Revenge Love Chapter 20

Chapter 20
The next day, Yaya woke up and went to work. Nadech waited for her at the workplace. When Yaya sees him, she turn the other way, and walk away. Nadech run after her.
“Yaya,” Nadech yell after her, but she ignores.
He caught up with and grab her arm.
“Listen to me,” say Nadech
“No,” say Yaya, trying to free herself.
“Why? Just let me explain,” say Nadech
“No, you already took my body, what do you want from me now?!” say Yaya, crying again
“Yaya,” say Nadech
“If this is part of your revenge, let me tell you that this is more than what my sister do to you, so you can stop the revenge right now, because you have already embarass and hurt me enough” say Yaya
“Yaya…,” say Nadech
“You’re not the one who lost her body, don’t you know it’s very shameful!” yell Yaya.
Nadech let go, and Yaya walk away.
Noey came up behind him.
“This time, Big Brother, you have gone too far,” say Noey. Than she turn around and went inside her workplace.
Nadech repeated Noey’s words.
Nadech couldn’t sit still and work at his work. He was terribly sorry. He knows that nobody will listen to him, though.
Pidsanu is so desperate. He wanted to see Noey again.
At lunchtime, he went over and pick Noey up to go have lunch with him. He saw Noey coming out.
“Noey, may you have lunch with me?” ask Pidsanu
“Sure,” say Noey
Pidsanu open the car door for her. And they went to a nearby restaurant.
They order their foods. And than they ate.
“Is it delicious?” ask Pidsanu
“Yes,” say Noey
After the lunch they both went back.
“Thanks for treating me,” say Noey
“Your welcome,” say Pidsanu
Noey went in. Her phone ring, and she answer it.
“Hello, p’Nadech,” say Noey
“Noey, is Yaya ok there?” ask Nadech
Noey look over at Yaya.
“Yes, she’s ok,” answer Noey
“Ok, thanks bye,” say Nadech, than he hung up
“That’s it,” say Noey
Nadech was glad that Yaya was ok.
After work Nadech came again.
Yaya walk the other way, but Nadech follow.
“Yaya,” say Nadech
Yaya ignore, and got into her car, and drove away.
Nadech run to his car, and follow Yaya’s car.
They went on the highway. Yaya drove as fast as she can.
Nadech also drove as fast as Yaya. He tries to go in front of her but she always block him. They drove on and on. Than Yaya’s car ran out of gas, she have to stop and park at the sidewalk. Nadech also go out of his car.
“Yaya,” say Nadech
“Don’t talk to me, I don’t want to hear,” say Yaya
“Wait, Yaya, but I…,” say Nadech
Yaya covered her ear, and start singing a song to not hear what Nadech is saying.
Nadech give up, and took her by the arm and force her into the car.
“Hey, this is not a way to say sorry,” say Yaya
“Well, if I ask nicely will you come,” say Nadech
Yaya remain silent, and Nadech drove on.
He got to the place. Instead of going outside. They both stay in the car.
“Say what you want to say right now, I don’t have much time,” say Yaya
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that on purpose, and in fact I think that I didn’t even do anything to you,” say Nadech
Yaya turn and look at Nadech.
“What do you mean?!” say Yaya
“I didn’t think that I do anything to you,” say Nadech
“You think?!” say Yaya, raising her voice.
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Than are you 100% sure that you didn’t do anything to me?!” say Yaya
“I’m not sure,” say Nadech
Yaya got out of the car. She was tired of this matter, and wish that there haven’t been this matter in the beginning.
Nadech follow Yaya.
“Yaya,” say Nadech
“Leave me alone,” say Yaya
“Yaya,” say Nadech holding her hand
“Please let me go, you already embarrass and hurt me enough, please I’m begging you,” say Yaya
Nadech let go of her hand. Yaya walk away from him.
Nadech stood there, frozen.
He have never known that he have been hurting her, he thought that he had only embarrass her.
Nadech feel very bad, he couldn’t go home, because he doesn’t want to face Noey. Noey is just going to talk about the matter. He decided to go to his friend’s house.
“What’s wrong?” ask Jane
“It’s a long story,” say Nadech
“About a girl and you, right?” ask Jane
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Is it that girl that was in the newspaper with you?” ask Jane
“Yes, how did you know so much?” ask Nadech
“Noey tell me,” say Jane
“Really?!” say Nadech
“Yes, your mu friend, but you don’t even tell me, so your sister tell me,” say Jane, smiling at Nadech. (Jane have a crush on Nadech when they were kids.)
