I don’t know where Yaya is, and James… didn’t he leave for America?!” said Chailda
    “Actually he didn’t go,” Natwara blurted out.
    “What?! He didn’t go?” Chailda repeated.
    Natwara put her hand over her mouth. Chailda stared at her.
    “Chailda…sorry…,” Natwata started.
    “How dare you lie to me?!” asked Chailda in rage.
    “I’m sorry, Chailda! I really am!” pleaded Natwara, but Chailda turned her back to her, unwilling to listen to the plead.
    “Leave!” she shouted.
    “Today is such a beautiful day, isn’t it?” asked the old man
    “It certainly is,” said Nadech with a smile.
    Everything was going good, and everyone was smiling.
    “Yaya, may you help me make the rice?” asked the old woman
    “Yes,” said Yaya, walking to her. “Here, let me do it.”
    “You two look so happy today. Did anything happen last night?” asked the old couple. But Yaya and Nadech just stared at each other and smile. They’ve finally done what they wanted, and they are happy, not a regret was left.
    “Here we are!” Margie’s dad exclaimed, trying to cheer up his sad daughter.
    “Let’s go. Madam Pakorn is waiting for us,” said her mother, entering the airport.
    Before entering, her father turned to her and said, ” My daughter, have fun okay? I’ll pray for you to have a good trip. And don’t worry about us.”
    “Yes, dad,” said Margie, smiling again.
    “That’s my girl!” said her dad happily. They both entered the airport, and spotted Boy and his mother along with her mother.
    “Hello, Nu Margie and Khun Prajak,” said Madam Pakorn
    “Hello,” said Margie and her father
    “Well, I’m so excited that our children are going on this trip together. And also after that, we’ll become a family,” Madam Pakorn said, excited.
    “I’m not sure about the second one, if it’ll happen, but I hope it would,” said Margie’s father, eyeing Boy.
    “I’m sure it’ll happen,” said Boy’s mother
    “Let’s get going,” said Boy. He walked away, and Margie followed him.
    “Have a wonderful trip!” their family shouted to them, happily.
    Mark entered Noona’s room silently, hoping to surprise her, but he was shocked to see Bie there.
    “Hello,” said Bie
    “Hi,” said Mark with a sad face.
    “Oh Mark, you’re here!” said Noona excitedly. “The doctor said that I’ll get released tomorrow!”
    “That’s great!” said Mark. He walked to Noona, and took her hands. Bie watched in pain. He is tried of Mark being with Noona, and wants him to disappear.
    “Noona, I’ll get going,” said Bie, unhappily. Noona nodded her head, and Bie exited sadly.
    “I have something for you,” said Mark
    “What is it?” asked Noona
    “Here,” said Mark. He pulled out a necklace from his pocket. “When you miss me, and I’m not here, look at this necklace and remember that I’m always with you no matter what happens.”
    Noona happily took the necklace from his hands, and look at it. “Very pretty!” Then she turned to Mark, and smiled,”Thanks, I’ll always remember that.”
    Mark stared at Noona’s joy about the necklace, smiling to himself for making her smile again.
    “Here they come!” shouted Auntie
    “Who?” asked Yaya, confused.
    “My daughter and son-in-law,” answered Auntie
    “Wait, but I thought that they are suppose to be here in 2 days?” asked Yaya, more confused.
    “Oh, well, it turns out that they decided to come earlier, since they want to take Kaew home,” answered Auntie, clarifying Yaya’s confusion.
    “Oh…” said Yaya
    “Aren’t you glad? You and your husband are going back tomorrow instead,” said Auntie
    “I’m glad, but I’ll miss here a lot,” said Yaya
    “Don’t worry, you can always come here. Uncle and I will always welcome you guys! Promise me that the next time you come here, you’ll bring your little ones,” said Auntie
    “Yes, I promised,” said Yaya, smiling shyly
    Auntie’s daughter came out of the car. “Hi, mom!” she shouted.
    “Hi, my dear daughter! How are you?” asked Auntie. Then they hugged.
    “I’m well,” said her daughter. She walked to Yaya. “Aren’t you Mrs.Kugimya?”
    “Yes, how did you know me?” asked Yaya
    “My husband works for the Kugimiya Company,” answered Auntie’s daughter. “My husband talked about you before to me. He says that you’re a kind person. It’s so nice meeting you in person!”
    “Oh, thanks!” said Yaya
    “No problem,” said the Auntie’s daughter.
    Natwara went to the airport with James.
    “I’m going now, James. There’s one thing I want to ask of you,” said Natwara
    “What is it?” asked James
    “Take care of Chailda,” said Natwara
    “You know that I will,” said James
    “Thanks good friend! Good bye,” said Natwara, giving him a hug.
