Messy Circle of Love Chapter 14 Part 2

Chapter 14
“Margie, I don’t understand it. Why does Nadech want us to get a divorce?!” say Yaya
“It’s ok Yaya,” say Margie, comforting Yaya
Yaya keep on crying Margie’s shoulder.
“I don’t get it,” say Yaya
“It’s ok Yaya. You still have me,” say Margie
“Huh?! You want to get a divorce with Yaya?” ask Boy, not sure if what he heard Nadech say was right
Nadech nodded, and Boy was confused again.
“I re-think about all the problems. I wasn’t really being fair like what you say. I just got marry without finding out the truth before I marry Yaya. I’m willing to give Kim a chance, also,” say Nadech
“But what I say, I didn’t mean you have to do this,” say Boy
“Too late. I already sign the papers,” say Nadech, giving Boy the papers
“Hey. You’re that serious. I thought that you were just kidding around,” say Boy, serious now
“I’m forreal,” say Nadech
“Nadech, but what about Yaya. Have you though about her feelings? She’s going to cry, and be in pain,” say Boy
Nadech ignore Boy, and walk out of the room.
“Where are you going?” ask Tah
“To the store,” say Sara
“Let me go with you,” say Tah
“It’s ok,” say Sara
“Please let me go, Sara, please,” say Tah
“Fine,” say Sara
Tah smile, and they walk to the car. They drove to the store.
Sara look at the stuffs, while Tah waited for her. Than suddenly, one guy walk up to Sara, and hold onto her hands and starts to pull her out of the store.
“Let go!” yell Sara
Tah her the yelling, and walk up to Sara and the stranger.
“Hey, what are you doing with her?!” say Tah
“Taking her to my boss of course. She owes her body to me boss,” say the guy
“You can’t,” say Tah
He punch the guy, and took Sara’s hand.
“Come on, let’s go,” say Tah
They run out of the store, and try to find a place to hide. They run to the parking lot, and hide between the cars.
They heard the guy coming, and stay as still as they could. Finally the guy was gone.
“Are you ok?” ask Tah
“I’m fine,” say Sara
“I say let’s go home,” say Tah
Sara nodded her head, and they got out of the place.
Boy call Marie.
“Hello,” answer Marie
“Marie, can you come see me. I have something to talk to you,” say Boy
“Yes,” say Marie
After that, she hurried to the place she and Boy always go to. When she got there, Boy was already sitting, waiting for her. Marie sat down.
“What is it?” ask Marie
“I’m getting marry in 2 months,” say Boy
“Really,” say Marie
“Marie, I sorry. Sorry for everything I say and promise,” say Boy
“It’s ok, Boy. I understand you. You’re a grateful child. And a person far nicer than any other I’ve been in love with. Thanks for your beautiful love,” say Marie
Boy walk to her, and give her a hug.
“I want to hold like this forever,” say Boy
Tears starts to come down their cheeks.
“No matter what, I still love you,” say Marie
“I love you, too,” say Boy
Margie is sitting with her and Boy’s mother discussing about the wedding.
“What about you, Margie, what will you like?” ask Boy’s mother
“I’ll go with everything that you choose,” say Margie with a fake smile
“Ok than,” say Boy’s mother
“Margie, I was wondering if you and Boy will like to go on a little vacation before the wedding,” say her mother
At those words, Margie suddenly change into happy mode, and accept.
“Ok, that’s what I though,” say her mother
“When will you want to go?” ask Boy’s mother
“As soon as possible,” say Margie
“Ok, than I’ll do it for you,” say her mother
“Mom, don’t. I’ll take care if it, myself,” say Margie
“Are you sure?” ask her mother
“Yes, I want to do it myself,” say Margie
“Ok than,” say her mother
“Thanks,” say Margie, smiling at them
“May I take you home?” ask Bie, as Noona was about to leave the shop
“Um,” say Noona, not sure of what to say
“Please, let me take you, ok,” say Bie
“Ok,” say Noona
“This way,” say Bie pointing to his car
“Yes,” say Noona.
They walk to the car, and Bie open the door for her. Bie drove her home.
“Thanks,” say Noona, when they got there.
“Your welcome,” say Bie
Noona got out of the car, and got into her house. Bie stay outside for a bit, and studied her house.
