Revenge Love Chapter 23

Chapter 23
The first week was finish. Yaya only need 1 more week than she’s off the hook. She is so happy.
“Hey, you miss that spot, say Nadech
“So,” say Yaya, mopping
“It’s my house, so if you miss a spot, I can tell you to clean it,” say Nadech
“Ok,” say Yaya, moving over. She went there a little bit too fast, and fall. But Nadech got there in time, and catch Yaya.
Yaya stared at Nadech’s face, and their eyes were lock together.
“Thanks,” say Yaya getting up
“Your welcome, next time, be more careful, ok,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Than Nadech went back into his room.
The days have gone by like the wind. It was so fast.
Today, was the last day for Yaya to be Nadech’s slave. Yaya have enjoy doing the work after the 1 week. She want ed to do more, but she knows that she needs to go back. At lunchtime, Nadech and Yaya sat quietly.
“After today than you’re free,” say Nadech
“I know,” say Yaya
“Aren’t you happy that you’re free?” ask Nadech
“Yes, but I’ll also miss people here, too,” say Yaya
“Oh,” say Nadech
They stare at the food and remain silent.
Tomorrow is the wedding day. Noey is nervous, but she try to calm down. The plan is that Gale will be waiting for her in the dressing room, and Nadech will drive Noey there. And than Noey will get dress up. Than when it’s time, she’ll be the one coming in to the wedding instead of Gale. The parents won’t be able to stop them, because it will ruin their reputation.
Nadech drove Noey to the wedding. She came in with a dress, and a bag with her. She went straight to the dressing room, and found Gale sitting on a chair waiting for her.
“You’re here,” say Gale, happily
“Yes,” say Noey
“Here, sit here and they start getting you ready,” say Gale
“Yes,” say Noey sitting down
“Make her the most beautifuliest bride,” say Gale
“Yes,” say the girls, and they went right to work
“Khun Nadech is here,” say the maid to Yaya
“What?!” say Yaya
“He wants to see you,” say the maid
Yaya went out, and saw Nadech
“What are you doing here?” ask Yaya
“I come to pick you up to go to the wedding,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Yaya
“Get ready, I’ll be waiting,” say Nadech
Yaya went inside and get ready fast. Than she went down, and got into the car. Nadech drove to the wedding. Inside the wedding, Nadech force Yaya to hold hands with him. They sat down at a table.
When everything was done, Noey went out. She was very nervous. Pidsanu was standing right outside. When she got out, Pidsanu took her hands, and place it on his. Gale came out.
“I wish you guys a happy marriage,” say Gale
They turn and look at her.
“Thanks, khun Gale,” say both
“Yes,” say Gale, leaving.
When the got inside the wedding, Pidsanu’s parents took one look at Noey and was terrified. They walk over to Pidsanu, but a lot of people and news reporter have already gotten there.
“Is this the bride?” ask one of the reporters
“Yes,” answer Pidsanu, smiling over at Noey
“Wow, she’s really pretty,” say the reporters and people
Noey was nervous, that she turns red. They move over and Pidsanu took Noey to his parents.
“Hello,” say Noey
“Pidsanu, why did you do this to us?” ask his mom, mad
“Sorry, mom,” say Pidsanu
Than they were call to go up and make a speech. Nadech look at his sister happily. He’s glad that everything turns out to be good.
Noey and Pidsanu drove away to their honeymoon. Nadech took Yaya to go look at the sunset instead of driving her home.
“Isn’t it pretty?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya looking at Nadech. Nadech seems very happy today. She have never seen him this happy before.
“I like your smile,” say Yaya
“Thanks, I like yours, too,” say Nadech
They smile and laugh for a bit. Nadech likes Yaya now, but he’s too nervous to share his feelings.
When Nadech got home, he thought about Yaya. Than he thought about Natwara. He still wasn’t happy about the problem. He still wants his revenge.

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