    “Good bye,” said James.
    “Chailda, I know that you’re mad at me, and I’m really sorry that I can’t do anything for you. But I wish you a better life. Please forgive me. I’m also sorry for leaving you. I didn’t intend to do so, but this is a dream that I’ve always wanted. If you ever need me, call the number that I left for you. Good bye!” Chailda replayed the message Natwata send to her over again. “She’s really gone?!” Chailda repeated to herself sadly.
    “I’ve forgiven you already, Natwara.” said Chailda.
    Sara sat alone in her room, cleaning, and making the bed. Then there was a knock on the door.
    “Who is it?” asked Sara, scared.
    “It’s me. Open the door!” Sia commanded.
    “What do you need?” asked Sara, wishing that Tah was there to help her out.
    “Just open it. I have something to discuss to you about your parents,” answered Sia
    “Okay,” said Sara. She cautiously opened the door. Sia came in and locked the door. “What are you doing?” asked Sara, scared.
    “Doing what I should do. You’re my mistress now,” said Sia
    “No,” said Sara. She took the pillow, and started hitting him with it.
    “Stop, let go of the pillow right now!” Sia shouted.
    “No!” Sara shouted back.
    Finally, Sia took the pillow from her hands, and threw her on the bed.
    “You’re mine!” he said, getting on top of her, then was about the kiss her, but there was a knock on the door.
    “Sir, there’s a guest for you,” said Tah outside.
    “Okay, I’ll come,” said Sia, getting off her, and opening the door. He went out of the room, and Tah came in. Sara was still on the bed, crying. Tah closed the door, and locked it.
    “Get out! Get away from me!” Sara screamed.
    “It’s okay, Sara, it’s only me,” said Tah, getting on the bed, and pulling her up into his arms.
    “Tah, I’m so scared,” said Sara, crying.
    “It’s okay, I’m here. Don’t be afraid, I’m always here for you,” said Tah, hugging her tight.
    Nadech, Yaya, Auntie, Uncle, Kaew, Auntie’s daughter and son-in-law sat at the dinning talk, having a chat.
    “Oh, so you’re the CEO of the Kugimiya Company that my son-in-law works for,” said Uncle
    “Yes,” said Nadech
    “That’s is good. I want my son-in-law to work for you. You’re a nice person,” said Auntie
    “Thanks!” said Nadech
    “I would like to thank you all for this,” said Yaya
    “It’s okay,” replied the son-in-law
    “Hurry up and eat. Tomorrow you guys are going back early, so you need sleep,” said Auntie.
    “Yes,” said everyone, eating.
    Margie and Boy have finally arrive at the beach. It was evening, and kinda dark.
    “Hello, what’s your name?” asked the manager
    “I’m Boy Pakorn and this is Margie Rasri. We need 2 houses,” said Boy
    “Okay, let me see,” said the manager
    “Yes,” said Boy
    “I’m sorry, but it says here that you and Khun Margie have to share same house,” said the manager
    “What?!” said Boy
    “I’m going to get going now,” said Mark to Noona
    “Yes. Thanks for being here with me the whole day. Don’t forget to come tomorrow, okay?” said Noona
    “Yes, I won’t forget,” said Mark
    “Have a safe drive,” said Noona
    “Yes,” said Mark. He went out of the room, and drove home. He was so tired all day.
    “What bad luck is this?! Going on a trip with you is already a pain, and now, I have to stay in the same room with you, too!” Boy whined.
    “Stop whining. After this, we’ll have to stay together forever!” said Margie, happily.
    “Keep on dreaming,” said Boy
    “I’m not going to dream anymore! It’s really going to come true!” said Margie
    “Whatever,” said Boy, turning his back on Margie. “I wander what Marie’s doing right now.”
    “Stop worrying about your Marie, I’m sure that she’s fine!” said Margie
    “I really wish that is true,” said Boy
    “Yeah, she’s a kind person, and God will protect her,” said Margie
    Boy turned around and smiled at Margie. Margie smiled back at him.
    “Let’s get some rest. You’ll take the bed, and I’ll take the couch,” said Boy
    “Thanks,” said Margie, staring at him, surprised by his kindness. Boy just smiled at her as he put the pillow and blanket on the sofa.
    “Are you glad to go back tomorrow?” asked Nadech, turning around to face her.
    “Not really. I still wish that we can stay here for a bit,” said Yaya, sadly, looking down.
    “Hey,” said Nadech, lifting her head back up, “we can come back later when we can, okay?”