Yaya came home, and found Nadech waiting for her.
“Here,” say Nadech, handing her the papers.
Yaya took the papers and read it.
“Nadech, I don’t,” say Yaya
“Just sign it. And when you’re done, just leave it here,” say Nadech. After that, he leaves the room.
Yaya read the paper again, still not believing that Nadech wants a divorce with her.
“Nadech wants a divorce with Yaya?!” say Kim
“Yes. Boy told me that,” say Marie
“That’s great than. I can finally have my chance with Nadech,” say Kim
“Kim, don’t you worry about Yaya? She loves Nadech so much,” say Marie
“What about me? I love Nadech. Why do you alway have to put others before me?!” say Kim
“Kim. I’m sorry,” say Marie
“Don’t. Don’t say it anymore, I’m tired of that word,” say Kim
Marie obey, remain silent. Than Kim walk to the door.
“Where are you going?” ask Marie
“To Nadech,” Kim simpily reply
“Why? What for?” ask Marie
“To be in my right place of course. I’m pretty sure that they reason Nadech wants a divorce is because he wants to be with me,” say Kim
After that she walk out the door.
Marie shook her head.
“Kim,” say Marie to herself
At the dinning table, Tah and Sara were sitting uneasy, wanting to ask questions. Sara’s mother notice and ask them.
“What’s wrong?” ask her mother
“Mom, today when we went to do some shopping, a guy came up to me, and force me to go with him. Do you think that it might be them?” ask Sara
Sara’s mother stare at her for a minute, than simpily reply,”I think that’s it’s nothing, Sara. Maybe it’s a mistake.”
“But, he know my name, Mom, and he says that he is going to take me to his boss,” say Sara
“Really?! Sara, I think that we need to talk about this matter later. Just the two of us,” say her mother, eyeing Tah
“But Mother, Tah is not anyone else. He can also hear it, too. He wants to help us,” say Sara
“Sara, this is our problem, not his. We shouldn’t get him invovle,” say her mother
“But,” Sara protest
“No buts,” her mother say
Sara obey, and for the rest of the dinner, they all remain silent. Each thinking the next day. What will happen the next day, week, month, or year?
Yaya and Nadech are sitting in the dinning room having their dinner. They are both very uncomfortable sitting together alone.
“Nadech, I,” say Yaya
“What is it?” ask Nadech in a worry tone and face
“I don’t want to get a divorce,” say Yaya, finally
Nadech’s worry face seem to be gone that instant.
“If it’s about that, don’t say it. I don’t want to hear it,” say Nadech
“Nadech, sorry,” say Yaya
She walk over to him, and stare into his eyes. Than she bent down, and put her knees down, and knelt to Nadech.
“What are you doing, Yaya?” ask Nadech in a confused tone
“Nadech whatever you do, please, don’t ask me for a divorce. I rea;;y can’t take it. Please Nadech. You can do whatever you want, but please let us remain as husband and wife,” say Yaya
“Yaya, get up,” say Nadech, pulling her up. But Yaya stay strong on her knees.
“Not until you say yes,” say Yaya
“Yaya, don’t you know that you’re,” say Nadech, but was interrupt by Kim. Kim came into the dinning room, and was surprise that Yaya was on her knees, begging Nadech.
“What are you doing, Yaya?” ask Kim
“Kim, let’s go somewhere else,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Kim, still staring at Yaya. But this time with pity. She pity Yaya.
Nadech walk over to Kim, but Yaya was pulling/tugging at him.
“Don’t go, Nadech,” say Yaya
Nadech pay no attention, and walk right out with Kim.
Yaya sat on on her feet, and starts to cry. She have never known Nadech was that heartless, that cruel to just walk away. But why does she love him so much, even after this.
“Nadech, what happen?” ask Kim
“Nothing,” say Nadech
“Come on tell me. Is it because she doesn’t want to get a divorce with you?” ask Kim
“How do you know?” ask Nadech
“Boy told Marie, and she told me,” say Kim
Nadech stood still, and didn’t reply.
“Nadech, anything wrong?” ask Kim
“No, everything’s fine. I’m going to get divorce with Yaya as fast as I can,” say Nadech
Kim nodded.
