Revenge Love Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Yaya sat down, and thought of what Nadech just say. She wants him to know that she didn’t mean to, but she know that he’ll never listen to her. She is just an ordinary girl that everyone ignores.
The boss saw Nadech and Yaya argue, and knew that something was going on. He feel sorry for Yaya, seeing her sitting down and having a sad expression.  Than he thought of Natwara and Noey. They are all related. So he came up with a plan to help them. He is going to let both Noey and Yaya work. So he called Noey.
“Hello,” answer Noey
“Hello, Khun Noey, ka, I want you to work for me,” say the boss
“What?” say Noey, happily
“Yes, I want you to come back,” say the boss.
“Ok, I’ll come back, thank you boss,” say Noey
“Ok, come to work tomorrow at 8:00, ok,” say the boss
“YES, THANK YOU!” shouted Noey, excitedly
Natwara and Pope are at a restaurant, sitting next to each other, talking about their relationship. Nadech have a meeting with a friend, but unluckily, they all meet at the same restaurant. Nadech saw both of them. He frown, and turns sad. He still love Natwara. He still can’t erase her from his heart. But he walks by with them not noticing.
“Hello,” answer Pidsanu
“Hello, Pidasnu,ka, do you want to go out and have lunch?” ask Noey, happily
“Why?” ask Pidsanu, confused
“Come on, I’ll treat you,” say Noey, happily
“Ok, but why?” ask Pidsanu
“OK, my boss let me work again!” scream Noey, happily
“OK,ok, calm down, I’ll go with you,” say Pidsanu
“YES!” say Noey, as she hang up.
Yaya was called to the boss’s office. When she got there, she knock, and was welcome in.
“Um, what do you need, boss?” ask Yaya
“Nothing, but I just want to treat you to lunch, will you go with me?” ask the boss
“Sure,” say Yaya
“Ok than, lets go right now,” say the boss
“Ok, let me get my things first,” say Yaya
“No need to bother, we’ll come back,” say the boss
“Ok, ka,” say Yaya
“Ok, let’s get going,” say the boss
“Sorry I was late,” say Nadech to his friend
“It’s ok, have a seat, and lets get going,” say the friend
They talked for alittle bit, and than Nadech spotted Noey . Noey spotted Yaya with the boss. Yaya spotted Natwara with Pope. And Natwara spotted Nadech with his friend.  Natwara also spotted Noey. She wants Noey to be mad, so she went and annoy Noey.
“Hi, khun Noey, I didn’t know that this world is so small, that we’ll end up in the same place,” say Natwara
“Hey, can ypu not ruin my mood,” say Noey
“What? Am I ruining your mood?” say Natwara, annoyingly
Noey couldn’t take it anymore, so she took her glass of water and throw it in Natwara’s face. Natwara screamed.
“Hey, you!” scream Natwara
“How is it?” say Noey
Pope, Nadech, and Yaya heard and went to them. Pidsanu came in time to see them arguing. Nadech and Pidsanu stand next to Noey and Yaya and Pope stand next to Natwara.
“What’s going on?” ask Pope
Nadech was mad.
“Tell your girlfriend, because she cause a scene,” say Nadech, mad
“It’s not me, it’s you sister!” scream Natwara
“It’s not me,  ka p’Nadech, it’s Natwara, I was just sitting here, and  Natwara came and just start screaming at me,” say Noey
Nadech look at his sister, than at Yaya.
“This is only war between me and you, but you decided to get my sister involved, so I’ll get yours too,” say Nadech, angry.
He walk to Yaya, and grab her hand, and took her away. Natwara stand there stunned.
“P’Nadech, wait for me,” say Noey, but Pidsanu stop her.
“It’s going to be ok,” say Pope, comforting Natwara.
“Let go,” say Yaya
Nadech ingore, and just keep on pulling her. He force her into his car, and drove.
“Hey, khun, can you tell me where you are taking me,” say Yaya
“Be quiet,” say Nadech
Yaya got quiet. Nadech keeps on looking at her, and forgot that he was driving. Suddenly, he heard a car honk, and saw that a car is coming at him. He got startled, and turn the steering wheel. Luckily they didn’t hit anything.
“Hey, why did you drive like that? Don’t you know I was scared,” say Yaya
“It’s just a little thing, and you’re already afriad,” say Nadech, pretending not to be scared
“Can you stop insulting me already,” say Yaya
“No I can’t, you and your sister cause all of these problems, you guys have to solve it,” say Nadech
Yaya remain silent and got out of the car. Nadech stay in the car and thought of what he just say. He decided to leave Yaya there, so he drove on.
Yaya walk all the way home, because she didn’t bring money or cellphone. When she got to the hous, Natwara question her.
“What did he do to you?” ask Natwara
“Nothing,” say Yaya
“I don’t believe you,” say Natwara
Pope saw that Yaya was tired, so he step in for her.
“Natwara, I think Yaya needs to rest, she seem exhausted,” say Pope
Yaya look at Pope and thanked him.
“Why did you just let Yaya go like that?” ask Natwara
“Don’t you see, she look tired,” say Pope
“But…” say Natwara
“Not buts,” say Pope
Natwara stop because she didn’t want to breakup with Pope.
When Nadech got home, Noey also question him.
“Where did you take that girl to, and what did you do to her?” ask Noey.
“Nothing,” say Nadech
“But..” say Noey
But Nadech ingore, and went to his room

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