Messy Circle of Love Chapter 14 Part 1

Chapter 14
“It’s ok, Chailda,” say Natwara
“Natwara, I ,I,I’m sorry for not believing in your words,” say Chailda
“It’s ok. We’re friends right?! Friends help friends,” say Natwara
“Yes,” say Chailda
“From now on, don’t trust that guy anymore, ok,” say Natwara
“Yes,” say Chailda
“Good morning, my daughter-in-law,” say Nadech’s mother as she enter Yaya’s shop
“Good morning,” say Yaya
“Get something for me to eat,” say Nadech’s mother
“Yes,” say Yaya, walking to her kitchen place
She got some desserts, and walk back, and put it on table for her.
Nadech mother ate one. She loved the flavors. And wanted to eat more, but that was not what she have come for.
“Here are the papers of expections from me and Nadech’s father. In order to make you a good daughter-in-law, you need to read through these papers, and remorize what we like and dislike,” say Nadech’s mother
“Yes,” say Yaya, accepting the papers
“I’ll go now,” say Nadech’s mother
“Good bye, have a safe drive,” say Yaya
Yaya look at the pages. There were so much pages, and they letters were so small. But she is willing to do it for Nadech.
“Chailda,” say James, pounding on her door
Chailda ignore, and put her hands to her ears. She didn’t want to see him or talk with him.
“Chailda, open the door. It’s a misunderstanding,” say James
“No, go away. I don’t want to talk,” say Chailda
“Please, listen to me. Natwara set me up. She’s jealous of our relationship, she wants us to break apart. I have edvinene,” say James
“I don’t care,” say Chailda
“But you have to listen,” say James, opening the door
“No!” say Chailda
“Yes,” say James, pulling Sandy in the room
Chailda stand up and stare at them.
“I’m back,” say Natwara as she open the door. Everyone stare at her.
“Sandy, tell us the truth right now!” say James
“Yes,” say Sandy
“Why are you guys here? You already hurt my friend enough,” say Natwara
“Well, you, too,” say James
“What’s going on?” ask Chailda, confuse
“Natwara wants us to break up, and by doing that she hire Sandy to make you think that I’m cheating on you,” say James
“That’s not true,” say Natwara
“Is it true?!” say Chailda, staring at Natwara
“Yes, it’s true. Natwara hire me to destroy James and your love life,” say Sandy
“Chailda. I did it out of good intentions,” say Natwara
“Like this?! It’s not out of good intentions. You know that I love James, and you still do this,” say Chailda
“Chailda,” say Natwara
“Get out,” say Chailda
Natwara and Sandy got out. James walk to Chailda and hold one of her hand.
“Chailda, in the past I was like that, but know I’m not. Please believe me. I never make you sad again,” say James
Chailda remain silent. She still couldn’t take anyone’s sides.
“My cousin is coming here to stay,” say Nadech
“Is your cousin a boy or girl?” ask Yaya
“A girl,” say Nadech
“Where will she stay?” ask Yaya
“With us. May you go get a room ready for her,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Please, Sara, go,” say Sara’s mother
“No,” say Sara
“Are you going to go nicely or do you want us to force,” say her father
“Either way, I’m not going,” say Sara
“You, say it nicer,” say her mother to her father
“Than you can go ahead and talk with her. I have no patients for such,” say his father, leaving the room
“Sara, my child, listen to me. Your father and I owe a lot of money to other companies. We don’t know when they’ll attack us. But your father and I love you very much, we don’t want you to get hurt like us,” say her mother
“But, mother, I’m willing. I only have you and dad. If I lose you guys what will I do?” say Sara
“No, you still have your uncle, aunt, and cousin. They are willing to help,” say her mother
“But, I don’t know them. I don’t even know if they’ll like me or not,” say Sara
“But you have to give it a try. My daughter is strong. She’ll fight her way through. Promise me that you’ll go, ok,” say her mother
Her mother’s words touch her so much, she didn’t want to make her unhappy.
“Yes, mother,” say Sara
“That’s my girl,” say her mother
Sara smile and hug her mother.
Mark want to go visit all the places that he, Noona, and Bie use to love so much. He still could picture all of them being there again, and he still haven’t forgotten. He couldn’t believe that in a flash, they have all separate to go their ways. He walk around the place, and touch everything that they have touched.
On the way back, he stop at Yaya’s Sweet Shop. He wanted to go buy some sweets.
“Hello, welcome,” say Yaya to her constumer
“Hello, may I have some chocolates,” say Mark
“Yes,” say Yaya, as she went to go get the chocolates for him
“Thanks,” say Mark as he got his stuffs
“Your welcome. Please come again,” say Yaya
Mark smile, and walk out of the shop. That was the first time that he have ever smile since Noona left. He really like Yaya.
Natwara called James.
“I have something to talk to you,” say Natwara
“About?” ask James
“About our matter,” say Natwara
“I don’t have anything to talk to you about it, since I was the winner,” say James
“So?!” say Natwara
“Ok, ok, where do you want to meet?” ask James
“Our old spot,” say Natwara hanging up.
