Revenge Love Chapter 22

Chapter 22
The next day, Nadech also come and pick Yaya up.
“Hey, no need to come pick me up, everyday,” say Yaya
“Why?” ask Nadech
“I don’t like it,” say Yaya
“So?!” say Nadech
“So don’t anymore,” say Yaya
“Ok, fine,” say Nadech
Yaya got into the car, and Nadech drove. Yaya notice that they’re not heading to the company.
“Hey, where are we going?” ask Yaya
“My house,” say Nadech
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Because I want you to clean my house, since you did a great job at my company,” say Nadech
“Hey,” say Yaya
“No hey,” say Nadech
Yaya remain quiet. Yesterday, her hands and feet were sore from the work. She was also very tired, too.
“Here are the tools,” say Nadech, handing Yaya the tools.
Yaya hold all of the tools .
“And you’re not allow to ask help,” say Nadech
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Don’t talk back to me, I’m your boss,” say Nadech.
“Ok,” say Yaya and she went to work.
Nadech order one of the maids to look after her.
Gale went to Noey’s workplace to talk to her about the matter.
“Hello,” say Gale
“Hello,” say Noey
“Pidsanu’s parents and my parents disagreed, and move our wedding date to next month,” say Gale
“Oh,” say Noey
“But, do give up hope, we have a plan,” say Gale
“Huh?!” say Noey
“Yes, on the wedding day, you and I are going to exchange places,” say Gale
“What?” say Noey
“Yes, I came up with it, all you need to do is prepare yourself to marry Pidsanu, good bye” say Gale and she left
Noey sat there, and thought about it. She couldn’t work or do anything, since she keeps on thing about that matter.
“It’s 1 hour to lunchtime, so stop, and go cook lunch,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Yaya
“Yes, go,” say Nadech
The maid show her the kitchen. Yaya was not happy, since she was tried from all of the cleanings.
She try her hardest to concentrate on making the food.
Noey came home to have lunch with Nadech since she wants to talk to Nadech about the matter.
She was surpise to find Yaya there and also cooking.
When Yaya finish, she set up the table, and waited for Nadech. Nadech came down and saw Noey there.
“I have important matters to talk to you about,” say Noey
“Yes,” say Nadech
“And Yaya have to stay here and listen, too,” say Noey, smiling at her.
“Yes,” say Yaya
They all got seated.
“Well, khun Gale tell me that she doesn’t want to marry Pidsanu and only think of him as a brother, so she went and talk to her parents about it, but they disagreed, and move their wedding to next month…,” say Noey
“And,” say Nadech
“She came up with a plan, the plan is that on the day of the wedding, I have to go there, and exchange places with her,” say Noey
“And does Pidsanu knows about this?” ask Nadech
“Yes, and he agreed, I just want to know if you and khun Yaya agreed, too,” say Noey
“I agreed if you really love each other, than you’ll need to be with each other, right,” say Yaya
Nadech sat there and think.
“Well, I guess, so,” say Nadech
“I’ll take that as a yes, than,” say Noey
“Ok, let’s eat,” say Noey
They all ate.
After that Yaya went back to cleaning, and Noey return to work.
When Yaya got home, all she can do is fall on her bed, and sleep. She was so tired and exhausted from all of those chores. She have never done that much in her whole life.

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