Messy Circle of Love Chapter 3 Part 1

Chapter 3
Boy couldn’t believe what he have saw. His own girlfriend has been cheating on hime behind his back all the time. He was so mad and sad. He have never think that. He got inside his room and went to his bed and cry. Nadech came in and saw him.
“What happen Boy?” ask Nadech
“My girlfriend cheated behinf my back,” say Boy
“It’s ok, you can always find a new one,” say Nadech
“No, all women are the same, these things always happen to me,” say Boy
“Boy, that’s not true,” say Nadech
“Nadech, I must be a fool right, for sitting here and crying like a big baby, right?!” say Boy
“No, Boy, don’t give up yet,” say Nadech
“Nadech, I have nothing left,” say Boy
“Boy,” say Nadech
Noona, Mark, and Bie are sitting in Noona’s apartment planning a party. This party is for their 14th year of being friends. They were all excited, and happy about it. They are going to do it at Noona’s place, since that the only place that they can have privacy.
“Ok, so what do you guys want to buy?” ask Noona
“I want alot of junk food,” say Mark
“Mark!” say Bie
“OK, junk foods,” say Noona, as she write it down
“Music,” say Bie
“Yeah, for sure,” say Mark
They talk and plan.
“James, please go,” say Chailda
“No,” say James
“Please, do it as a favor for me,” say Chailda
James look at Chailda.
“Fine, but just this one thing only,” say James
“Yes,” say Chailda, cheering up.
James drive Chailda to her house. They got off.
Chailda hold James hand and she can tell that he was nervous. They walk to the door, and Chailda open it.
“Mom, Dad, I’m here,” say Chailda
Her mom appear.
“Oh Chailda, your here,” say her mother
Her mother look at James.
“Hello,” say her mother
“Hello,” say James
“Mom, this is James,” say Chailda
“Oh, so you’re my daughter’s boyfriend,” say her mother
“Yes,” say James
“Wait here, I’ll go get your dad,” say Chailda’s mother
“Yes, mom,” say Chailda
Her mom went. James check out the place. He knows that Chailda isn’t rich, but he don’t why he date her for. He was a Hi-So boy, but Chailda isn’t. His parents don’t want him to date her, but he don’t know why he’s still with her.
Than Chailda’s parents appear.
“Hello,” say Chailda’s dad
“Hello,” say James
“You guys stay here, and I’ll go prepare lunch,” say Chailda’s mother
“Yes,” say James
“Mom, I’ll help you,” say Chailda
“It’s ok, just stay here with James and your dad,” say her mother
“Yes,” say Chailda
Nadech’s parents were in there office discussing about things again. They are afriad that when Nadech come back, he’ll know the truth and will disobey them. They have to come up with another plan.
“What do we do now? Nadech is coming back in 6 months,” say Nadech’s mom
“Well, we have to find a way to get rid of that girl,” say his dad
“How?” ask his mother
“Hire someone to kill her?” say his father
“But that’s too cruel,” say his mother
“Oh, I know now,” say his father
“What is it?” ask his mother
“What about we give them money,” say his father
“Yes,” say his mother
The next day, they went to the village and went to Kimberly’s home.
“Hello,” say Nadech’s parents
“Hello,” say Kim’s dad
“I’m here because I have something important to talk to you about,” say Nadech’s dad
“What?” ask Kim’s dad
“It’s about my son and your daughter,” say Nadech’s dad
They went inside another room. Kim saw and follow them.
“Ok, what about my daughter annd your son?” ask Kim’s father
“Your daughter keep on messing up with my son,” say Nadech’s father
“If that’s so than I’m sorry,” say Kim’s father, apologizing
“My son wants to marry you daughter, but I disagree, and I would like your daughter to stay away from my son,” say Nadech’s father
“I understand, but why will you cut these two kids relationship? They love each other, so why don’t let them be together?” ask Kim’s father
“Because I have plan my son’s future for him already, I don’t want him to worry about love, my son have to live by my expections only,” say Nadech’s dad
“I understand,” say Kim’s father
“I want you daughter to disappear from my son’s life, and in exchange for that, you will receive $500,000,” say Nadech’s father
Kimberly heard everything and was mad. She burst open the door.
“We are never going to accept that money, and I’ll never get out of Nadech’s life. Nadech and I love each other, and will always will!” Kim shouted
“Kim, calm down,” say Kim’s father
“No, dad, don’t accept those money,” say Kim