“Why do you want to get divorce all of a sudden?” ask Kim
But before Nadech can answer, Kim’s phone rang.
“Excuse me,” say Kim. She walk away, and answer her phone. After she was done, she walk back to Nadech.
“Sorry, Nadech, I have to go,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Nadech
Kim left, and Nadech stay outside.
Boy walked in, and found his mother, Margie’s mother, and Margie waiting for him.
“Hello,” say Boy, paying his respect
“Hello,” say Margie and her mother
“Where have you been all day?” ask his mother
“At work,” answer Boy
“At work?! we call your secreatary, and she say that you were there. Tel me right now, where did you go,” say Boy
“Ok, I went to Nadech’s company to help him with work,” say Boy
“Ok, fine, whatever, but you know what. You made Madame Rasri and her daughter wait for you,” say his mother
“I’m sorry,” say Boy
“It’s ok,” say Margie and her mother
“Boy, come sit here. We shouldn’t waste time anymore, come, let’s figure this out,” say Margie sweetly
Boy obediently do so, and sat next to Margie.
“Our mothers and I plan that you and me should take a vacation before our marriage. But we don’t know where to choose, so we need you to help us,” say Margie
“I’m fine with any,” say Boy
“Ok, than, we’re going to the beach,” say Margie
“Fine,” say Boy
“We’re going to next month, and we will spend one month there,” say Margie
“What?! One month. That’s too long,” say Boy
“That’s too bad,” say Margie
“But,” say Boy
“Mom, I think that we should get going,” say Margie, ignoring Boy
“Yes,” say her mother
“Good night,” say Margie and her mother. Than they left.
Boy turn to his mother.
“Mom, what is this?” ask his mother
“It’s their plan,” say his mother
Boy put his hand on his head, and than walk upstairs. He didn’t want to go for that long.
After that, Yaya got up, and when the bathroom, and wash her face and took a shower. After that, she lay on her bed for a while, than fall into a deep sleep.
Nadech came back and was surprise that Yaya was asleep. He took his shower, and lay down next to her, his back to her. He couldn’t stand looking at her.
Nadech wok up early, and went out to work. He quietly sat in his room, and think. He try to think hard about the events that had happen.
Yaya woke up, and went downstairs to have her dinner alone. Everything was quiet, and awkward.
Tah called Yaya, and she pick up.
“Tah?!” say Yaya, trying hard not to cry
“Yaya, how are you?” ask Tah
“I’m fine,” say Yaya
“That’s good,” say Tah
“And you, how are you?” ask Yaya
“I’m also great,” say Tah, feeling uneasy.
“That’s great. How’s Sara?” ask Yaya
“She’s also great. What about Nadech?” ask Tah
“He’s, he’s great,” say Yaya in a weak tone
“Yaya, what’s wrong?” ask Tah
“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just not feeling good,” reply Yaya
“Oh okay, well, I hope that you’re going great. I going to go now, so bye,” say Tah
“Good bye,” say Yaya
Yaya hang up, and went into the living room. She saw the papers again with a note on top.
She picked uo the note, and read it.
Please sign, and return it to me when you’re done
Yaya sadly put the paper in her bag, and walk out of the house. She got into her car, and drove to the shop.
“So Nadech is really going to divorce with you,” say Margie
Yaya sadly nodded, and say,” I pretty sure. He sounded so serious. And plus, he already sign the papers.”
Yaya handed the papers to Margie. Margie pretended to read the paper, but was staring at Yaya’s sad face instead. Noona and Mark walked in, and saw both of them.
“What’s wrong?” ask Noona
“Nadech wants a divorce with Yaya,” say Margie
“That’s bad,” say Noona
“That jerk. What does he see Yaya as? A toy that he can throw away when he doesn’t want?!” say Mark, mad
“Mark, calm down,” say Noona, putting her hands on his shoulder
“It’s because of Kim, right?!” say Mark, ignoring Noona’s words
“I’m pretty sure. That girl is really evil,” say Margie
“Guys, look at Yaya. Don’t you see how sad she is?” ask Noona
Mark and Margie look at Yaya.
“We’re sorry, Yaya,” say Mark and Margie
They all went, and left Yaya alone. They don’t want to annoyed her anymore.
