Messy Circle of Love Chapter 15 Part 1

Chapter 15
“We’re here,” say Tah
Sara look at the house. It was very pretty. She got out of the car, and went inside. Tah got two of her suitcases, and follow her.
He took the suitcases to her room.
“Hey, where is everyone?” ask Sara
“They’re not home,” say Tah
“Why?” ask Sara
“Probably they don’t want to meet you,” say Tah
“Hey, I’m not that hateable,” say Sara
“Whatever,” say Tah, walking out
“Hey, where are you going to?” ask Sara
“Home,” say Tah
“You don’t live here,” say Sara
“No, I don’t even want to live here,” say Tah
“Why? You must have hate my cousin a lot,” say Sara
“That’s right,” say Tah
“Why?” ask Sara
“Hey, stop asking questions,” say Tah
Nadech came back, and went inside the house.
“Hello, Sara,” say Nadech
“Hello, p’Nadech,” say Sara
“Hello, Tah,” say Nadech
“Hello,” say Tah
“Thank you for getting Sara,” say Nadech
“Don’t need to thank me. If Yaya didn’t ask I wouldn’t even do it,” say Tah,
“Aren’t you going to stay for dinner?” ask Nadech
“No,” say Tah, as he walk out
“Who is he? And why do he hate you?” ask Sara
“Let’s not talk about it. You just arrive, so you’re hungry, I’ll tell the maid to prepare something for you,” say Nadech, than he left the room.
Yaya came home, and found Sara and Nadech sitting in the dining table waiting for her.
“Sara, this is my wife, Yaya, and Yaya, this is Sara,” say Nadech
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Hello,” say Sara
“You must be tired,” say Yaya
“No, I’m not,” say Sara
“Well, welcome,” say Yaya
“Thanks,” say Sara
“Ok, let’s eat now,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya and Sara
For the rest of the dinner time, they all remain silent.
The next day, Yaya went to her shop.
“Hello,” say Mark
“Hello,” say Yaya
“How’s your day?” ask Mark
“It’s good and yours,” say Yaya
“Mine’s good, too,” say Mark
“What will you like to eat today?” ask Yaya
“Nothing, I just want to talk to you,” say Mark
“Oh really,” say Yaya
“I want to tell you that you’re a very beautiful person, I adore you very much,” say Mark
“Thanks,” say Yaya
“If you don’t mind, may you be my girlfriend,” say Mark, shyly
“I can’t, sorry, I’m a married woman,” say Yaya
“Oh, sorry,” say Mark, suddenly embrassed
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“Chailda, my daughter, please eat.” say Chailda’s mother
“I’m not hungry,” say Chailda
“But you still have to eat to help you live,” say her mother
“I don’t want to live anymore,” say Chailda
“Don’t say that, my dear,” say her mother
“Mother,” say Chailda, crying
“It’s ok. Remember what you tell me when you were little. You told me that you’re a strong girl,” say her mother
“Yes,” say Chailda
“Here now, eat, ok,” say her mother, feeding her
“Yes,” say Chailda, after swallowing the food.
From this day on, she promise herself to be strong and stand up for herself.
“Mom, where are we going?” ask Margie
“To see your future husband, of course,” say her mother
“What?!” say Margie
“Yes. Me and my friend want you guys to meet, and if you guys like each other than, you guys will get engage,” say her mother
“Mother,” say Margie
“Come on, let’s go,” say her mother, getting into the car
“Yes,” say Margie, following her mother
“Is everything ready?” ask Boy’s mother
“Yes, madam,” say the servants
“What about my son?” ask Boy’s mother
“I’m ready, mom,” say Boy, coming down the stairs
“That’s good, come here, my son,” say his mother
Boy walk to his mother, and sat next to his mother.
“I’m so happy that you decided to stay,” say his mother
“I’m just doing it for you,” say Boy, weakly
“Come on, smile, they’re going to be here soon,” say his mother
Boy smile weakly.
Than a servant walk in and announce that Margie and her mother have arrive.
Margie and her mother walk in. Margie and Boy were shock to see each other.
“Hello,” say Boy’s mother
“Hello,” say Margie’s mother
Boy and Margie only look at each other.
“Boy sit down,” say his mother
“Margie sit down,” say her mother
They all sat down.
