Revenge Love Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The next morning, Noey woke up and found Nadech sitting alone in the living room. She went to him and ask him what’s going on with him. Nadech told her that he had fallen in love with Natwara. Noey was surpise because she knows Natwara. She and Natwara are enemies.  And she hates Natwara alot. Noey try to talk her brother out of falling in love with Natwara, but Nadech won’t listen to Noey.
Natwara is getting ready to go to the mall. She wants to go buy a new dress for her date with Pope. At the mall, Natwara went straight to the clothes store. She got to the door, but didn’t go in yet, and saw Pope. She was about to yell to him, but a girl came and hug him. Natwara was so mad, she wnet right up to them and slap the girl that hug Pope. Instead of protecting Natwara, Pope protected the girl. Natwara was surpised and mad. She ran all the way from the shop to her house.
Natwara called Nadech, but his secrety answer and tell her that he is in a meeting. She hung up and jjust went straight to his workplace She wants to make Pope hurt as her, so she is going to use Nadech to hurt him back. She doesn’t care about Nadech’s feelings, because she doesn’t love him or even care about him.
Nadech ends up dismissing his meeting early to go meet Natwara. He wasnts to see her face so bad. Natwara was crying in Nadech’s office room. When Nadech got there and see her crying, she went and sit next to her and tries to comfort her. Nadech ask her what happen, and she told him that she is sad.  She told him that she is sorry for always hurting him and that she wants to start over with him. Nadech was surpised, but he was happy.
After Natwara left, all Nadech could do is smile. He is happy that Natwara thinks like him. Natwara called Nadech and told him, she wanted to go out the next day for dinner. Nadech agreeed.
The next day, he went and pick Natwara up. Yaya saw her sister going with him, so she was curious. She thought her sister hated him, but why is she going with him. Natwara took Nadech into an expensive and fancy restaunt. Nadech didn’t expected it, and he didn’t bring alot of money so he told Natwara that he doesn’t have money to pay. Natwara was mad, but she pretended not to be. She told him that they can go to a cheaper one. Nadech agrees and they went to a cheaper one.
Yaya ask Natwara why she go with Nadech, but Natwara said that it’s none of her business. Even though her sister won’t answer, Yaya is going to find the answer on her own. She really wants to know what’s going on.
All Nadech could do all day long is smille. He’s nice to everyone around him and he’s always happy. That makes the employee curious.
Yaya follow her sister all day that day because she wants to know what she’s doing. And at last, she found the answer. She found out that her sister is trying to use Nadech for Pope to jealous of her. She feels sad for Nadech and decides to tell him, but there seem to never have day to tell him. But one day, Yaya ran into Nadech. She decides that this was the right moment to tell him. She told him that she wants to talk to him. They both went into a coffee shop to talk. Yaya told Nadech that her sister is trying to use him, but he doesn’t believe her and got mad at her instead. Yaya told him that he needs to accept the truth, but Nadech got even mad and confused.
“Stop telling me lies,” yelled Nadech
“I’m not, I’m saying the truth because I feel sad for you,” said Yaya.
“No, you’re lying, it’s not true! Natwara loves me and will never do anything of those things to hurt me,” said Nadech, but feeling very unsure.
“Believe me or not, it’s your choice, I have to get going,” said Yaya.
After Yaya left, Nadech kept thinking about all the things Natwara did and said to him. He doesn’t feel sure now that Natwara loves him. He keeps on telling himself that it’s not true and it can never be true. But now he’s very scared of the truth. In his head he keep on thinking about a question: “What is the truth?”

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