    Yaya nodded her head, and Nadech smiled at her, and they went to sleep.
    The next morning, they woke up at 5 a.m., and got ready to leave.
    “Good bye. Remember to come visit us when you can,” said Auntie
    “Yes,” said Yaya
    Yaya, Nadech, and the couple and their child got on the car, and drove away.
1 Hour Later
    Nadech stared at Yaya’s sleepy eyes, then said to her, ” Here, sleep on my shoulder.”
    “It’s alright,” said Yaya, yawning
    “Come one, just sleep here,” said Nadech, placing her head on his shoulder.
    “Thanks,” said Yaya
    “You’re welcome,” say Nadech, but Yaya was already asleep.
    Mark got ready, and was on his way to the hospital, but then his phone rang, and he answered it.
    “Hello,” said Mark
    “Mark?! I need to talk to you,” said Kim
    “Why?” asked Mark
    “I just need to talk with you,” said Kim. “Come right now, I’ll be waiting for you at the front door.” Kim said and hung up.
    “Wait,” said Mark, but Kim already hung up. He got into his car, and drove to Kim’s house.
    Noona already packed all her things, and put on her clothes. She sat on the couch, waiting happily for Mark. Then the door open. She smiled, and turned around, but it was only Bie. Her smile dropped.
    Bie walked to her. “Are you not happy seeing me?”
    “No, it’s just that I thought that it was Mark. He says that he is going to come pick me up today,” said Noona
    “Oh,” said Bie. ” Have you eaten?” asked Bie hopefully.
    “No, I’m going to wait for Mark first,” said Noona
    “I think that you should have it now. It’s for your health,” said Bie
    “Wait, I want to wait a bit more,” said Noona
    Bie says nothing more, but waited patiently.
    Margie and Boy got up and got ready to go have their breakfast. They walked together in the the dinning room.
    “So what do you want to eat?” asked Boy
    “Anything you want,” said Margie
    “Okay,” said Boy. Margie watched as he ordered the food.
    “Did you have a nice sleep?” asked Margie
    “Not really,” said Boy
    “What did you dream about?” asked Margie
    “I don’t think that you’ll want to hear it,” said Boy
    “Of course I will,” said Margie
    “Well, I dream about Marie. And now I’m missing her because of the dream,” said Boy
    “Always Marie!” yelled Margie, hitting the table hard with her hand.
    “Margie, sit down,” Boy ordered.
    “NO!” yelled Margie. She didn’t care if everyone was staring at her like she’s a crazy person. The anger in her was too powerful. She stormed out, and Boy followed her, calling out her name, but she ignored. She was walking so fast, she tripped, and feel on her knees. “Oww….” she whispered, trying hard not to cry or screamed.
    “Are you alright?” asked Boy
    “Leave me alone,” said Margie, pushing him away.
    “Let me see,” said Boy, holding her knee still. “It’s bleeding. Come one, I’ll take you back to the house, and I’ll bandage it.” He hold Margie up with care. Margie was staring at him, surprised. Boy slowly walked.
    When they get back to the house, Boy led Margie to the couch, and let her sit. He brings the first aid kit, and starts cleaning the wound. Margie can only stare at him.
    Chailda opened the door, hoping that it’s Natwara, but it wasn’t. It was James.
    “Why are you here?” asked Chailda
    “I’m here to see you,” said James
    “I don’t need you…” Chailda slowly said to him. She looked into his eyes. There was only sincerity and kindness, not the cold eyes that he usually gives her 3 years ago. He looks hurt-ed by her words. She wants to hug him, but she can’t. She doesn’t want him in her life anymore.
    “Natwara asked me to… and I agree,” said James, looking at her cold eyes toward him.
    “Oh,” said Chailda, disappointing. For a moment she thought that he had really wanted to look after her, but now she understand that it was a favor asked by Natwara. Of course he would do anything Natwara asked of him. The thought makes her want to tear up.
    “Chailda, are you alright?” asked James
    “I don’t feel so good,” Childa admitted.
    “Come on,” said James, leading Chailda inside, to the living room. He gently placed her on the couch, and went into the kitchen to get the medicine.
    “What do you need to tell?” asked Mark
    “Don’t you want to go somewhere else?” asked Kim
    “Okay, get in the car!” Mark yelled, impatiently. Kim got into the car, and Mark drove as fast as he can to the park. When they got there, Mark got out, and waited for Kim to get out.
    “Are you mad at me?” asked Kim, half out of the car.
    “No, it’s that I need to go pick up Noona,” said Mark, his back facing her.