“Sorry, it’s just that there’s so much problem,” say Nadech
“Really,” say Jane
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Tell me,” say Jane
Nadech tell her about Yaya, and what he did to her, and she’s mad at him.
“Wow, you did that?!” say Jane, kinda surprised
“Yes, but I don’t know if I really do it or not,” say Nadech
Jane thought.
“Oh, I know now, you can take her to the hospital to go check if she’s still a virgin or not, that will prove if you do anything to her or not,” say Jane
Nadech look at Jane like she’s crazy.
“Come on, Nadech, there’s only this solution,” say Jane
“She’ll never go with me,” say Nadech
“Well, you’ll have to give it a try,” say Jane
“Thanks, you’re the best,” say Nadech, giving Jane a hug
“Well good luck,” say Jane
Nadech went out the door. He’s going to do what Jane suggested, but he will do it the next day.
The next day, Nadech wait until Yaya come.
“Yaya,” say Nadech
Yaya walk away.
“Yaya, this is an important matter,” say Nadech
“Didn’t you already say it all yesterday,” say Yaya
“No, this is new,” say Nadech
“Fine, say it than,” say Yaya
“After work, I’m going to come pick you up, I need you to go somewhere important with me,” say Nadech
“What?! I’m not going with you,” say Yaya
Nadech ignore.
“I’ll come pick you up after work, so be ready,” say Nadech
Than he drove away. Yaya stood there frozen.
After work, Nadech came back to pick Yaya up. Yaya was ready, and everything. She decides to go with Nadech, because she wants everything to end. She doesn’t want to run anymore.
“Are you ready?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” replied Yaya
Nadech was surprised that Yaya was arguing with him.
“So where are we going?” ask Yaya
“To the hospital,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech
“For what?” ask Yaya
“To check on you,” say Nadech
“Hey, I’m healthy, I’m not sick or anything,” say Yaya
“Not that, it’s to prove my innocent,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Yaya
“Yes,” said Nadech
“Why?” ask Yaya
“I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything to you, so I’m going to prove it,” say Nadech
“And what if you’re not innocent,” say Yaya
“Ok, than, let’s make a bet, if I’m not innocent than I’ll get out of your life, but if I’m innocent than you’ll have to be my slave for 2 weeks,” say Nadech
“Deal,” say Yaya
Nadech smile, and they drove to the hospital.
At the hospital, Nadech sit and wait for Yaya. Yaya was called into the room. They check her, than ask her to go back and sit, so they can calculate the results.
Yaya sat next to Nadech.
“So, how did it go,” say Nadech
“It was scary, I dislike it, ” say Yaya
Nadech smile, and they sat there in silence. Than Yaya got called. Yaya went in to the doctor’s office.
“Hello, khun Yaya,” say the doctor
“Hello,” say Yaya, her voice shaking because she’s scared of the result.
“You don’t need to be that scared, because you’re still a virgin,” say the doctor
When Yaya heard those words, she was so excited, she starts jumping. She took the papers, and went to Nadech. She smile brightly, and they both got outside and into the car.
“So how did it go? You look so bright,” say Nadech
“I’m still a virgin,” yelled Yaya
Nadech smile, because he’s innocent.
“I’m not surprise, because I knew that I didn’t do anything to you,” say Nadech
“Hey,” say Yaya, turning to him, and making a face at him
“Don’t forget about our deal,” say Nadech
Yaya’s smile faded.
“Yes,” say Yaya
“It’s starts tomorrow,” say Nadech
“Ok,” say Yaya
Nadech drop Yaya off at her house. Natwara saw and was curious. When Yaya got into the room, she was questioned like all the other days.
“Why did you let him drop you off?” ask Natwara
“He took me to the hospital to prove his innocent, and I found out that I’m still a virgin,” say Yaya
“That’s good than,” say Natwara
“But the bad thing is that we made a deal, that if he’s not innocent that he’ll have to leave you and my life, but if he’s innocent than I’ll have to be his slave for 2 weeks,” say Yaya
“And he’s innocent,” say Natwara
“Yes,” say Yaya
Pope walk in, and he also heard everything. Natwara disagree with this matter, but Pope agree, and persuade her. Natwara can’t do anything, so she have to agree. Nadech told Noey.
Everyone was surprise, and they all agree.

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