Messy Circle of Love Chapter 4 Part 1

Chapter 4
“Thanks,” say Kim and Marie, as they enter the room, the old lady asign them to
“No need, and you can call me Grandma On,” say the old lady
“Yes, Grandma On,” say Kim and Marie
“Do you like it?” ask the Grandma On
“Yes,” say Kim and Marie
“You guys can unpack, when you guys are done, come down for dinner,” say Grandma On
“Yes,” say Kim and Marie
“Boy, are sure that you’re not going to return to Thailand with me?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Boy
“Ok,” say Nadech
“Hey, Nadech, hope that your love won’t go like mine,” say Boy
“Thanks,” say Nadech
“When do you leave for Thailand?” ask Boy
“In 3 months,” say Nadech
“When you have your wedding, remember to invite me, ok,” say Boy
“Yes,” say Nadech
Nadech went to the window, and look outside. Everything looks good and bright. He was happy that he will be returning soon, and that he’ll get to be with Kimberly.
“Chailda, are you alright?” ask Natwara
“Yes,” say Chailda
“Don’t lie, I can tell from your face. What did he do again?” ask Natwara
“I don’t know, that day when he met with my parents, he doesn’t seem to like my parents,” say Chailda
“It’s ok, let’s go somewhere and have fun, ok,” say Natwara
“No, I don’t want to go,” say Chailda
“Come on, let’s go,” say Natwara, pulling Chailda
They went out the door, and went to a pub. Chailda didn’t want to go in, but Natwara pull her in.
“Natwara,” say Chailda
“It’s ok, Chailda,” say Natwara
They walk around, and did some dancing. Chailda was starting to feel better, but she saw James into the pub with a girl in his arm. She stood froze and look at them, her heart breaking into tiny pieces. Natwara notice, and grab her hand and walk towards James.
“Hello, James, what a coincidence that we meet here,” say Natwara
James look away and frown. Natwara nudged Chailda.
“Hello, James,” say Chailda
“Hello,” say James
“Why is he acting like he don’t know me!” Chailda thought.
“What are you doing here, James, ka?” ask Natwara
“Nothing,” say James
“Let’s go,” say Chailda
“No, Chailda, we have to stay and finish this,” say Natwara
“James, why are you doing this to my friend, huh?” ask Natwara
James look away. Chailda look at him.
“And who are you?” ask Natwara to the girl who is sitting next to James
“I’m James girlfriend and you?” say the girl proudly
Natwara push Chailda forward.
“This is James girlfriend, and for you, you’re the third wheel,” say Natwara
The girl was mad. She hug James, and whine to him.
James took the girl and they left the pub. Chailda and Natwara walk to the car. And Natwara drove her home. Tears fell out of Chailda’s face. She don’t know how she can endure it anymore. Natwara look at Chailda.
“Don’t cry, Chailda, a jerk like him isn’t worth you crying for,” say Natwara
“But I love him, Nat, I love him,” say Chailda
“Yes, I know, but does he care?!” say Natwara
Chailda kept on crying, and Natwara put her head on her shoulder.
“Don’t cry, my wonoderful friend, there’s still a lot of good men out there for you,” say Natwara
Chailda kept on crying, and rest her head on Natwara’s shoulder.
“Are you ok?” ask Bie
“Yes,” say Noona, coughing
“We’ll come back, when we have time, ok,” say Mark
“Yes,” say Noona
Bie and Mark left. Noona was sick,  and Bie and Mark have things to do so they didn’t play with each other.
Noona sat up in her bed. Her head is better now, but it still hurts.
At noon, Mark came back again. He cook for Noona, and help her do things.
“Thanks,” say Noona
“Your welcome,” say Mark
“Are you going to go?” ask Noona
“No, I’m staying over to take care of you,” say Mark
“What?!” say Noona
“Yes,” say Mark
Noona look at Mark shyly. She don’t know, but whenever she’s near him, she have a feeling of shyness and nervousness.
“And what about Bie?” ask Noona
“He’s at home,” say Mark
“Than it’s going to be only us?” ask Noona
“Yes, but don’t worry,” say Mark
“About what?” ask Noona
“Nothing,” say Mark
“Oh ok,” say Noona
“You should rest,” say Mark
“Yes,” say Noona
Mark help her to her bed, and tuck her in. Mark sat in the couch and read, while Noona stare at him.
“So why did you two come to Bangkok?” ask Grandma On
“We come here to find…,” say Marie, but Kim interrupt her.
“We come here to get education,” say Kim
Grandma On look at her.
“You don’t seem like you trust me,” say Grandma On
“That’s not it,” say Kim
“Than tell me everything, I’ll help if I can,” say Grandma On
“Yes,” say Kim, and then she tell her the whole story.
After listening to the story, Grandma On came up with an idea.
“Kim, I think I have a way to help you,” say Grandma On
“What is it?” ask Kim
“You say you want to get a high education, so you can prove to his parents, I think that you should go to America with me, and study there,” say Grandma On
Kim and Marie look at each other, than at Grandma On.