    “Oh, I’m so sorry. Maybe next time I can talk to you. I’m really sorry to have to disturb you,” said Kim, walking away.
    “It’s alright, just say it here,” said Mark, annoyed.
    “You’ll really stay and listen?!” said Kim
    “Yes, say it,” said Mark
    “Well, there isn’t anything except that I wanted to hang out with someone. I couldn’t think of anyone else,” said Kim.
    Mark turned around, and faced her, ” Is this a joke?!”
    “No, I really mean it!” said Kim with so much sincerity that Mark couldn’t denied. He forgot all about Noona.
    “Okay, fine. Where do you want to go?” asked Mark
    “Thanks, Mark! Here I even made a list of activities that we can do!” exclaimed Kim with excitement.
    “I want to go visit my parents,” said Sara
    “Sure, we can go,” said Tah
    Sara and Tah went to Sia, and asked for permission. At first, Sia won’t let them, but them after a while, he agreed to let them go. Tah drove back to the hospital.  When they got there, Sara went inside of the room, while Tah stay outside.
    “Sara,” her mother said in surprised.
    “Mom, is dad alright now?” asked Sara, staring at her father, sleeping on the bed.
    “The doctor says that his health had gotten a lot better, but he needs lots of rest,” answered her mother
    Sara walked to the bed, and kneel down, holding her father’s hand. “You’ll be well soon!” Sara said.
    “Sara, so what about Sia?” asked her mother
    “I don’t like it at all. Every night, he’ll come to my room. I’m really scared of him,” said Sara
    “I’m so sorry, Sara. We didn’t mean to put there,” said her mother
    “It’s okay, mom. You had no choice,” said Sara
    “Thanks, my wonderful daughter,” said her mother, hugging her, crying. Sara hugged back, crying also.
    Tah was outside, but heard everything they said. He was sad for them, and decided that he’ll do whatever to help them, even if it cost his life.
    Noona had been waiting for 4 hours, but Mark hadn’t come yet. She was hopeless. She got her purse, and stood up. “Let’s go,” said Noona
    “Yes,” said Bie, agreeing happily.
    They went out into the parkway, and Biw drove Noona home, smiling with satisfaction.
    “Thanks, Bie,” said Noona. Her face was full of sadness, but she still manage to smile brightly at Bie. Noona really wants Bie to be happy and not worry about her.
    “You’re welcome,” said Bie. Noona closed the door, and walked to her house.
    Yaya and Nadech finally arrived in Bangkok. They say their farewells, then Nadech and Yaya rode a taxi back to their house.
    “You must have been tired,” said Nadech
    “No, I’m not that tired now. But you need to get your rest,” said Yaya
    “Yes, I do,” said Nadech. Nadech walked into their house, and went to his room, and took his shower then went straight to sleep. Yaya took her shower, but then went to her shop to see if things were all right.
    When she got to her shop, she was surprised that it was closed. She opened the shop. Everything was just where it had been. “Was Noona sick?” Yaya whispered to herself. Shen then went to Noona’s house. Noona opened the door, and was surprised to see Yaya.
    “Yaya,” said Noona
    “It’s me,” said Yaya
    “You came back,” said Noona, excitedly
    “Yes,” said Yaya, staring at her pale face. “Are you alright? You look really sick.”
    “I’m fine. I just got back from the hospital,” replied Noona
    “Oh, I hope that nothing’s serious,” said Yaya
    “No, I’m fine,” said Noona
    “May I come in and talk?” asked Yaya
    “Sure,” said Noona, making way for Yaya to enter.
    “Thanks,” said Yaya, entering.
    Chailda finally was conscious. She sat up, and looked at her surroundings. James walked to her. “Are you alright?” he asked.
    “Yes,” said Chailda. When her focus was good, she stood up.
    “Don’t stand up, yet. Rest for a bit,” said James. holding her down.
    “I don’t need you….” said Chailda, trying to get out from his hands.
    “I know that, but you should worry about yourself,” said James.
    Chalida sat back down. “James, if you only want to fulfill my friend’s favor then, don’t worry about me. I don’t need your help,” said Chailda.
    “It’s not because of that….” James started,”…I really want to take care of you….”
    Chailda stared at his face. He was about to say something else, but hesitated and stop. “Is that all?” asked Chailda
    “Yes,” said James. Chailda was hopeless, now. She thought that he had wanted to rekindle their love, but he must still loved Natwara.
    “Oh,” repeated Chailda, with disappointment.
    “I’ll come visit you everyday,” said James. Then he walked out of the house.
    “Why didn’t you say it, you fool!” he told himself. He looked back at the house. At least he gets to see her everyday, that’ll make him happy.