“Ok, than I think we should get going,” say Nadech’s father
“Are you sure?” ask Nadech’s mother
“Yes,” say Kim
“You’re a brave girl, but you’re going to regret it,” say Nadech’s mother as she walk away
Kim stood there.
“Kim,” say Kim’s father
“Dad,” say Kim
“Kim it’s ok,” say her father
“Thanks for having lunch and meeting my parents,” say Chailda
“It’s ok,” say James
“Where are you going next?” ask Chailda
“It’s none of your business,” say James
“Sorry, I forgot,” say Chailda
James got into his car, and drove away. He’s annoyed with Chailda, since she’s too worry over him. Chailda was getting scared that he might hate her, since she’s too worry about him.
“What do we do know? She won’t give up,” say Nadech’s mother mad
“Well, than we’ll need to get rid of her the second way,” say Nadech’s father
“But…,” say Nadech’s mother
“No buts, this is for our son’s future,” say Nadech’s father
“Yes,” say Nadech’s mother
Bie, Noona, and Mark are in her apartment celebrating their Friendship. They put the music on, and Mark and Noona dance, while Bie sing. Noona accidentally  trip over something, and fall into Mark’s arm. She and him lock eyes together, until, Bie yell at them.
“Hey you guys,” say Bie
“What?” say both
“What do you guys want to do next?” ask Bie
“Let’s all take a nap on the floor, since I’m tired now,” say Mark
“Yes,” say Noona
They all find a place, and took their naps like when they were small.
“Kim, let’s go to the store,” say Marie
“No,” say Kim
“Come on, Nadech still loves you, it’s just his parents, and you know that parents can’t do everything,” say Marie
“Ok, fine,” say Kim
Kim got her wallet and they went. On the way too the store, they notice that someone was following them. They try to blend in with the crowd, but the guys always find them. They walk back. On the way there was no people. The guys kidnapped Kim. Marie was scared to death, but she ran back home to tell Kim’s parents.
“Help!” scream Kim
“Stop screaming, nobody can help you,” say the guys
“What do you guys want?” ask Kim
“We want you yo leave this world,” say the guy
“Please don’t kill me,” say Kim
They took her to the forest. The guys went too go find something, so Kim took that change and run away. She ran and ran. And when the bad guys come back, Kim was gone. Nadech’s parents called to see if they have kill Kim yet or no. They were scared and lie that they did.
Kim ran all the way back home. She was scared. She got into her house, and her parents look at her.
“Kim,” say everyone
“What did they do to you?” ask Marie
“Nothing, I ran away in time,” say Kim
“Are you ok?” ask her mother
“Yes,” say Kim
“Why will anyone do this to you?” ask her dad
“I know that it’s Nadech’s parents,” say Kim
“Kim, it’s not safe anymore, I think you need to go hide some where else,” say his dad
“I want to go to Bangkok,” say Kimberly
“No,” say her mother
“I want to get an education there,” say Kim
“NO,” say her father
“But, Marie is going with me,” say Kim
“NO,” say her father
They argue until, Kim’s parents finally agreed.
Kim and Marie pack their stuffs, and their money. They are happy that they are going to go to Bangkok. But they have to get eduction, too.
“Marie, I’m so proud,” say Kim
“Me, too,” say Marie
They slept and left early the next morning.
“Good bye,” say Kim to her parents, and they sadly wave back. Marie wave to her mom, and she wave back.
Than Kim and Marie went their way. When they got to Bangkok, they were amazed by the tall buildings. They walk on and on. They went and saw that an old lady was in need of help. They walk to her, and help her.
“Thanks, girls,” say the old lady
“Your welcome,” say both
“How should I repay your kindness?” ask the old lady
“No need,” say both
“Oh what are you guys going?” ask the old lady
“We just got to Bangkok, we are going to go find a place to rest,” say Kim
“Well, will you like to go to my place, I have lots of room,” say the old lady
“It’s ok,” say Kim
“Come on,” say the old lady
“Ok,” say Kim
Enjoy! :D

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  1. Hi gd i do reread and i did yours. Im so proud of u with ur writing skills, your WordPress, v talented and creative ure! Love your page here its nice easy and clear. Thank u for writing amazing ffs i look forward to read all yours always, with love key

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