James got into his car, and drove out. Chailda was on her way to James condo, and saw him drive out. She follow him.
James got there, and went to go find Natwara. He spotted Natwara sitting down, looking over at a photo ablum. James walk over to her. Chailda was following, and she hide somewhere nearby. She wants to know what her friend and boyfriend was up to.
“What is it?” ask James
“Do you remember our first day?” ask Natwara, her eyes still glue on the picture of her and James when they first met.
“Hurry up, and say what you want to say,” say James
“Those were some good old days,” say Natwara
“Yes, it was indeed,” say James, looking at the picture.
“Remember that day, the day you and me broke up,” say Natwara
“Yes, you hurted me so much, I still haven’t forgotten,” say James
“I’m sorry,” say Natwara
“Sorry is just a word, it’s meaningless to me,” say James
“Do you remember what we promise?” ask Natwara
“Yes, that we’ll destroy each other’s life no matter what it takes,” say James
“And how many people have we hurted?” ask Natwara
“1, and that’s Chailda,” say James
“Chailda was a good bait,” say Natwara
“Yes, indeed,” say James
Chailda couldn’t believe what she’s hearing. The two people that she have love have just stab her in the back. It hurts so much. She started to cry, and decided to leave. Natwara and James heard footsteps. James saw that it was her, and he ran over to stop her.
“Chailda,” say James
Natwara also got up, and walk to them.
“Chailda,” say Natwara
“Don’t say my name. You guys have already got what you guys wanted right?! Hurting other people for your revenge,” say Chailda
“Chailda, it was not like that,” say James
“Than how is it than?” ask Chailda
“Chailda, listen, we’re sorry,” say Natwara
“You’re sorry?! If you know that you’re sorry than you should have never ever done this!” say Chailda
“No, Chailda,” say James
“Chailda don’t you remember that time I hired Sandy. It’s because I want you to hate James, so that he won’t get to hurt you, and the revenge will stop,” say Natwara
“No, that’s not true. You just want to win over James. You and James are just the same, not different. You guys are selfish, very selfish, and selfish enough to hurt an innocent person,” say Chailda
“No,” say James and Natwara
“You guys can leave my life now,” say Chailda, walking away
Natwara and James stand there, speechless.
“Sara is going to arrive today, but I can’t go pick her up, can you?” ask Nadech
“No, I’m busy with the constumers,” say Yaya
“What about Margie?” ask Nadech
“She’s busy, and Boy?” ask Yaya
“He, too,” say Nadech
“Than what about my brother, Tah,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech
“But how does she look like,” say Yaya
“Here,” say Nadech as he handed Yaya a picture of Sara. Yaya studied the picture.
“She’s very beautiful,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Ok, than I’ll go ask Tah,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech
Yaya left, and went back to her house.
“Tah,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Tah
“I have a favor to ask you,” say Yaya
“What is it?” ask Tah
“Nadech’s cousin, Sara, is coming to visit us, and me and him are too busy to go pick her up. Do you mind?” ask Yaya
“Why do you keeping on doing what he wants?” ask Tah
“Because I want to fit in,” say Yaya
“I know, but you don’t have to do every favors,” say Tah
“Please Tah,” say Yaya
“Fine,” say Tah
Yaya handed Tah the picture and tell him the details.
“Good bye,” say Sara to her parents
“Good bye. Don’t cause trouble and be good, ok,” say her parents
“Yes,” say Sara
Than Sara took her leave. She board the airplane, and look down.
Tah got to the airport, and waited. He pull out the picture  and look around.
Sara was also walking around the airport looking for the person that was send to get her.
Tah spotted Sara and walk over to her, and grab her suitcases.
“Hey, where are you taking my stuffs?” ask Sara
“Home,” say Tah
“Help. Help. Someone is stealing my stuffs,” say Sara
Tah walk back and stop her.
“Hey, stop. Your cousin Nadech send me to come get you,” say Tah
Sara stop screaming and look at Tah.
“Oh, so you’re the servant that my cousin send. Just this, and you’re already bad. I’m going to tell me cousin to fired you,” say Sara
“Hey, I’m not a servant. And I would never be a servant for such a person like your cousin,” say Tah
“My cousin wouldn’t even want you, too. Ok, since you’re here, carry all my stuffs,” say Sara, as she handed all her stuffs to Tah.
“Hey, you. You need to help, too,” say Tah
“No. You have to carry them by yourself,” say Sara, walking away
Tah try to carry all the stuffs, but some keep on dropping.
They got to the car, and Sara look at her stuffs.
“Hey, where’s my other suitcase?” ask Sara
“You didn’t help, and couldn’t carry anymore, so I left it there. If you want it, go get it youself,” say Tah
“Hey you. Go get it,” say Sara
“No,” say Tah
Sara push and pull Tah, but she couldn’t, so she went back and got the suitcase herself.

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