“Nadech is really getting a divorce with Yaya,” say Marie
“Yes, I know,” say Kim
“How do you,” say Marie
“I saw last night,” say Kim
“And what did you think about it?” ask Marie
“I think that it’s wonderful. That way, it won’t be hard for me to get back with Nadech,” say Kim
“But Kim, looking at your face, it doesn’t say the same thing. You pity Yaya, right?” ask Marie
“No. I really want Nadech back,” say Kim, getting up
“Where are you going?” ask Marie
“To tell his mother the good news,” say Kim, than she close the door behind her, and went to the hospital.
Yaya stand up, and got her things.
“Yaya, where are you going?” ask Margie, Noona, and Mark at the same time. They worry so much about her.
“To the hospital. I have to visit Nadech’s mother,” reply Yaya
“Why?” ask all of them
“The last visit. I want to tell her the truth,” say Yaya
“Do you want us to come with you?” ask all of them
“It’s okay,” say Yaya
She walk out of the shop.
Margie, Noona, and Mark stare at each other.
“We can’t let her go alone.
“Mark, go. Follow her, and make sure nothing happens,” say Margie
“Yes,” say Mark
He got out of the store, and follow Yaya.
She got to the hospital, and walk right into Nadech’s mother’s room.
“Where are you doing here?” ask his mother
“Good morning, Mother. Why are you so scared seeing my face?!” say Kim
“Don’t call me that. Only my real daughter in law could. And she’s Yaya,” say Nadech’s mother
Yaya was also outside, and heard everything. She was so happy that Nadech’s mother say that, but sad that she’ll be leaving soon.
“Oh really, but didn’t you know. Nadech wants a divorce with your daughter in law, Yaya,” say Kim
“No it’s not true,” say his mother
“It’s true. And me, and Nadech are going to get marry. I’m going to become your next daughter in law,” say kim
“Nadech will never marry you,” say his mother
“Yes he is. Nadech and Yaya are getting divorce. He’s giving me a chance,” say Kim
“No, stop. I don’t want to hear,” say his mother, covering her ears
“But you have to listen. Nadech and Yaya are going to get divorce!” say Kim, trying to uncover her ears
Nadech heard screaming in his mother’s room, and rush there. He saw Yaya go in to the room, and Mark after her. He slowly walk up to the door, and stop, and look at them. He was surprise to see Kim also there with him.
Yaya couldn’t listen to Kim’s words anymore. She pushed the door open, and enter.
“It’s not true,” say Yaya
Kim turn around and stare at Yaya. Nadech’s mother uncover her ear, and stare at Yaya.
“We’re not getting a divorce. And we’ll never get a divorce, because we love each other! Nadech is my husband, and therefore, you have no right to claim him,” say Yaya in a loud voice
Kim was speechless. Mark stepped in.
“That’s right,” say Mark
Yaya turn around, and was surprise to see Mark
“Mark?!” say Yaya
“Sorry Yaya, I just have to follow you,” say Mark
Yaya nodded.
“But you have him, Yaya. I have no one,” say Kim
“Mark is only a true friend to me, nothing else,” say Yaya
“That’s right,” say Mark, nodding his head
Kim was once again speechless.
Nadech open the door slowly, and walk in.
“Nadech?!” say Kim and Yaya, both surprise
“I think that you guys hould stop the drama right now, and leave my mother alone,” say Nadech, half mad
“Yes,” say everyone, walking to the door
“Yaya, stay. Wait for me outside of the room,” say Nadech
Yaya nodded her head, and went out along with Mark and Kim.
When they got outside of the room, Yaya sat on one of the chairs.
Kim and Mark walk to the parking lot.
Kim got into her car, and try to turn the engine on, but it wouldn’t turn on. Mark sees her trouble and walk up to her.
“Need any help?” ask Mark
“No,” say Kim, looking at him
“Still acting tough, huh,” say Mark
“So?! You want to laugh at me so much, right. Go ahead. I don’t care. I’ve always lose to everything in my life,” say Kim
Mark stare at her.
“Come on, let me take you home,” say mark, taking her hand, and pulling her into his car.
“Hey, you. I don’t need you,” say Kim
“Don’t be stubborn,” say Mark
He drove, and they remain silent.
Bie came to the shop again. He was happy that Mark wasn’t there.