    Margie looked at the sunny beach. It was a beautiful day with wonderful weather. Boy sat down next to her.
    “Still mad at me?” asked Boy
    Margie ignored him.
    “Come on, Margie, answer me. I’ve already apologize many time,” said Boy
    “This trip was only for us, but you still talk about missing another girl,” said Margie, madly. Boy stared at her.
    “Okay fine, I’ll promise you that for the rest of the trip, I won’t talk about other girls. Promise okay,” said Boy, pointing out his pinky.
    Margie turned to him, smile, then they did the pinky twist promise. “You promised already, so no going back on your words!”
    “I know,” said Boy. “Come on, let’s go. The weather sure is nice. If we don’t go have fun, it’ll be a waste.”
    “Okay,” said Margie excitedly. They both ran out the door, and to the beach, splashing each other with water.
    “So how is everything?” asked Yaya
    “Nothing happen much. I was sick, so I went to the hospital,” said Noona
    “What about Mark?” asked Yaya
    “He’s different. I told him about my released date. He promised to come pick me up, but he didn’t,” said Noona sadly.
    “Oh…, maybe he was just busy,” said Yaya.
    “Ithink so… I don’t know,” said Noona
    “Well, I think that I should get going,” said Yaya. She stood up, and walked away.
    “Mark asked me to marry him,” said Noona. Yaya stopped walking, and turned around.
    “That’s great!” said Yaya, congratulating Noona.
    “No,” said Noona. “You don’t understand.”
    “Why?” asked Yaya
    “I don’t think that Mark loves me,” said Noona, crying. Yaya comforted her by hugging her tightly.
    “Don’t cry. I’m sure he does. He just have problems,” said Yaya
    “No,” Noona repeated over and over again to Yaya. Yaya tried her hardest to calm her down.
    “Thanks for haning out with me today,” said Kim
    “It’s alright,” said Mark
    “Today was fun. We should go again next time,” said Margie
    “Sure,” said Mark. He was surprised by his answered.
    “Bye,” said Kim, waving to him.
    Mark waved back. He waited until Kim was inside. Then he remembered about Noona. He drove as fast as he could to the hospital, hoping that Noona was still there. But she wasn’t. He then drove to her house. Yaya was there, but told him that Noona was resting and she don’t want anyone to disturb, so Mark ended up going home.
    “So how was your dad’s condition?” asked Mark
    “He’s better now,” answered Sara
    “That’s good,” said Tah. “Why do you look so sad?”
    “I just want everything to be the same again,” said Sara
    “Me, too,” said Tah, “but don’t worry, from now one, I’ll protect you.”
    “Thanks, Tah,” said Sara. Tah smiled, and she smiled back at him.
    “It was fun,” said Margie, entering the house, laughing.
    “Yes it was,” said Boy, entering after her.
    “Let’s go again tomorrow,” said Margie
    “Alright, but first go shower. I”ll wait,” said Boy
    “Thanks,” said Margie. She went into the bathroom, and took her shower while Boy waited for his turn.
    Yaya and Nadech are at the dinning room, eating dinner.
    “How was your rest?” asked Yaya
    “It was good. I had a good sleep. So what did you do?” asked Nadech
    “Well, I went to visit the shop and Noona. Noona wasn’t feeling good,” said Yaya
    “I hope that she’ll get well soon,” said Nadech
    Yaya stared at Nadech, and then said, “Nadech, Noona told me that Mark proposed to her.”
    “That’s great then,” said Nadech, happily.
    “But she isn’t feeling good about it,” said Yaya
    “Why?” asked Nadech, curious.
    “Nothing, never mind,” said Yaya, hesitating to tell Nadech. “He probably wouldn’t understand anyway…” Yaya whispered to  herself. Nadech say nothing more, and continue with dinner.
    Kim and Marie are sitting at the dinning table, eating dinner. Kim looked around, and realized that Grandma On was gone.
    “Where’s Grandma On?” asked Kim
    “She went to visit a friend,” answered Marie
    “Oh…,” said Kim. She took out her phone, and looked at the pictures she took with Mark, and smiled.
    “What are you smiling about?” asked Marie
    “Nothing,” replied Kim
    “You guys have so much fun, right?” said Marie
    “What?” said Kim
    “So fun that you have no idea that Nadech came back already,” said Marie
    “What?! Nadech is back…” said Kim, staring at Marie to see if she was telling the truth, and she was….
Sorry for any wrong grammar, vocabulary, and spelling
Thanks everyone for the patience and support for my FF! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Also feel free share/tell me about your thoughts, I’ll love hearing about it! THANKS!

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