Revenge Love Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Yaya stay up and all night and thought about what her sister say. Noey also stayed up all night and thought about her brother. Natwara is in her room already fast asleep. Nadech’s hands are still tied to a rope and he is standing miserably. Everyone is having a terrible time, while Natwara is enjoying herself.
The next day, Yaya overhear Natwara talking on the phone.  She heard Natwara say Nadech’s name and about killing. Natwara went to her car and drive to the place where Nadech was kidnapped. Yaya also follow. When Natwara got there, she didn’t go in. She decided to go back, because she wants to spend tim with Pope. Yaya didn’t leave. She went inside, carefully. She sees the two bad guys and Nadech. He looks terrible and miserable. She wanted to help him, but she don’t know how. She carefully got outside and try to call the police. But the bad guy saw her and took her in. He tied Yaya with Nadech.
“Why are you here?” ask Nadech
“I’m here to help you,” answer Yaya
Nadech was surpise for a moment. He wonder how Yaya know he is here.
“How do you know I was here?” ask Nadech
“Because my sis…,” replied Yaya, but stopped herself because she doesn’t want to get Natwara in trouble, so she replied “, I saw you get kidnapped the other day so I follow.”
“Ok, but thanks anyway for trying to save me,” say Nadech
“It’s ok,” say Yaya, smiling to herself.
Noey called Pidsanu. Pidsanu look at his phone. The number phone seems unfamilair, but he answer anyway.
“Hello” answer Pidsanu
“Hello, um, are you khun Pidsanu,” ask Noey
“Yes, I am,” answer Pidsanu, and thinking- “Why does this voice sounds so familiar.
“Ok, please meet me at the police station at 10:00,” say Noey.
“Um excuse me, but who are you?” ask Pidsanu
“I’m um…really you don’t remember me?” ask Noey, smiling to herself.
“Yes, I don’t remember you,” answer Pidsanu
“I’m Noey. Last night you tell me you’ll help me find my brother. Do you remeber me now?” ask Noey
Pidsanu thought about last night. Than he remember
“Yes, I remember you now, and I will come,” answer Pidsanu
“Ok, than good bye, see you at 10,” say Noey.
“Good bye,” say Pidsanu
Than Noey hung up. Pidsanu couldn’t stop thinking about Noey.
Natwara called Pope and they went to a coffee shop to talk about work matters. Natwara’s phone ring. It was the bad guys, and they are calling her to tell her that they have kidnapped a girl. Natwara didn’t want Pope to know so she turn off her phone.
Yaya and Nadech are tied and sitting together and trying to think of a way to escape. Nadech tries to untie the rope that they put on Yaya, and suceeded. The bad guys came in to check on them. They try not to look susipiicous. After the bad guys leave, Yaya got up and untie Nadech’s rope. They both went into hiding. After a while, the bad guys came back. They didn’t see them and tries to find them. Each went to other way. The bad guy#1 came Yaya and Nadech’s way. Nadech hit his head with a board. The other bad guy heard, and when to where they are. He was at the back of Nadech and Yaya. He cover Yaya’s mouth and took a board and hit Nadech’s head. Yaya scream and ran to Nadech.
“Khun, you have to be ok,” scream Yaya, scared.
The bad guy took Nadech and Yaya back and tied them again.
Natwara called the bad guys back. The bad guys told her that they have capture a girl, too. Natwara was curious so she drove there. When she got there, she she saw Yaya, but Yaya didn’t see her. Yaya was still worry about Nadech. Natwara was furious at Yaya. She didn’t help Yaya because Yaya have disobey her and come to help Nadech.
Noey got to the Police Station first. When Pidsanu camed , they both went too an officer’s office. Noey describe everything in detals for the polices. The polices tell them to go home, and than when they found out they’ll call and tell them. Noey and Pidsanu agreed and went home.
“Khun, Thank you very much for helping me,” say Noey
“It’s ok, in this world if one don’t help the other than nothing will be good,” repiled Pidsanu.
“Ok than thanks for you time, good bye,” say Noey, getting into her car.
“Good bye,” say Pidsanu, looking at Noey getting in to her car.
“Khun you have too be ok,” say Yaya over and over again.
Yaya was crying and scared. She have never been like this before. Than suddenly Nadech woke up. He touch his head and feel it. It hurts alot. Yaya was happy.
“Are you ok?” ask Yaya
“Um what happen, and why does my head hurt so much?” ask Nadech
“You and me are trying to escape and your head got hit by a board by the bad guys, and then the bad guy tied us here again,” explain Yaya
“Ok,” say Nadech
“I think you should rest for a bit,” suggested Yaya.
“Ok,” say Nadech
Nadech went back to sleep. Yaya place his head on her lap. She was very happy that Nadech didn’t die.

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