“Hello, Bie,” say Noona
“Hello,” say Bie
“Bie, this is Margie. And Margie, this is Bie,” say Noona
“Oh ho, so you’re the singer Bie,” say Margie
“Yes,” say Bie, cheerfully
“Wow, so glad that I met you. I love your songs,” say Margie
“Thanks,” say Bie
Bie, Noona, and Margie sat at the table, and chat.
“Mother, are you okay?” ask Nadech
“I’m fine, but Nadech, you, you. It isn’t true right?! About the divorce between you, and Yaya. tell me it isn’t true,” say his mother
“It’s true,” say Nadech, avoiding eye contacts with his mother
“Nadech, you can’t get divorce. I really like Yaya. I mean it. Please do it as a request from me,” say his mother
“Mother, you need to get your rest,” say Nadech, putting the blanket over his mother
“No, Nadech, I won’t,” say his mother
Nadech stand up.
“Nadech, you’re really going to leave me. You’re going to leave me, just like your father?!” say his mother
Nadech walk out.
“Nadech!” say his mother
But Nadech didn’t turn around. He walk to Yaya.
“Are you done?” ask Nadech
“With what?” ask Yaya
“Have you sign it. The papers,” say Nadech
“Nadech, I don’t think that,” say Yaya
“You don’t think. I know that you don’t. But I do,” say Nadech
Yaya and Nadech could hear his mother cried out for him.
“What about your mother?” ask Yaya
“The nurses will take care of her. Don’t mind her,” say Nadech
“Nadech,” say Yaya
“I say don’t mind her!” say Nadech, scaring Yaya, and also annoying her.
“But,” say Yaya
“Stop! Can you stop it, and just sign the divorce paper already. And especially don’t get involve with my family. You know something, I am tired of you being so nice,” say Nadech
Yaya slap him hard. She couldn’t believe his words. He was so harsh and mean t her. Nadech hold the cheek that was slap, and avoid eye contact with Yaya.
“Fine! Be an ungrateful child like that. Why are you so heartless?! Don’t you know that you’re hurting other people. I’ve bear enough. You know Nadech, I have never expect this from you, but here it is, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. You’re just a ruthless and cruel person. I hate you! Hate you more than anything else,” Yaya finally yelled back at him, her eyes with tears
Yaya turn her back on him, and walk out. She didn’t turn back to look at him again.
Nadech stand there, and try to get all the words that Yaya just say. Tears start to come down his cheeks. He wish that he have never say anything to Yaya. Wishes that he have never say that to Yaya, never have been mean to Yaya. Now, the world has turn its back on him, and he regrets it.
Mark and Kim finally got to her house, and the awkward moment ended.
“Thanks,” say Kim in a small voice
“Your welcome,” say Mark
Kim got out, and Mark stared after her.
“You’re not that bad after all,” say Mark with a smile
He than drove back to the shop.
Yaya drove back to the shop, and try her best not to look depress.
“Yaya, are you okay?” ask Margie
“Yes,” say Yaya
Yaya walk like a lifeless person to the kitchen. Noona, and Margie stare at her, and wonder what happened.
Yaya walk back and turn to Margie.
“Margie, may I stay at your house for a bit?” ask Yaya
“Of course you can,” say Margie
“Thanks,” say Yaya, and than she walk again into the kitchen
Nadech stay for a bit, and look after his mother. She was asleep, and he sat next to her.
“Sorry, mother. Yaya’s really right. I am a ungrateful child,” say Nadech
Nadech stay for a bit, and than went back to his office. He couldn’t focus, and for the rest of the day, he thought about Yaya.
Kim got into the room, and Marie was surprise to see her home so soon.
“You’re back already,” say Marie
“Yes,” say Kim
“Why?” ask Kim
“There were some troubles,” say Kim
“What is it?” ask Marie
“Nothing that you should know of,” say Kim
“Oh, ok than,” say Marie
“Where are you going?” ask Kim, staring at Marie
“I have a date with Boy,” say Marie
“Hey you. I thought that you’re so nice that you’re going to let him go to Margie,” say Kim
“I know. But we’re not doing anything that’s wrong. We just go out, and eat lunch or dinner, than maybe watch movie or go see something,” say Marie
“But. Ok never mind, just go,” say Kim
Marie left, and Kim sat down on the couch alone.
