Revenge Love Chapter 19

Chapter 19
“Hey, I have another fun event to tell you,” say Pope
“Really?!” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Pope
“There’s going to be a party celebrating the resort 17th Annversity, and everyone is invited” say Pope
“Cool,” say Yaya
“Yaya, I think you should stay home, and get rest,” say Natwara
“Why? You don’t want me to have fun, and I already got enough rest,” say Yaya
“No, it’s not like that, I’m just worry,” say Natwara
“It’s ok, p’Nat, don’t worry about me,” say Yaya
“Fine,” say Natwara
“There’s going to be another event?!” say Noey
“Yes, it’s for the resort 17th annversity,” say Gale
“Great,” say Nadech, annoyingly
“You’re going to this event right?” ask Gale
“No,” say Nadech
“P’Nadech,” say Noey
“Yes,” corrected Nadech
The night of the party.
“Welcome everyone,” say the owner
Noey, Gale, Pidsanu, and Nadech walk into the party.
“I’m going over to get a drink for myself,” say Nadech
“Go ahead,” say Noey
Nadech walk away.
Natwara, Pope, and Yaya step into the party.
They all went o a table and sat.
Nadech got to the drinking table and start drinking wine. He was somehow sad inside, so he keep on drinking cup after cup.
“P’Nat, I don’t think I’m feeling good, so I’m going to go get my medicine than I’m going to go rest,” say Yaya
“See, I told you, go ahead” say Natwara
Yaya walk away. She went the the owner and ask for some medicine, and than she thinks that she wouldn’t be able to go to sleep if she doesn’t have sleeping pills, so she ask for that too.
After that she went to her room, she was so tried, she forgot to lock the door. She took a shower. After that she took the two pills. She forgot to dress, and went right to sleep because she took the sleeping pill.
Nadech was very drunk, and Noey spotted him. She tell him to stop drinking.
“P’Nadech, stop drinking,” say Noey
“Why?” say Nadech very drunk
“You’re drunk already, here let me take you to your room,” say Noey
“No Need, I’ll go on my own,” say Noey
“Ok, I’ll tell a worker to take you than,” say Noey
She went and ask a worker. The worker took Nadech.
Nadech shook the worker off, and tell him that his is ok. The worker went.
Nadech walk on. He try to find his way, but he can’t see anything. He was so tired. Than he saw a room, he open it, and went in. He found the bed. His suit was so hot, he took it off.
The party  ended, and everyone went to their rooms.
“Is khun Nadech in his room?” ask Gale
“Yes, I tell one of the workers to walk him to his room,” say Noey
“That’s good, man, he was so drunk,” say Pidsanu
“Well, good night,” say Gale
“Good night,” say both
“Is Yaya in bed?” ask Pope
“Yes, she already say she’s tired, and wanted rest,” say Natwara
“Did you have fun tonight?” ask Pope
“Yes,” say Natwara
“Good night,” say Pope entering his room
“Good night,” say Natwara entering hers
The next morning, Yaya woke up to find Nadech next to her half naked.
“Aaaahhhh…” scream Yaya, covering herself with the blankets
Nadech woke up because of Yaya’s scream. He look up and saw Yaya.
“Aaahhhh…,” his scream
“What happen?” ask Nadech
“What happen?! Look at us,” say Yaya, mad
Nadech look at both of them. They were both half naked. Than he realize what she means.
“Yaya, I didn’t mean to,” say Nadech
“Don’t touch me,” say Yaya, crying
“I’m sorry,” say Nadech, feeling sorry and sad
“You’re sorry?! Isn’t that too easy?” say Yaya, still crying
“Yaya…,” say Nadech
“Don’t say my name. Put on your clothes, and get out!” Yaya yelled.
“Yaya are you ready,” say Natwara coming in
As soon as she saw them, she scream.
“Aaaahhhhh…,” scream Natwara
“P’Nat,” say Yaya
Pope came in. He saw it. He went out to go get Noey, because he didn’t want trouble.
He got to Noey’s room, and knock.
“Hi, Khun Pope,” say Noey
“Hi, there’s trouble, follow me,” say Pope
“Yes,” say Noey
Pidsanu and Gale saw, and follow them also.
When Noey got inside the room, she was shock by the scene she is seeing.
“P’Nadech,” say Noey
“I didn’t mean to,” say Nadech
Noey stare at Yaya who was still crying.
“What is this?” everybody ask
“I don’t know, last night I was so drunk I didn’t know what happen,” say Nadech
“YOU WERE DRUNK!?” say Yaya
“Guys, let’s let them get dress up first,” say Pidsanu
“Yes, we’ll wait for you two to dress up,” say Gale
They all went in. Nadech look at Yaya. He really feel sorry. Yaya was so shameful.
“Ok, so how did this happen?” ask Pope
“I was drunk, so I didn’t know what I was doing, I don’t remember anything,” say Nadech
“And you?” ask Pope
“Well, I took a my medience and a slepping pill, than after that I feel asleep, so I don’t know either, ” say Yaya
“Ok, so we are not sure about this problem yet…,” say Pope, but Natwara interuppt
“He raped my sister! We can’t just let him go like this! We have to report this to the police!” say Natwara
“Hey, calm down,” say Noey
“NO!” yelled Natwara
“Um, I think you guys should go your ways, and we will go our ways, let’s just think that this is an accident,” say Pope
“Yes,” say Pidsanu
Pidsanu, Gale, and Noey took Nadech out of there.
Yaya started crying again.
“It’s ok, Yaya,” comforted Pope
“I want to go home right now,” say Yaya
“Yes, we’ll go right now,” say Pope
Natwara was sitting quietly. She was still mad.
“P’Nadech, why did you do that to Khun Yaya?” ask Noey
“I didn’t mean to,” say Nadech, looking guilty
“Oh yeah, last night I tell the worker to take you to your room, how did you end up in Yaya’s room?” ask Noey
“I told the worker to go away,” say Nadech
“P’Nadech!” say Noey
“This time, we’re not on your side,” say Pidsanu
“Sorry,” say Nadech
“It’s ok now, since you know your wrong,” say Noey
“Yes,” say Nadech
The next day, Nadech found out that Yaya went home, so he follow her. Noey is worrying if his brother will pass this round or not.

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