Revenge Love Chapter 26 (END)

Chapter 26
“P’Nat, I have something to talk to you about,” say Yaya
“What is it?” ask Natwara
“I want to go up to Aunt Nee’s farm, and help her with her farm,” say Yaya
“Why?” ask Natwara
“I want to help her,” say Yaya
“Ok, if that’s what you want,” say Natwara staring at her.
Yaya doesn’t want anyone to know so she made Natwara promise not to tell. She also don’t want Natwara to get curious about it either.
“So what happen?” ask Noey
“She doesn’t accept me to be in her heart,” say Nadech
“Why?” ask Noey
“I did lots of bad things to her,” say Nadech
“But I know that she already forgive you,” say Noey
“No,” say Nadech
“Have some faith,” say Noey, but Nadech refuse and he lock himself in the room.
Natwara call Noey to tell her about Yaya.
They both agreed to meet with each other and make a plan so Nadech and Yaya will stay together. Natwara ask Noey to bring Nadech, too.
Nadech didn’t want to go, but Noey force him out of the house.
“Hello,” say Natwara
“Hello,” say Noey, Nadech stood and star at Natwara
“What’s this about?” ask Nadech
Natwara stood up.
“I’m sorry about everything bad things that I did to you,” say Natwara
“Oh,” say Nadech
“Please forgive me, now I realize all my mistakes,” say Natwara
“It’s ok, it’s the past already,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Natwara
“Is this it?” ask Nadech
“No,” say Noey
“We’re here to talk about you and Yaya,” say Natwara
“Oh,” say Nadech
“Yaya have decided to go to my aunt’s farm to go help her, but we need to come up with a plan to make her stay, and for you guys to get marry,” say Natwara
Nadech was confused about Natwara helping him out.
“Why are you helping me out?” ask Nadech
“Because I did bad to you, so I want to do nice things in return,” say Nadech
“You don’t hate me for shutting your company down?” ask Nadech
“At first I was very mad, but to think of all the things I did to you, it’s equal,” say Natwara
“Ok, let’s talk about our matter,” say Noey
They talk and plan. After that they alll went their ways.
The next day, Natwara sent Yaya to the airport.
“Yaya, are you sure that you’re going to do this,” say Natwara
“Yes I’m sure,” say Natwara
“Ok, than,” say Natwara
Than Yaya’s phone rang. She pick it up, and it was from Noey.
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Hello, is this Yaya,” say Noey
“Yes, what’s the matter” say Yaya
“Nadech is in the hospital right now, he got into a car accident, he want to come say good bye to you, but he was driving too fast,” say Noey
Yaya was terrified. Her  turns into a worry and sad expression. In her all she can think of is about Nadech. After hearing that, she order Natwara to take her back to go see Nadech. She told the driver to drive as fast as he can. They finally reach the hospital. Yaya went to where Noey tell her to go. She went inside the room. She saw Nadech laying on the bed. She went over to him, and start crying.
“Nadech you have to be ok,” say Yaya crying.
Noey, Pidsanu, Natwara, and Pope were behind her smiling happily. She turns and saw their smile.
“Why are you guys smiling? Don’t you know someone is hurt badly right here?!” say Yaya
“Oh,” say Pope
“We thought that person wasn’t important to you,” say Noey
“Yes he is, he is the most important person to me, I love him,” say Yaya
“Say it again,” say Nadech sitting up
Yaya turn around and see him. He was sitting there, like a normal person. She turns around and look at Noey, Pidsanu, Natwara, and Pope.
“You guys all are teasing me,” say Yaya
“No, we’re just getting a person to tell her real feelings out loud,” say Pidsanu
Yaya grab the pillow, and hit Nadech, Noey, Pidsanu, Natwara, and Pope with it.
“You guys are so mean,” say Yaya, than she slip on her shoes, and fall on Nadech. She stands up. Nadech got out of the bed and kneel in front of Yaya.
“Yaya, I know that I have done many bad things that have hurt you, but will you forgive me,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Than, will you marry me,” say Nadech
Yaya turns around. She was very nervous.
“Please,” say Nadech
“Sure,” say Yaya
Noey, Pidsanu, Pope, and Natwara stood in the doorway and admire Nadech and Yaya.
Than Pope turn to Natwara, and kneel in front of her.
“Natwara, will you marry me,” say Pope
Natwara look at him.
“Yes,” say Natwara
Everyone cheered.
Natwara and Yaya’s wedding were on the same day.
Everyone was happy. Nadech and Yaya stood at the right side greeting the guests, while Natwara and Pope stand on the left. After the gretting was done, Yaya turns to her sister and thank her.
Than they went into the party. They went and talk with the guest, and people congratulate them. After that they give a speech than cut the cake.
After the wedding, Noey and Pidsanu wish them a happy wedding, and went their way. Pope and Natwara went their way to their honeymoon. Nadech took Yaya back to the beach resort. He wants to remember all the good memories there.
Nadech and Yaya took a walk in the sunset, and talk about the future.
 The EnD!
Hope everyone enjoyed!

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