Mark wasn’t surprise that Bie was there, since he came al,ost everyday.
“Hey, dude, don’t you have anything to do? Why do you come here every single day?” ask Mark
“What about you? Don’t you have anything?!” say Bie
“You first. I ask first,” say Mark
“No, you,” say Bie
“You,” say Mark, getting ready to punch him
“Mark,” say Noona, stopping him
Yaya walk out of the kitchen, and walk to Margie.
“It’s late. Noona, you can leave. I’ll close the shop,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Noona
“May I take you home?” ask Mark and Bie at the same time
“Um,” say Noona, feeling uncomfortable
“I think that Mark should take her home,” say Margie stepping in,” and also they are dating.” Margie put their hands together.
Mark smile, and Bie frown.
“Ok, fine,” say Bie
Mark and Noona went out of the shop, and went home.
Yaya clear the shop, and turn off the lights, and lock the door.
“Let’s go,” say Yaya
“What about Nadech?” ask Margie
“Don’t mind him,” say Yaya
She walk to Margie’s car, and got inside. Margie followed, and drive home.
Nadech drove home, and found a silent dark house.
“Yaya?!” Nadech shouted
But there was not answer. He walk up the stairs, and look into bedroom.
He called Margie.
“Margie, do you know where Yaya is?” ask Nadehc
“She’s here. She say that she will be spending a few days with me,” say Margie
“Thanks,” say Nadech, than he hang up
He walked back to the silent dinning room. HE wasn’t hungry anymore. He walk out of the house, and back to his office. For the rest of the night, he force himself to focus hard on work, but he couldn’t. He kept on slacking, and crumble papers up into a ball, and throw it in his trash can.
“Who was that?” ask Yaya
“Boy,” lied Margie
“What did he say?” ask Yaya
“We were just taking about our vacation,” say Margie
“Really. That’s cool, where are you guys going?” ask Yaya
“To the Huahin beach,” say Margie
“When?” ask Yaya
“Next month,” say Margie
“Well, I wish you luck,” say Yaya
“Thanks,” say Margie, feeling uncomfortable
Yaya walk away. Her phone rang, and she answered it.
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Yaya?! I heard that Nadech and you are getting a divorce. It’s not true, right?!” say Chailda on the other end
“It’s true,” say Yaya
“Oh no. It couldn’t be. Yaya don’t give up. I’ll support you,” say Chailda
“It’s ok, Chailda,” say Yaya
“Are you sure?” ask Chailda
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Ok, but don’t forget, I’m always there for you,” say Chailda
“Thanks,” say Yaya
They hang up, and Yaya smile. She’s glad that lots of people support her, but a bit sad that her love story is coming into a end.
By the next morning, Nadech’s trash bin was full of papers crumble into balls. His head was on the desk. Kim quietly walked in, and walk to him.
“Nadech,” say Kim, gentlely waking him up
“Huh?” ask Nadech
“Are you okay?” ask Kim
“Yes, I’m alright,” say Nadech
“Nadech, you are getting divorce right, say you are,” say Kim
“Yes,” reply Nadech lazily
Kim happily smiled that she still have a chance with him.
“You’re giving me a chance, right?” ask Kim, her hopes high
“Yes,” say Nadech
~~~~ 1 Week Later ~~~~
Yaya was working in her shop. Margie came into her shop.
“Yaya, we got to talk,” say Margie
“About what?” ask Margie
“About your divorce. Are you doing to divorce or not. If yes or no, you better go, and cleared the news. Everyone knows about it already,” say Margie
“Really?!’ say Yaya
“Yes. Yaya, come on decide,” say Margie
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech is sitting alone in his office, still thinking about Yaya, even though it have been a week. His father walk in.
“Nadech?!” say his father
Nadech didn’t answer. His father have to call him a few times before he answer him.
“What is it, father?” ask Nadech
“I’m here to talk about work. What have you got?” ask his father
“Father, I didn’t,” say Nadech
“You didn’t do it. I know,” say his father
“I’m sorry,” say Nadech
“It’s ok. Ok, Nadech, I have something to ask you,” say his father
“What is it?” ask Nadech
“Are you really divorcing Yaya?” ask his father
“Why? You’re against it? I thought that you’ll be happy” say Nadech
His father stare at him hard.
