Messy Circle of Love Chapter 13 Part 1

Chapter 13
“Today, you look the most beautiful-est,” say Nadech, kissing Yaya on the forehead
“Thanks,” say Yaya, looking at the mirror at both of their faces.
“Here,” say Nadech, putting a necklace on Yaya
Yaya stare at the necklace, and thank him again.
They both stand there, Yaya in Nadech’s arms, and stare at themselves in the mirror for a very long time before returning to the wedding.
“Have a wonderful night together,” say Margie
“Margie,” say Yaya
“Well, congratulations,” say Boy
“Thanks,” say Nadech and Yaya
“I want you to be happy today, since today is a good day for you. I’ll get going now,” say Tah to Yaya. Than he went to his car.
“Well, I’ll get going,” say Margie, and Boy repeat what she say.
Margie and Boy left.
Margie walk to the parking lot, and remember that somebody told her that her parents have left early to go do some buisness. She won’t have a ride. Boy saw Margie talking to herself, so he went over and talk to Margie.
“Do you need a ride?” ask Boy
“No,” say Margie
“Come on, we’re friends,” say Boy
“How are we even friends?” say Margie, with her hands cross
“Well, your friend and my friend got marry, so that makes, us, friends,” say Boy
“I’m not your friend,” say Margie
“OK, whatever, let’s go,” say Boy, dragging Margie to his car
After all the guest left, Nadech and Yaya got into their car, and Nadech drove them to their new house. They arrive, and Nadech open the door for Yaya. They both went inside. The house was cold and silent. Nadech turn on the lights, and lead Yaya to their room.
“You can a shower first,” say Yaya
“It’s ok, you can go first,” say Nadech
“No, you,” say Yaya
“Than let just sleep,” say Nadech, as he sat ob the bed, and pull Yaya on top of him
“Nadech, don’t do this,” say Yaya, getting off
“Why? We’re married,” say Nadech
“Not now,” say Yaya
“Come on don’t be shy,” say Nadech, pulling her on him again
They stare at each other’s eye, and than Nadech give her a kiss on the mouth.
“Why are you leaving?” ask Mark’s oldest brother
“I want to go and search for a job,” say Mark
“Why?” ask Mark’s second oldest brother
“Because, I don’t want to like a life full of laziness like this anymore,” say Mark, getting up, and taking his suitcase with him.
“Than we won’t stop you. Good luck, little brother,” say his two brothers
“Thanks,” say Mark
Mark got out of the house, and got into his car. He didn’t know what or why he wants to go away, but he really wants to take a break from everything.
Chailda pick up her phone. She have 20 miss calls from Natwara. She called Natwara back.
“Hello, Chailda?” say Natwara
“Hello, it’s me,” say Chailda
“Oh Chailda, are you ok? I’m sorry that I say all of those things to you,” say Natwara
“It’s ok, I’m not mad,” say Chailda
“That’s good. Do you want to go shopping with me, today?” ask Natwara
“Sure,” say Chailda
“Ok, than. Oh, and you can also ask James to come along if he can” say Natwara
“Yes, thanks, Natwara” say Chailda
“Yes,” say Natwara smiling on the other end.
They both hung up, and Natwara call one of James ex-girlfriends.
“Hello,” say Natwara
“Hello,” say Sandy, James ex-girlfriend
“I have something for you to do,” say Natwara
“What is it?” ask Sandy
“I want you to take James to the mall, and make him do all the romantic things with you, I want to open up my friend’s eye,” say Natwara
“Yes,” say Sandy
“Thanks,” say Natwara, as she hung up
“This time, you’re dead meat, James,” say Natwara, smiling evilly to herself
“Hello, James?” say Chailda
“Yes,” say James
“Me and Natwara are going shopping, today, are you free?” ask Chailda
“Yes,” say James
“Ok, than me, and Natwara will come pick you up,” say Chailda
“No need, I’ll wait for you guys there,” say James
“Yes,” say Chailda
“Today is such a beautiful day, right,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie
“You seem happier today,” say Kim, smiling
“It’s because I have a good feeling today,” say Marie
“That’s good,” say Kim
“Kim, how many years do we need to stay here?” ask Marie
“Just only 3 more years,” say Kim
“That seem so long,” say Marie
“Yes, but we have stay here for 2 years already. I know that we will survive 3 more years,” say Kim
“I don’t know, but what if everything was too late,” say Marie
“What do you mean?” ask Kim
“Do you remember, you told me that you have been having bad dreams,” say Marie
“Yes. What about it?” ask Kim
“I feel that something is wrong. And that something is going to turn out wrong,” say Marie
“No. It’s just in your mind. Don’t think too much, ok,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie, staring at the sky. Kim look at her hands. She’s also getting nervous about everything.
“Hello,” say Nadech
“Hello,” say Yaya, as she went back to the kitchen to go get the other foods for breakfast.
“You wake up so early,” say Nadech
“Of course, I have too. A wife have to do her duty, and waking up early to cook is one of them,” say Yaya
Nadech walk over to her, and hug her from behind.