“It’s ok,” say Kim
“No, I want to help you,” say Grandma On
“But we don’t have the money, and I don’t think my parents will let me,” say Kim
“I’ll talk to your parents than,” say Grandma On
“But,” say Kim
“No buts, I’m going to help you, please let me, ok,” say Grandma On
“Yes,” say Kim
The next day the headed to Kim’s village to go ask permission. Kim’s parents were happy to see her.
“Dad, mom, Grandma On wants me to go to America with her for 5 years, may I?” ask Kim
“Kim, that’s your choice,” say her father
“Thanks, dad,” say Kim
“Be good, and do cause trouble, ok,” say her mother
“Yes,” say Kim, she was happy that she can finally prove herself.
After they went back, and to go get everything ready. They are leaving in 1 month.
Chailda have call James many times, but he won’t answer. She’s sitting in her room, than suddenly something came up. Some one send her a picture message. She look at it. It was an unknown number. She look at the picture. Than tears stream down her cheeks. The picture was of James, and another girl. Chailda call Natwara, and Natwara hurry to go see Chailda.
“What’s wrong?” ask Natwara, as soon as she open the door
Chailda handed her the phone. Natwara look at the picture, and got mad.
“Chailda, he did this much!” say Natwara
Chailda continue crying, and Natwara comfort her.
Than her phone rang. Natwara pick it up and look at the number.
“It’s James,” say Natwara
Chailda reach for the phone, but Natwara won’t give her the phone.
“Chailda, enough of this, you don’t need to answer his phone calls anymore,” say Natwara
“Welcome back, son,” say Nadech’s mom and dad
“Hello, mom and dad,” say Nadech
“Hello,” say both
“How are you?” ask Nadech
“Oh we miss you so much, son,” say his mother
“Me, too,” say Nadech, smiling
“Seeing my son grow into a man, makes me happy,” say his father
“Me, too,” say Nadech
“Come on, let’s go home,” say his father
“Yes,” say Nadech, and they left
“Are you ready?” ask Grandma On
“Yes,” say Marie and Kim
“We are going to go soon, so if you need to use the bathroom, go ahead,” say Grandma On
“Yes, than I’m going,” say Kim, and she left
She walk to where the bathroom is. After she is done using it and came out, she saw a guy that looks like Nadech. She look at him, and went closer, but she heard her call, and left.
On her way she kept on thinking if it was Nadech or not. She’s not sure, since they haven’t met in 5 years.
“How was it in America?” ask Nadech’s mom
“It was good, I got to meet new people and make friends,” say Nadech
“That’s good,” say Nadech’s mom
Nadech was excited, and remember the promise. But his parents keep on asking questions after questions, that he grew impatient, so he blurt out.
“What about me and Kim’s marriage? Have you guys find the date?” ask Nadech, happily
Nadech’s parents look at each other. They forgot about the promise, but they try to act normal.
“Um, Nadech, something happen while you’re gone,” his mother started
Nadech look at his parents face.
“What happen,” say Nadech, impatiently
“Calm down my son,” say his mother
“Tell me, what happen,” say Nadech
“Khun Kimberly pass away already,” say his mother
Nadech’s smile drop.
“What?!” say Nadech
“It’s the truth, son,” say his father
“Excuse me,” say Nadech, and he left the room
His parents stare after him.
“He can’t accept it,” say his mother
“Well, he’ll have too,” say his father
Nadech drove ask the driver to go to the village. He don’t believe his parents. He have to go find out for himself.
Nadech got to the village, and went to Kim’s house. He ask her parents, but sadly, they say the same thing. (Everyone in the village doesn’t want anyone to know the truth.)
James call Chailda again. He didn’t care if she’s sad, but she can’t just ignore her phone calls. James call her many times, and was mad. He decided to call Natwara, instead.
“Hello,” say Natwara
“Hello, Nat, why isn’t Chailda answering my phone calls,,” say James
“That’s your problem,” say Natwara
“What did I do?” ask James
Natwara hung up, and sent the picture to James. James look at the picture. Than he went to Chailda’s place.
“Hello,” say Chailda’s mother
“Hello, is Chailda home?” ask James
“Yes, I’ll get her for you,” say her mother
“No need, I’ll go,” say James, than he rush upstairs.
He got to her room and open it.
“Chailda,” say James
Chailda turn around, and saw him.
“James, why are you here?” ask Chailda
“You didn’t answer my phone calls, so I came here to see if you’re ok,” say James
“Are you sure? You’re not here to see if I was crying like a baby over you?” say Chailda
“Chailda, don’t think like that,” say James
“Than what’s this?” ask Chailda, showing him the picture.
James look at the picture.
“Chailda, this is nothing,” say James
“Nothing, but look you guys are hugging and kissing, is that what you call “NOTHING”,” say Chailda
“Chailda, listen,” say James, walking to her, and comfort her.
James talk to her. And than the reconcile.

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