“Nadech, this is real. Stop making  a joke out of it,” say his father,” and your questions. No, I’m not against it. It doesn’t make any difference if you divorce her of not. But I, I care about you happiness, my son. I don’t want you to let the things you love go because of me.”
“Why?! You sure that you worry about my happiness? What about that time. You lied about Kim. You try to stop me when I want to get marry. You force you me to do this and that! You make me act cold towards the people I love. You make me seem like I don’t have heart,” say Nadech, with tears
“Nadech, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that my actions will hurt you. I’ve always thought that I was right and that I’ve always done the best for you, but now I know that I’m wrong. Forgive me,” say his father
“Very well. You’re my father after all. I should be grateful. Thank you, dad,” say Nadech
“You forgive me. You’re not mad at me,” say his father
“No, I’m not,” say Nadech
“Thank you,” say his father
Nadech smile.
“What about Yaya?” ask his father
“I don’t know, but I feel like I don’t want to let her go,” say Nadech
“If you don’t, than don’t,” say his father
“Thanks, dad,” say Nadech
Yaya look at the paper again. Reading it all over to herself. She slowly took a pen, and sign her name. She look at the paper again.
“It’s over,” say Yaya
She put the paper in her bag, and headed for Nadech’s office. She got to his office, and found Nadech staring out the window at the dark clouds.
“I sign it,” say Yaya
Nadech turn around, and look at her without saying a word. Yaya walk to him, and handed him the paper.
“Happy now?!” say Yaya
Nadech took the paper, and look at it. Than he rip it in half, than into smaller pieces. Than he drop them on the floor.
“What are you doing?” ask Yaya, confused
Nadech shrugged, and went back to staring out the window, focusing on the clouds. Mark pushed the door open along with Kim.
“Nadech, what are you doing?” ask Kim
“I’m not divorcing,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Yaya, Mark, and Kim in surprise
“No, Nadech you can’t do that,” say Kim
“Sorry, Kim,” say Nadech
Nadech walk over to Yaya, and grab her hand.
“Come on, let’s go,” say Nadech, pulling Yaya
“Where are we going? Nadech, I’m not going,” say Yaya
Nadech ignore, and kept on pulling on her.
Kim got hold of one of Yaya’s arm, and pull her.
“I won’t let you go!” say Kim, pulling Yaya
“Kim, stop,” say Nadech
Mark step in, and take Kim’s hands off Yaya.
“Don’t stop me,” say Kim
Mark finally got Kim’s hands off, and Nadech pull Yaya out of the room. Yaya use all of her strength, and pull Nadech’s hands off hers.
“I’m not going,” say Yaya
“Not going, fine,” say Nadech
He put his hands around her, than carry her out of the building, and into his parking lot.
“Nadech, don’t you hear, I say stop! Stop! I hate you!” say Yaya
Nadech ignore, and put her in his car. He locked the door, so she couldn’t get out. He got into his seat, and drive away.
“Nadech, where are you going?” ask Yaya
Nadech remain quiet, and didn’t answer her. Yaya finally sat still, and remain quiet in her seat. Nadech kept stealing glances at her.
Kim was crying, and Mark didn’t know what to do with her.
“Come on, I’ll take you home,” say Mark, putting his hand on her shoulder
“No, don’t touch me,” say Kim, pulling his hand away
Kim got up, and stare at Mark with a death glare.
“I hate you! Why did you stop me?!” say Kim
“I’m sorry,” say Mark
Kim angrily walk out. She got into her car, and drove home. She ran into her room, and cry.
It was raining, and Nadech didn’t really know where he is going or where he wants to go. But he wants to get away from everything, and be with only Yaya. He keeps on driving, and driving.
Than they rain came heavily, and he couldn’t see the road. He went off the road, and almost hit a tree.
“Nadech, what happen?” ask Yaya, scared
“It’s raining too hard, we have to stay here,” say Nadech
Yaya was really scared, but Nadech took her hands, and gently give it a squeeze.
“It’ll be alright,” say Nadech
Yaya only remain silent, and thought about why Nadech is acting so nice towards her again. Nadech stare at Yaya, and is desiring for her forgiveness. He wants Yaya to trust him again.
Enjoy! :D

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