“Thanks, for being a good wife to me,” say Nadech
“It’s ok. I always want to be a good wife,” say Yaya
“Well, you’re the most sweetest one,” say Nadech
“Yes. Come on let’s eat,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech, as he pull the chair for Yaya to sit. Than he sat down on his own chair.
“Feed me, ok,” say Nadech
“You’re not a baby anymore,” say Yaya
“Please come on,” say Nadech
“Fine,” say Yaya. She carefully feed Nadech.
“Mom, I’ll be going back tomorrow,” say Boy
“Why so early?” ask his mother
“Because I want to study more,” say Boy
“Really?! But there’s someone I wanted you to meet,” say his mother
“Who?” ask Boy
“Her name is Margie Rasri,” say his mother
“Huh?!” say Boy, the name sound so familair to him
Madame Rasri and I have decided to let you and her daughter meet. And if you guys like each other, we agree to have you guys get engaged,” say his mother
“What?! Oh, come on, mom. You know I don’t like arrange marriages,” say Boy
“But I know that you’ll like Margie. She’s a sweet girl. When you were gone, she always come visit me, and help accompany me,” say his mother happily
“No. Look, mom, I already have a girlfriend,” say Boy, trying his hardest to make his mother understand.
“So?! If she loves you, she’ll understand,” say his mother
“No, I can’t,” say Boy
“Fine, if you consider that your girlfriend is more important, than go, go away. I’ll think that my wonderful son that I love very much have died,” say his mother angryily, walking away
“Mom,” say Boy
“You ready?” ask Natwara
“Yes,” say Chailda
Natwara back out, and head for the mall.
James was sitting at a restaurant waiting for them. Than his phone rang. It was Sandy.
“Hello, Sandy,” say James
“Yes, James, I need your help,” say Sandy, pretending to make crying noise
“What’s wrong?” ask James
“My boyfriend dump me. I’m so sad right now, please come,” say Sandy
“Where are you?” ask James
“I’m in the mall,” say Sandy, James look around, and spotted Sandy.
“Ok, I’ll be right there,” say James, hanging up.
He called Chailda.
“Hello, Chailda, there’s an urgent meeting, so I can’t come, I’m sorry,” say James
“What?! It’s ok,” say Chailda, sadly
“OK, bye,” say James, hanging up, before Chailda can even say good bye to him.
Natwara look over at Chailda.
“What happen?” ask Natwara
“James can’t go,” say Chailda
“It’s ok, you still have me,” say Natwara
“Thanks,” say Chailda with a weak smile
Dear Journal,
               Today’s the third day that I have been away. Away from everything. I miss everyone, and everything so much. I want to go back. But I want to go meet my destiny, so have to keep moving on.
Noona re-read that part of her journal over again. She really wanted to go back. She miss Bie, and Mark. Even though Mark reject her, she wasn’t mad. She was happy, and know that go through him.
She smile to herself. She was proud, but at the same time very unhappy.
“What?! You and dad are sending me to go live with aunt and uncle?!” say Sara
“Yes,” say her mother
“Why? I don’t want to go. I want too stay here with you and dad,” say Sara
“No, you must go,” say her dad
“Why?” ask Sara
“Because I want you to go. It’s much safer there than here,” say Sara
“No I won’t go,” say Sara
“Yes, you are,” say her father
“No!” say Sara, as she stormed off into her room
Her parents stare after her.
“This child. She needs to understand sometimes,” say her father
“Yes. Maybe we spoiled her a little bit too much,” say her mother
“But no matter what, she must go,” say her father
“Yes,” say her mother
Bie sat alone in his room. He didn’t want to do anything. He was so mad at himself for not being manly enough to tell Noona his feelings. And now that she isn’t here, everything becomes meaningless to him. He wants to see Noona again. Just once more will be ok for him. He hug himself to sleep like when he was little.
Natwara and Chailda walk into the mall.
“What do you want to do first?” ask Natwara
“Let’s do some clothes shopping,” say Chailda
“Yes,” say Natwara
They walk into a clothes shop, and Natwara look around for James and Sandy.
They shop for a while until Natwara finally spotted James and Sandy. And Sandy was doing exactly what she have wanted.
“Hey, Chailda, let’s go over there,” say Natwara, as she point to the shop where James and Sandy are.
“Yes,” say Chailda, as she turn around and follow Natwara. They in the shop, and when Chailda saw Sandy hugging James, her heart drop. Natwara saw her face, and decided to speak up.
“It’s such a coincidental to meet each other here,” say Natwara
James turn around and see Chailda and Natwara.
“Chailda,” say James
“This?! This is your urgent meeting,” say Chailda, crying
“Chailda, it’s not like that,” say James
“You don’t need to lie anymore, I know everything now, you’re the person who wants to ruin my life,” say Chailda. Than she run away.
“Good job today,” say Natwara, clapping, as she turn around and follow Chailda
“You!” say James, as he stare after Natwara

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