“Um, this is my son, Boy,” say Boy’s mother
“This is my daughter, Margie,” say Margie’s mother
“Hello,” say Boy
“Hello,” say Margie
“Wow, so humble,” say Boy’s mother
“Thanks,” say Margie
“Your welcome. I like it,” say Boy’s mother
“Thanks,” say Margie
And for the rest of the time, their mothers talk about them, while they stare at each other speechless.
 “Marie, get some rest,” say Kim
“No, I’m going to wait for him,” say Marie
“Come on, Marie, he promise already. I know Boy won’t go back on his words,” say Kim
“But I want to wait for him,” say Marie
“Get your rest first,” say Kim
“Kim, don’t you worry what he is doing now? It has been almost 2 months since he have been gone,” say Marie
“It’s nothing, don’t think too much,” say Kim, as she turn her lamp light off, and went to sleep.
Marie stare at Kim.
It has been 3 months, since the separation, and Noona haven’t find a job yet. She’s low on money. She needs to find a job fast. But she still haven’t give up.
“Let’s go have fun.” The words echo in Bie’s head, while he was looking at the pictures of him, Mark, and Noona.
His parents keeps on telling him to do something, and he have finally decide to move on. He wants to enjoy the new world.
Natwara and James look at each other. Still not brave enough to look at each other in the eyes.
“I’m sorry,” say James
“I’m also sorry,” say Natwara
“But this is not apologizing time,” say James
“Yes. The person that have to recieve the sorry is not us, it’s Chailda,” say Natwara
“I don’t think, I can face her, I have hurt her so much,” say James
“Me, too,” say Natwara
“She was right. We two are selfish, selfish enough to not care that we are hurting the people around us,” say James
“Yes. We owe her a big apology and thank you,” say Natwara
“From now on, let’s not fight,” say James
“Yes, we will become friends,” say Natwara
“And I have something I have to do,” say James
“Yes, go for it. Go prove that you love to her that you’re now a pure man, and you love her,” say Natwara
“Thanks for the support,” say James, as he walk to his car. This time, he won’t make another mistake.
Chailda look the paper, and at the building. They match. She went inside of the company, and ask for an applying paper. She wants a job. And she wants to start a new life. She didn’t want to live in pain anymore.
She got accepted to the new job.
James went to Chailda’s house. Her mother told him, than Chailda went to go look for a job. James ask her about the details, and went back. He’ll look for her tomorrow.
Yaya look at her ingredients. They were all there, except for the sugar, and she really need it. This morning, she was late, so she forgot to check if everything was there. She really need the sugar, but she can’t go out of the shop. She called Tah.
“Hello, Tah,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Yaya
“May you go to my house, and get my sugar. I was too busy this morning, so I didn’t check,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Tah
“Thanks,” say Yaya, than she hang up.
Tah drive to Yaya’s house, and went into the kitchen. Sara heard, and went downstairs to look at who it is. She was surprised it was Tah.
“Hey,” say Sara
“What?!” say Tah
“What are you doing here?” ask Sara
“Getting something for my sister,” say Tah
“Hey, where are you going now?” ask Sara
“To her shop,” say Tah
“May I come along?” ask Sara
“No,” say Tah
“I want to go,” say Sara
“No,” say Tah, walking out the door
Sara follow him, and run to his car.
“Hey, get out,” say Tah
“No,” say Sara
“You’re not getting out, right?!” say Tah
“Right,” say Sara
Tah pull her out, but she went back into the car.
Yaya was waiting, and decided to call Tah, again.
“Hello, Tah, are you almost here?” ask Yaya
“Yes,” say Tah
“Ok,” say Yaya
Tah got into the car. Sara also got into the car, and Tah drive out of the driveway, and went to Yaya’s shop.
Sara and Tah got to the shop. Tah got the sugar, while, Sara stare at the shop. It was really pretty and cute in her thinking. Tah went in, and she follow.
Yaya was surprise to see Sara. Tah handed her the sugar.
“I have never known you have such a pretty shop, sister-in-law,” say Sara
“Nadech didn’t tell you?!” say Yaya
“No, we don’t really talk to each other,” say Sara
“Oh. But well, you can look around and enjoy,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Sara, studying all the stuffs
“I’m going back,” say Tah
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Come on, let’s go,” say Tah, as he pull Sara out of the shop.
Enjoy! :D

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