Messy Circle of Love Chapter 6 Part 1

Chapter 6
Nadech came by Yaya’s shop again. He wants to see her again. She reminds him of Kim.
“Hello, welcome,” say Yaya turning around to see her customer
“Hello,” say Nadech, looking at Yaya
“Oh, you,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Are you here to buy sweets?” ask Yaya
“Yes, but I’m also here to see you,” say Nadech
“Oh,” say Yaya
“Yes, um, do you have time to talk?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech walk over to Yaya, and took her hand and they both got out of the shop.
“You. Where are you taking me?” ask Yaya
“To my favorite place,” say Nadech
Before Yaya can ask another question, Nadech pull her into his car.
“And than what happen?” ask Kim
“Nothing, he just apolgizes, and than leave,” say Marie
“That’s all,” say Kim
“Yes, but I know that there’s something with him, and I’m going to find out,” say Marie
“Are you sure, and will you be able to?” ask Kim
“I’m sure,” say Marie
Marie wants to know why Boy is always sad, and was never happy. She also don’t understand why, he doesn’t flirt anymore, and he kinda act like he dislike girls.
Bie decided to go visit Noona. He wants to show her that he care about her feeling, and wanted to show his feelings to her. He got to her apartment, and knock on the door. Noona open it.
“Hello,” say Bie
“Hello,” say Noona
“Are you free today?” ask Bie
“Why?” ask Noona
“I want you to go feed the ducks with me,” say Bie
“Oh yes,” say Noona
“Ok,” say Bie
“Let me go get my things,” say Noona
“Yes,” say Bie, smiling
Noona when to her room, and got her purse, and keys. Than she went out and went with Bie.
“This place is beautiful,” say Yaya
“I know right,” say Nadech
Yaya look at the scene. She love the place. It has a nice atmosphere, and the air is fresh. Than she look at Nadech.
“May I ask you something?” ask Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Do you have a girlfriend?” ask Yaya
“Why?” ask Nadech
“I want to ask you if you have ever take your girlfriend here before,” say Yaya
“No, she have never seen this place, and will never,” say Nadech
“Why?” ask Yaya
Nadech look at Yaya.
“She left this world already,” say Nadech
“Sorry,” say Yaya
“It’s ok,” say Nadech
They both stay for a while, and enjoy the scene.
Noona lean down, and gentle throw the bread in the water for the ducks. She enjoy feeding them. It helps her kill time, since there’s really nothing that she wants to do.
“Noona,” say Bie
“Huh?!” say Noona, still focusing on the ducks
“Do you want to go get some ice cream?” ask Bie
“Sure,” say Noona, getting on her feet
They walk away from the pond, and went to the ice cream shop.
“What flavor will you like?” ask the owner
“Vinalla,” say Bie
“Chocolate,” say Noona
Noona loves chocolate a lot. And Bie also knows that.
“Do you believe in such thing as love?” ask Marie
“Why?” ask Boy
“Because I do. I believe that love is true, and it gives everyone a chance to experince it,” say Marie
“Yeah, to experince pain,” say Boy
“Why did you say that?” ask Marie
“I don’t believe in such thing. Love is foolish,” say Boy
Marie stand up. She was kinda mad at Boy for saying that.
“Hey, don’t say that,” say Marie
“Why?” ask Boy
“Because that’s a wrong defintion of love,” say Marie
“It’s my definition,” say Boy
Marie looks away.
“Hey, have you ever experince it?” ask Boy
“No, why?” ask Marie
“See, just as I thought, you haven’t experince it, but you keep on acting as if you know,” say Boy
” Hey, I do, too,” say Marie
“I’m not talking to you anymore,” say Boy, leaving
“Hey, I show you!” Marie yell after Boy
She is sure going to show him. She can’t stand him saying bad things about love.
Boy went to his room. He try to keep himself busy, but no matter what, Marie’s words echo in his head.
“Thanks, for going with me,” say Nadech
“Your welcome,” say Yaya, handing Nadech the sweets he order
Nadech look at the sweets. He took one out and taste it. It was so delicious, that he ate another one.
“Your sweets are very delicious,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Yaya
Nadech give her a nod.
“If you’d like, I’ll give you lesson,” say Yaya
“Really?!” say Nadech, happy
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Ok, than we’ll start tomorrow,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Ok, than I’m going,” say Nadech
“Yes, take care,” say Yaya
Nadech went out, and Margie came in.
“Hey, you know him?” ask Margie
“Yes, why?” ask Yaya
“He’s your boyfriend, right?!” tease Margie
“No, we’re just friends,” say Yaya
“Are you sure?” ask Margie
“Yes,” say Yaya
They both laugh.
“Chocolate is still your flavor?!” say Bie
“Yes,” say Noona
“Thanks for coming with me,” say Bie
“It’s ok, I was also bored at home, too,” say Noona
“Do you want to do like this agian another day?” ask Bie
“Sure,” say Noona
“OK, than I’ll send you home,”say Bie
“Yes,” say Noona
They went to Bie’s car, and Bie drove her home.

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